1. english

    choose two age groups from different periods in to th the physical development process
  2. social studies

    the early bstone age people had to learn to adapt to their what?
  3. Algebra

    A mummy discovered in Egypt has lost 46% of its carbon-14. Determine its age.
  4. Social studies

    which of the following is not an element of culture? A. language B. customs C. age** D. dress
  5. skills for learning in an information age

    why is it important to use inclusive language when communicating?
  6. World history

    how did human life change when the ice age ended?
  7. american history

    How did the spoils system affect politics during the Gilded Age?
  8. The Age of Discovery To The American Experiment

    The first stirrings of the first Great Awakening took place in
  9. physics

    which of acceleration age speed temperature and velocity are vector quantities
  10. Social Studies (History)

    What changes in society occurred as a result of the Industrial Age?
  11. social studies

    why would families allow their children to work in factories at a young age?
  12. physical

    At what age does exercise begin to result in strength in boys and girls?
  13. Math

    Davids brother is 3 yrs older than him and the total age of them is 17. How old is david?
  14. science

    WE found a huge snapping turtle in our yard. Is there a way to estimate its' age? Thanks
  15. physics

    what is your age in seconds? this is a conversion problem. someone help please with all the multiplication and division... very confused. THANK YOU
  16. maths

  17. math

    At about what age will a person have lived one million seconds.Please help I am having a hard time with this
  18. Guidance and discipline

    At what age is it typical for a child to begin testing the word no
  19. 8th grade

    What two European countries helped start the Age of Explorations?
  20. History

    What were some reform proposals and major political developments during the Gilded Age?
  21. History

    Can students under the age of 18 play a role in the American political system?
  22. Math

    How old am I if 500 reduced by 4 times my age is 278? Write an equation. :)
  23. SocialStudies;

    what are some characteristics of the Industrial Age? (ex: Food they ate, There Life Span..etc..)
  24. Western civilization

    What development marked the start of the Archaic Age in Greece?
  25. History

    What was the influences of the Medieval age on American education, religion, and beliefs

  27. history

    How did traditionalists fight back against the age of modernism and mass society?

    Which of the following was true of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty?
  29. Math

    How would I draw an age appropriate graphic organizer on snow for a Pre K classroom?
  30. Biology

    What are some of the reasons why everyone does not have the same pulse rate at rest. I think is would be your age, weight,stress.. but i am not sure
  31. math

    write down your age. add 5 to it.Multiply the sum by 2. subtract 10 from it. next divide it by 2. what do you get?
  32. marketing

    i am trying to create a HLC analysis relating to age and household structure. What does one look like?
  33. History

    Why did the expansion of the Gupta Empire create a golden age in india?
  34. social studies

    still looking for more psychosocial challenges facing the old age.Or suggest sites for this.
  35. History

    How did traditionalists fight back against the age of modernism and mass soceity?
  36. social studies

    what kinds of problems did stone age peoples face
  37. Science

    If there was zero change in Earth’s eccentricity, how might that affect the possibility of an ice age?
  38. American history

    Which of the following best describes the columbian exchange that occurred during the age of discovery
  39. Child Develpoment

    what are some examples of a creative art experience i can do on children at the age of 3.
  40. english

    When the theaters reopened, the age of Restoration drama began. true?
  41. math

    Translate the phrase into an algebraic expression 7 more than the product of 14 and Vanessa's age
  42. geology (science)

    what method is used to determine the age of a rock formation like a bluff?
  43. chemistry

    radio-carbon is used to estimate the age of which of the following? SAND,QUARTZ,WOOD
  44. math

    translate this sentence 44is the difference of Rita's age and 12 in an equation .
  45. Biology

    What are some of the reasons why everyone does not have the same pulse rate at rest? i think it would be age, gender, weight, but im not sure why
  46. Frequency table

    how do I figure this one I am working with excel 2016 Gender 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 Age 29 32 39 25 27 33 36 28 34 32 31 38 27 29 26 39 40 37 37 29 29 30 36 30 30 35 27 31 38 38
  47. language

    preschoolers usually begin to add endings such as huh and okay to their questions around age. "
  48. health

    At what age does exercise begin to result in strength in boys and girls
  49. Social Studies 7R

    Which colonists had the right to vote???? White male chirstiann over the the age of 21????
  50. history

    what website can i go to,to get info about the Iron Age Hut Village of Rome
  51. not sure where to begin

    In what ways is your standard of living different from that of your parents or grandparents when they were your age? Why have these changes occurred ?
  52. Chemistry

    which isotope can be used as a tracer to study the age of organic material ? 1 C-12 2 C-14 3 Tc-99 4 U-238
  53. Early childhood

    At what age do parents start to socialize their children in earnest?
  54. Algebra

    (I answered a couple of them but am not confident on my answers, so can you please tell me if my answers are not correct to the ones I answered and for the ones I haven not answered that is because I do not know how to do them. PLEASE HELP!!! This
  55. RE

    What website can I find which will give me any info on heros in different countries like Muhammed Ali or Kelly Holms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Japanese_celebrities
  56. MATH

    Ben wants to buy a new car, and she has narrowed her choices to two models. Model A sells for $12,500, gets 25mi/gal, and costs $300 a year for insurance Model B sells for $16,100, gets 36 mi/gal, and costs $400 a year for insurance. Ben drives about
  57. math question

    Given T,=RV find R if T=4 and V=8 Given W=xyz, find w if x=2, y=3,and z=6 If C=ab, find C if a =0.65 andb=1.9
  58. Physics

    a 2.0 kg block moving at 8 m/s on a frictionless surface collides elastically with a block at rest. The first block moves in the same direction at 2 m/s. What is the second block's mass?
  59. math

    Below are the median prices of homes sold in 2009, by region of the country. South 158,300 Northeast 248,800 Midwest 139,500 West 243,200 U.S. 180,100 The median selling price of a home in the South was approximately what fraction of the median selling
  60. math

    Rozilan needs $6,000 in three years’ time. Now, he saves $3,000 in an account that pay 7% per annum simple interest. Find the amount that he must save two years from now so that he can accumulate the $6,000.
  61. Statistics

    Unauthorized Downloading: A Harris Interactive survey involved 1644 people between the ages of 8 years and 18 years. The accompanying table summarizes the results. Does this table describe a relative frequency distribution? Why or why not? Downloaded
  62. Math

    Please help me! I found the mean temperature in a week in July, which was 87 5/7 degrees. I found the median temperature of the week, too which was 89 degress. Now can anybody help me compare the mean and median temperatures? This means a lot to e and I
  63. Social Studies

    What was a great contribution of the Islamic golden age? West African trading empires traded what commodities? Why did the Bantu-speaking people migrate? How did Kilwa and Aksum become powerful? How did the Inca keep records? What did the Maya farmers do
  64. English

    Thank you very much. I left out the following definitions. 1)Lord Henry makes a panegyric of beauty, in which he defines beauty as higher than genius since it needs no explanation. 2) It is one of the great facts of the world, like sunlight or springtime.
  65. Math

    Find the exact number of cubes measuring 3 Cm. on an edge that will fill a box shaped like a rectangular prism that measure 24 cm by 18 cm by 9 cm

    draw a quadrangle below. measure the sides to the nearest 1/2 inch write the lenght next to each side .find the perimeter ..
  67. Geometry help

    It basically the same problems from yesterday your supposed to make an ordered pair but I'm not sure how to do it. Directions: For each situation find the value of x and the measure of the indicated segment. 1. TX=2x+1,XW=x+7;TW
  68. Trig-Algebra help asap

    The adjacent sides of a parallelogram measure 8 cm and 12 cm and one angle measures 60 degrees. Find the area of the parellelogram.
  69. geometry

    "draw a trapezoid whose parallel sides measure 1 inch and 1 1/2 inches. find the lenght of the midsegment." show me how to do it and the answer
  70. ss

    In what way is the government of the United Kingdom similar to that of the United States? A) Both have a head of government that is a member of the legislative branch. B) Neither government has a formal set of written laws as a framework. C) Both have seen
  71. statistics - can someone please Help me

    I have tried for days to figure out how to work this problem. Please help show me how to find the answer. A particular radioactive isotope decays from 210 mg to 182.7 mg in 15 days. Find the half life of the isotope. I can not find any problem that is
  72. Math-please check

    1. Write a rule for the sequence. 8, -1, -10, -19... A. Start with 8 and add -9 repeatedly B. star with -9 and add 8 repeatedly C. start with 8 and add 9 repeatedly D. start with 8 and subtract -9 repeatedly--- 2. Find the next three terms of the sequence.
  73. Derivative Calculus

    I just need my answers checked. 1) Find the derivative. f(x)=3x^5/4 - 8/9x^9/8 + x^2 - 9x + 1 Answer: f’(x)= 15/4x^1/4 - x ^1/8 + 2x -9 2) Let f(x)= 7x^3 - 9x. Find f’(5) Answer: f’(x)=21x^2-9 f’(5)=516 3) Find the given limit by evaluating the
  74. Physics

    A kickoff sends a football with an initial velocity of 25 m/s at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal. a) find the x and y components of the velocity b) find the time the ball is in the air c) find the horizontal distance the ball travels before
  75. Urgent math

    For his services, a private investigator requires a $450 retention fee plus $95 per hour. Let x represent the number of hours the investigator spends working on a case. (a) Find a function f that models the investigator's fee as a function of x find f(x)

    Births are approximately uniformly distributed between the 52 weeks of the year. They can be said to follow a uniform distribution from one to 53 (spread of 52 weeks). a. X~ b. Graph the probability distribution. c. f(x)= d. u= e. o= f. Find the
  77. English

    Please check for any errors and correct them for me. Enclosed is the information you requested concerning our float trips down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. All departure dates and prices for the various trips are listed in our booklet. At this
  78. Calculus

    If you invest $5000 in a stock that is increasing in value at the rate of 12% per year, then the value of your stock is given by: f(x) = 5000(1.12)^x, where x is measured in years a) find average value from x = 2 to x = 3 b) find instantaneous value at x =
  79. Physics

    A 10-g bullet is shot vertically into a stationary 8-kg block. The block lifts upward 3.0 mm. The bullet penetrates the block in a time of .001 seconds. Assume the force exerted on the block is constant. What is the impulse imparted on the block by the
  80. Physics

    When the three blocks in the figure below are released from rest, they accelerate with a magnitude of 0.370 m/s2. Block 1 has mass M, block 2 has 5M, and block 3 has 5M. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between block 2 and the table? block 1 is
  81. 7th grade math

    1. Substitute: Ms.Kubagwa is six years younger than Ms. Vea. The sum of there ages is 52 years. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO HERE!! 2.Ms.starbrowski has four more pens than Mr.Dukeman. Together they have 34 pens. How many pens does Ms.Starbrowski have?
  82. physics

    a) a driver of mass 55kg needs to jump to a height of 1.1m above her take off height, at which point her speed needs to be 0.5m/s^. How fast just she be travelling the instant her feet leave the diving board? So we know eg=mgh =9.8*55*1.1 I assumed we're
  83. Statistics

    LED light bulbs are manufactured with an average life span of 16 years and the bulb lifespans are known to follow an exponential distribution. a. What is the probability that a bulb will last longer than 14 years? b. What is the 50th percentile (or median)
  84. maths-urgently needed

    A man invests Rs 3,20,000 for 2 years at 12.5% p.a. compounded annually. If the income tax at the rate of 20% is deducted at the end of each year, on interest accrued, find the amount he received at the end of 2 years.
  85. Math

    Which of the following statements describe an exponential relationship? A. the temperature is increasing at the rate of 3 degrees per hour. B. the number of bacteria is increaing at the rate of 30% per minute C. The number of cars in the parking lot is
  86. Physics

    A 12.0 kg block sits on a frictionless table. On top of this block is placed a 5.00 kg block. The coefficient of static friction between the two blocks is 0.70. a) What is the maximum force that can be applied horizontally to the 5.00 kg block before it
  87. Chemistry

    when doing a lab experiment on limiting reagents for CoCl2 there is a chart to fill out that says to find the concentration of test tubes 1-6, find the volume delivered and find the moles of CoCl2. How would I find the moles of CoCl2 for each test tube?
  88. spanish(foriegn language)

    i really need help with these spanish words.i just started my first spanish class, so those who have already had spanish, it shouldnt be to hard.translate the following please: aqui,tengo(not tango.lol),te llamas,soy,eres,yo,tu,? de donde?,de, ?eres tu
  89. Physics

    A block hangs in equilibrium from a vertical spring. When a second identical block is added, the original block sags by 5.00 cm. What is the oscillation frequency of the two block system?
  90. government

    when the prsident or his designee (usally secretary of states ) negotiates a treaty with a foreign country: A)the senate must approve the document for it to take effect B)both houses of congressmust approve the document for it to take effect. C) only the
  91. calculus

    1. Which of the following expressions is the definition of the derivative of f(x) = cos(x) at the point (2, cos(2))? 2. Find the derivative of f(x) = |x + 2| at the point (1, 3) 3. Find f '(x) for f(x) = -2x3 + 3x2 - x + 15. 4. Find all values of x on the
  92. Math i need someone awesome to help! ASAP

    I have 2 questions which measure correctly completes the statement. 1,127.5 milligrams = ? grams (1 point) which measure correctly completes the statement 627.532 L= / ml a sunflower was 1.8 meters high one week ago. in 7 days it grew 12 centimeters. find
  93. Math Statistics

    An amusement park, Dino World, considering adding some new attractions, conducted a study over several typical days and found that, of 10,000 families entering the park, 1020 brought just one child (defined as younger than age 12), 3370 brought two
  94. math

    PLEASE HELP I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! 1. Write an expression to describe a rule for the sequence. Then find the 100th term in the sequence. 3,10,17,24,31,38 ANSWERS: A) n+7;707 B) 7n:700 C) 7n-4;696 ** D) 6n-4;596 2. Write a rule for the function
  95. Math

    Q.1)If one zero of the polynomial 3x2-kx-2 is 2 find the other zero.allso find the value of k. Q.2)If sum of the zeroes of the polynomial x2-x-k(2x-1) is 0,find the value of k Q.3)If 2 and 3 are the zeroes of the polynomial 3x2-2kx+2m find the values of k
  96. soicial studys help plz

    1. Who was the French absolute monarch who called himself the "Sun King" to show that he was the center of the French nation? (1 point)Cardinal Richelieu Louis XIII Louis XIV Versailles 2. The Elizabethan Age was considered a golden age due to all of the
  97. Probability

    The joint PMF, pX,Y(x,y), of the random variables X and Y is given by the following table: (see: the science of uncertainty) 1. Find the value of the constant c. c = 0.03571428571428571428 2. Find pX(1). pX(1)= 1/2 3. Consider the random variable Z=X2Y3.
  98. finance

    Under normal conditions (70% probability), Financing Plan A will produce $24,000 higher return than Plan B. Under tight money conditions (30% probability), Plan A will produce $40,000 less than Plan B. What is the expected value of return for Plan A over
  99. check geo

    In the 1800s_____ opened up the western U.S to immigration and buisiness. A)the transcontinental B)the underground railroad c)route 66 D)cattle farming 1)a Canada was originally a ______ of great britian. A)dominion B) confedracy c) loyalist system d)
  100. Social Studies

    Which of the following describes the Gilded Age? Choose all that apply A a period of great prosperity for all Americans B a time of great social change and industrialization in America****** C a period of great prosperity for some Americans******** D a