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  1. science

    what is the main cause of global wind patterns?
  2. science

    i need help on this question i need to explain the four characteristics of a mineral
  3. science

    need some help with this question i need to know the two environments in which minerals form
  4. science

    what makes us cry while chopping the onion?
  5. Science

    Explain how a thermocouple works. What are thermocouples used for?
  6. Science

    What type of stone is made out of crystals.
  7. Natural science

    short myths associated with Eclipse
  8. science

    Which properties are most useful to identify a mineral? Explain
  9. science

    What is the density of 57g and a volume of 6mL
  10. 12th science

    How will you prepare potassium per magnate.
  11. science

    what are the subunits that make up nucleic acids?
  12. science

    How is ethyl alcohol convert into chloroform?
  13. Science

    Why is the weight of an object less on the moon than on Earth?
  14. science

    how many stars are there about in the sky? a. about 50 million b. about 90 trillion
  15. science

    What chemical breaks down fugi and bacteria?
  16. science

    when you look you cannot see me if you see me you cannot see anything else i can make you walk when you can't sometimes i tell the truth and sometimes i lie
  17. Science

    What are they asking in this question? Which is an alternative source of energy?
  18. Science

    Can you please explain about the black hole thermodynamics?
  19. science

    what is an answer reached at the end of an experiment ?
  20. science

    what causes a chemical bond to form between atoms ?
  21. Science

    What are the four flight forces? Give a brief description of each.
  22. Science

    What causes a chemical bond to form between atoms ?
  23. Science

    How do scientists separate animals so they could study them?
  24. Science

    Do all the stars in the sky move? Explain
  25. science

    factors affecting child development
  26. earth science

    what instument is used to find mass
  27. earth science

    metric unit for length
  28. Science

    Use the word ANGLE OF REFRACTION in a sentence?
  29. social science

    four elements of the consumer bill of right?
  30. science

    Earthquake energy travels through rock as?
  31. science

    Where can I find an article about the flu virus?
  32. Science

    The force of a 0.001 kg penny falling at 70 m/s2
  33. Science

    describe what happens, at the molecular level, during melting.
  34. science

    What is energy flow? Why is it important? (Use the cow as your example)
  35. science

    what are the steps of the scientific method in order?
  36. science

    nonvascular plants water passes from what
  37. Science

    Are eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells more advanced?
  38. Science

    Resources of managing solid waste.
  39. Science

    The force of a 4 kg bowling ball to accelerate to 6 m/s2
  40. science

    Is glycerol a fat, carbohydrate or protein?
  41. environmental science

    What is a terrestrial mitigration plan?
  42. science

    what happens to air temperature as altitude increases?
  43. Science

    What animal is on top of the food chain
  44. science

    what are the pros and cons of controlled experimentation
  45. Science

    how many of earth's atmospheres is on you at sea level?
  46. science

    what is the word for the straight light travels in?
  47. Science

    How do scientists separate aniamals into classes?
  48. science

    Define primary and secondary succession
  49. science

    what the area of an open end of a pipe?
  50. science

    how do i do a spider diagram of globle warming
  51. science

    what are the ingredients of a chemical reaction called?
  52. science

    which main earth system is the water apart of
  53. Science

    Please help with the formula for efficiency in realtion to horsepower?
  54. science

    What can people do to reduce global warming?
  55. Science

    Hello Steve. I have another question... why is Meiosis important?
  56. science

    what is the humidity level of the dew point?
  57. Comment

    Excuse me, but I really need help on the science question if you could help me that would be nice!
  58. science

    Given that P(x)=x(x^2-13) +12,express P(x)as a product of linear factors.
  59. science

    an earhquake would be on earth as ______ would be on venus?
  60. science

    what happens when you mix sugar with a cold drink
  61. Science

    What is the function that makes hair stand up
  62. Science

    what type of plants that leave several years?
  63. Science

    How do you explain how air resistance works?
  64. science

    water freze and the boulder expands what is this
  65. science

    how do iron bits attract magent
  66. science

    what would happen if cytokinesis occured without mitosis???
  67. science

    I am not really sure about the cell thing, I am just not really getting the full concpet.
  68. science

    how do geologists determine the texture of a rock
  69. science

    What is a specific characteristic used to classify organisms?
  70. Science

    why cant you see cytoplasm in any light microscope power?
  71. Science

    How does the ozone effect the wind patterns
  72. Science (Grade 8)

    How do you measure volume and mass?
  73. science

    what is an element found in nature? second letter is an a and the last is an l
  74. science

    satlelite that monitor the ozoone hole
  75. science

    What is the difference in Thermal Energy and Heat.
  76. science

    the absorption of heat by any substance is dependant upon
  77. science

    solve for the amount of force exerted on an 8-kg b
  78. science

    who is the man that first developed the microscope in the 1600's??
  79. science

    What type of rock is made by a volcano
  80. Science

    What is the difference between convex and concave lenses??
  81. Science

    which of the following is not scalar quantity. 0.20m 5.0m/s 10.0m/s[E] 110km/h
  82. science 4th grade

    why do scientist predict?
  83. Science

    What is the difference between direct and indirect sunlight?
  84. Science

    when heat and change of temperature happens this occurs what?
  85. science

    Distillation and evaporation are methods to ______.
  86. science

    how long is earths orbit and its roatation?
  87. science

    What are the odds that this world we live in evolved?
  88. social studies/science

    who is Garter Brayton and what did he do.
  89. science

    how are the elements on the periodic table organized?
  90. science

    can a force of IN acting over an area of 1m^2 called
  91. science

    Is it true that Synapse and Ranvier nod are same?
  92. science

    unicellular organisms are not simple explain why
  93. science

    Does asexual reproduction use meiosis or mitosis?why?
  94. earth science

    how do you draw a landscape region?
  95. Science

    What are some ideas for experiments on a dripping faucet?
  96. science

    Darren says that he weighs 50 kg. Can you measure weight in kg?
  97. Science

    What is the main functions of bones of the body?
  98. science

    what is meant by vegetative propagation by stem?
  99. Science

    Is there a website where I can find more about the climate in my area?
  100. science

    Calculate the concentration M if you have a 0.03mol of NaOH in 22 mL