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  1. physical science

    Why does liquid substance have the same meniscus shape
  2. Science

  3. science

    If the distance stays the same but they time increases what happens to the speed?
  4. science

    a 45 N force acts upon a 8 kg block. what is the blocks acceleration?
  5. science

    Why do you think the joints between your rigcage & beastbone are partly movable ?
  6. science

    what are 2 major differences in the composition of the inner and outer planets ?
  7. science

    can you tell me negative impact of water bottled industry
  8. science

    why would a spinal cord injury leave someone paralyzed?
  9. science

    What is the actual size of a red blood cell
  10. Science

    Were can I find a 5 kingdoms of life animals chart?
  11. science

    part of a plant which was once a bud. i thought it was petal is that right?
  12. science

    explain how to give the measurement in centimeters of a 56 mm object

  14. science

    what are the lens called to locate a specimen on a microscope?
  15. science

    what types of soil exist in a desert biome
  16. Science

    Where is the cell wall is found? Plant or animal or both?
  17. science

    What would be the volume of a gas inside a 360cm box?
  18. science

    whats the physical form in which a substance exists?
  19. Science

    Solubility of nacl in 100g of water at80degree
  20. science

    how do parasites establish a physiological relatioship with its host
  21. physical science

    what is the density of iron if 5.0 cm at the third has a mass o 39.5 grams
  22. science

    An objects _________ does not change no matter where in the university
  23. Earth Science

    What is the usefulness of absolute and relative dating?
  24. science

    Name at least two processes that change Earth's surface quickly.
  25. Science

    Was Daniel Bernoulli for the atomic theory or against it and explain why?
  26. science

    How to manipulate the formulas of momentum, fore, acceleration
  27. science

    if a car travels 93 km/h, what rate is it traveling in km/min
  28. Science

    Does sound travel through a solid, liquid, gas or all of the above
  29. science/atmospheric heating

    name two ways that air gets heated
  30. science

    what is the structural formula for a) 3,3,4-trimethyloctane B) 2-methyl-1-pentene
  31. Science

    In what two ways can a machine alter an input force?
  32. Science

    can the mass of an object be used to indentify what substance it is made out of?
  33. science

    just help me how to start my intoduction on bottled water idustry
  34. science

    information on sicled cells disease how they work,how do you get it etc
  35. science

    what are human factors that causes illhealth,accidents and disasters
  36. Science(IX grade)

    What are the bond types present in Ammonia?
  37. science

    How do food, oxygen and water enter a cell?
  38. science

    . How does changing volume change the density of an object?
  39. science

    why or how does a rope hold more weight vertically than horizontal?
  40. Science

    What are the names of three alternative sources of energy and one disadvantage of each?
  41. Science

    Why does Potassium Nitrate crystallise when cooled and saturated?
  42. Environmental Science

    what is a freshwater or saltwater life zone?
  43. science-electromagnetism

    Find the current density J at (2 m, 1 m,3 m) if H=2xy^2k Am^-1.
  44. science

    NO2 ( negative by the 2 on the right side) how do I do this as lewis dots
  45. science

    What is an independent and dependent variable? Please give a definition and example.
  46. Social science

    India: ______decimal _____ :architecture
  47. science

    what was the moon altitude, direction, and apperence 4 the last 30 days?
  48. science

    what tools do we use to measure mass what units do we use when measuring
  49. science

    roughly how fast do most lithospheric plates move?
  50. science

    Name some current environmental legal issues. Thanks in advance.
  51. science

    what is so special about the elements in Group 8 on the Periodic table?
  52. science

    How can I find the number of mole of 0.25g of CuSO4?
  53. Science

    What resources should a scientist use to research water pollution?
  54. science

    What is not present in animal cell if nucleus is absent
  55. environmental science

    what can be done to improve economic issue in cities
  56. Physical Science

    Do metalloids have a complete outermost shell?
  57. science

    Methylococcus capsulatatus. How is this bacteria spread or passed?
  58. science

    what is one way birds, reptiles and fish adapt to their environments?
  59. science

    2 velocities each 5m/so are inclined at 60 degree .find their resultant
  60. planetary science

    If I'm standing on the sun can I still see the phases of the moon
  61. Science

    If the competing equilibria are ignored, does that mean the value of their equilibrium constant cant be calculated?
  62. science

    Which of the following organs remove nitrogenous waste from the body?
  63. earth space science grade 11

    what is Microbiologist ? I have to name 4 things that tell me what it is
  64. science

    explain why ice is less dense as a solid than as a liquid
  65. science

    I need help on a acrostic poem for nervous system. Anyone please do tomorrow
  66. Environmental Science

    please give me the reference for Miller, 2005, pp. 87-90).
  67. Science(maths)

    How many H atoms are contained in 1.50g of glucose
  68. science

    looking for some adaptations the chinese golden pheasant might have made
  69. science

  70. science

    how does the process work to extract hydroelectric power
  71. science

    determine the mass of a ball with a velocity of 35.1 m/s and a wavelength of 8.92 x 10^-34
  72. science

    If te earth did not turn how would the pattern of tides be affected
  73. science

    what are found at leading and trailing continental edges.
  74. Science

    How much sugar can be dissolved in 250g of water is heated to 80°c?
  75. science

  76. science

    What is an adaptation that helps animals get water besides a trunk.
  77. Science

    can you please tell me what is the answer to the When the parrot is hungry it makes this noise? thanks
  78. Science

    Would there be as much variety to living things if meiosis did not occur?
  79. science

    which of the following different when comparing the deep ocean to the intertidal zone
  80. science

    how to make a problem about butterfly, using the scintific method
  81. sjps science

    The parasite called plasmodium causes a disease known as
  82. science

    what is the transition between the shelf and the deep seafloor called?
  83. science

    the energy role of the first organism in a food chain is always
  84. science

    what tools do we use to measure mass what units do we use when measuring
  85. science

    what other adaptations might contribute to the bat's success as a predator
  86. science

    what keeps the earth cool during the day and warm at night
  87. science

    what property of water makes it a liqiudand not a sold
  88. science

    where are the deepest parts of the pacific basin located?
  89. Science

    What is a compound that has water chemically attached to it's ions?
  90. science

    acrostic poem for "THE NERVOUS SYSTEM" please help been trying all day can get it
  91. sjps science

    The parasite called plasmodium causes a disease known as
  92. science

    How are trees adapted to survive in an alpine ecosystem?
  93. science

    what type of electromagnetic radiation does a flame emit?
  94. science

    why does mold grow faster in warmer temperature
  95. Science

    If C= -5j + 6j - 3k and D= 7i + 8j + 4k are vectors, find: The cross product and its respectively angle
  96. Science

    Which of the following shows three elements in order of increasing conductivity? Ge, O, Mn O, Ge, Mn Mn, O, Ge Mn, Ge, O
  97. science

    what contributed most to the fish population dying during the 1970's
  98. science

    i need to design a 3 demensional model for 3NaOH on a cardboard
  99. Science

    Kindly help me on simple project topic on chemistry
  100. science

    how do you do covelent bonds? (dealing with atoms/elements)