So i been trying to solve this question like for ever! so i hope you guys can help me , here is the question : the volume of a seawater on earth is about 330,000,000 mi3. if seawater is 3.5%

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  1. calculus help again

    if f'(x)=cos x and g'(x)=1 for all x, and if f(0)=g(0)=0, then the limit x--->0 fo function f(x)/g(x)= okay, so f(x)=sinx g(x)=x and the f(0)=g(0)=0 is also satisfied and equals o. so the limit x-->o of sinx/x= is the answer nonexistent according to the

  2. Algebra

    How do I solve: Translate "y more than 4 is -36". Then solve the problem. Hope someone could help me out with this annoying question!

  3. LA - Connexus

    hii its me again, im sure some of u guys recognize me lmao :) im back with the answers this time !! hope u guys are doing well in LA, i dont check these often but hmu if u see me :O Answers for Connexus Language Arts Unit 8 Lesson 3, Introducing a

  4. writing thesis

    So, I need a thesis statement for a research paper for Murder on the Orient Express. (Sorry to keep posting a new question each time) But I've thought about the answers you guys have given me and I'm thinking something along the lines of: "In certain

  5. History 9th grade.

    Hey guys! I have a hard time on this question. I would really appreciate it if you could help me :) The question is: How did conflict and cooperation within early civilizations relate to the use of resources? The hard part is finding the details about this

  6. Math

    Hey y’all! I don’t understand this and maybe you guys could help me cuz...ya know that’s what this sight is for...haha. This is the Solving One-Step Inequalities Practice assessment for Unit 5 lesson 9 Solving One-Step Inequalities for Connexus 6th

  7. Math

    Solve the system by addition or substitution. 3x – 4y = 8 6x – 2y = 10 Please get me on the correct track for 3x -4y =8 x=4, y=1 for 6x - 2y =10 x= 2, y= 1 Solve one equation for x. 3x = 4y + 8 x = (4y + 8)/3 Insert that value for x in the other

  8. psychology

    hi i need some help in my homework hope you guys could help me As she moves quietly around the restaurant where she works as a waitress, Alicia finds herself humming in her head the phrase,"just whistle while you work!"This is an example of a/an: A)

  9. english

    hey people!! im new here and i just got an essay to do on english altough its the first day of school!! please guys i really need your help.. its a essay on the following topics: 1-summer 2-love is not all it's made out to be 3-a glorious sunset 4-stories

  10. physics

    hey i have a some questions i am trying to solve for practice, because i have a test coming up. can you guys help me with them? i will post them Yes. Please show your work, however. Physics is best learned through practice, not by watching others solve

  11. child care managemen . resource file graded projec

    do you guys have the penn foster resource file graded project ? if you do , can you guys help me please ?

  12. Math connexus Unit 4, Patterns and Variables

    Question 1: Solve the equation. 999+k=1,721 Answer 1: k=722 Question 2: f+523.89+812.57 Answer 2: f=288.68 Question 3: Jamal and Keisha went running. Keisha ran 2.4 miles more than Jamal. If Keisha ran 8.5 miles, how many miles did Jamal run? Answer 3:

  13. Organic chemistry: dehydrohalogenation

    Hello. I know you guys don't do organic chemistry but because I got so much help from you guys in general chemistry, I was wondering if you guys can help me out again. :P Here's my question. In dehydrohalogenation, how do you know whether a reaction is E1

  14. English

    1. I hope he is running on the playground now. 2. I hope he is studying now. 3. I hope he is playing table tennis now. 4. Is he studying? I hope so. 5. Is he studying (now)? I hope he is studying (now) 6. Is he coming (soon)? I hope so. 7. Is he coming

  15. English

    1. What do the pictures remind you of? They remind me of my childhood. They remind me of love. They remind me of life. They remind me of babies. They remind me of the importance of life. They remind me of the word cute. 2. What do the pictures make you

  16. math,correction please..

    (x)/(x-2) - (x+1)/(x) = (8)/(x^2-2x) I keep getting x = 6 can someone show me how you guys are getting x = -10 The lowest commond denominator is x(x-2) x/x *(x)/(x-2) - (x+1)/(x) *(x-2)/(x-2)=(8)/x(x-2) multiplying both sides by the common denominator..

  17. english

    so i posted a question very similar to this yesturdya but i have now have a more spesific question. do you guys know any poems about or from the 1950's that talks abuot basic life..

  18. MATH STUCK:-(

    I am having some difficulties factoring polynomials and I use only one method to figure the stuff out, which is the guess and check method because it's just mental math work and not that complicating. Here is a question that I know how to do, and below it

  19. general islamic

    Hello, I have a question for the question to solve, hope your company can help .... A wife has been carrying out fasakh the in shariah court. Then she was moved out of the house. Her husband, work as an employee of the practice of Islam does not agree with

  20. Science

    Hello guys i hope you are all doing well! i just have a quick question..does Neptune have a crust? i just need a simple answer and maybe the reason why i does or does not, thank you very much

  21. Thank you Jiskha Teachers

    I just wanted to say thank you jiskha teachers for helping me get through 8th grade. My last day of school was yesterday and I'm going on to highschool next year. Thanks for helping work out, check, or help me solve any problems I couldn't get through, you

  22. math

    just an algebra question. how would you solve: (3x^2 +5)(3x^2 +5) ^ means power :] Since you have not given us an equation, it is impossible to "solve" your problam. Please repost with the complete equation, so we can help you. I hope this helps a little.

  23. Calculus

    Find the area between the curve y=4/x and the x-axis from x=1 to x=e. It is a review question for my final exam and I am really stuck on how to solve You should hope for a final exam question so easy. area= INT y dx= INT 4/x dx from 1 to e area= 4ln x from

  24. english

    at school i am reaing the kite runner as the class novel. i have one comprehension question im notsure how to answer. can somebody help me. the question is: the novel begins with a flashback. what do you think is its purpose? what do you learn about the

  25. Math

    I just don't understand this question: h(t)=A*b^x h(3)=4 h(5)=40 Solve for b Would you plug 3 into the x and set it equal to 4? (4=A*b^3) How would you solve for that because in the next question they go on to ask you to solve for A using the b you

  26. math--pre alg

    not sure i did right 3(f+2)+9=13+5f 3f+6+9 = 13+5f +9 3F+15 = 12+5F GOT MIXED UP SOMWERE HELP 3f +6 +9 = 13 + 5f 3f + 15 = 13 + 5f 2f = 2 f = 1 drwls is correct You are doing OK up to this point: 3f + 6 + 9 = 13 + 5f Now combine any like terms. (We can

  27. gr8 science

    HOMEWORK QUESTION: give one advantage and one disadvantage of having many branches in science??? i know its a silly question but i really couldn't think of an answer and i thoight you guys could give it a try.... can u help me out?? plz??

  28. Math

    Calculate 24²÷ (check symbol) 256 I tried to find the math symbol that's a v like check mark hope you guys know what I'm talking about please help Thank you

  29. Math

    Guys please help me with this Trigonometry question based on De Moivre's theorem. Q: Find ¦È such that 0¡Ü¦È¡Ü360. cos7¦È + cos3¦È = cos5¦È I attempted to solve it with limited knowledge but I kind of doubt my answer. Anyway, this is how I

  30. Introduction to geography practice

    Ight boiz I went thru this just to give you guys the raw (CORRECT) answers. Just so you guys know which test this is I will show how the first question looks. If abbey Wants to tell her friend to meet somewhere, which theme of geography would she need to

  31. Math

    We have an important chemsitry test due and I want to make sure that I do not mess up on my algebra. I am dealing with the integrated rate law, but my question is purely algebraically in nature. I hope, somebody can help me. 1) ln(A) = -kt+ln(B) solve for

  32. Math Trigonometry

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you guys can help me with this question. I'm not sure how to do this question. As I keep on getting something that's out of the unit circle. Please help! 17sec2(θ)-13tan(θ)sec(θ)-15=0

  33. very complicated maths

    Hey guys, need some help with a question ive been stuck on for a looooooong time! The question is: Given that (x+4) is a factor of the expression 3x^3+x^2+px+24, find the constant value of p. Hence factorise and solve the equation 3x^3+x^2+px+24=0 Any

  34. Science

    Hello, hope u guys are having a good day! I need some help on this science! Thank you! Water cycle. Which of these stages of the water cycle were you able to observe in your model? What is the energy source in your model and what does it represent? Did you

  35. Chemistry

    How do we add,subtract,multiply or divide the uncertainities of two values? For example 28.0 +- 0.5 and 0.899 +- 0.003 Actually i have to solve this question [log{sq.rt. of (0.104 +- 0.006)}/ (.0511 +- 0.0009)]? Hope u get the question in what manner its

  36. social studies Urban Growth quiz answers

    here ima take it WHYYYYYYYYYY i got 62.5 percent answers 1=B 2=A 3=B 4=A 5=D 6=A 7=A 8=D there you guys go hope you enjoy

  37. easy q

    The physical enviroment in which species relate is called their (a)biome,(b)habitat, (c)home Look up each term in a dictionary (hard copy or on line). That should answer your question. Although this does not directly answer your question, I hope this will

  38. For All Your Help!

    I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help that you guys gave me. Especially Ms.Sue!! she's been a GREAT help with me and probably to all of you guys as well, so thank you guys!. :)

  39. math

    if (2x-3):(y+4)=k where k is a constant and x=4 when y=2 then find x when y=-6 What does the : between the factor mean? (2x-3) : (y+4)=k Multi[lication? If so, substitute 4 for x and 2 for y to get (2*4-3):(2+4)=k = 5*6 Then solve for x in (2x-3):(-6+4)=30

  40. Biology

    Hi, I tested the three most sensitive areas of my body and it was the fingertip, the tounge and the lower lip, and the question asks me "why do you think it is so?" I researched everywhere but cant find the answer probably because there are different

  41. college algebra--I really need help!!

    solve the following exponential equation. exact answers only. 1-9x 2x 2 = e I hope that you understand this question. I don't and need some help please. Can you show all answers please.

  42. Algebra

    How do I solve this? ((1/t) - 1)/ (t -1) NO CLUE :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 How do I solve this? ((1/t) - 1)/ (t -1) 1/t - 1 = 1/t - t/t = (1/t)(1 - t) = (-1/t)(t - 1) The two t - 1 terms cancel each

  43. Math

    What up guys! My son goes to Connexus, and me and him are having a hard time with this question. I want him to succeed and grow, so can someone help us with this question.... How many solutions does the system of equation have? y - 6x = -3 and 4y - 24x =

  44. confidentiality of health info,.

    Sould corrections on a medical record(computerized medical database) be dated and time stamped? define the three childrearing styles In the future, rather than putting this as a response to a question, use the "Post a New Question" link. Putting your

  45. math (college algebra)

    Ok I have two questions I have NO CLUE how to complete on my homework. Please help ASAP! (1) Solve the formula for the specified variable r = vx for r (the question is) v = ? a = 1/3f * p for f (the question is) f = ? (2) Solve the forulma for v S = D + vm

  46. math

    ok guys i need your help so the question is 1/4, , or = to 1/8.

  47. English

    umm don't know if i'm able to ask this but i was wondering if you guys would do a small interview for me for a research. the question is: why do you think many of us are obsessed with gardens and gardening(ur opinion plz)? can u please leave ur name(you

  48. A suggestion -@Writeacher

    I don't know whether suggestions are welcomed,but I would like to express what I feel about this change and hope anyone won't misunderstand this as being rude. From my point of view this change will be causing some difficulties to students and also

  49. Language Arts

    Please help me answer this question and the rest of the questions. Where can you find the worksheets you need for each lesson? I would appreciate it if you guys could help me with this question and the rest. Thank You! ^-^

  50. Math help!

    I don't understand this. Solve -5x - 6 = -6x^2 Rearrange to 6x^2-5x-6=0 (3x + 2)(2x - 3)= 0 Set each factor equal to zero and solve for x. I hope this helps.

  51. math

    By what percentage is 1/40 greater than 1/50? #Please guys help me please this question.#

  52. French

    I hope this question isn't too broad but.. When do you not pronounce the final letter of a word when the next word begins with a vowel? I hope that makes sense. I know that you are never supposed to say the "T" in "et" when it comes before a vowel but

  53. Math

    Hello. I'm not asking for you to give me the answer to this question, but could you please help me? Hallie is trying to win the grand prize on a game show. Should she try her luck by spinning a wheel with 6 equal sections labeled 1 to 6 and hope she gets a

  54. math

    actually, in a addition to the question i posted a few minutes ago, can someone please help me with a few actual specific questions? thanks so much i'm very confused and i've been working on these all day. *Literal Equations* ~solve for x ax + bx = 8ab

  55. math

    Would you guys mind help me to solve this question? : The scale of a map is 1:1000. What are the actual dimensions of a rectangle which appears as 4cm by 3cm on the map? What is the area on the map in cm squared?what is the actual area in meter squared? I

  56. College Chemistry

    So i been trying to solve this question like for ever! so i hope you guys can help me , here is the question : the volume of a seawater on earth is about 330,000,000 mi3. if seawater is 3.5% sodium chloride by mass and has a density of 1.03g/mL, what is

  57. chemitstry

    I would like if you guys could answer me this question or give me a website where I cold find the answer. Lead, mercury and plutonium are very harmful elements, but when you cobined them with what do they become harmless? The element with which they must

  58. math

    please guys help me this question, how to solve it. Calculate the total surface area of a hollow cylinder whose radius is 15 cm and height is 20 cm.

  59. maths

    guys need help on ODE questions, i just need you guys to tell me what method to use for the following equations and i will try solve them myself: a) (2y+tany)dx +(x-x^2(tany))dy=0 b) y'=(e^x)(2y+(e^x))+y(1+y) c) y'=1+y^2-x^2 any hints will be good also. XD

  60. Please Read

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of the teachers who help out the kids on here because without you guys we do not know where we would be. You guys take out the time of your day to help us out and I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else on here

  61. math

    please guys help me this question, how to solve it. Calculate the total surface area of a hollow cylinder whose radius is 15 cm and height is 20 cm. (a)3297 cm^2 (b)1884 cm^2 (c) 3768 cm^2 State why you choose a,b or c?

  62. Algebra 2

    Evaluate this pricewise function at x=-4 and x=4. f(x)={x^2, if x less than or equal to -4 {x^3, if -4 less than x less than or equal to1 {square root x, if x greater than 1 (I wanted to use symbols but I didn't have the greater than or less than equal to

  63. english

    Hmm I'm just wondering why no one is helping me and skipping my question yesterday, is it because it's too long or too advanced? I just needed help with my thesis/argument so I can start my essay. I wrote my intro already but it needs a bit of work. You

  64. Simple Interest

    Hi guys, I'm new here, my name is Markus. Can you help me with one simple question? I think I know what it is, though. If any of guys respond back, thank you! $300 at 5 annual interest for 7 years. Find the simple interest earned in the account. a. $214.29

  65. English

    I hope I don't bother u guys by explaining to me what hubris means in A Connecticut Yankee in King..etc Just a few examples would be really helpful

  66. reading

    Can you guys answer this question in the book Sasquatch Escape chapter 9. What do you think will happen next with Ben, Pearl and the baby dragon? Can you guys please make sure that the answer is right thank you!!! Who ever does the right answer will get

  67. reading

    What was Mr. Tabby's reason that the kids could not keep the baby dragon? Can you guys answer this question in the book Sasquatch Escape.Can you guys please make sure that the answer is right thank you!!! Who ever does the right answer will get

  68. math

    please guys help me this question, how to solve it. Calculate the total surface area of a hollow cylinder whose radius is 15 cm and height is 20 cm. What formula can be applied between (a) SA = 2pie*r*h + 2pie*r^2 (b)SA = 2pie*r*h State the reason why you

  69. basic question

    why is it if you guys don't know the answer or if you don't want to answer a question do you guys leave it unanswered. At least you could do is comment back and say you don't know it to at least let people know that you have seen their questions.

  70. history


  71. General

    Why didn't you guys are answering my questions at all. 8 question posted tomorrow but not even a single question is answered yet.

  72. Algebra

    How do I solve this For (-x)? (Do I just make -x equal 1 or 2?) I’m suppose to solve the equation by elimination. (Can someone give me steps to solving it and I’ll try to do it and you guys check my work?) 7x-9y=21 -x-18y=-3

  73. Math

    Hey guys this is a precalculus honors question and im stuck, appreciate it if i could get your help. Lauri is a sea level and uses surveying equipment to sight the top of Mount Tam. The angle of elevation to the top is 22 degrees 10 minutes. She moves 1000

  74. Physics

    Hi! I am going to apply for a medical study admission test and where just wondering if you guys could help me to come up with the formula for solving this problem. I am not looking for a answer, just the mathematical formula to solve theese kind of

  75. Differential Equation

    what is the differential equation of (1/x-y)dx- (1/y+x)dy=0. Kindly help me. I'm cramming for my exams and there were a lot of problem sets to be done. I hope you guys will help me with these. Thanks a lot in advance.

  76. Algebra 1 Inequalities (help)

    So, I'm kinda confused, How would I solve 1c < 400, I'm trying to go back, and practice my Inequalities, and I kinda forgot how exactly to solve them.... And I don't want to give any of my actual problems so I just created this one off the top of my head,

  77. physics

    Distinguish between apparent loss in weight and upthrust Please guys anyone who can distinguish in definition manner i hope in magnitude the two forces are equal

  78. chemistry

    Hey, I was just struggling with a question that I need to figure out to help me with my next lab, so if any of you guys could help me that would be greatly appreciated. Question: write a balanced equation for the reaction between H2O2 and acidified MnO4-

  79. Math

    I rlly need help on these questions can you guys help me Question 1: 5/8 x 20 Question 2: 4/7 x 12

  80. math

    hi i would really appreciate some help solving this question simultaneously: Find A and B such that x-11/(x+3)(2x-1)= A/x+3 + B/2x-1 Multiply both sides by (x+3)(2x-1) to get rid of the fractions. We end up with this: (x-11) = A(2x-1) + B(x+3) You can

  81. Physics

    Hi! i am going to apply for a medical study admission test and where just wondering if you guys could help me to come up with the formula for solving this problem. I am not looking for a answer, just the mathematical formula to solve theese kind of

  82. Math

    Copying the question word for word: Investigate different rules for integration. You should include polynomials, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, sine functions, cosine functions and a function made up by a quotient. Give an example of

  83. Accounting

    Hi guys, please help me solve this question. Please tell me how exectly should I solved this question. Thanks. On September 1, 2000, ABC Company received an 7000, 12%, 120 day note from a credit customer wishing to extend its repayment period. On october

  84. History

    Why did labor unions grow after the war? A. there were more jobs in manufacturing*** B. there were more farms C. there were many soldiers returning from war D. more people moved to cities I chose A, I hope I'm right! (If you guys have any other sources,

  85. math

    Please guys help me out this question #What is 1/4 in 24?

  86. Algebra

    Can you guys help me solve this problem I dont know why I cant get it. Thanks. Solve for x. (26000-x)2813.95 + x(314.73)=26000(640.2)

  87. math

    i am sorry ms.sue i just changed because i ashamed that i always posted question on my homework and i afraid that anyone might not help my homework because of keep on posting but i really thanks to you and i hope you will help me to solve the problem i

  88. math

    Please guys help me this question to get the answers. How many 1/3 are there in 2 1/2?

  89. maths

    hi guys i need to see working for this question 7(6+√7) thanks

  90. trick question

    three guys then who went to share a motel room on a fishing trip, the cost was $30, so they each paid ten bucks. The owner then decided that the cost was only $25, and sent one of his employees to pay back $5 to the guys, the employee thought you could not

  91. Algebra

    Please help to find x, y 1. 8x-y=17 6x+y=11 2. 5x-2y=17 2x+3y=3 Question no.1 8x-y=17 6x+y=11 (adding the equation) __________ (-y and +y will be 0) 14x =28 Taking variables to one side x=28 __ 14 14*2=28 therefore x=2 substitute this value of x in

  92. pure maths,accounting,economics,business studies

    Guys my problem is maths solve x and graphs

  93. Jiskha

    U guys answr evry question??????

  94. math

    can someone solve this h/2 > 12 Treat the inequality just like an equation and solve. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

  95. math

    can someone solve these for me? -3x - 9 > 12 4 - x >= -10 x + 3/4 >= 1/2 -2x > 10 To solve, treat inequalities just as you would equations. For example, -2x>10 -2x/-2>10/-2 x>-5 I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

  96. Language arts

    Guys im taking the what is important to know pre-test from connexus can one of you guys please help me out with all of the questions ??

  97. Math

    (8x-5)/(12x+3) = 5/9 Hey guys, could someone please solve for x? I'm not sure how to simplify this equation -\_(ツ)_/- Many thanks.


    What was the hardest question you guys had to answer? I wanna know!

  99. Music

    Hey guys! I have a question for you that I need help on. A whole note gets how many beats? I think its 4 but, I'm not so sure...

  100. student civics

    why are guys given less of a chance then strate guys in a goverment court.


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