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  1. physics

    A 910 kg sports car slows down to 6.0 m/s to read a cross street sign. The 1440 kg pick-up truck following the sports car fails to see that the sports car has slowed and continues traveling at 17.0 m/s. The pick-up slams into the sports car. With what
  2. Science

    What two sources of friction do you have to overcome when you are walking?
  3. science

    nonvascular plants water passes from what
  4. science

    is there a such thing as a three part lquied supion
  5. science

    what is the most abundant type of sediment in the ocean?
  6. science

    Which soil is bad for wind erosion?
  7. Science

    what is a flat area where drainage is slow?
  8. science

    i need help on " define upwelling and explain its importance"
  9. science

    what type of sediements are of organic origin?
  10. science

    Distillation and evaporation are methods to ______.
  11. science

    the team____ won the game is my favorite a. which b. whom c.who d. that
  12. science

    what are three challanges with managing non renewable resources
  13. science

    ms.sue is qualitative data the same thing
  14. Science

    What is the function that makes hair stand up
  15. science

    Can chemical properties be used to separate substances?
  16. Science

    How is constructivism different from the scientific approach to research
  17. Science

    What animal is on top of the food chain
  18. Science

    Are eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells more advanced?
  19. science

    what is the process of transforming garbage into waste
  20. Science

    what tells you whether a solution is basic or acidic?
  21. Science

    what is the atomic symbol for the element chronium
  22. science

    What can people do to reduce global warming?
  23. science

    photosynthesis and aerobic cellular respiration

    if there are two forms of each of the seven traits, how many possible combinations are there?
  25. science

    how does the human reprodutive system work?
  26. physical science

    is a property of metals luster
  27. science

    is the use of cadavers a positive thing for society
  28. Science

    How do river deltas change over time
  29. science

    how does subduction change the ocean floor
  30. science

    What is the effect of temperature on viscosity of liquid s and why
  31. Science

    describe what happens, at the molecular level, during melting.
  32. Science

    If Cytokinesis occured without mitosis what would happen? thank you, M
  33. science

    how does a glacier turn into a lake? does it just melt?
  34. science

    what soil is bad for wind ersion?
  35. science

    Are Iron and Gold metals or nonmetals?
  36. science

    what is the particle size of solutions and suspension?
  37. science

    define spreading in geological terms
  38. science

    Does West Virginia have plains, where,and what are the sizes?
  39. advance intergraded science

    picture of c6h12o6
  40. Science

    What it the answer to this Two nonmetal from group 16 are likely to form what
  41. science

    what is the humidity level of the dew point?
  42. science

    create a hypothesis for each of the following testable question
  43. Science

    How do i find the valence electron for Chlorine.
  44. SCIENCE :(

    What is a Unique physical feature of a Canyon???? Thanks!!! :)
  45. science

    What is the scientific Implication of a Canyon!!!! Thanks to those who answer!!!!! :)
  46. science

    What is the molecular formula of Ethanoic acid?
  47. science

    what happens to air temperature as altitude increases?
  48. Science

    How does a non metal behave chemically? Gimme an example
  49. Science

    Do all the stars in the sky move? Explain
  50. science

    what is the function of pore in a cell membrane
  51. physical science

    the need for gaps in railway lines
  52. science

    how does mass and aceleration affect force???

    how many electrons can be contained in all orbitals with n=4??????
  54. Science

    Why is the weight of an object less on the moon than on Earth?
  55. science

    concentration of[H+]ion in0.08M Ca(OH)2
  56. science

    What chemical breaks down fugi and bacteria?
  57. science acids and bases

    what can you tell about the equations 2 P2O5?
  58. math/science

    what is dimensional analysis and how does it work?
  59. science

    which gas change the gens of the human
  60. To: drwls

    Can you please have a moment to look at my other science post which you helped me on, thanks

    can topsoil resist for wind erosion
  62. science

    what is meant by vegetative propagation by stem?

  64. Science

    What is bacteria causing peptic ulcer
  65. science

    What is density? I know that I can look it up in a dictionary and I have...but I still don't really get it. Thanks, 1234
  66. Science

    What damage to the environment can the use of plant hormones cause? Thanks.
  67. 12th science

    How will you prepare potassium per magnate.
  68. Science

    What would be the likely function of a plant cell containing many chloroplasts?
  69. science

    What type of environments do leopards need to live in?
  70. science

    how making inferences help the scientist in their discoveries?
  71. science

    if i have a Km of 9.78 x 10^-3, is that a relatively high Km, and therefore a low affinity for an enzyme?
  72. science

    how can understanding matter help in the real world?
  73. science

    How do organs relate to cells and tissues?
  74. Science

    What is th weight on earth of a girl with a mass of 30 kg?
  75. science

    what are the future effects/impacts of landfills?
  76. science

    compare plant and animal cells.
  77. science

    is topsoil bad for wind erosion
  78. Science

    Describe how a star generates light
  79. science

    list and explain the 3 types of bonds..please help me...:(
  80. Science

    How do the spaces between particles affect viscosity?
  81. science

    What 2 things do plants need to grow and thrive?
  82. science

    what is the structure formula for the acrylate ion?
  83. Science

    Please for a labeled diagram of aweather thermometer.
  84. Science

    What are the important steps in empirical research?
  85. Science

    WHat are advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?
  86. SCI 275

    What are some goals of environmental science?
  87. Science

    what are some tools used to collect data in space?
  88. science

    Can chemical properties be used to separate substances?
  89. science

    a man is running. What is its kinetic energy?
  90. Science

    what happens to water particles as you increase the temperature?
  91. science

    find the 92gms of sodium in volume in lt.
  92. Biology (Science)

    What is the biological definition of life?
  93. Science 2

    How does TCDD act as an endocrine disruptor?
  94. science

    Given that P(x)=x(x^2-13) +12,express P(x)as a product of linear factors.
  95. speedway

    What are 25 action words that relate to science?
  96. Science

    Explain how you would prepare 250cm^3 of 0.2 m NaOH.
  97. science

    what is the walker circulation of normal & El Nino? help me please
  98. Science

    Why is it important for the substances to start at the same temperature??
  99. chemistry, science

    how many moles of he atoms are there in 0.02g of he?
  100. Science

    What are some ideas for experiments on a dripping faucet?