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  1. Language Arts

    I'm starting a new research paper and I thought my topic should be Dr. Seuss. My teacher agreed that this way a good topic, but now my only problem is that I need an introduciton that will be interesting and will make a person read it further. Can you
  2. Teacher Aide

    A diagnosis of mental retardation means that a child a. can't read or write at a function level b. needs serious learning support in mental ability and behavior c. has a mental age equal to his or her chronological age. d. can never functional in normal
  3. health

    thank ya!! i have to write an essay about depression...... help?!?!?!?! Read up on the first and second linked topics here. One or both will be what you're looking for. At the bottom of each webpage there will be
  4. English Writing

    Please bring something interesting to share with the class tomorrow. It can be anything that you have seen/heard/read recently in English (an article, a song, a new phrase, a short video, a picture of a sign you saw, etc). It needs to be appropriate of
  5. teacher aide

    A diagnosis of mental retardation means that a child a.can't read or write at a funtional level. b.needs serious learning support in mental ability and behaviour. c.has a mental age equal to his or her chronological age. d.can never funtion in normal
  6. 8th Grade Space and Earth Science

    I have two questions about my study guide for my science test tomorrow. Thank you for any answers that I can get! How does the atmosphere give evidence for divine design? How can a satellite telephone user communicate if radio waves reflect off the

    I have a supermarket science project that is due in a couple of days. I have to compare quality and quantity of at least two similar products. I have to use these procedures for a formal lab report. TITLE~ PROBLEM STATEMENT~ HYPOTHESIS~ MATERIALS~ MV~ RV~
  8. 3 grade english

    ideas stated in text you are sometimes alike in several ways. to generalize, you use the individual ideas to make a general statement about them. look for clue words, such as most,many,all,or few. directions read the following passage. then answer the
  9. Science - geology

    The age of a granite can be determined using radiometric dating. Explain the basis for a determination of a 238U-Pb radiometric date of 1120Ma for a granite.......HELP!!! hi sounds like you are on the same course as me i was stuck on this so give this a go
  10. English

    Hello! I will type 2 exercises from the lesson I am teaching on Wednesday-english as a foreign language - 8th graders ( it will be graded) I need you to help me with some ideas. It says: LEAD- IN: A Here is a list of some natural sciences: BIOLOGY
  11. Microbiology

    Due to the prospect of interplanetary travel, how would you attempt to isolate and identify a bacterial infection acquired on another planet. This bacteria is unknown to use and does not appear in Bergey's or the manual of clinical microbiology. Look for
  12. help i gott a test in 2 days !!!

    use the formula F= 9 x C+32 ___ 5 where f represents fahrenheit temperature and C is Celcius. Celius is -10 what is F,fahrenheit sry the dash and the 5 are supposed to be under the nine which will be nine/fifths ok you write down ALL the important info on
  13. the awakening

    In "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin, what is the "gangrene passion"? Use Ctrl + F and enter the word gangrene to find the passage. Read the
  14. English

    Identify the main ideas of the indicated paragraphs of this article. (Paragraphs with the asterisks are indicated.) My choices are in parentheses. *(Geography is essential to our education.) Not just knowing how to read a map, but at least a basic
  15. english help please!!

    Read the following excerpt. Using the context of the paragraph, select the word that best completes the sentence. We must __________ this place, this sacred and special place, where so many have come to fight and die for our freedom. It is not a sacrifice
  16. chemistry

    1. What are other methods of moisture determination besides oven drying? 2. During the drying of samples, the weight is considered constant when the last two weights are within ± 0.0003 grams. What is the reason for this? For #1, here is a site for you to
  17. ENG 111 and 09

    I need to find a website where i can download a few pages from "The Prose Reader 12th" I need to do an assignment which i have to read "farewell to summer and its buzzing creatures" by Ackerman. I already ordered my textbook but wont be here until next
  18. world geography

    The entire region of Northern Africa and Southwest Asia is dominated by A. climates in which the evaporation exceeds precipitation. B. desert climates. C. climates in which rainfall is either abundant or all but entirely absent. D. steppe climates. All the
  19. Biology

    A trait whose expression is affected by the presence of sex hormones is said to be a. sex-influenced b. sex-linked c. X-linked d. Y-linked I read the section multiple tmes, and the book doesn't really specify. Thanks in advance if you could answer it!
  20. science

    i need help with these questions because i need to write a report on it helpp please What are the implications of stem cell reasearch for today and future generations What are stem cells? What are they capable of? How are they used in science/ medicine
  21. Science

    I have some homework questions that i am having problems finding. Please help! 1. What is the value of math to science? 2. What is the value of using graphs to represent data? 3. How do units give numbers meaning and help verify correct formulas? 4. Why
  22. english

    i am unable to this question complete the following by adding noun clause a)the fact is that__________________ b)this is a clear proof_______________ complete the following by adding noun clause a)Thefact is that______________________ b)This clearly
  23. listening

    I have problems listening what can I do to improve it before I go back to school? Here are some websites with good ideas:
  24. Ap World History

    This is my teachers first year teaching this class. So... I'm not the only one who has a D in that class. I was wondering if some one can please give me some advice here on this class. I'm not exactly sure how to approach this class. A couple of days ago
  25. science

    I need help on science project ideas ,please give ideas on what I can do. The answer to this depends on how much time you have, your interests, and your background. I have always been rather favorable to testing the school and home drinking water for lead,
  26. Science-help needed

    A letter R on a piece of paper is observed under a microscope. The image observed is vertically inverted and laterally inverted. Why? What is the science definition of laterally inverted? Thanks a lot.
  27. algebra

    A DVD player's laser reader helps to "read" the information on the DVD. A particular laser reader measures 0.56 micron thick. does this fall with the required standards if a company uses |t - 0.03 | <= 0.525 for determining the part to be acceptable?
  28. Grammar

    ok, so i'm doing a report on erno rubik, the inventor of the rubix cube, and mom gets a bunch of info for me, ok, then she sez to answer the questions she put on there. so i read then i answer the questions out loud, then mom says Quote:"ITS A
  29. Math

    a poll found that a particular group of people read and average or 18.3 books per year. The pollsters are 99% confident that the result from this poll is off by fewer than 3.79 books from the actual average x. express this situation as an inequality
  30. A big one!

    Using logarithmic differentiate technique, find dy/dx y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³] raised to the power of 1/5 I don't know how to type this. It is the 5th root of all those. You have y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³]1/5 so ln y = (1/5)ln([(x-3)³(x²+1) /
  31. reading

    the perspective on rosa parks, the bus driver, or another passenger (black,or white} i have to write a beginning hook also known as a sentence that makes people want to read it. i choose the black passenger so i need help on creating a sentence and a
  32. language

    okay i read the book Royally Jacked for english and i had to return the book and i need to finsh my book report ASAP ! i need to know 20 vocab words used in the book , venn diagram , plot diagram , summary 3-10 ! and i cant FAIL . so can you please help me
  33. english

    Can you give me some input on the short story "the other wife" I've never read this story, but when I entered "the other wife" (including the quotation marks) in, here is the top result: =)
  34. Chem 1

    Why is this phrase, “Lewis Structure” a misnomer? I've googled it... and I can't seem to find an answer. Any suggestions as to where I can read some info on that? Lewis implies ionic bond, structure implies fixed covalent bonds. Screw you, that's
  35. pre-calculus

    A sphere is contained inside of a cube, tangent to all six faces. Find the surface area of the cube as a function of the radius of the sphere. The answer in the back of the book read:A=24r^2...How did they get this answer? Thanks for helping!
  36. Government

    Why does the Constitution all the Federal Government to levy taxes? Please don't post under multiple names. It's not necessary. Be sure to read Article I, Section 8, of the US
  37. physics

    A faulty Celsius thermometer read 0.7degrees Celsius at melting point of pure ice and 99.5degrees Celsius at boiling point of water at normal pressure. What is the correct temperature when it reads 30 degrees Celsius
  38. investments

    I would like to know what are the best website to buy and sell stocks online at a very low price. I never done it before, and i am just a biginner so can you please tell me You ask a good question, I think. Buying stocks cheaply does have obvious
  39. math

    I just do not understand how to figure this out. Find the number of subsets of the given set. {math, English, history, science, art} Would I do something like this: 1. {} 2. Math 3. English 4. history 5. science 6. art 7. Math and English 8. math and
  40. ELA- "The Ninny"

    if anyone has read "The Ninny" by Anton Chekhov please help! just 1 question How does Yulia in "The Ninny" show herself to be a spineless person? a. she tells her employer that she has worked for two months and five days b. she cries and coughs when she is
  41. english

    Part 1 Read each of the following sets of sentences and combine them into a single, compact sentence. This is an opportunity to make good use of your understanding of adverbs, adjectives, and prepositional phrases. For some questions, there is more than
  42. English

    Read the following lines from the Odyssey: In the next land we found were Cyclopes, giants, louts, without a law to bless them. By implication, what cultural value in ancient Greece is Odysseus emphasizing in this passage? A. physical strength B. civilized
  43. business

    Read the Thomas article, Squeeze Play, and discuss how long you think the emerging upstart airline carriers in Asia that are featured can continue their competitive role in the face of changing travel patterns and consumer behavior brought on by low cost
  44. biology

    are the people with diabetes I normally skinny? because their body is unable to produce insulin, they must turn to other sources of energy like stored fat? Read the
  45. Chemistry (Organic)

    What is the molecular formula for an alkane with 12 carbon atoms? (Type your answer using the format C2H4 for C2H4.) so this problem might be easy because its the first question on my webassign but my teacher hasn't started teaching this yet but it is up
  46. lit

    imelda knows a lot about the story of the gold rush of 1849. she wants to know more about how individual people felt and acted during that time what type of passage should she read first? narrative expository would it be a Narrative? because narrative
  47. children's literature

    With pre-school children, a first step in engaging children in the reading process is to read stories in which characters are faced with a decision to be made and in which there is: A. no clear-cut answer. B. no solution. C. a set of choices provided. D.
  48. Literature Essay (Ms. Sue and/or Writeacher)

    How should I begin this assigned essay? Write an essay in what ways today people are more fearful than people in past generations. You may use examples from real life, the selection you just read, books, movies, music, or television.
  49. chemistry

    Which element has atoms that can form single, double, and triple covalent bonds with atoms of the same element? the choices are florine, oxygen,carbon and hydrogen. i also need a explanation of why its the right answer. thanks for helping :) How do we see
  50. English

    The narrator of My Forbidden Face describes a cartoon of the scientists perplexed by the germ they are studying, The Taliban, in order to a)emphasize her confusion with the spread of all the new rules. b)Imply that the leaders are sick with a virus that
  51. English

    The narrator of My Forbidden Face describes a cartoon of the scientists perplexed by the germ they are studying, The Taliban, in order to a)emphasize her confusion with the spread of all the new rules. b)Imply that the leaders are sick with a virus that
  52. Grammar

    Need this checked- 1.Identify the sentence that contains a dangling modifier. A.To the victor goes the privelage of writing history. B.To assemble the model successfully,the directions must be read carefully. C.It is better to hand in a neat erasure than
  53. science, absolute zero

    what is absolute zero? if 0 kelvin is the lowest temperature we can ever get, then does it mean that -273 degree Celsius is the lowest temperature we can reach? the book said "when we remove all of the energy from something, its temperature will be zero
  54. math

    Jocelyn has read 156 pages of a book. This is 4/5 of the entire book. How many pages does the book have?
  55. algebra

    how can i read this number 6 789 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000kg may i know the place values of this.
  56. Algebra

    Is (0,3) a solution to the equation y =x + 3 his is my teachers answer to my question of usage of the 2 numbers mentioned as possible solutions. yes it does make a difference. (4,8) is called an ordered pair. Ordered pairs are always in the form (x,y) That
  57. Aaron

    Is 2041 rounded to the nearest hundred 2000 or 2100? Read about rounding off whole numbers. Ask yourself this: Is 2041 closer to 2000 or 2100? Same answer.
  58. Math

    Find the mode of the data set 48 52 29 38 29 36 42 29 Charlotte read five books with the following number of pages 185,212,146,165,and 197. What was the mean number of pages in the books 181 Enochs scores on seven tests were 85 68 91 75 82 79 and 93 What
  59. algebra

    A DVD player's laser reader helps to "read" the information on the DVD. A particular laser reader measures 0.56 micron thick. Does this fall with the required standards if a company uses |t - 0.03| less than or equal to 0.525 for determining the part to be
  60. Literature

    I need help writing a free verse poem on a newspaper article I read about a cat being stuck in a vending machine for three days. Can I please get some links that can help me start off? Free verse poems are really easy to write, but I'm not sure how to
  61. Criminal Justice

    Where can I find information on: Who are the advocates who emphasize individual responsibility and hold offenders responsible for their actions? Who are the advocates who emphasize rights over punishment? I have read all my course work and material and
  62. history

    When and where did people still believe the world is flat? I thought they did in Columbus's time, but I guess that was a myth? According to the page I read on wikipedia people believed the world was flat mostly only during the Classical Antiquity. But in
  63. English

    Can someone help me with a citation (MLA style)for citing a web-site? I have read several MLA recommendations but am still having trouble. for example: The National Cancer Institue website, a page under Cancer Topics, a page titled Melanoma. I'm not sure
  64. English

    6. Read the following lines from the poem "Love After Love.""you will greet yourself arrivingat your own door, in your own mirror,and each will smile at the other's welcome,"In these lines, the mirror most likely symbolizes (1 point) a) a show of vanity.
  65. english

    please proof read for me 4.when her mom died she was very sad and upset. When there was a festival they remembered her and misses her. That little bit relates to me because my favorite uncle died and we also misses him if there is festival or something
  66. eng 125

    Reflecting on this week’s literary readings, as well as your own reading experiences, identify at least one major similarity and one major difference between the forms of the short story and the poem. How do the differences between these literary forms
  67. Math

    I've read over it, but I still don't understand how to add together bulbs from the Mandelbrot sets. Please help? I need to know how to add the 1/4 bulb to the 1/6 bulb and the 1/8 bulb to the 1/6 bulb. Thank you!
  68. Language Arts The Watson Go to Birmingham-1963

    Have anyone read the book The Watson go to Birmingham 1963? I need someone to correct my answers!!:(
  69. Math

    Trevor has finished reading 55% of a book.The book has a total of 400 pages.How many pages has Trevor read?
  70. UOS

    Pseudocode: read Capacity, MilesPerGallon MaximumRange:=Capacity*MilesPerGallon print "Maximum Range = ", MaximumRange
  71. trigonometry

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could check my answer and tell me if I'm on the right track: "Find a model for simple harmonic motion satisfying the specified conditions" Displacement(t=0), 2ft Amplitude, 2ft Period, 10 sec This is what I got: y=2cos
  72. History

    During the Carter administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski A. tried to reverse the policy of détente. B. tried to get Carter to roll back taxes. C. was directly involved in continuing the SALT talks. D. rejected the adoption of the MX missiles to replace the
  73. english IIB

    Ron, Andrea, and Tarique are a group of students who evaluated another student’s story. Each of them read the story and wrote comments. What are the students doing? conducting a peer review completing a rubric evaluation filling in a plus-and-minus chart
  74. Language

    Which statement describes someone who is formidable ? The principal smiled warmly as he welcome the new student The doctor told the boys father that the illness was not serious The woman towered above the small boy and spoke sternly•• The boys father
  75. children's literature

    If the developmental goal is children to exhibit a sensory awareness then, you can provide students with the following activity: • A. encourage careful observation of illustrations. • B. present books that are inventive. • C. organize effective art
  76. Spanish

    The following paragraph describes what some may consider to be a typical North American tourist. It reflects one opinion only. North Americans whovisit foreign countries do not commonly fit this description. Read the paragraph. Then write your answersin
  77. English

    Read the sentences Each sentence contains a word group that can be written as a contraction. Write the contractions We are going to the museum on Saturday We're Who is giving the report Who's They will never leave the decision to us They'll He is never
  78. U.S.History

    i cant find this in my book. i've probably read about it but i don't remember In the 1890s, immigration patters shifted dramatically, with most immigrants now coming from a. northern European countries b. southern and eastern European countries c. Mexico
  79. English (plz read)

    I'm creating is HUGE book series. Can you check to see if the blurb is good. The series follows the journey of a teenage girl who is determined to have best year ever in the 8th grade and to have the best 4 year experience in high school. Please make sure
  80. government

    what would be your BEST advice to a person who wants to learn more about political issues? a. watch only television news and commentary shows daily b. pay attention only to newspaper stories c. explore a variety of sources of political information d.
  81. History

    3. What was the effect of the Nat Turner's Rebellion? A. It became illegal to teach slaves to read and write B. Laws came into effect to prevent of the freeing of slaves C. The Fugitive Slave Act was repealed in the south D. White people in the North
  82. English

    In the Great Gatsby what is Jordan’s Nick’s Daisy’s, and Tom’s motivation, hope, or dream. I haven't read this work. The best suggestion I can make is that you go to one or both of these websites, look up this book, and see if they have insights
  83. social studies

    What was the greatest obstacle that the Union army faced at Vicksburg, and how did they overcome it? I read so much on this ...were hills, surrounded by flooded marshlands & couldn't get through by foot..can't find a full explanation of this &
  84. history

    12. Read this excerpt from the U.S. Constitution. To declare War, grant Letter of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water; To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of money to that Use shall be for a longer Term
  85. science,technology and the environment

    describe,compare and contrast induction and deduction as methods of science.using examples where appropriate.Identify and solve a problem using both induction and deduction.where appropriate illustrate why and how one would use experimentation and cycle of
  86. Science/Standardized test

    How can I prepare for the science portion of a standardized test? There seem to be alot of practice question on anatomy and I never took that course. Are practice questions always similar to the real test?
  87. Childhood Education

    Learning to make candy from a recipe would relate most directly to which two of the 13 activity areas? A Math and science B Social studies and science C Cooking and math D Social studies and cooking . I belive the C is the correct answer
  88. Science

    Is there any website or any way I can get the science probe 10 check your understanding answers cause I want to check my answers?
  89. Science - Sally Ride - Contributions

    What did Sally Ride contribute to the advancement of science?
  90. Machines and humans?

    What are some conflicts between humans and machines that have arisen in the past? So I already said that machines can put humans out of work- but any other ideas? any sites I could read up on something like this?
  91. religion,

    Can someone help me. I've done 4 definitions of terms. But i don't know the last one can someone check what i have and then explain to me the last one. The religion i am studying is Hinduism. Terms: Karma-(My answer)The Buddhist's judgment, which
  92. Science Fair Project

    I need help thinking of a topic for an highschool science fair project the actual topic not a link please i really need help thinking of one Testing the water in your school for lead. DOES SODA LOSE IT;S CARBONATION FASTER AT LOW OR HIGH TEMPERATURE
  93. Science ...Urgent plz

    Describe, compare and contrast INDUCTION and DEDUCTION as methods of science – using examples where appropriate. Identity and solve a problem using both induction and deduction. Where appropriate illustrated why and how one would use experimentation/
  94. Macbeth question?

    Lady Macbeth says that the ghost of Banquo is of the same nature as the dagger Macbeth saw leading him to Duncan. How does she characterize Macbeth's weakness in this regard? How does she seek to push him from it? I'm having a very hard time with this
  95. english

    Common Sense Media's research report shows kids are reading less than ever. Discover the startling statistics -- and what you can do to get your kids back into books. Do you have a teen who hardly reads? You're not alone. Common Sense Media's latest
  96. physics

    Water of density 1000 kg/m3 falls without splashing at a rate of 0.241 L/s from a height of 81.3 m into a 0.638 kg bucket on a scale. If the bucket is originally empty, what does the scale read 2.06 seconds after the first drop contacts the bucket? The
  97. English

    I need help thinking of something to put on my poster board for an archetypal journey project over Their Eyes Were Watching God. I want a creative poster with something symbolic on it that represents the novel. If you read it you will know how and why she
  98. MLA citation

    Of the following, which is the most important to consider when analyzing and revising an academic paper? A. That the paper will be entertaining for the instructor to read B. That the thesis is clear and that the main points support that thesis C. That the
  99. Health and science

    Explains the science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics behind a solar cooker that work day and night and how could a solar cooker that works day ajd night both address the everyday problems and have a broader impact locally or globally.
  100. statistics

    What is the probability that a student in a college of 650 students in both a math major and a computer science major ( assuming these events are independent) If there are 72 math majors and 105 computer science majors?