Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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  1. environmental science

    What is the greatest challenge of secondary succession
  2. science

    why is an eclipsed moon sometimes dark red in color?
  3. Science

    Factors that affect natural selection and evolution.
  4. science

    what is the kinetic energy of a ball with a mass of 5 kg rolling at 10 m/s
  5. science

    why does magnesium dissolve quicker in strong acid
  6. Science

    If you find a mysterious organism, how can you figure out whether or not it is a plant?
  7. Science

    What is a galaxy with no definite shape or size called?
  8. science

    Does the flame of gas stove emit light
  9. SCIENCE!!!

    What are the organizational levels of a bird from smallest to largest?!?
  10. science

    i need a picture that explains the law of conservation of matter
  11. science

    Why does the energy of a sound wave decrease over time?
  12. Science

    If you find a mysterious organism, how can you figure out whether or not it is a plant?
  13. science

    what is the reason why we can get Appendicittis even if we don't know what is the function of the appendix?
  14. science

    A force that keeps an object moving in a circle is called?thank you
  15. Science

    Is neon and oxygen written as neonide and oxide?
  16. science

    in the digstive system,what is the defenition or function of th Appendix?
  17. Science

    I am looking for ideas for 3rd grade recycleable inventions.
  18. science

    what is the kinetic energy of a ball with a mass of 5 kg rolling at 10 m/s
  19. Science

    Which instrument records seismic ways from a earthquake?

  21. science

    I cannot figure out how to convert 35 atm to degrees fahrenheit. Could you help me please?
  22. science

    Cell structure involved his photosynthesis and respiration.
  23. Science

    l'm sorry l have another question about watersheds >< What can we do to protect the water where you live?
  24. Science

    What is the mass of a box pushed both left and right at 50N?
  25. Science

    What is the difference between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere? In which layer is each located?
  26. forensic science (Jeffery Macdonald)

    can you help me prove him not guilty Thanks
  27. Science

    How to work out the weight on mercury Jupiter and Saturn
  28. Science

    what type of bond is a metal cation likely to form?
  29. science

    please help me unscramble oaoptvaien,aionitnrptsa rawdoungete & ntsiocnndeoa
  30. 7th grade science

    how are genotypes and phenotypes alike?
  31. Science

    An object weighing 90 N has a volume of 45 mL and a mass of 9.0 g. What is its density? a. 0.10 g/mL b. 0.20 g/mL c. 5.0 g/mL d. 10 g/mL
  32. Science (Chemistry)

    How many significant digits are in the number 63,000.0?
  33. Science

    What is the name for the plant that no longer depends on the cotyledons for nourishments?
  34. 9th grade

    What is a capillary in Earth science terms?
  35. science

    what isthe sun main thing on earth
  36. science

    what are the number of digits in a measurement that are known with a certain degree of reliability?
  37. science

    what is an activity the uses all 5 senses Eating Fried Chicken.
  38. Science

    do pure substances have different chemical and physical properties?
  39. Science

    Is the heat from a light bulb radiant or convection?
  40. science

    how do you explain the millions of different substances found on earth
  41. Science

    Why CuO powder not soluble in hexane and methanol?
  42. Science

    another who am I? I an in the same chemical family as nitrogen. I am lighter than argon
  43. science

    what kinds of atoms form the molecules for each element...please help me
  44. 7th grade science

    make a word out of the letters P A M O U S E E N
  45. Science

    what two molecules are on the reactant side of the photosynthesis equation?
  46. science

    I need a sentence using the word cytoplasm and I'm in 5th grade.
  47. Science(Help NOW, Pls)

    how is solar energy used in space and for what purpose?
  48. Physical science

    The acceleration due to gravity on earth
  49. science

    What is the name of the porous lava rock with a density less than water? Thanks
  50. Science

    What do angiosperms produce in order to protect their seeds?
  51. science

    importance of ict in electrical electronic engineering
  52. science

    What is the egg-laying part of some female insects?
  53. science

    importance of ict in electrical electronic engineering
  54. physical science

    how do i convert 1.5m into liters to calculate fluid
  55. science

    what would i say in a paragraph using the word contrasting with 2 types of energy?
  56. Science

    What hormone is the adrenal medulla responsible for secreting?
  57. Science

    An atom has no overall charge if it contains equal numbers of____?
  58. science

    Is a type of substance that dissolves a --solvent Also, if it is not crystalline--what is it?
  59. physical science

    displays in formation in rows and columns
  60. Science

    Imagine you are a plant. How are you and your cells different than animals. 1/2 - 3/4 page
  61. science

    what will be the color of the salts nh4+ nickel ni 2+ ferric f3+
  62. 8th grade science

    Why is water essential to life?
  63. science

    What are the functions of indicator in acid-base titration?? Thank you!
  64. science

    how to find a solution with high buffer capacity?
  65. science

    can someone explain the life cycle of the animalia kingdom???
  66. science

    What is the process that separates insoluable substances from a liquid. Thank you.
  67. science

    What causes a mirage of a pool to appear on a snny day THanks bye
  68. science

    find the energy of first excited state of helium
  69. Science

    How much faster does sound travel through water than air in one second?
  70. Science(URGENT)

    How is solar energy used in space? (for what purpose?)
  71. science

    what is the effect of varying road surfaces on acceleration?
  72. science

    is this rigth HC2HO2+NH4OH-->NH4C2H3O2+H2O
  73. Science: Chemistry

    Indentify the products of the following reaction: Al + NaOH -> ?
  74. science

    please explain the difference between pitch and volume in sound
  75. Science

    What is a common mineral in solid form? A rock _ _ _ _?
  76. science

    What effect did the green filter have on the pink flower
  77. Science

    Calculate the frequency of rotation of the second hand clock
  78. science

    Classify the reaction between zinc and acetic acid.
  79. Science/Check

    Testable statement or prediction..... Is That Hypothesis?
  80. Science

    what happens to the reactivity of metals from left to right across the periodic table?
  81. science,

    we know that people need more oxygen when they are active. draw conclusins on why it is so.
  82. science

    How would you find the thickness of a peice of gold foil.
  83. science

    can someone explain the life cycle of the animalia kingdom please
  84. science

    Which of the following best describes the relationship between economic growth and energy use?
  85. Science

    What is the force of 10m/s squared acceleration and 5 kg mass?
  86. science

    how are the stone henge and cubi series alike?
  87. Science

    what mass of sulphuric acid must be added to a 750 ml to have a ph of 2.27
  88. Science

    What happens when sulphur and iron aare chemically mixed
  89. Life Science

    Where does photosynthesis occur in a plant cell?
  90. science

    how the method you mentioned can prevent food spoilage
  91. science

    why eating carrots is important for good vision?
  92. Science

    as a liquid is heated and changed into a gas what happens to molecules
  93. Science

    Is jumping through a hoop an inherited trait for a dolphin?
  94. Science

    calculate the force acting on a falling 2 kg mass.
  95. science

    How many hydrogen atoms are present in 32 grams of methane?
  96. science

    Is cell biology directly related to technology????
  97. science

    what is the power of a machine that does 1800 N-m of work per minute?
  98. Science

    What is the volume of 19 grams of flourine gas at stp?
  99. Science

    In a fetal pig, what are the 4 lobes of the brain and their functions?
  100. SCIENCE

    Explain the four factors that produce changes in population size.