1. math

    if x is directy proportinal to y cube and y=2 when x= 1, (a) find an equation connecting x and y. (b) find the value of x when y = 1 (c) find the value of y when x=108.
  2. MATH


    I need help to find out the area of base, how to find it and how to find the total volume for a cone on a cylinder please help
  4. math

    For the arithmetic series 13+19+... a. find tsub27 b. find Ssub27 c. if tsubn = 445, find n
  5. Calculus

    So,y(t) = 2.5e^-t cos2t I need to find the derivative, which is y'(t)= -2.5e^-t(2sin 2t +cost 2t) . And now I need to find t when y'(t) = 0 (I know 2.5 e^-t is never zero.) I need to use trigonometry identity to find it ?
  6. Precalc

    A hyperbola has this Cartesian equation: -((x-2)/5)^2 + ((y+1)/3)^2 = 1 A. Find direction in which it opens. Horizontal? B. Find the coordinates of the center. I think it's (-2,1) or (1,-2)? C. Find the slopes of the asymptotes: m=+- ?
  7. Environmental Studies

    I am trying to find the EPA standards for the maximum amounts of phosphate per liter of water. I went on their site, but I couldn't find it. Could anyone find out for me? THank you
  8. math

    1.) What is the square of √10? 2.) Find tan 14. 3.) Find cos 45. some one told me to use a scientific calculator and it would give me the answer but i can't find my calc.
  9. Calculus

    How do you do this question. f(x) = (5x-1)/(2-3x), find f^(-1)(x). The answer is supposed to be (1+2x)/(5+3x). -------------------------------------- And can you please explain this one to me. Suppose that xy^(3)+2y^(2)+xy+2x^(3) = 0. Find the general
  10. Algebra College

    1. Suppose you are in the market for a new home and are interested in a new housing community under construction in a different city. a) The sales representative informs you that there are two floor plans still available, and that there are a total of 56
  11. pre calculus

    The age of a document is in dispute, so archaeologists test for carbon-14. Due to radioactive decay, the amount A of carbon -14 present compared to the initial amount A0 after t years is given by the formula A(t) = A0e^-0.000124t . If 72% of the original
  12. Math (Statistics)

    The Centers for Disease Control reported the percentage of people 18 years of age and older who smoke (CDC website, December 14, 2014). Suppose that a study designed to collect new data on smokers and nonsmokers uses a preliminary estimate of the
  13. Language Arts

    How do I find out what a block style letter, and what a semi-block style letter is, and how do I see a picture of it? Here are some good illustrations and explanations: http://englishplus.com/grammar/00000150.htm
  14. pH and Moisture

    What is the relationship between pH and moisture? This is in context to woodland differences. Thank you. There is no relationship between moisture and pH, per se; however, moisture must be present in order to measure pH. Some research has been done, of
  15. physics

    You are hired as ballistics expert and need to measure the muzzle speed of the bullet (with a mass, m = 20 g) for the gun. You fire a ballistic gun horizontally into a 2-kg ballistic pendulum (M = 2 kg) hanging at rest on a massless rod. After the bullet
  16. stats

    Particles are a major component of air pollution in many areas. It is of interest to study the sizes of contaminating particles. Let X represent the diameter, in micrometers, of a randomly chosen particle. Assume that in a certain area, the probability
  17. Physics

    Question: You have a 4.5 kg lead block at room temperature. Part A: Find the energy required to raise the lead’s temperature to its melting point. Part B: Find the energy required to melt the lead once it’s reached the melting point. I got the answer
  18. science

    To measure the static friction coefficient between a 1.7-kg block and a vertical wall, the setup shown in the drawing is used. A spring (spring constant = 416 N/m) is attached to the block. Someone pushes on the end of the spring in a direction
  19. physics

    To measure the static friction coefficient between a 1.6-kg block and a vertical wall, the setup shown in the drawing is used. A spring (spring constant = 400 N/m) is attached to the block. Someone pushes on the end of the spring in a direction
  20. challenging math problems! :]

    1. a total of 120 numbers can be formed using all 5 digits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. If these numbers are arranged in increasing order 12 345, 12 453, up to 54, 321, which one is the 75th number in this order? *can someone tell me how to do this problem???^) 2.
  21. Physics

    The position of a particle moving along the x axis varies in time according to the expression x=4t^2+2 where x is in meters and t is in seconds. Evaluate it's position at the following times a) Find the displacement from 0s to 3s b) Find the average
  22. English

    1. Can you find something sweet? Yes. Here is a sweet cake. 2. Can you find something red? Yes. Here is a red shirt. 3. Can you find something cold? Yes. Here is a (X) cold strawberry juice. 4. Can you find something expensive? Yes. Here is an expensive
  23. geometry

    Basic Geometry 1. Find the perimeter of a rectangle 19 cm long by 27.8 cm wide. 2. In triangle ABC, angle A = 47°, and angle B = 8°. Find angle C. 3. Find the perimeter of a triangle with sides of length 28 cm, 47 cm and 19 cm. 4. In triangle FGH, angle
  24. Calculus

    The amount of carbon-14 still present in a sample after t years is given by the function where C0 is the initial amount. Estimate the age of a sample of wood discovered by an archeologist if the carbon level in the sample is only 18% of its original
  25. Japanese

    okay....so in my Japanese class right now, we're currently writing our speeches.. So far, I've come up with: (This is actually in Japanese but I've chosen to write this in English as I'm on a school computer which only allows English characters!) "At
  26. physics

    An block of mass m , starting from rest, slides down an inclined plane of length L and angle θ with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the inclined surface is μ1 . At the bottom of the incline,
  27. physics

    The turbine and associated rotating parts of a jet engine have a total moment of inertia of 23 kg m2. The turbine is accelerated uniformly from rest to an angular speed of 140 rad/s in a time of 27 s. (a) Find the angular acceleration. (b) Find the net
  28. physics

    An block of mass m , starting from rest, slides down an inclined plane of length L and angle θ with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the inclined surface is μ1 . At the bottom of the incline,
  29. algebra

    one angle of a parrallelogram is 23 degrees less than six times the measure of the angle next to it.the sum of the measures of the angles is 180 degrees. find the measure of the adjacent angles of the parrallelogram.
  30. Math

    Four of the angles of a pentagon measure 85 degrees, 110 degrees, 135 degrees, and 95 degrees. Find the measure of the missing angle. A. 115 degrees B. 95 degrees C. 135 degrees D. 85 degrees Is the answer D?
  31. Math

    I have to find the median, the lower quartile, the upper quartile, minimum number, and maximum number of this data set I just want to make sure I am right. 73,73,78,78,81,87,89,92,93,95 My answers Median=84 Lower quartile=78 Upper quartile=92 Minimum
  32. physics Sound

    The 2nd harmonic of a string of length 60 cm and linear mass density 1.1 g/m has the same frequency as the 5th resonance mode of a closed pipe of length 0.8 m. Find the tension in the string.
  33. 8th grade math

    Your uncle is three years older than your aunt. The product of their ages is 3190. What are their ages? I know the answer is 55 and 58. But I can't come up with the correct formula or equation to get the answer. I've tried 3(A+3)=3190. It doesn't come up
  34. english

    Hi, can someone please revise my essay. I'd really appriciate any sugestions. There has been an ongoing controversy in Canada on whether the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen like most of the world (Russia, Argentina, Hong Kong, etc.) or if it
  35. Please check my answers

    14.richard 15.member 14. Which word in the sentence is the predicate nominative? Richard became a council member by age seventeen. A. Richard B. member C. age D. council 15.Which word in the sentence is the predicate nominative? You should be a new member
  36. math (calculus) PLZZZ help!

    Consider the function below. (Round the answers to two decimal places. If you need to use - or , enter -INFINITY or INFINITY.) f(x) = e^x/1+e^x find the horizontal and vertical assymptotes? find the interval whr f is increasing? Find the inflection point.
  37. Help on my math question

    A $2,000 deposit at an APR of 5.4% with quarterly compounding for 8 years. The amount after 8 years ?? I need to find what the amount would be after 8 years please help This not Dave my name is Tommy I don't even know who Dave is and I'm sorry if you think
  38. MATH

    In downtown Victoria there are seven pink houses. Every pink house has seven pick rooms, every pick room has seven cats, and every cat has seven kittens. How many pink rooms are there? How many kittens are there?
  39. History

    I need help with these two questions, (it's talking about South Carolina) 1. A two-thirds vote of both houses will pass a bill over the governors veto. true or false 2. If the house makes changes, the bill goes back to the original house for a vote. true
  40. chem/project

    This is for my science fair project. I was wondering, how do I "MEASURE A STAIN"? Since my project consists of staining some cloths, and comparing the differences of how Dove soap, dollarstore soap, and lard soap cleans the stain. My teacher said that he
  41. statistic

    Jim has a 5-year-old car in reasonably good condition. He wants to take out a $30,000 term (that is, accident benefit) car insurance policy until the car is 10 years old. Assume that the probability of a car having an accident in the year in which it is x
  42. math

    Find two factors of 28 with a sum of 11. Find the prime factorization of 330? Find the greatest common factor for each of the following groups of numbers. 36, 72, and 144
  43. Math - Geometry

    I'm having problems with one of the questions on my homework. It has 4 parts. Thanks 9) y = -2(x + 5)^2 + 4 A) Find Vertex B) Find the Zeros C) Find the y-intercept(s) D) This function has a: a) Minimum b) Maximum
  44. Calculus Help Please

    Consider the implicit function ln(xy)-cos^-1(x-1)=x a. Find dy/dx. b. Find y when x = 1. c. Find the equation of the tangent line in slope-intercept form when x = 1. Show steps please! Thanks!
  45. Algebra II

    the original value of a car was 16,800 after 2 years the cars value has depreciated to 9,000 find the value of the car after 5 years to the nearest dollar
  46. statistics for health research

    Descriptive statistics are widely used in qualitative research. When establishing if a population is normally distributed explain when the statistics of sample size, mean, mode, median, skewness and kurtosis will guide the researcher to make conclusions of
  47. Early Childhood

    Studies show that early readers: A. watched educational television more than two hours a day. B. had access to a variety of reading material and watched educational television. C. knew all of the letters and sounds by age 2. D. were read fiction and
  48. ehglish

    i need to know if i need to add any puctuation?Descriptive paragraph Deborah Paul A loyal Friend My loyal friend Mary Ellen is 48 years old with shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes. Mary Ellen works full time as an RPN in a nursing home taking
  49. Math

    a. Do some research and find a city that has experienced population growth. Determine its population on January 1st of a certain year. Write an exponential function to represent the city’s population, y, based on the number of years that pass, x after a
  50. English

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope,
  51. history

    (south Carolina) 1. a two-thirds vote of both houses will pass a bill over the governor's veto. True** false 2. if the house make changes, the bill goes back to the original house for a vote. true false**
  52. statistics

    the average yearly utility costs on Middleton is $1722 with stdev of 146. assume that the utility costs follow a normal distribution. 1) What would the utility costs have to be so that only 7% of houses in Middleton have utility costs greater than this
  53. Physics

    There is a block of mass 1 on a frictionless surface attached to a string. The string goes over a frictionless pulley. The pulley is a hoop with a rotational inertia of I=MR^2. The other end of the string is attached to a hanging block of mass 2. The
  54. math

    If 50100 dollars is deposited in an account for 14 years at 5.35 percent compounded continuously , find the average value of the account during the 14 years period.
  55. math

    The decay of uranium is modelled by D = D_0 * 2^(-kt). If it takes 6 years for the mass of uranium to halve, find the percentage remaining after: a. 2 years
  56. math

    Suppose a 60,000 martgage is to be amortized at 7.5% interest. Find the total amount of interest that would be paid for each term a) 10 years b) 30 years.
  57. math

    Suppose a 60,000 martgage is to be amortized at 7.5% interest. Find the total amount of interest that would be paid for each term a) 10 years b) 30 years
  58. essay

    What are some suggestion regarding should the driving age be raised to 18?
  59. socialstudies

    how did the first americans live during the ice age?
  60. Movement and Music

    At what age are children usually able to hop? 20% 30% 40% 50%
  61. science

    the columbian exchange during the age of discovery
  62. world history

    the meaning of paleolithic age
  63. algebraic expression

    five more than the product of 13 and Malik's age
  64. science

    how is rocks absolute age is determined?
  65. Histroy

    What was Jackson's inaguration symbolic of the New Age?
  66. physics

    How could the age of this asteroid fragment be determined?
  67. pschology

    what is the educational implication of middle age?
  68. nutrition

    What are GMO's? Are they safe for all age groups? Why or why not?
  69. health

    Are GMO's safe for all age groups?
  70. English

    What is the explanation of idiom;a ripe age
  71. Geology

    Granite age for Scottish highlands
  72. Math

    The product of Steve's age and 9 is 153
  73. science

    at what age does brain stops developing
  74. not in school

    Does age determine brain size?
  75. social studies

    what was the age of the nation in 1997
  76. viking age

    who are the vikings and what are their daily life, thank you
  77. math

    a certain sum of money atcompound interest becomes Rs7396 in 2 years and Rs7950.70 in 3 years.Find the rate of interest
  78. statistics

    In frequency distribution table, I got two mode classes.then how do I calculate actual mode?
  79. math

    the median of a set of six number is 2.5 given that five number are 8, 1 , 2 , 11 and 1 , find the sixth number . and explain ...
  80. Math

    Redo My question is from geometry and it is it says find PB,PE,AP and PF if line AF, line BD, and line CB are median. then it says AF=33
  81. Math

    Redo My question is from geometry and it is it says find PB,PE,AP and PF if line AF, line BD, and line CB are median. then it says AF=33
  82. Algebra HW

    Find the vertex of the function y = –x2 + 2x + 8. it shows me different points as the answer. Im not sure how to find that point. Here are the points: (1,7) or (1,9) or (4,-2) or (-1,-9) Answered in a previous post. Here it is again: Here's a quick way
  83. Physics

    I've got a question: Imagine this scenario where someone releases a marble down an inclined ramp and at the end of the ramp a block is fixed. So the marble will roll down the ramp and it will collide with the block. Since the block is fixed,
  84. Social Studies

    This is for a Latin class, but as it has nothing to do with the language, it is more of a social studies question. For homework we had to complete a project on the Roman Empire. One part was to find all of the provinces, label them on a map, find the year
  85. physics lab

    For a physics lab, I measured length, width, thickness, and mass of 2 blocks of wood, 3 trials each. There were 2 questions on the lab that I did not understand how to do. 1. For each trial, find the ratio between the mass and the volume. Based on your
  86. English

    Can you help me check this letter, please? 1) teach German in a high school with an emphasis on applied sciences. Our students are between 13 and 18 years old and are all motivated to learn. 2) They will therefore go to university at the end of 3) The
  87. Physics

    I got two questions Three blocks on a fricitonless horizontal surface are in contact with each other a force F is applied to block 1 mass m1 Draw a free body diagram for each block ok done the accelration of the system (in terms of m1, m2, and m3) ok done
  88. physics

    A source delivers an AC voltage of the form Δv = (89.0 V) sin (70πt), where Δv is in volts and t is in seconds, to a capacitor. The maximum current in the circuit is 0.460 A. Find the following. (a) Find the rms voltage of the source. (b) Find the
  89. government

    in 1997, 26-year-old representative harold ford jr became a member of the 105th congress. what happened the year before this that made his election possible? a. congress passed the voter registration act of 1997 b. congress lowered the age of a member of
  90. History

    Can you please find any documents (pictures, quotes, info) for the following question: Compare and contrast the economy and politics that impacted the global economy of Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Thank You
  91. Statistics

    Let's pretend the Work variable is normally distributed, with a mean/median/mode value of 22 and a standard deviation of 17. Based on these numbers, we can say that approximately 68 percent of students work between ______ and ______ hours per week. Select
  92. Algebra

    A survey was taken of students in math classes to find out how many hours per day students spend on social media. The survey results for the first-, second-, and third-period classes are as follows: First period: 2, 4, 3, 1, 0, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 9, 2, 4, 3, 0

    design a program for the following. Registration workers at a conference for authors of children's book have collected data about conference participants, including the number of book each author has written and the target age of their readers. The
  94. Math probability

    Lottery tickets are held by 56 men and 84 women. An equal percentage of men and women are older than 55. If there are 8 men over 55, what is the probability that the lottery winner will be either man of any age or a women over 55 years old.
  95. Government

    1. Which of the following is true about the formal amendment process for the Constitution? A. Only citizen may propose an amendment. B. Only Congress may propose an amendment. C. Both houses of Congress may pass a resolution to propose an amendment. D. The
  96. statistic

    Sam pays $740 for his house, and he wants to see if he pays too much. He asks people who live on the neighborhood with the similar house sizes, and 10 of the people give him their prices. It is found out that the mean and standard deviation of the 10
  97. Math/Compound Interest

    1. Use the compound interest table to find the compound amount earned on a $5,900 deposit for 10 years at 10% compounded semiannually. _____________________________________ A. 9,610.45 b. 15,654.47 c. 3,710.45 d. 12,375.66 2. Megan deposited $6,000 in an
  98. Geography

    Supposed to estimate the percentage of houses that will be uninhatitable in each of the residental neighbourhoods. Ex. population of riverside is 325 total population of all the neighbourhoods is 7415 do i just take 325 and divide it by 7414? to get the
  99. geomtery

    IN ABC, m<BAC =3x+9, m<ABC =8x+11, and m<BCA= 5x-8. Find the measures of <1,<2,<3. SHow your woek for solving x and finding each angle measure clearly. IN ABC, m<BAC =3x+9, m<ABC =8x+11, and m<BCA= 5x-8. Find the measures of
  100. Algebra

    I'm trying to find the sum of this geometric series but I can't find a common ratio. How do I find it? 1+1/5+1/25+...