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  1. history / ela

    In his famous speech at the March on Washington in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their

    which statement best summarizes chapter 11, the Giver 1. Jonas and the Receiver read about snow and other types of weather not found in the community. 2. Jonas experiences tiny pinpricks of snow that touch his body and melt on his tongue. 3. The Receiver
  3. L.A.

    which statement best summarizes chapter 11, the Giver 1. Jonas and the Receiver read about snow and other types of weather not found in the community. 2. Jonas experiences tiny pinpricks of snow that touch his body and melt on his tongue. 3. The Receiver
  4. Calculus (pleas help I really need to check this)

    Consider a window the shape of which is a rectangle of height h surmounted a triangle having a height T that is 1.3 times the width w of the rectangle. If the cross-sectional area is A, determine the dimensions of the window which minimize the perimeter.
  5. Hyperbole

    Read the oral notes carefully. Then, decide whether each of the following statements contain a hyperbole! Q1. "If I’ve told you this story once, I’ve told it a million times!" a. Hyperbole b. No Hyperbole Ans: a. Hyperbole Q2. "I feel so hungry today.
  6. launguage

    Read the following excerpt from “All Together Now”: What can parents do? We can put our faith in young people as a positive force. I have yet to find a racist baby. Babies come into the world as blank as slates and, with their beautiful innocence, see
  7. Confused about how this is worded?

    I'm having a hard time trying to understand what my teacher and the article I read are saying here? Could you put it into easier words for me? For the West, "A house was a capital investment, perhaps the prototype for all fixed capital investment, an
  8. English

    Read the short conversation,and find out what he or she means. 1.Angel:I know you were really stressed out about your math exam.How'd you do? John:I can't complain. What does the man mean? a.A he doesn't want to tell the woman how he did. b.He did quite
  9. history during the lives of early people

    I need help in how I can approach this assignment,so that I cover all the areas that are to be included and still write an interesting and quality paper, showing the ways of life during this time in history. The assignment reads like this:You are to write
  10. Organizational behavior

    Read Skill Building Module #16: Managing Resistance to Change (pp. 615-616) in Organizational Behavior (11th ed.), excluding the Self-Assessment Interpretation section, and the Reinforcement Activities section. Determine what you think would be the best
  11. Science

    Discuss how the structure of a virus correlates with its function.
  12. Science

    what is the silica content of magma that has low velocity
  13. physical science

    Why does liquid substance have the same meniscus shape
  14. science

    Also is did cassini send out a space probe or satellite?
  15. science

    how do scientists determine wether or not something is physical or chemical?
  16. science

    When can an object be considered weightless but still have a gravitational force on it?
  17. science

    what city goes below sea level first miami or new orleans?
  18. science

    Which statement correctly describes the Sun and earth?
  19. science

    calculate the number of molecules in 200 gm of caco3.
  20. Science

    what is the silica content of magma that has low velocity
  21. science

    During condensation, what must be changed, temperature or heat energy?
  22. Science

    How many days will it take for 3/4 of a sample of polonium 210 to decay?
  23. science

    please list out 6 functions of the blood and please write the reference of it
  24. science

    the energy role of the first organism in a food chain is always
  25. Science

    calculate the solubility of NaCl in a solution which contains 0.1 M CaCl2
  26. science

    what are some structural, behavioural, and physical adaptations of a goldfish?
  27. Science

    Please for the classification of metals, their uses in the home and the care of each metal. Please help me!!!!!!
  28. science

    I'm trying to unscramble the following letters to make a sentence. Help! ipsoosousceeeuysethsumtatdoyngc
  29. science

    the sun photosphere gives off radiation that reaches earth as what
  30. Science/ECology

    what type of plants do mice eat?
  31. Science

    Can someone ANSWER what's the difference between exothermic and endothermic reactions?
  32. science

    5 mL O.1 M HCL...How much 0.1 M NaOH is needed to neutralize the acid? Thank you
  33. science

    what is the connection between native americans and federal government
  34. science

    what force is necessary to accelerate a 70kg object at rate of 4.2 m/s2
  35. science

    how to make a problem about butterfly, using the scintific method
  36. Science

    Please for diagrams to show the terms associated in the study of levers.
  37. science

    i need a picture that explains the law of conservation of matter
  38. science

    What are the large- and small- scale causes of climate and weather?
  39. science

    how dose oceanography effect the planet earth
  40. Computer Science

    What are the types of errors that can be encountered in programs?
  41. science

    explain why it is important for scientist to be objective in their observations.
  42. science

    what contributed most to the fish population dying during the 1970"s?
  43. science

    why is planning experiments important to the scientific study
  44. science,

    we know that people need more oxygen when they are active. draw conclusins on why it is so.
  45. science

    How does gravity keep a planet moving in an orbit around the sun?
  46. Science

    which is not a from of energy ? light temperature electricity heat
  47. science

    what is a group of atoms having a net electrical charge
  48. science

    what do you call organisms produced by a living thing
  49. science

    Is glucose molecules broken down in both hases of respiration?
  50. science

    what type of friction does a maglev train reduce
  51. Science

    Does a virus have to take over a host cell in order to reproduce?
  52. Science

    Please may you find a diagram of a labeled weather barometer.
  53. science

    is holding a book while walking work? why or why not that is the question
  54. Science. HELP!!

    If you decrease the frequency of a wave, how does the velocity change?
  55. science

    how might the shape of the hairlike structures relate to their function? Thanks.
  56. Science

    This is just a practice. Most sex-linked genes are found on?
  57. Science

    What hormone is the adrenal medulla responsible for secreting?
  58. science

    how can i describe how an elevation is shown on topographic map
  59. Science

    The half-reaction of 3 Pb + 2 NO3 + 8 H-->3 Pb2+ + 2 NO + 4H2O
  60. science

    what water temperature does a giant squid live in?
  61. Science

    Considering matterand energy together the smallest component of the universe seems to be
  62. science

    what is the abstract in "determining what detergent would keep the plant alive?"
  63. Science/ECology

    What are the roles of consumers in a food web?
  64. Science

    Communications with planets outside the solar system are most likely achieved using?
  65. science cells

    what role does the golgi play in a cell?
  66. science

    what can you use to decide whether liquids tested are polar or nonpolar?
  67. ****Science****

    how do lithospheric plates lead to evolution and species?
  68. Science

    Explain what is meant by closed system of circulation
  69. science

    what does the addition of salt to water do to the density and how would you explain it
  70. Science 7R

    How do activites in the large intestine help maintain homoestatsis?
  71. Science

    A boy carries 100N to 500m. How much work is done
  72. science

    describe what happens when a nucleus is stabilized by emitting positrons
  73. Science

    Please may you find a labeled diagram of a weather thermometer.
  74. Science

    I am confused about diffusion in liquids can u explain it plz?
  75. science

    Why does the energy of a sound wave decrease over time?
  76. Science

    What would be John Endler's relationship towards natural selection? Help!
  77. Science

    Why is photosynthesis an example of a chemical reaction, and why is it classified as endothermic? Help please
  78. science

    Describe how amorphus solids melt and give one example of your own
  79. Science

    When the anthers are burst open, they shed a number of . . .
  80. Science

    What is the process of maintaining a cells enviroment called?
  81. science

    compare respitory system of a fish &human
  82. science

    in which direction are nearly all galaxies moving relative to earth
  83. science

    what does the slope of a electric force vs. 1/R^2 graph represent?
  84. Science

    Water condenses on the grass in the early morning help
  85. science

    does the stars in a galaxy slowly rotate around a center.
  86. science

    which of the following is to used to measure 10.8cm3 of dilute hydrochloric acid?
  87. science

    Does the flame of gas stove emit light
  88. science

    changing the mass or volume of an object changes its density and ?
  89. Earth Science

    What two things are used for determining how a rock was formed??
  90. science

    how much is the mass of a toy car that is accelerated to 4.5m/s/s by a force of 7.8N?
  91. Science

    Identify the parts of the body in which mitosis occurs
  92. Science

    During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse Occur
  93. science

    where does the energy needed to heat up cold water come from?
  94. science

    Why does a helium-filled balloon float up when it is released?
  95. science

    Where will the African Plate be in 100 million years?
  96. science

    What is the name of the porous lava rock with a density less than water? Thanks
  97. science

    can carbon disulphide dissolve a sulphur sample
  98. Science

    My homework today is. Is Pluto really a planet? I always thought it was, can you help me please?
  99. 5th grade science

    what are the 5 main body parts and what do they do?
  100. Science

    Name three different agents of erosion that might move a rock once it has been weathered?