1. chemistry

    Ok so i know how to get density but what do you do if the two numbers you are given are 12.993 cm^3 and10.49 g/cm^3.. i know its is mass divided by volume or grams divided by cm but what would i do in the situation?? thanks
  2. Quick calc question

    Given that the antiderivative of f of x equals 1 divided by x is F(x) = Ln|x| + C, evaluate the integral from 1 to 2 of the 1 divided by x, dx. ln3 1/2 -1/2 ln2
  3. algebra

    1750 divided by 2 times 1/5 equals x divided by 2/6 is that a 3 step equation and should the answer turn out to be 58.333333333
  4. Quick calc question

    Given that the antiderivative of f of x equals 1 divided by x is F(x) = Ln|x| + C, evaluate the integral from 1 to 2 of the 1 divided by x, dx. ln3 1/2 -1/2 ln2
  5. Math

    I know that 35 divided by 7 equals 5, knowing this how does it help me to find 42 divided by 7? Explain
  6. maths

    when the polynomial is divided by x+1 and x+2, the reminders are -7 and -25 respectively. Find the remainder when P(x) is divided by (x+1)(x+2)
  7. negative numbers 6th grade

    what is 6 2/3 times (-2 1/4) divided by (-3 1/3) divided by (-1 2/3)?
  8. negative numbers 6th grade

    what is -3 1/5 divided by 8/15 divided by 9 times (-1 1/8)
  9. Math

    What is 1 1/2 divided by 1/2? 3? 1 1/2 converted to a mixed fraction is 3/2 3/2 divided by 1/2 3/2 x 2/1 6/2 6/2 reduced = 3
  10. math

    explain how to solve 82 +9(12 divided 3.2) -7 I thing 8x2=16 + 9=25 12 divided 3 x 2 -7 =1 25 + 1 =26
  11. mental math

    if 600 divided by 6=100 then 602 divided by 6 =n
  12. math

    I'm stuck on how to solve these radical expressions 7√20 divided by 12√5 √8 divided by √24
  13. Math

    Use Cramer's Rule to solve: 3x-5y=21 and 4x+2y=2. a=3, b=-5, c=4, d=2, e=21, f=2 21(2)-(-5)(2) divided by 3(2)-(-5)(4) =52/26= x=2 3(2)-21(4) divided by 3(2)-(-5)(4) =78/26= y=3 answer: (2,3)
  14. Physics Class 11th

    I have read about Translatory Motion it says "It is that motion in hwich body, which is not a point mass body is moving such that all its constituent particles move simultaneously along parallel straight lines and shift through equal distance in a given
  15. Alg II

    So in our Alg II class we're studing variables and functions, and from the situation given we are to figure out the equation. "In a lighting storm, the time interval betwee the flash ad the bang (f) is directly proportional to the distance between you and
  16. Grammar

    Write one paragraph (150 word minimum) about the most helpful information you have learned from your other second block course on how to make financial decisions. Identify the topic sentence by [] and the clincher by {}. **Is this correct? [From my
  17. physics

    Two speakers, one at the origin and the other facing it at x = 1.04 m, are driven by the same oscillator at a frequency of 642 Hz. If the speed of sound is 343 m/s, find the following. I know the wavelength is .53 m how do I do b? (b) the location of a
  18. Waves-Science

    I had a couple of questions on the topic of Waves-Sound and Light. 1. What is the source of all waves? *Vibration* 2. In one word, what is it that moves from source to receiver in a wave motion? *Energy* 3. Does the medium in which a wave travels move with
  19. Physics

    A car drives at a speed of 28m/s along a road parallel to a railroad track. A train traveling at 15m/s sounds a horn that vibrates at 300 Hz. If the train and car are moving toward each other, what frequency of sound is heard by a person in the car? If the
  20. Math

    I have 5 friends. I bought three pizzas (all the same size). One was divided into 4 equal parts, the 2nd was divided into 6 equal parts and the 3rd pizza was divided into 8 equal parts. Is there any way I can show how to share these pieces so that each of
  21. Englsh

    I need to check and simplify these long-winded sentences. I really hope you can help me. 1) After making/expressing his wish for eternal beauty,he starts leading a sinful life demonstrating a great insensitivity for every life he ruins. (??) 2) The
  22. Physics

    A particle moves in the xy plane with constant acceleration. At time zero, the particle is at x = 4.5 m, y = 6.5 m, and has velocity v(naught) = (6.5 m/s)i-hat + (−2.5 m/s)j-hat (arrow for v(naught) points toward positive x direction). The
  23. Math

    Eighteen students in a class play baseball. Seventeen students in the class play basketball. Thirty students in the class plau either or both sports. Select the Venn diagram that shows the number of students who play basketball and baseball. A.The first

    True or False 1. The frequency of the wave can be changed by changing the frequency at which the waves are generated 2. Two crests are out of phase with each other. A crest and a trough are in phase with eachother 3. When a wave reaches the boundary of a
  25. Bentonia Gibbs

    Choose an appropriate scale and interval size for a frequency table that will represent 2341, 2590, 2718,2453, 4160, 2635, 2734,3362, 2744, 2485, 3395, 2350, 4000, 2964, and 2600.
  26. Mathematics

    If someone has an 88% in a class and their total quiz grade is 95%, if they were to have a 2% extra credit added to their grade, could their total grade become a 90%? // They think it may have a score similar to 8/5 or 9/5. This is just a regular question
  27. Physics

    The A string of a violin is 31 cm long between fixed points with a fundamental frequency of 440 Hz and a mass per unit length of 5.8×10^−4 kg/m. What are the wave speed in the string? What are the tension in the string? What is the length of the
  28. grammar

    I have learned how to formulate personal learning goals SMART. Specific: a learning goal can only useful if it describes what you want to do; how you think, you will do it, when and where. A learning goal must be specific. During the class we must written
  29. Algebra

    Hi I am in need of help, please... The question says to perform the indicated operation. x^2+2x-3/x^2-9 Divided By x^2-1/x^3-27 I put divided by in the middle to show that it is dividing two rational expressions.
  30. Advanced Functions

    how do i solve this linear inequality equation x+2 divided by 2 greater than/equal to x-2 divided by 4 answer is [-10, infinity)
  31. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. ( 3 marks - show your work) x divided by x^2-3x-4 subtracted by 4 divided by x +1
  32. Math

    Which expression shows how many 3/8 pound hamburger patties can be made from 4 1/3 pounds of ground beef? A. 4 1/3 x 3/8 B. 4 1/3 divided by 3/8 <<<< C. 3/8 x 3/1 D. 3/8 divided by 13/3
  33. math

    What expression is a counterexample to the statement The whole numbers are closed under division 2 divided by 10th 10 divided by 2 Please explain to me which one is the correct
  34. Vibration and Waves

    1. A girl on a playground swing makes a complete to-and-fro swing each 2 seconds. The frequency of swing is 1. (0.5 hertz) 2. (1hertz) (ANSWER) 3. (2 hertz) And the period is (FROM THE QUESTION BEFORE) 1. (0.5 seconds) (ANSWER) 2. (1 second) 3. (2 seconds)
  35. Math

    10. 9/10 divided by 1/2= 1 4/5 12. 8 divided by 4/5=1/4 14.9/10 divided by 1/4= 3 3/5 16. 9/10 divided by 3/4= 1 6/30 18. 15 divided by 5/9= 1/27
  36. Physics

    A particle moves in the xy plane with constant acceleration. At time zero, the particle is at x = 4.5 m, y = 6.5 m, and has velocity v(naught) = (6.5 m/s)i-hat + (−2.5 m/s)j-hat (arrow for v(naught) points toward positive x direction). The
  37. Statistics

    A study in England attempted to determine the "right" method for teaching mathematics. A random sample of 248 students was chosen from the school at large. The students were randomly assigned to one of two classes. At the beginning of the research, the
  38. Business Law

    Petition In March 1988, Daniel E. Beren, John M. Elliot, and Edward, F. Mannino formed Walnut Street Four, a general partnership, to purchase and renovate an office building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They borrowed more than $200,000 from Hamilton Bank
  39. PreCalc

    When the polynomial p(x) is divided by (x–2), the remainder is 3 and when p(x) is divided by (x+1) the remainder is 9. Given that p(x) may be written in the form (x–2)(x+1)q(x) + Ax + B where q(x) is a polynomial and A and B are numbers, find the
  40. Social Studies

    Please check my answers 1. There were two different groups in the elite planter class. What distinguished these groups? education level how many generations had money*** their location the crops they planted 2. Which of the following accurately represents
  41. C++ Programming

    Design and create a class named Stats that has an array of 12 doubles as one of its member variables. The values in the array should be set by making 12 calls to a public member function named setValue that accepts two arguments, an integer indicating
  42. Visual

    Why are Baroque and Renaissance era shoes they upper or middle class footwear?
  43. statistics

    1. A class of 10 students all received a 90 on the final exam. What is the standard deviation?_________
  44. English

    Apostrophe's Possessive Nouns The "middling class" include a towns shopkeepers.
  45. algebra

    2y^-3 = 4e^(-x/2)/(1+e(-x/2)) my teacher gave this problem in my chem class and i don't know what he is really asking , does any one have an idea if i have to solve for y or what's going on..
  46. AP Chemistry

    what si the procedure to make a 0.10m solution of Potassium Hydroxide during a class lab?
  47. math

    you write an equation to show 54 pupil in class,3 more boys than the number of girls
  48. 7th grade

    what ideas can i get to persuade my class about why we should have longer days and time in school.
  49. Sociology

    What are the major differences between a functionalist or a conflict theorist when it comes to social class inequality?
  50. Computer Science

    Could someone show me an example of a service class that reads an input file (Java)?
  51. English

    Apostrophe's Possessive Nouns The wealthier peoples class was called the gentry.
  52. 8th grade honors class (math)

    Why did they call the duck who became a test pilot?
  53. Physics

    While sitting in class your body exerts a force of 600 N on your chair. how much work did you do?
  54. english

    what are some examples of when upper class education is mentioned or used the the jane eyre book? thank you!
  55. to ms. sue

    walking to class, a cloudburst drenched chauncey fix grammar plase
  56. writing

    What should I write my narrative poem about that will make my class laugh? There has to be 4 stanzas and each have to have 3 lines.
  57. statistics

    Students are being surveyed about the weight of books and supplies they are carrying as they attend class.
  58. college class

    What are some other verbal and nonverbal elements to consider? What are ways to enhance credibility and why is this important?
  59. 7th grade Literacy

    What are the characteristics that make a good class president? Please answer!!!
  60. Finance

    I need help writing scenario style questions for a school business management class
  61. current events

    can someone help me find a really interesting human interest story I could present to my class?
  62. english

    write a invitation letter to your friend to invite him to your birthday. class 3rd
  63. history

    Plebeians could move into the upper class by winning in the Olympics. True or false
  64. Memorization

    How can i quickly memorize a passage from Julias Caesar? I have to speak it in front of class.
  65. Math

    Survey the population or use a sample,you want to know the type of computer, if any, that each student in your class has at home?
  66. math

    rachel is ranked 72 out of 451 students. whats her class rank percentile?
  67. politics

    Class identification in the United States is: A. constant. B. weak. C. strong. D. important. D?
  68. statistics

    In a statistic class, 10 scores were randomly selected with the following results were obtained: 74, 73, 87, 57, 71, 68, 65, 77, 67, 66. What are the inner fences?
  69. to ms.sue or soccerstar or someone

    can you help me study with magnets and elactricty because I'm usually not in class when we have science experiments to see how it actually works.
  70. phi 105 introductory to philosophy

    do you have any homework posted for this class especially week 6 day 3?
  71. math

    In a class of 30 students,18 study Geography 3 take neither a) Display this information in a venn Diagram?
  72. math

    7. Write an inequality to model the situation: The number n of people who attended the class was at least 8. n ≤ 8 n ≥ 8 n < 8 n > 8
  73. math class

    A measurment of 46 million centimeters is equivalent to what simple expression using kilometers?
  74. 12th grade government

    How does the new class differ from more traditional elites in its political attitudes?
  75. Lit class

    I'm going to be asking for the help for all of us does this have correct punctuation? two of us said no and the other two says yes My mom says "Never wear anything but a suit to a funeral or a wedding."
  76. math

    The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take?
  77. sociology

    essay on stratification; analylse the relationship between social class and healh inequalities.
  78. english

    Identify the italicized word according to its class in structural linguistics. (There) are no easy answers.
  79. Math

    The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take
  80. language

    is the noun in this sentence correct? the wealthier peoples class was called the gentry
  81. math

    Mrs Carter class is having a pizza party and have 15 kids and need to split 5/8 of pepperoni
  82. H S Algebra

    Kelly made a 94 and an 80 on the first two science tests. What does she need to make on the third test to have at least a 90 average in the class?
  83. statistics

    A Math class has 5 students. Their marks on the first quiz was as follows: 1 3 3 4 4 Find the standard deviation
  84. Math

    I think maybe this is a hoax, I listed same problem that I am having twice and no one can answer it? It is in my eitgth grade class. Let's see if this is for real what is 2+2?
  85. American Government

    Does the president have the power to declare war or is it up to congress? We are having a discussion in class.
  86. English grammar check

    Can someone tell me if this is an appositive phrase: The last class, blacks, were the lowest in society.
  87. decorating today

    The answers are a. interior designers b. Upper class c. Architects d. artists I think it is b
  88. Math

    For a stat class the mean of the midterm is 75 with a standard deviation of 7. What percentage of students scored between 67 and 83
  89. Aakash model sr sec school

    project on Maggie for class 11th of six months
  90. Physics

    A source passing a stationary observer is emitting a frequency of 560 Hz. If the speed of sound is 345 m/s, what must speed of the source be if the frequency speed is 480 hz? Here's what I've tried... Fo=480 Hz FObs = 480 + 560 VSource = ?(x) Vsound = 345
  91. science

    What is the wavelength of waves transmitted by an AM radio station operating at a frequency of 840 kilohertz? Calculate the energy of a photon whose frequency is 2450 megahertz What is the difference in energy for a photon of ultra-violet radiation,
  92. physics

    Both drawings show the same square, each of which has a side of length L = 0.86 m. An observer O is stationed at one corner of each square. Two loudspeakers are located at corners of the square, as in either drawing 1 or drawing 2. The speakers produce the
  93. physics

    Both drawings show the same square, each of which has a side of length L = 0.86 m. An observer O is stationed at one corner of each square. Two loudspeakers are located at corners of the square, as in either drawing 1 or drawing 2. The speakers produce the
  94. Class 11th Physics

    My question is that, I read about Instantaneous Speed "Instantaneous speed of an object at an instant of time (t) is defined as the 'limit of the average speed as the time interval delta(t) at the given instant of time becomes infinitesimally small.'" What
  95. college math

    If you roll a die many times, what would you expect to be the relative frequency of rolling a number less than 6? A) 2 out of 3 B) 1 out of 3 C) 1 out of 6 D) 1 out of 2 E) 5 out of 6
  96. Math

    Can someone help me find the technique or techniques used in this problem? 146 divided by 68. I thought that 14 and 7 are easy to divide, so I used 140 divided by 70, which is 2. The quotient is about 2.
  97. MATH 7th GRADE

    Would someone please be kind enough to check the answers for these problems?Last round for tonight. Thank you. 1. 3/16 - 1/8 = 1/16 2. 151/4 -11 5/8 = 3 5/8 3. 2 x 3/7 = 6/7 4. 1/2 x 7/8 = 7/16 5. 1 3/8 2 1/2 = 3/7/16 6. 1/2 divided by 2/3 = 3/4 7. 8 1/4
  98. algrebra 1

    simplify the square root of ( 18x^2 divided by 50) thank you I tried doing like 9x2x^2 divided by 25 x2...then i got stuck thank you so much...my mom and dad can't help me with this kind of stuff
  99. 5th grade math

    Form a equivalent problem for 4 1/2 divided by 1/2 by doubling both the dividend and divisor. Then find the quiotent. Would that be 9 divided by 1 =9
  100. English

    Could you please check these sentences for me? Can you help me express the following ideas better? Thank you. 1) If you don't get a "passed" out of your last written test you'll have to take a make-up exam in English August (to make up for your low mark in