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  1. rfvv

    1. You can read whatever magazine you like. 2. You are able to read whatever magazine you like. 3. You may read whatever magazine you like. 4. You are allowed to read whatever magazine you like. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)
  2. science

    Our teacher wore a t-shirt with red lettering that read "if what you're reading is blue you're running to fast" and asked us to find out what it means. Any body have a clue, I was wondering about doppler.
  3. Chem

    I stuck on this problem. Can you help me to solve it? A reaction mixture in a 3.67L flask at a certain temp. initially contains 0.763g H2 and 96.9g I2. At equilibrium, the flask contains 90.4g HI. Calculate the equilibrium constant(Kc) for the reaction at
  4. physics-HS

    Just as a car tops a 49 meter high hill with a speed of 77 km/h it runs out of gas and coasts from there, without friction or drag. How high, to the nearest meter, will the car coast up the next hill? plzzz help!
  5. Writing/Essay

    I Need To Write a 1 1/2 page on a personal narrative about an incident in your life.Though it does not have to be entirely true, select a familiar topic that you are comfortable with. I need help on deciding what topic I want to write about, and also help
  6. English - Beowulf

    Who is Scyld? Where is he from and where does he go? What does he do? My problem is the version of Beowulf I read did not begin with a character named Scyld. There was actually no character by this name. At the beginning of the story I read there was a
  7. science

    a sentence using exocytosis and endocytosis Read the following site and then you can easily formulate such sentences: thanks
  8. English

    Has anyone read "on the pulse of the morning"? If somebody has, please tell me the poet's visition of america and american dream. Please read over the poem as if you weren't reading a poem -- that is, don't stop and pause at the end of every line. Read it
  9. Foundations of Law

    I am a little lost on this. I read my book that my professor told me to read, however, I still do not see the answer to this question Biological theories of crime causation assume that the basic determinants of behavior are based upon two things; what are
  10. help please:)

    After completing your study reading, it is vital that you complete which of the following steps? A. answer question B.Go back and read all subheadings again C. complie neat and detailed notes. D. Review and rehearse the main points you just read. i got D
  11. to ms.sue-writing prpject

    plzzz check: for my birthday, i asked for an MP3 player, but instead, my parents got me a telescope. the telescope was old and rusty, so I put it aside. when i finished dinner, I took the telescope with me to my room. i dusted and cleaned the telescope so
  12. english

    i read the story the painted door today anyone by chance read this story? it very long so i not want anyone waste their time reading it.
  13. math

    jose can read 7 pages of his book on 5 minutes. at this rate, how long will it take him to read the entire 175-page book
  14. math

    Michael takes three minutes to read 2 pages in his book. At this rate, how long will it take him to read a 268 page book.
  15. the novel "Ordinary People" by Judith Guest

    Has anybody read this book? I have a few questions to ask, I've read the book but forgotten a few things reply ASAP!
  16. please read over my law

    i'm supposed to write a law for abortion for my government class. And can you please read this over and give me any advice on how to make it more formal.
  17. To: TP (Romeo and Juliet)

    I just saw your last post -- English - Connected Texts - TP, Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 4:17am Is Romeo and Juliet a book that has a lot of complex themes or messages? I haven't read it personally, but I just want to make sure I'm not in-over-my-head
  18. Math

    I have a question I am having a hard time with..... 2 more than 6 times a number divided 3 Would this be read as (6p / 3) + 2 or 6 (p/3) + 2 thank you for your help!!! Both are correct. In the second one, 6 is equal to 6/1, so when you multiply it by p/3,
  19. Math

    Mary can read 20 pages in 30 minutes. How long would it take her to read 160 page book? Write your answer in hours and minutes .
  20. Social Studies 8R - help! (please read)

    How many employees in the Carnegie Steel Company have? How much money was it worth? How much money it made in a year? I read wikipedia.... not there... please help!
  21. 9th Grade Math

    You have to read 15 pages of a novel for homework. The number of pages p(x), that you have left to read after reading for x minutes is given by p(x) = -x + 15. What is p(7) a.) 7 b.) 8 c.) 15 d.) 22 I think the answer may be 8, would this be correct?
  22. ELA reading

    Do you know any wbsites where i can read the whole book Magic tree house Dragon of the Red Dawn? Please I need to read that book very badly. :(
  23. basic college reading

    main idea of mythMyth 2: You have to read every word. Some experts suggest that you don’t need to read every word of a passage. This is particularly true once you break your reading task into steps with distinct purposes. For example, the first step in
  24. mathmatics

    sachin read 3/5 of a books. he finds that there are still 80 pages left to be read, totoal number of pages in book are
  25. 4th grade Math

    Math has a 150 page book. he has read 1/3 of it. How many pages has he read so far? Is 50 the correct answer?
  26. Math

    Stephen read 90 pages in 6 days. If he continues reading at that rate, how long will it take him to read 300 pages?
  27. science

    what does it mean to survey a text ? a) read the text and take detailed notes b) look for the main idea c) find the answers to your questions d) answer question out loud
  28. science

    what can i do to find out about rosalind franklin? You could Google her name, preferably with parentheses around it, and read some of the articles that will be found by that search engine. At the top of the list will be

    How Do you vaule reading in you life? I suppose to get someone else opinion. What is the view on whether writing skills are influenced by reading habits? I love to read. Of course, I get to pick and choose what I read, and mostly I read the news, blogs,
  30. english

    I'm doing a project that I must compare a book I've read to 1 or 2 songs. I've read the Alex Cross series by James Patterson(Cat&Mouse) and thought that Tupac would be a good comparison but I'm having trouble with what song(s) would work.
  31. math

    it took you 30 minutes to read 5 pages of a book if you continued reading at the same rate how long will it take you to read 22 pages
  32. math

    Emily has a book with 200 pages , she read 150 pages , what's the percentage of books she read?
  33. English

    I think I should write "read" since it is an email I received. I'm pleased to read (in an email) that your school is going to act as a coordinator.
  34. Math

    Jemma read 16 pages of her book in 40 minutes. If she continues at that pace, how log will it take her to read the next 24 pages?
  35. 10th grade math

    Number of pages of a 5 page articile left to read if you read p pages.
  36. algebra

    haley read less than twice as many books as her brother did last summer. Haley read five books. Which equation could you use to find how many books her brother read(b)?
  37. Summer Reading

    I didn't read my books because I didn't have English until after Christmas. I can't find my list, but I know all the ones I'm supposed to read except for one. I know this book is called "Fish." Do you have any idea who it might be by?
  38. math 140

    how do i determine if the amount of credit card debt of familiesin the US is left-skewed, right-skewed, or symmetric? I have read and re-read my book and still can not figure it out. thanks
  39. lit

    nick has discovered that he learns best when he read a broad overview before he he looks at different points of view what type of passage should he read first? Narrative or expository should the answer be expository?
  40. Science

    how can i understand the newtons laws of motion? break it down it sesions and read it then se if you understand it umm yah i need help on finding out wut is the accessory organ!!! plz help!
  41. English

    Identify the choice that best describes the word "sometimes" I sometimes read the science section of the Sunday Newspaper. article adjective proper adjective adverb*** *** - My Answer
  42. Marine Science

    Describe the phases of the nitrogen cycle, in the marine environment, starting with the death of a fish. Could someone help me with this? I just need it explained to me, I've watched and read many articles.. but still do not understand very well
  43. Law Plzzz help!!!

    After graduating grade 12 what are the steps one should take to become a lawyer i know that one needs a bachelors degree and a law degree but what are steps before and after that to achieve that certain point of being a lawyer. PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!
  44. English

    can anyone please summarize the short story "an ordinary soldier of the queen" because I didn't understand it at all and I am very confused ? I read it 3 times but still dont understand what happened, if anyone has read it please help:) very appreciated:)
  45. English

    I hate to read and I did not read the book THe Guns of Navarone. I have to answer one question for four categories; Comprehension, Extending Understanding, Text Analysis, and Context Analysis. Help?
  46. Math

    Natalie read 3/4 of a book that is 120 pages long. How many pages does she have left to read?
  47. english

    i read story today it be called " A few notes for orpheus" anyone read this story before? i need help with questions.
  48. Math

    There are 120 pages in sara's book. She has read 1/3 of it. How many pages does she have left to read
  49. Math

    if i have read 150 pages of a 240 page book, what percentage of the book have I read?
  50. art - writeacher

    sorry i didn`t read that bit i just read the top bit . thankyou its given me some ideas thanks so much!
  51. Mathematic

    Pravin read 3 pages of storybook every 5 minutes. How many pages did he read after half an hour?
  52. math

    You read 7 pages in 3 minutes How many pages can you read for 6 hours how would you put this in a numeric response
  53. math

    Margaret is reading a book that is 288 pages long. If she has already read 96 pages, what percent of the book has she read? And what percent of the book does Margaret have left to read?
  54. English

    1. I haven't read Harry Potter yet. 2. I don't read Harry Potter yet. 3. I didn't read Harry Potter yet. ------------------------------ Which expressions are not grammatical? Is #2 or #3 grammatical?
  55. Algebra 2

    The number of pages p a student can read varies directly with respect to time t in minutes spent reading. The student can read 90 pages in 60 minutes. Write an equation that relates pages read & time. Predict the number of pages in 90 minutes. Answer
  56. Criminal Law

    I have a difficult time understanding the procedural and substantive disposition of criminal cases between the prosecution and defense prior to going to trial. I have read and re-read my text to no avail. Can anyone help?
  57. English

    The boy was asked to read the sentences on the page. He started to read the first sentence and then the next sentence...There was a pause...The teacher said " _______" 1. Go ahead. 2. Go on. 3. Keep on. 4. Keep on reading. (Can we use all the expressions
  58. economics i really need help plzzz anyone

    the government in mortorania buys $20 million in goods and services,collects $15 million in taxes,and borrows the remaining $5 million.its taxes produce no dead weight costs.what is the cost of government in mortorania?
  59. math(help)

    please help me i feel clueless. --------------------- write the sum or difference in simplest form. 1.on monday,cathy read 1/6 of her book,and on tuesday she read 2/6 of the much has she read? A.1/6 B.1/5 C.1/3 D.1/2 -------------------------
  60. can someone plzzz answer this ? for me plzzzzzzz

    the government in mortorania buys $20 million in goods and services,collects $15 million in taxes,and borrows the remaining $5 million.its taxes produce no dead weight costs.what is the cost of government in mortorania?

    I have to do a project about the human life cylce dose anyone know any good websites or any good information about the seven stages of life or the human life span???? PLZZ HELP ME IT IS DUE THIS WEDNESDAY CAN SOMEONE PLZZZ HELP ME PLZZZZ
  62. Statistics

    *Give all probabilities to two decimal places. Three daily newspapers are published in a large city. Suppose we have the following facts about the people in the city: 60% read Newspaper A. 34% read Newspaper C. 72% read Newspaper A or Newspaper B. 18% read
  63. english

    According to the strategies discussed in the lesson, when you have trouble making sense of what you have read, what is one strategy you can use? Share thoughts and questions with friends. Try not to overthink the problems you have. Read the same material

    3. In 1966, Mexican American farm workers demanded all of these EXCEPT a minimum wage. decent housing. health benefits. toilets and drinking water.* 4. All these organizations encouraged women to run for office EXCEPT MALDEF.* Mujeres por la Raza. the
  65. Basics of health insurance

    For electronic access to computer data, computerized signatures may consist of the following (6) verification or access methods?? (I have read and read and I just can not seem find the answer. I sure hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  66. english

    over the summer i had to read Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt and do 20 plot thoughts about the book. I did read the book, but I am having quite a hard time finding 20 meaningful quotes from the story that I am able to explain. Can anyone please help me?
  67. english

    what themes do old man the sea and macbeth have in commmon? tragedy? You can look each one up at and read the "themes, symbols ... " section in each and see what you find. Let us know if you have questions once you have looked up and
  68. English

    Could you please help me check these few sentences? Thank you. 1) I'm happy our head science teacher is so enthusiastic to carry out a project with your and the French school. 2) I read you both agreed to hold the meeting on 27 January and that you are
  69. Science/Geology

    I feel like an idiot for even asking, however, here goes... I need to do a "graphical representation of mechanical and chemical weathering, water, wind, and ice erosion." I have read through my text numerous times and still am not sure how to do this. Does
  70. math

    Martha read 1/6 of her book on Saturday and 5/12 of her book on Sunday how many more pages do she have to read
  71. Math homework

    Alex can read 8 pages in 20 minutes. How long will it take him to read 20 pages?
  72. math

    Brenden read 3/4 of a book that was 7/8 inch thick . how much of the book , in inches , did he read ?
  73. Science Meiosis

    When plants such as Strwberries reproduce by sending runners, they reproduce without sex cell? true or false? First read:
  74. earth science

    how can the interactions between the earth systems affect the climate?? any one help me i don't knw where to start and i need to write 700 words on it Step one is to read your S103 course materials rather than try to get someone else to answer it for you.
  75. English

    I need help identifying the use of the infinitive by writing noun, adjective or adverb. 1. Am I too late to volunteer? To volunteer. 2. If you enjoy mysteries, Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution is a good play to read. To read..
  76. Science

    Have to answer these in a reflection. Help? How has science evolved over time? How is human ingenuity portrayed in sciences? In what ways have humans shaped science? In what ways has science shaped our lives? What would the world be like without science?
  77. Finance

    Corporations that do not issue financial securities such as stock or debt obligations: A) will not be able to increase sales. B) cannot be profitable C) generate sufficient funds to fulfill their needs D) do not face double taxation of thier profits I read
  78. Psycholofgy

    Please help! I have read and read and still don't no for sure if this is the correct answer to this question. I picked C Which approach would explain that phobias are acquired through classical conditioning and the hypochondriac's "sickness behavior" is
  79. Plzzz help

    Which of the following sentences uses the past perfect verb tense? By June, I will have owned the camera shop for a decade. After it was sold, I had owned the camera shop for 12 years. I cannot recall a time when I have not owned some kind of shop. I owned
  80. Quick science question

    In the newspaper one day, you read that the highest tides of the season are expected in the next month. What can you infer about the positions of the Sun, Earth, and the Moon? What phase of the Moon will probably be visible?
  81. 5th grade science

    In the newspaper one day you read that highest tides of the season are expected in the next month. What can you infer about the positions of the sun, earth, and moon? what phase of the moon will probably be visible?
  82. Science Question 2

    The entire spectral classification of our Sun is what? A.M5V B.G2lB C.K9lll D.Not Given The sun is a G2 I don't know what LB stands for. please read:
  83. science

    of heating, filtering, evaporating, or distilling which does the best job at keeping the solvent of a solution? Please read the following web page carefully for your answer:
  84. Science

    Why does salt water boil faster than plain water? You better read the following site:
  85. philosophy

    describe the historical development , key contribution and principle issues of pragmatism, analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of the mind. I have read and read and still getting confused by what they are asking for. Can anyone help me?
  86. math

    If the problem says "the sum that shows how many pages Maria read if she read 45 pages of a book yesterday and 2/3 of the remaining pages today." Would the expression/equation be 45 + (2/3)n ?
  87. 3 grade math ms sue

    use tools 1-when using fraction strips, how do you know that two fractions are equivalent? _______________________________ ______________________________ _______________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ 2-
  88. Math PLZZZ HELP ME!!!!!

    experimental probability predict the number of times you will roll a 5 if you roll the number cube 300 times. 15•• 27 48 54 experimental probability that two out of the first three students to arrive at the school are girls. 1/5 1/4 2/5•• 1/8
  89. Proof reading

    Hello, my research paper is due Friday, and I am done with it. I need someone to proof read it and I was wondering anyone is willing to proof read 6-7 pages of text. I know that's alot to ask for, but I need a good grade on this. Is there anyone available
  90. grade 10 math- slope/midpoint/length formulas

    A map shows a main gas pipeline running straight from A(45,60) to B(65,40) a) Is the point C(63,54) on the branch pipeline? Explain your reasoning b) What is the shortest route for connecting point C to the main pipeline.Explain **OMGGGG PLZZZ HELPPP,
  91. Psychology

    Please help! I have read and read and still don't no for sure if this is the correct answer to this question. I picked A, but leaning more toward D Which approach would explain that phobias are acquired through classical conditioning and the
  92. Ethics

    I have to read the essay "Some Moral Minima" by Lenn Goodman. I have tried to read this a zillion times and I don't know if it's my ADD or what, but I cannot wrap my mind around this unless I sit and look up each word out of the dictionary. Can someone
  93. Math

    Carlos read the same number of pages in his 60-page book each day for 1 week. After the week, he still had 4 pages to read. How many pages did Carlos read each day?
  94. math

    Tamara has 4 times as many pages to read for her book report as maria. Tamara has 20 pages left to read. how many pages does maria have left to read?
  95. Environmental systems

    It says toe read page 38 of my Global Sciences book, but I was never given one. =( I've run out of ideas but this one, and using my 10 minutes to read the page in the morning and draw it all in that time limit. If anyone knows , please heeelp me! What are
  96. algerbra help plzzz

    Select all of the expressions that are equivalent to 1/3(−5x−6/2)−7/8 . A.−20x−45/24 B.−5x−6/6−7/8 C.−8x/24+21/24 D.5x−6−21/12
  97. algerbra help plzzz

    Select all of the expressions that are equivalent to 1/3(−5x−6/2)−7/8 . A.−20x−45/24 B.−5x−6/6−7/8 C.−8x/24+21/24 D.5x−6−21/12
  98. Calculusss heeelp plzzz

    A rocket is being tracked from a radar post that is 10 km from the launch pad.the rocket arises vertically at a height of 17.32 km and then turns at an angle of 30 degrees fron the vertical directly away from the radar post .it then travels  at the
  99. Reading

    I'm currently reading a novel and I want to learn how to speed read through it and still remember the info I have read. Anyone know how I can do that?
  100. math

    there are 20pages in jamel book he read 1/5 of the book how many pages did he read?