Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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  1. Science

  2. natural science

    What is reproduction? What is pollination? What is fertilazation?
  3. science

    how does the atmosphere affect electromagnetic radiation?
  4. science

    What are four things that organisms compete for, to meet their needs?
  5. Science

    Can an egg or sperm be formed through mitosis?
  6. Science

    How do you convert quarts into liters? i'm so confused.
  7. science

    what tool would be useful to help find an averageof your data?
  8. chemistry, science

    how many moles of he atoms are there in 0.02g of he?
  9. Science

    How do the spaces between particles affect viscosity?
  10. science

    how is gravity related to falling objects
  11. science

    how many light years is 94.6 trillion killometers
  12. Science

    What is Ganga action plan?when it was launched.
  13. science

    DNA is copied during a process called.?
  14. Environmental Science

    What are renewable energy sources?
  15. science

    how to convert grams andmeters and stuff like that?
  16. Science

    Who discovered an antibiotic called 'pencillin' and when?
  17. science

    how do geologists determine the texture of a rock
  18. Science

    What animal is on top of the food chain
  19. science i think

    What is the density of helium? Where can I find that info?
  20. Science

    If you divide force (kg* m/s2) by acceleration (m/s2), what units do you get? kg*m2/s4 kg 1/kg m/s
  21. Physical Science

    If element X has 81 protons, how many electrons does it have?
  22. science

    would a plant be considered a cell and an organism?
  23. Science

    What is the temperature and moisture of the tropical rainforest? thanks
  24. science

    How are photophosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation similar? How are they different?
  25. Science

    MRSA has evolved through natural selection, how? Thanks.
  26. Physical Science

    How is the air similar to a sponge?
  27. science

    What is in orange, but not in banana, cherry has it, but not in apple?
  28. Science

    What damage to the environment can the use of plant hormones cause? Thanks.
  29. science

    when temperature is off, we call it end point - what is it?
  30. science

    what are the pros and cons of thermal expansion?
  31. science

    what is the humidity level of the dew point?
  32. science

    Why do some flowers close their petals at night?
  33. Science

    what is the chemical formila of internal respiration?
  34. science

    What is the name of the individual bones that make up your backbone?
  35. science

    what happens to air temperature as altitude increases?

    How are photophosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation similar? How are they different?
  37. science

    What can people do to reduce global warming?
  38. science

    what is a ernmeyer flask and a granulated cylander used for?
  39. earth science

    what are the variables on rocks and minerals
  40. Science

    please help with this conversion: 17cm(cubed)=____ml
  41. science

    How do the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere interact with each other?
  42. Physics

    I want a best project for science fair plz tell me
  43. science

    microscope lens used to locate the specimen
  44. science

    an earhquake would be on earth as ______ would be on venus?
  45. science

    can you giveme some examples of acids and alkali please?
  46. science

    According to the HIPAA Security Rule, organizations must:
  47. science

    how did minnesota lakes fill up water?
  48. science

    how to make a 3D sulfur atom model
  49. science

    Calculate the concentration M if you have a 0.03mol of NaOH in 22 mL
  50. science

    wat is the structural organisation of cell.
  51. science

    1 what is mean by hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic solution.
  52. Science Help

    which element belongs to this group, although it has only two electrons?

    How are photophosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation similar? How are they different?
  54. science

    why do we use symbols to draw circuit diagrams?
  55. science

    what is the product or reaction between H3O + AgNO3?
  56. Science

    Which of the following circuits will allow electric current to flow?
  57. science

    Is holding a book while walking work? Why or why not ok
  58. science

    is holding a book while walking work? why or why not
  59. physical science

    define earth station
  60. science

    which cause more severe illnesses? bacteria or viruses?
  61. Science

    What are 10 disadvantages and advantages of shifting cultivation?
  62. Science

    the description of the structure of the atom is called the....
  63. science

    Which ore could produce a metal you would like to wear? Why?
  64. Science

    Why do earthquakes appear near the San Andreas Fault?
  65. science

    Does the moon reflect or absorb sunlight?
  66. Science

    Could you give me a short definition of ecosystem? Thank you
  67. science

    What edible items could be used to make a marsh?
  68. Science

    Why is hydrogen, H, most often considered a nonmetallic element?
  69. science

    what are mass, matter, and volume and how are they related?
  70. science 275

    why conserving energy is important?
  71. science

    Explain which is more ionic NaF or LiF
  72. science

    what helps preserve organisms as fossils?
  73. Science

    What is the formula of calculating linear expansion
  74. science

    explain why certain bugs can walk on water
  75. science

    is the Paricutin volcano in mexico still active??
  76. science

    is the Paricutin volcano in mexico still active?? please help me!!
  77. Science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy?
  78. Science

    In any good experimen, the scientist needs to the hypothesis
  79. science

    what is the standard for measuring volumes of fluids
  80. science

    why will it look blurry when you blow air into the limewater
  81. science

    the unit of zero order rate constant is what?
  82. Science

    Which direction do meridians run and what do they measure?
  83. science

    The number of letters that could represent an element is?
  84. Science

    Please help with comparing and contrasting "osmoisis and diffusion" also please help with an example of each. Thank you!!!
  85. science(biology)

    Difference between tendon and ligament
  86. Social science,please help!

    How many countries are in the europe continent?
  87. science

    what is the reason for building ponds the internet not saying
  88. science

    is there any alloy which is equally dense with gold?
  89. Science

    What is the best definition for The law of universal gravitation ?
  90. science

    what is thermal waste disposal treatment
  91. Science

    What is the mass of an automobile that weighs 9800 N
  92. Science

    Hi What Alkalis In The House ??? Ect. Gavasoon
  93. science

    all cells have smaller parts to keep the cell
  94. Science Help!

    How many valence electrons does magnesium (Mg) have? A. 12 B. six C. three D. two Is the answer D?
  95. science

    what are the future effects/impacts of landfills?
  96. social science

    State a possible hypothesis for this investigation.
  97. Science

    What does a topographic PROFILE (NOT MAP) tell you about an area?
  98. science

    what happens to the G-force as the speed of the centrifuge increases?
  99. science

    what is the momentum of a 57 kg cheetah running north at 27 m/s?
  100. science

    please give me a part of the blood or function