1. Physics

    A tube with a length L is closed at both ends and is filled with air. The wavelength of the fundamental mode of this tube is given by L*c, where c is a dimensionless constant. What is this constant, c, numerically? Also, the frequency of the first overture
  2. physic

    An air-track glider attached to a spring oscillates between the 3.00 cm mark and the 50.0 cm mark on the track. The glider completes 10.0 oscillations in 36.0 s. What is the period of the oscillations? What is the frequency of the oscillations? What is the
  3. physics

    could someone PLEASEE help me? Ive procrastinated and i'm really desperate... I'm supposed to teach the class about "relativistic momentum and mass" in terms of special theory of relativeity. i looked up infomation on google, but i don't understnad because
  4. Precalculus

    1. Here is the frequency table for this distribution (the frequency histogram is not shown): Since I cannot make a table on this forum,the format will be like this: Time(minutes)and Number of telephone calls. 0<t<=5 and 12 telephone calls
  5. English

    1. He is one of the tallest boys in my class. 2. He is one of the tallest boys in our class. (Are both the same?) 3. He got three times as much money as I. 4. He had three times as much money as I. 5. He earned three times as much money as I. (Does #3 mean
  6. physics

    A solid copper object hangs at the bottom of a steel wire of negligible mass. The top end of the wire is fixed. When the wire is struck, it emits a sound with a fundamental frequency of 135 Hz. The copper object is then submerged in water so that half its
  7. physics

    1. A solid copper cylinder hangs at the bottom of a steel wire of negligible mass. The top end of the wire is fixed. When the wire is struck, it emits sound with a fundamental frequency of 300 Hz. The copper cylinder is then submerged in water so that half
  8. English composition

    Hi, I have to write a reflection paper for my human development class. I am working with first graders in an elementary school and our professor wants to know this: Choose one thing about your practicum site that you think should be different. This can be
  9. Physics

    Organ pipe A, with both ends open, has a fundamental frequency of 225 Hz. The third harmonic of organ pipe B, with one end open, has the same frequency as the second harmonic of pipe A. How long are
  10. math

    Michel's class had 4 A's, 10B's, 13C's, 8D's, and 2F's What is the ratio of A's to B's and what is the ratio of f's to total students.
  11. math

    the ratio of boys to girls in a class is 8:17 . how many boys are there if total students are 375
  12. HHS

    the class will be divided into two clusters for a debate about regulatory issues in health care and human services. The Pro Lobbyists will argue that, through standards and accountability, a highly regulated environment benefits the delivery of health care
  13. Algebra

    In Mr. Woo's class, 80% of students live more than half mile from school. Of those students 80% come to school by public transportation. Of those students taking public transportation, 75% takes the bus, and 75% of those students buy monthly bus passes.
  14. calculus

    I have to help teach this class tomorrow for my Senior Seminar Math class. The lesson is over Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and L'Hospital's Rule. I have all the problems needed to review this lesson, but i can not solve any of them. My teaching
  15. Math

    The ratio of girls to boys is 7:8. the class has 30 students total. How many boys are there???!!! How do I do this ????!!!
  16. physics

    A train on one track moves in the same direction as a second train on the adjacent track. The first train, which is ahead of the second train and moves with a speed of 31.3 m/s, blows a horn whose frequency is 124 Hz. If the frequency heard on the second
  17. maths

    each of the students in a class writes a dirrerent 2 digit number on the whiteboard. the teacher claims that no matter what the students write, there will be at least three numbers on the whiteboard whose digits have the same sum. what is the smallest
  18. Law!

    Hi Everyone, I have to deliver a presentation on euthanasia, which requires a creative aspect that may involve the class as well. (My position is against euthanasia by the way). I was thinking that I could have a game or bring something in that could act
  19. Math

    in a fifth grade class, 3/4 of the students like to go to the movies. of the students who like to go to the movies, 2/3 of them like action movies. of the students who like to go to action movies, 4/5 of them also like comedies. what fraction of the
  20. Opinion

    Which class would be better(easier) to take Earth Science or Astronomy?
  21. Acedemic Counselling

    I have a Academic counseling class, I need someone expert to take it for me.
  22. PowerPoint class

    What is meant by Floating/docking toolbars?
  23. which class is best to take of the three

    A. Psychology B. Literature and Arts C. Journalism (Newspaper)
  24. math

    Important rules of integration for class 12th
  25. Composition

    How to write an Eassy on `If i were a class teacher for 1 day`?
  26. Sociology

    In the U.S., which social class has benefitted the most from the tax breaks?
  27. English

    Why is silent reading good for children during class?
  28. Math

    How many 3 members committe can be selected from a class of 20 students?
  29. math

    there are 28 students in a class 16 are girls what fraction are boys
  30. Physics

    what are 2 examples of elastic collisions not discussed in class
  31. Womens Studies

    How does race affect social class
  32. science

    hello! I need good sites that can help me with my physics class! do you have any ideas??
  33. in/out function rule

    this is a sped class. how or how is easiest to teach them?
  34. english

    Ms. Marcus told our class about Valentines Day.
  35. English

    We have to write a myth for class. Any good myths to help me come up with one?
  36. Measurements & statistics in Kinesiology

    In a class of 34 students, how many of them will have a z-score above 1.0?
  37. college english 2

    can you please do a commentary on this article. the title is whose class are you in.
  38. Math of class-10

    Show that 4/ root 3 is irrational number
  39. english

    What does John say is the one rule in his and Henry’s class? (1 point)
  40. cjs 200

    has anybody takening this class and eth 125 if so please help me.
  41. chem class

    What is the pH of an aqueous solution at 25° that contains 3.98 × 10-9 M hydronium ion?
  42. Analytical Chemistry

    Calculation Of K2mno4 In Lab Class?
  43. Math 10

    How many 3 members committee can be selected from a class of 20 students?
  44. Math

    How many of the 28 students in Andy's class are boys, if 4/7 are girls?
  45. English

    This Class Is In The School! A)most Noisy B)noisier C)the Noisiest Is It (A)?
  46. Math

    In a class of 60 students, Heather has a rank of 16. At what percentile is she?
  47. math class

    If f (3) = 9 and f ´(3) = 4, find the tangent line to the graph of f when x = 3. y = 4x - 3 y = 4x + 21 y = 9x - 23 y = 9x + 31
  48. history

    For the nation as a whole, what are the dangers of a shrinking middle class?
  49. Nursing

    If I have a 69 in the class and I got a 33 out of 50 on the test and she giving 20 points what would be my grade?
  50. science

    What are two organisms that are classified in the same class will alwas be classifed in the same
  51. statistics

    why is the range 31.57 - 34.03 is not a good choice for class boundaries?
  52. Teacher aid technology in class classroom

    Does anybody have the 20 questions
  53. college class

    What are ways to enhance credibility and why is this important?
  54. algebra

    a math class has 26 women and 12 men. Find the ratio of men to total studens.
  55. Accounting II

    calculate the total dividends and the per-share dividends declared on each class of stock for each of the six years.
  56. Math

    Austin collected 30 9/10 kilograms.Exactly 2/3 of the class was blue.what is the total amount of glass was blue?
  57. programming

    I need help in the TODO section. /** * Driver.cpp - This file contains the driver code to test the * linkedStackType class implementation * */ #include <iostream> #include "linkedStack.h" using namespace std; template <class Type> void
  58. physics

    the frequency of wave A is 250 hertz and the wavelength is 30 cm. the frequency of wave B is 260 hertz and the wavelength is 25 cm. which is a faster wave?
  59. Math

    I am very confused on how to even begin figuring out the below problems: 1. Naomi has earned $54.00 mowing lawns the past two days. She worked 2 1/2 hours yesterday and 4 1/4 hours today. If Naomi is paid the same amount for every hour she works, how much
  60. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you for your help. It's urgent 1) I must always bring all my books and exercise books to school (class?) I must do (my) homework every day. 2) How can I get to the school (or to school?) from here? Do you know how
  61. Math (Business)

    Find the value of the ordinary annuity at the end of the indicated time period. The payment​ R, frequency of deposits m​ (which is the same as the frequency of​ compounding), annual interest rate​ r, and time period t are given. amount ​1,000​;
  62. physics

    A solid copper object hangs at the bottom of a steel wire of negligible mass. The top end of the wire is fixed. When the wire is struck, it emits sound with a fundamental frequency of 300 Hz. The copper object is then submerged in water so that half its
  63. statistics

    Measurement Scales Practice 1. Indicate the first letter (N, O, I, R) of the highest possible scale for each of the following measures, where N is lowest and R is highest: Measure Highest Scale a. Feet of snow Interval b. Brands of carbonated soft drinks
  64. Bar graph?

    I need to create a bar graph for a retail store I created that sells clothing for men, women, kids, etc. I already made a circle graph, frequency table, and line graph to show my stores budget and what customers favorite items are, and the frequency of how
  65. Science

    The question in the book says: A wave has a wavelength of 2mm and a frequency of 3 Hz. At what speed does the wave travel? I know the answer is 6, because the formula is Speed= Wavelength X Frequency, but I don't know how to write the final answer, it's
  66. Physics

    The note D above middle C has a frequency of 294 cycles per second, and the note E has a frequency of 330 cycles per second. A driver of a moving car sounds the horn, which emits an E tone, but a stationary observer hears a D tone. Calculate the speed at
  67. stats

    how do you construct a relative frequency table based on an ogive?
  68. Physics

    An RLC series circuit has a 2.60 Ω resistor, a 110 µH inductor, and a 70.0 µF capacitor. (a) Find the circuit's impedance (in Ω) at 120 Hz. (b) Find the circuit's impedance (in Ω) at 5.00 kHz. (c) If the voltage source has Vrms = 5.60 V, what is
  69. Math

    Which number is equivalent to 14/4? A 3.2 , because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 2 B 3.5 because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 2 and 2/4 = 0.5 C 3.3 because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 3 D 3.6 because 14 divided by 4 is
  70. math

    Michel’s class had 4 A’s, 10 B’s, 13 C’s, 8 D’s, and 2 F’s. (a) What is the ratio of A’s to B’s? (b) What is the ratio of F’s to total students?
  71. math

    Michel’s class had 4 A’s, 10 B’s, 13 C’s, 8 D’s, and 2 F’s. What is the ratio of A’s to B’s? What is the ratio of F’s to total students?
  72. eth

    Wow, im currently in an cultural diversity class and I have feeling the individual who originally posted this question is one of my class mates. I agree that this assingment regarding orientalism and prejudice is extremly fuzzy. I'm trying to figure out
  73. Math

    Eighteen students in a class play baseball. Seventeen students in the class play basketball. Thirty students in the class plau either or both sports. Select the Venn diagram that shows the number of students who play basketball and baseball. A.The first
  74. statistics

    A college professor believes that students take an average of 15 credit hours per semester. A random sample of 24 students in his class of 250 reported the following number of credit hours that they were taking:
  75. math

    The Following Table gives the sales for the Sasquatch Men's Shoe store: Shoe Size , Frequency (number of pairs sold) 4 , 8 5 , 12 6 , 31 7 , 50 8 , 58 9 , 46 10 , 37 11 , 14 12 , 11 1)determine the mean for the distribution, correct to 2 decimal places. 2)
  76. Physics Please check my answers

    A sound of 7 kHz frequency is well within the normal hearing range of most people. True. False. << 2. Sound is a transverse compression wave. True. False.<< 3. The decibel level of a sound can have a negative value. True.<< False. 4. The
  77. Physics doppler effect

    A radar device emits microwaves with a frequency of 4.73E+9 Hz. When the waves are reflected from a van moving directly away from the emitter, the beat frequency between the source wave and the reflected wave is 751 beats per second. What is the speed of
  78. physics

    A train moving at a constant speed is passing a stationary observer on a platform. a flute player is playing a note with frequency of 940Hz. after the flute has passed, the observer hears the sound frequency of 915Hz. What is the speed of the train? The
  79. Psychology

    A recent research study found that surfing the internet and accessing non-academic grades resulted in lowering students GPA. Dr. Rushmore studied the relationship between grades and non-academic surfing in a first-year introduction to psychology class.
  80. to mrs. sue english essay

    I suggest you focus on the purposes of colleges and universities. You can research this topic. Essentially, though, I think you'll find that their purposes are three-fold: to educate students in the classical sense of being well-rounded educated citizens

    If a flute is fingered so it has a length of 0.30 m, what will be the frequency of the fundamental note you hear? If a clarinet is fingered so it has a length exactly the same as the flute in the previous question (i.e. 0.30 m) what's the frequency of the
  82. Math

    Can you help me check if I'm doing this correctly or not? I'm solving this quadratic equation by us ing the quadratic equation. -9v^2+35v-30=1-v -9v^2+36v-29=0 -36 ± √36^2-4(-9)(29) divided by 2(-9) -35 ± √1296 + 1044 divided by -18 -36 ±
  83. Physics

    A string is attached to a wall and vibrates back and forth, as in Figure 17.18. The vibration frequency and length of the string are fixed. The tension in the string is changed, and it is observed that at certain values of the tension a standing wave
  84. Physics Questions!

    An interference pattern is set up by two point sources of the same frequency, vibrating in phase with one another. A point on the second nodal line is 50.0 cm from one source and 59 cm from the other. The speed of the waves is 35 cm/s. Calculate the
  85. math

    1.If john served fruit punch in 8 ounce cups to a class on Monday. Mr. Roberts found tat there were 12 cups in the trash. Explain what is unknown. 2.John served fruit punch in 8 ounce cups to a class on Monday. Mr. Roberts saw that their are 12 cups in the
  86. Java Programming

    Hi, I have the following assignment: "Write a Java application program using Eclipse to do the following. Write a program that contains 5 Java classes, each in their own file. The first class is called Main and contains the main method that runs the
  87. Physics

    A disk at rest experiences a constant angular acceleration for t = 85 s, at the end of which it is spinning with a frequency of f = 45 rpm. Please answer the following questions. A)Write an expression for the magnitude of the angular velocity of the disk
  88. physics

    e AM and FM radio waves are transverse waves consisting of electric and magnetic disturbances traveling at a speed of 3.00 x 10 8 m/s. A station broadcasts an AM radio wave whose frequency is 1230 x 10 3 Hz. (1230 kHz on the dial) and an FM radio wave
  89. Physics

    Radio waves are electromagnetic waves that travel at a speed of 3.00 108 m/s, the speed of light. An AM radio station has an assigned frequency of 1350 kHz, which means that the radio waves broadcast by the station are at this frequency. Find the
  90. math

    a steel ball weighing 128 lb is suspended from a spring, whereupon the spring is stretched 2 ft from its natural length. the ball is started in motion with no initial velocity by displacing it 6 in above the equilibrium position. assuming no damping force,
  91. Physics

    Please give me numerically answer of tata mcgrawhill book class 10 of physics electricity total unsolved
  92. physics

    Suppose that a body of an object is experiencing SHM ( simple harmonic motion) and it oscillates with position x(t)=(0.55m)Cos(35s^-1t + pi) a)What is the period, frequency, and angular frequency b) calculate its initial velocity and the maximum speed it
  93. Physics - SHM

    An oscillating block-spring system has a mechanical energy of 1.00 J, an amplitude of 11.2 cm, and a maximum speed of 1.08 m/s. (a) Find the spring constant. ___ N/m (b) Find the mass of the block. ___ kg (c) Find the frequency of oscillation. ___ Hz .. im
  94. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    The function f(x) = 2x + 1 is defined over the interval [2, 5]. If the interval is divided into n equal parts, what is the value of the function at the right endpoint of the kth rectangle? A) 2+3k/n B) 4+3k/n C) 4+6k/n D) 5+6k/n E) 5+3k/n
  95. science

    A certain echocardiogram uses ultrasounds with a frequency f = 6.1130 MHz. The speed of sound in blood is 1570 m/s. The patient is aligned so that blood is flowing through the heart directly towards the transducer (the transducer produces and detects the
  96. math

    1.If john served fruit punch in 8 ounce cups to a class on Monday. Mr. Roberts found tat there were 12 cups in the trash. Explain what is unknown. 2.John served fruit punch in 8 ounce cups to a class on Monday. Mr. Roberts saw that their are 12 cups in the
  97. math

    1.If john served fruit punch in 8 ounce cups to a class on Monday. Mr. Roberts found tat there were 12 cups in the trash. Explain what is unknown. 2.John served fruit punch in 8 ounce cups to a class on Monday. Mr. Roberts saw that their are 12 cups in the
  98. physics

    An automobile can be considered to be mounted on four identical springs as far as vertical oscillations are concerned. The springs of a certain car are adjusted so that the oscillations have a frequency of 3 Hz. (a) What is the spring constant of each
  99. Physics

    "A wave travels from one medium to another, and the wavelength decreases. What happens to the velocity and the frequency?" I know that frequency will remain the same, because it is controlled only by the source. But does the velocity decrease? According to
  100. Maths

    1)There 40 pupils in a class. There is chart so i counted the number of boys and the number of girls Boys-24 Girls- 16 what is the ratio of girls to boys in the class? Answer in simplest form My answer- 16:24 4:6 (ratio in simplest form) is this correct?