Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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  1. science

    how do you prevent an egg from breaking from a height of 10-15 ft.?
  2. science

    what are environmental benefits and challenges of urbanization?
  3. science

    animals that share common charistics
  4. geology (science)

    Summarize the hydrologic cycle.
  5. science

    I would like to know migration helps butterflies survive?
  6. science

    why ch3coona + h2o release heat?
  7. science

    lighting is actually an enormous display of the concept of?
  8. science

    What is happens to rocks after their elastic limit is passed?
  9. science

  10. Science

    What would the nucleus and the nucleolus on a farm be? and please explain why. thanks
  11. Science

    What would the nucleus and the nucleolus on a farm be? and please explain why. thanks
  12. Science

    What do safty symbols look like? What do they mean? provide at least three examples.
  13. Science

    Can someone please explain how to do dot and cross diagrams. Thanks
  14. Science

    What is the major disadvantage of using fossil fuels?
  15. science

    what are the steps in the formation of an antibody?describe them
  16. Science

    Draw picture graph of the above question?
  17. Science

    What are some of the problems when designing a new single cell
  18. science

    balance FeS2 + O2 < Fe2O3 + So2
  19. science

    Explain how sound is transmitted through a medium?
  20. science

    what is your opinion on the Koyoto Protocol? do you believe we should participate or not
  21. Science

    Bb is an example of an organism's ______. "Bb" is from Punnett square
  22. science

    i need a acrostic poem for the word eukaryotic
  23. Science

    Hoy can i name the entire physical universe?
  24. science

    the name given to the type of DNA found in telomeres
  25. science

    What are the physical features of niagra falls.
  26. science

    how does the atmosphere affect electromagnetic radiation?
  27. Science

    What is a gel, and what is a sol (as in aerosol, hydrosol,etc.)?
  28. Science

    Could mechanical energy be when you throw something? Pleaseeee help me.
  29. Science

    What is the best way to memorize the parts of a animal cell?
  30. Science

    What is the source of energy in fossil fuels?
  31. science

    what tool would be useful to help find an averageof your data?
  32. science

    how physical/mechanical and chemical weathering different?
  33. science

    What factors do you think make an element valuable?
  34. science

    Describe how sound is caused by vibration?
  35. science

    Explain how amplitude and loudness are related?
  36. science

    How are elements represented on a periodic chart?
  37. science

    Name two jobs or functions of the roots of a flower?
  38. science

    How do I show HCN with the lewis dots
  39. science

    how are glucose molecules moved into a cell?
  40. science

    can parasites be animal like protists and fungi?
  41. science

    what is the normal phase for the element neon
  42. science

    what speeds up chemical reactions in a cell
  43. Science

    How does a non metal behave chemically? Gimme an example
  44. physcial science

    what is the three branches and three systems of geology.
  45. Science

    can someone explain how time zones are determined? please help and thank you
  46. science 8th

    give an example of a chemical formula.
  47. Science

    What is the used to demonstrate that the DNA molecule is a helix?
  48. Science

    are animal species just any kind of animals.
  49. science

    explain how sound is transmitted through a medium?
  50. science

    if i have a Km of 9.78 x 10^-3, is that a relatively high Km, and therefore a low affinity for an enzyme?
  51. science (physics)

    What is the mass in kg of a 3920 N piano?
  52. science

    What factors do you think make an element valuable?
  53. Life Science

    How are the three parts of a nucleotide attached to one another?
  54. Science

    In any good experimen, the scientist needs to the hypothesis
  55. science

    which belt is located between mars and venus?
  56. science

    clouds that look like fluffy cotton balls are known as?
  57. Earth Science

    What is the primary cause of surface currents?
  58. Science

    What is equation between ethanethiol and methoxide ion?
  59. Science

    what types of wave are gererated by earthquakes?
  60. Science

    What is the most popular non-renewable energy source?
  61. science

    what is the effect if not property handeld in soap.
  62. Science

    What's a benefit and risk of nuclear energy?
  63. science

    what word can these letters make rorpsfgnloadeeas?
  64. Science

    What in soda generates electricity? What about in water?
  65. science

    how does the sulfur and iron reaction work?
  66. Science

    please help with this conversion: 17cm(cubed)=____ml
  67. science

    what are the forces on two charges of +0.60 C and +2.0 C, respectively, if they are separated by a distance of 3.0 m?
  68. science

    What are some scientific terms for metal rust
  69. science

    erthquake would be on earth as _______ would be on venus?
  70. science HELP

    name two elemetns that have natural occuring radioistopes?
  71. Social Science

    can you please unscramble this name of the animal .. conshorier ????
  72. science

    DNA is copied during a process called.?
  73. English

    I have to write a Haiku related to science, not sure what I need to do. Please help.
  74. Physical science

    A solution that contains a small amount
  75. science

    titrat m/20 oxzlic acid(20 ml) of by KMnO4
  76. science

    223 RA arrow + 4 88 a 2 complete the following reaction
  77. science

    223 RA arrow + 4 88 a 2 complete the following reaction
  78. science

    what are some of the harmful and negetive effects of the pencils?
  79. science

    What is the period of mathematical pendulum with a lenght of 39,2 m ?
  80. Science

    You may have heard "Nothing is Free" explain why this is true

    How does pencil benifit mankind and the enviroment?
  82. science

    What can engineers do to help buildings survive in an earthquake?
  83. science

    why are crash test dummies so important
  84. science

    what occurs in a nuclear bombartment reaction
  85. science

    the unit of zero order rate constant is what?
  86. science

    why do you thik modern cars use int
  87. Science

    Why does the water of lakes and oceans look alike?
  88. 8th grade science

    How did the broad river get its name?
  89. physical science

    the need for gaps in railway lines
  90. Science

    What can oil be turned into by the refining process?
  91. Science 8R - help

    What's the difference between kinetic and potential energy?
  92. chemistry, science

    how many moles of he atoms are there in 0.02g of he?
  93. science/math

    what is 70cm and 40cm in inches?
  94. Science

    Suggest some uses for a plastic that disolves in water
  95. Science!

    How is the structure of an alpha-helix maintained?
  96. Science

    How do the spaces between particles affect viscosity?
  97. science

    You have a different rock with a volume of 30m3 and a mass of 60 g
  98. social science

    what is deepest lake in the world?
  99. science

    What is the funtion of ionizing and nonionizing radiation?
  100. science

    the speed of a 5000-kg truck whose KE is 360 kJ is how many m/s?