Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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  1. Science

    What are legs when using them to push a heavy weight?
  2. science

    what is the boiling point of 3.77m sucrose
  3. science

    why ch3cn act as both electrophile and nucleophile?
  4. science

    how does the intertidal zone influence humans?
  5. science

    where are some intertidal zones located? plz help thanks!
  6. science

    how does clod currents affect climate?
  7. Science

    13.5g aluminium changes to Al^3+ in solution by loosing ..... electrons.
  8. science

    if the wings of bird are clipped will they able to fly
  9. science

    how do you draw C2H6 as chemical structure?
  10. science

    What is the ionic strength of 0.2M Na2HPO4 in a solution?
  11. Science

    What would be the likely function of a plant cell containing many chloroplasts?
  12. science

    what is the difference between erosion transport and deposition????????????????????
  13. science

    whats the formula for dicarbon tetrahydride
  14. Science

    What happens in a circuit if there is a lot of resistance? heat
  15. science

    how much heat will be carried by 4 gm aluminium at 40 C temperature?
  16. science

    What are some problems with the lost or lack of biodiversity?
  17. Science

    how to reduce the resistive force while freewheeling?
  18. science

    Resistivity dependent on length and area or not
  19. science

    Need help with a summary of sexual an asexual reproduction
  20. Science

    What are two examples of Mutualism, Commensalism and Parasitism?
  21. science

    how many atom molecules are there in a water molecule?
  22. science

    in what stage of meiosis is there single chromosomes
  23. science

    name of stars in caprcornius (seagoat)constellation
  24. science

    what is a geological process occurring over time
  25. science

    in what stage of meiosis is there single chromosomes
  26. science

    what happens to the light in a microscope that causes the image to appear inverted
  27. science

    how do you covert 0.779 kl to l to ml to hl using the decimal method
  28. Science

    How much force must be applied to accelaerate a 40 kg chair at 2.8m/s2?
  29. science

    What is in orange, but not in banana, cherry has it, but not in apple?
  30. Science

    Help me unscramble the words acnsrl spgei
  31. english/science

    What actually caused the Titanic to sink?
  32. Physical Science

    How many grams would occupy 12cm^3?
  33. Physical Science

    What volume would 90g occupy?
  34. Life Science

    What land animal is not a species?
  35. Science

    What is the difference of Kinetic and Potential Energy???
  36. Science

    Does Earth rotate or orbit each day?
  37. science

    The measure of how much material makes up an object is the?
  38. Science Help

    which element belongs to this group, although it has only two electrons?
  39. science

    if the paramecium overheats, what could happen to the metabolism
  40. science

    how much energy and joules are in bag of crisps?
  41. science

    1. give a detail note on nucleus.
  42. Life Science

    How are the three parts of a nucleotide attached to one another?
  43. science(sound#4)

    What instrument has a low pitch?
  44. science

    How do water and air cause rocks to crumble?
  45. science

    How are weathering and soil formation related?
  46. science

    What is the difference between apparent and absolute magnitude
  47. science

    What is the difference between apparent and absolute magnitude
  48. science

    I need help with an acrostic poems or name fororn for lab sa
  49. Science

    Explain the process of filtering blood
  50. science

    Darren says that he weighs 50 kg. Can you measure weight in kg?
  51. science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy
  52. Science - Urgent.

    What is a electrostatic lifting apparatus? Please help..
  53. Science

    What elements have the highest ionization energy and why?
  54. Science

    Describe how evolution and extinction are related.
  55. science

    titrat m/20 oxzlic acid(20 ml) of by KMnO4
  56. Science

    How are the types of ER related to the cell type?
  57. Science

    How does the cisternal space divide the cell?
  58. science

    what is true about red blood cells
  59. Science

    Are there more hours of daylight in the summer than in the winter
  60. science

    what happens when two objects of unequal masses collide?
  61. science

    when kcn reacts with nh4cl to give
  62. science

    what is an electrostatic precipitator? In simple words please..
  63. science

    Name the elements present in Sulphuric acid?
  64. Science

    what determines the movement of global winds
  65. science

    Is glycerol a fat, carbohydrate or protein?
  66. Science

    Use the word ANGLE OF REFRACTION in a sentence?
  67. Science

    are animal species just any kind of animals.
  68. science

    how physical/mechanical and chemical weathering different?
  69. Science Help. Thank You! (:

    how does petroleum affect the environment? please no links thank you! (:
  70. Science Help. Thank You! (:

    What are the three of the most widely used energy sources in California?
  71. Science

    What is the most popular non-renewable energy source?
  72. science

    What are some scientific terms for metal rust
  73. Science

    When you change the dna code to mRNA, will A become U or T?
  74. Science

    Explain how a thermocouple works. What are thermocouples used for?
  75. Science

    What is the difference between convex and concave lenses??
  76. science

    how is a parameter related to designing an experiment?
  77. physical science

    What is the amplitude of a longitudinal wave
  78. Maths literacy and life science

    Can i become an pathologist
  79. science

    satlelite that monitor the ozoone hole
  80. science

    Is it true that Synapse and Ranvier nod are same?
  81. science

    What does composition mean when you're talking about biotic and abiotic
  82. Science

    A 45 N force is applied to a 9.6 kg object, what is it's acceleration?
  83. Science

    which of the following is not scalar quantity. 0.20m 5.0m/s 10.0m/s[E] 110km/h
  84. Science

    What are the four flight forces? Give a brief description of each.
  85. Science

    how many of earth's atmospheres is on you at sea level?
  86. science

    Why are pteriodphytes called most developed cryptogams
  87. science i think

    What is the density of helium? Where can I find that info?
  88. Science

    Name two functions of a nucleus. [I think one of them is that it contains the cell's DNA.]
  89. science

    what is the main difference between lava and magma?
  90. science

    1 what is mean by hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic solution.
  91. science 8

    Waht is the reason for the seasons experiment?
  92. science

    I have an essay about landforms on Friday what are some ideas?
  93. HEALTH

    Phonology refers to the science which treats
  94. Science

    Can an egg or sperm be formed through mitosis?
  95. Science

  96. science

    when temperature is off, we call it end point - what is it?
  97. science

    does water ionize to hydrogen and hydroxide
  98. science

    wat is the structural organisation of cell.
  99. Science

    in what way are burning and the formation of rust alike?
  100. science

    type of element of elements of neon