Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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  1. Science

    Why are the planets visible enough even though they are not light sources?
  2. Physical Science

    If element X has 81 protons, how many electrons does it have?
  3. science

    I wonder what atoms are and what molecules of two element/compounds are?
  4. Science

    MRSA has evolved through natural selection, how? Thanks.
  5. science

    How to determine the molarity of a 1.8% NaCl solution.
  6. Science

    What damage to the environment can the use of plant hormones cause? Thanks.
  7. science

    I need help doing examples for newton's 3 laws of motion....can you help me?
  8. science

    what does cell division and mitosis have in common?
  9. phyiscal science

    The process by which the sun gives us heat is
  10. science

    what is the density of acylic and what is the scientific abbreviation?
  11. science

    what is meant by vegetative propagation by stem?
  12. science

    how are displacement and buoyant force related
  13. Science

    Who discovered an antibiotic called 'pencillin' and when?
  14. Science

    What is Ganga action plan?when it was launched.
  15. science

    can you give me a website on electric field?
  16. Computer Science

    When is software described as open source
  17. Physical Science

    How does gravity help keep satellites in orbit?
  18. science

    what is a good haiku poem about sodium??
  19. science

    What can particles in solution NOT do because ther are so small
  20. Science

    What does a sharp shadow tell us about the way light travels?
  21. science

    How many grams of water is 6.023451 liters?
  22. Science

    1. What is the momentum of a 20.0kg scooter traveling at 5.00 m/s?
  23. Science

    Iron Particles are electroplated by chromium why?
  24. science

    friction always ________________ an object _______________= what
  25. Science

    Depletion of what has been halted by a ban on the manufacturing of what
  26. science

    What is archaebacteria and eubacteria's nutrition and reproduction?
  27. science

    list 1 advantage and disadvantage of having a landfill.
  28. science

    Differentiate between intermolecular and intramolecular forces
  29. Science

    I need help how i can make a Volcanoes Concept Map
  30. science

    breathing term that can make others mad
  31. science

    what are 3 ways bacteria affect your life?
  32. science

    concentration of[H+]ion in0.08M Ca(OH)2
  33. science

    which gas change the gens of the human
  34. Science

    An Organism's needs are met by what types of resources?
  35. science

    definition of light, transmission, and absorption
  36. Science

    1. Density is the relationship between ____. (1 point)
  37. Science

    If a tree lost all its leaves, is it dead?
  38. science

    why does electric loose energy when it is being transmitted
  39. 6th grade

    this is for science what is solubility dependent on
  40. Science/chemistry

    What does a positive test for an ion mean?
  41. Science

    Explain what Maria and craters are and how they formed.
  42. Science

    What is Newtons law? i tried to look it up but my computer kept freesing
  43. science

    what word can these letters make rorpsfgnloadeeas?
  44. science

    How do you make a labeled station model?
  45. science

    comets orbit the sun in a what pattern
  46. science

    What is the period of mathematical pendulum with a lenght of 39,2 m ?
  47. algebra

    What businesses or science uses negative exponents?
  48. science

    Why do you have to filter the Ca(OH)2 solution before loading it into the burette?
  49. Science

    How does a non metal behave chemically? Gimme an example
  50. science

    how are resources brought up from the earth's surface?
  51. science

    Could you see the North Star in the southern hemisphere
  52. science

    Is the speed of light decreasing? I've heard It is.
  53. science

    i want to know what a particle model is for magnesium oxide
  54. Science

    What are some ideas for experiments on a dripping faucet?
  55. science

    what is the differnts between asexual and sexual reproduction
  56. Science

    What is the function that makes hair stand up
  57. science

    Distillation and evaporation are methods to ______.
  58. science

    which planet other than earth may be livable by humans?
  59. science

    what is the big idea of energy transfer
  60. science

    Why is carbonated water found in drinks?
  61. Science

    What physical quantity will all observers always find the same value for?
  62. Science

    How does a switch operate to provide power?
  63. environmental science

    can you name one terrestrial resource issue?
  64. science

    I need to make a acrostic poem of prokaryote.
  65. science

    How a comet changes when when it comes close to the sun? It explodes***
  66. science

    Conversion of energy from one form to another usually releases what
  67. Science

    What are some of the problems when designing a new single cell
  68. science

    where does the energy source come from, is it easy to obtain, etc?
  69. physical science

    what is a change in velocity's rate
  70. science

    How do organs and tissues work together to help write your name?
  71. Science

    describe what happens, at the molecular level, during melting.
  72. science

    can anyone give me examples of energy intercoversions please
  73. Science

    why is it important to know whether a measurement is vector or scalar?
  74. Science

    why is it important to know whether a measurement is vector or scalar?
  75. Science

    How do you figure the average speed of something? What is the formula is what I really need. :)
  76. Science

    How do you determine protons, neutrons, electrons?
  77. science

    Can an image in a diverging lens be placed onto a screen? Why or why not?
  78. science

    What causes pollution and increases global warming?
  79. science

    what is the momentum of a 57 kg cheetah running north at 27 m/s?
  80. Science

    Can someone help me come up with a way the lithosphere and cryosphere interacts? I already have permafrost.

  82. science

    air pressure changes whats the effect of that
  83. school of social science

    what is quantitative research?
  84. Science

    Need help with powerpoint presentation describing urbanization
  85. science

    how far will 350 j raise a block weighing 7 N
  86. Science

    Is sugar a covalent or ionic compound?
  87. Science

    What compounds are non-newtonian fluids except oobleck?
  88. science

  89. Science

    1) What three properties does a solid, liquid, gas have?
  90. Science

    Which statement best describes the composition of magma?
  91. science

    what is the standard for measuring volumes of fluids
  92. science

  93. science

    how far did the chile miners enter into the earth
  94. Science-Biology

    How does the blood cell reproduce?
  95. science

    Do the humps on a camel store water.
  96. enviromental science

    What exactly are the differances of conservation and preservation?
  97. science

    a list of renewable energy resources
  98. Science

    A mouse that eats grass is called a ......
  99. Science

    Does anyone know why magnet have an affect on plant's growth?
  100. Science

    Name the flower part that elevates the anther.