Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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  1. geology (science)

    Summarize the hydrologic cycle.
  2. Physical Science

    How many radians is -1.7 turns equivalent to?
  3. science

    Explain how amplitude and loudness are related?
  4. science

    what will happen if we apply oil to a leaf?
  5. Physical Science

    how many radians is -1.7 turns equivalent to?
  6. physical science

    when will the resultant of the two(5N ,7N)vectors be at maximum?
  7. Science

    Where, in Nevada, is wind energy produced? THANKS!
  8. science

    i can travel around the world yet never leave a corner. what am i?
  9. science

    What are the cell walls of fungi made of?

    what are some foods with seeds that animals eat??
  11. Science- Chemistry

    What does NaHco3 + HCl produce?
  12. Science

    What is process of turning sugar into acid?
  13. science

    what speeds up chemical reactions in a cell
  14. science

    whatis the deiffecnce between revoule and rotaian
  15. grade 9 science biology

    What happens to the available energy in an ecosystem?
  16. Science

    Could you tell me 6 diffrent types of Acids and Alkalines ?
  17. science

    Can an image in a diverging lens be placed onto a screen? Why or why not?
  18. Science

    why is it important to know whether a measurement is vector or scalar?
  19. science

    How do you make a labeled station model?
  20. Science

    why is it important to know whether a measurement is vector or scalar?
  21. science

    hi I wanna know the safety precautions of using of lead
  22. science

    what are 3 ways bacteria affect your life?
  23. science

    Which organ sterilizes ingested food
  24. Science

    State in words how acceleration is calculated.
  25. Science

    1) What three properties does a solid, liquid, gas have?
  26. science... PLEASE HELP!

    Why does an investigator in an experiment change only one variable?
  27. science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy
  28. Science

    What compounds are non-newtonian fluids except oobleck?
  29. science

    can you give me a website on electric field?
  30. Science

    Give 2 examples for sources of electricity?
  31. Science

    What is the major disadvantage of using fossil fuels?
  32. Science

    Where was Aristotle when he tested Spontaneous Generation?
  33. science

    Does anyone know what letter represents the nucleus of a cell?
  34. social studies

    how has religion slowed down science
  35. Science

    An object travles 10 m in 0.07s what is its speed?
  36. Science

    Explain the process of filtering blood
  37. Science

    Where will gravity pull you in the center of the earth?
  38. science

    why are green plants important to humans?
  39. science

    which one of earth's layers has the hottest temperature? why?
  40. science

    how the structure of a virus correlates with its function.
  41. science

    Explain how sound is transmitted through a medium?
  42. science

    why is it important to know your family medical history
  43. Science

    How do scientists contribute to quartz watches?
  44. physical science

    what are variables of the practical investigation.
  45. Science

    How is the structure of capillaries related to their functions?
  46. Science

    what will eventually became of the mediterranean sea in the future
  47. social science

    how is biology related to tourism?
  48. science

    How do I show HCN with the lewis dots
  49. science

    how do you keep your body from being crushed by air pressure?
  50. Science

    How is potential and kinetic energy measured?
  51. Science

    what is the controlled variable of a homemade stethoscope
  52. physical science

    displacement divided by time gives
  53. science

    describe the three ways in which an object can become charged?
  54. science

    which of these is always equal to the number of protons in an atom
  55. science

    which of the following is true about the magnetic field diagram below
  56. Science

    what might be some clues that would help us know whether or not the change is chemical? PLEASE help me i am confused.
  57. science

    ecosystem ihave a problem with breaking it down
  58. e science

    explain why are two stations not enough to locate an epicenter?
  59. Science

    Which of the following best explains why it is necessary for the body to eliminate waste?
  60. Science

    Benzoic acid sodium hydroxide
  61. science

    is this an example of potential energy with household item? t.v
  62. Life Science

    How are the three parts of a nucleotide attached to one another?
  63. Science

    I need help how i can make a Volcanoes Concept Map
  64. Science

    How does the body cool off on a molecular level?
  65. science

    titrat m/20 oxzlic acid(20 ml) of by KMnO4

    why is it needed to balance a chemical equation
  67. science

    Can you give me awebsite about phase change?
  68. Science

    What energy change occurs during condensation?
  69. science

    what is a location where humman activity causes erosion
  70. science

    can you tell me the relationship between water treatment and geckos
  71. science

    Describe how sound is caused by vibration?
  72. science

    does p-chlorophenol soluble in sodium bicarbonate?
  73. science

    what is meant by an animal or plant being in the same species
  74. science

    explain how sound is transmitted through a medium?
  75. Science

    What letter represents the nucleus of a cell?
  76. Science

    what determines the movement of global winds
  77. science

    Is glycerol a fat, carbohydrate or protein?
  78. science

    what is the outermost layer of earth's surface
  79. science

    is that electric current occupies space?
  80. Science

    What is the difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
  81. science

    can any of you tell me some good information about wind energy
  82. science

    Harmful substances could contaminate food
  83. science

    what is a geological process occurring over time
  84. science

    What are the two major functions of the appendicular skeleton?
  85. Science

    why is it unlikely that some of the tectonic plates will stop moving
  86. science

    can any of you tell me some good information about solar energy
  87. Science

    0.02mole of the HCL and in 2leter of the pH solution
  88. science

    what are the functions of liver, pancreas and stomach
  89. Science

    How do you figure the average speed of something? What is the formula is what I really need. :)
  90. Science

    Use the word ANGLE OF REFRACTION in a sentence?
  91. Physical science

    what is the concentration hcl react with zn
  92. Science

    Resources of managing solid waste.
  93. Science

    What are some easy facts and characteristics about a rotation?
  94. science

    What are at least three attributes that distinguish a mold from a fungus?
  95. science

    What is the difference between RNA and DNA that can be used to separate them from one another?
  96. science

    what is an area where an oceanic plate goes down into the mantle
  97. Science

    What tool is used to capture the energy in sunlight?
  98. Science

    Why are the planets visible enough even though they are not light sources?
  99. science

    i need help to unscamble: The Letters are N L I C E Z the hint for is wouldn't be here without it
  100. science

    need help with an essay about Isaac Newton and his 3 laws.