1. English

    Thank you very much. Could you check these sentences on history, too? 1) As Pope Clemens VII refused to declare his first marriage invalid, Henry broke with Rome and declared himself “Supreme Head of the Church of England” by means of the Act of
  2. unique solution

    How do I show that the equation x^4 + 3x + 1 = 0, -2 <= x <= -1 has exactly one solution in the interval. Thanks. One way to do this is to use trial and error. split the interval (-2,-1) into 10 equal parts. Then evaluate the function at each point.
  3. Science check answer quick!

    I really do not understand Number 7 Which of these does Newton's law of universal gravitation imply? (Points : 1) The force of gravity between two objects is inversely proportional to the product of the two masses. <-- Earth's gravity acts on people
  4. science

    A satellite in space experiences direct sunlight and heats up. During periods when it receives no sunlight, The satellite cools off by radiation The satellite cools off by conduction The satellite maintains a constant temperature The satellite cools off by
  5. Social Studies

    I need help under standing this passage"...[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife...are to work on said farm and to cultivate forty acres in corn and twenty acres in cotton, to assist in putting that fences on said farm in good order and to keep
  6. Art Question

    When children draw cross-sections of plants, they are: 1. intergrating science and art (Or) 2. intergrating mathematics and science Lordy. Surely you have some thinking on this, this question hardly stimulates the cerebral cortex. Did you mean integrating?
  7. Statistics

    by what factor should the sample size in a poll be increased in order to cut the margin of error in half
  8. Chemistry II

    Arrange the following 0.10M solutions in order of increasing pH: a. Nacl b. NH4CL C. HCL D. NaCH3CO2 e. KOH
  9. Pre-Algebra 7th

    What does 20 divided by 4 minus 5 plus 12 equal? I'm trying to understand the order of operation. I think the answer might be -12. Is this correct?
  10. Statistics

    by what factor should the sample size in a poll be increased in order to cut the margin of error in half
  11. College Chemistry

    For a certain first-order reaction the rate constan is 2.9 s-1. what is the fraction of the reactant remaining after 4 half lives?
  12. physics

    What is the angular separation between the first-order images on either side of the central maximum? Answer in units of degrees.
  13. programming

    Write the pseudocode for an application that accepts enter eight friends’ first names and displays them in alphabetical order
  14. Health

    In order to make healthy choices you must learn to what risks? A. Ignore B. Advocate For (C.) Evaluate (My Answer) D. Take More
  15. Adv. Math

    Replace each question mark with one of the four mathematical signs: +, -, x, or /(divide). Each sign can be used only once. 7?5?4?7?6=15 P.S. YOU HAVE TO USE THE ORDER OF OPERATIONS
  16. Chemistry

    Selenium Express your answer in condensed form, in order of increasing orbital energy. For example,[He]2s^22p^2.
  17. Life orientation

    Identify three courses or study fields you are interestedi in following after grade 12 and write them down in order of preference
  18. science

    how can i create a drawing that demonstrates the energy transformations that would take place in order to provide power for an appliance
  19. 7th grade math

    I need help solving the equation {5x[(4+9)-2]+3}/2= PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME THE ANSWER WITHOUT GIVING ME THE ORDER OF OPERATION.
  20. Science

    Place the following words into the in order gametes, sporophyte, gametophyte, and zygote. Explain how the terms are related.
  21. life orientation

    Identify 3 study fields/paths in order of preference and provide two reasons for each choice
  22. Calc 2

    Use Taylor’s Estimate to bound the error of the n-th order Maclaurin approximation of sin(a), where a 2 [��; ].
  23. Chemistry

    Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing Boiling point: CH4, CHCl3, CCl4, CH3Cl
  24. maths

    differentiate using product, chain and quotient rule ln x / 5x-7 and e^x / 2x^3 - 1 could you help me out with the first and just point me in the right direction for the first i cant seem to get the steps in the right order and then it gets all muddled
  25. math

    In order to have $10000.00 in 5 years, how much would a person have to invest if the money will earn 8% interest compounded semiannually?
  26. World History

    In chronological order, list the territories and countries Japan took control of in its program of expansion. Please and thank you on any help!
  27. Life orientation

    Identify three courses or study fields you are interested in following after grade 12 write down them in order of preference
  28. Statistics

    True or False In order for the distribution of sample means to be normal, it must be based on samples of at least n = 30 scores.
  29. Business math

  30. math

    Let {xn} be a sequence converging to á.? Suppose the errors en = |xn – á| satisfy en+1< or = Men^2en -1 for some constant M>0. What can be said about the order of convergence?
  31. school of medine

    the order is 50mg. the pharmacy sends 25mg. how many tablet wil the nurse give?
  32. Geometry

    Triangle KLM has vertices K (3,2) L(-1,5) and M(-3,-7) write the angles in order from the least to greatest measure show all work
  33. Algebra

    manuella likes pepperoni, mushroom, and extra cheese on her pizza. how many different pizzas can she order with one, two, or all three of these toppings?
  34. ***Discrete Math***, pi^2.

    In S(5), let pi=(245)(1354)(125). (a) Write pi as a product of disjoint cycles. (b) Determine pi^2, pi^5, pi^(-1) (c) What is the order of pi? Why?
  35. 9th grade

    in visual basic, a routine that puts a series of strings or numbers in order is called a?
  36. physics

    In order to move a heavy object you must push against it with a larger force than it pushes on you. Is this true or false?
  37. Statistics

    How large a sample of U.S. adults is needed in order to estimate U with a 95% confidence interval of length 1.2 hours?
  38. History

    What did the founding fathers of the United States create in order to ensure that one person did not ever have too much power in the government?
  39. Physics

    a particular jet aircraft must reach a speed of 80 m/s in order to take off. If the runway is 1500 m long, determine the acceleration
  40. Math

    y = a(x - h)2(sqaured) + k Where would I put a number in order to stretch or compress the graph vertically in the equation above? And what does the a represent?
  41. Biology

    how can traits determine the characteristics of an organism? and what would happen if a base [i'm assuming in the dna sequence] is out of order?
  42. science 7th grade

    In sequential order how does our body digest a crakcer. I was wondering if someone could please let me know if there is a web-site that may be able to help me thanks
  43. Physical Science

    6. In order to turn 2 iron atoms into rust, 2 water molecules must be present. -False?
  44. Math

    Given P (x) = x-1/ 2x-3, Find P (-2) The notation P(-2) for your given P(x) means that wherever you see an x, replace it with -2, then evaluate so P(-2) = (-2-1)/-4-3) = -3/-7 = 3/7 (The way you wrote your expression, according to the order of operation,
  45. statistics

    In how many ways can letters be chosen from , assuming that the order of the choices doesn't matter and that repeats are not allowed?
  46. college chemistry

    After 94.995 seconds the concentration of A was reduced from 0.3688 M to 0.1464 M. What is the first order rate constant?
  47. math

    assignment for an art class is to complete 4 projects from a list of 6. how many ways can this be done if the order soes not matter?
  48. Chemistry

    How much water must be added to 963 g of solid sodium hydroxide needed in order to prepare a 1.50 M solution?
  49. Math

    How much money should Jamie deposit into an account which pays 9%, compounded biannually, in order to have $4,000.00 in 4 years?
  50. chemistry

    The rate constant for this first-order reaction is 0.0570 s–1 at 400 °C. A-->Products After how many seconds will 14.0% of the reactant remain?
  51. Office Finances

    Which of the following would require a cash receipt? A. Credit memo B. Purchase order C. Check D. Refund
  52. Finanace

    If a firm just paid a dividend equal to $4.00 a share, then for the WACC, in order to find the cost of equity, $4 should be
  53. Math

    Which of the following expressions should be placed in each set of parentheses below in order to solve the equation by completing the square? x2+6x+___=15+____ a.3/2 b.3 c.6 d.9
  54. science

    Which sequence shows the correct order of Earth’s geologic time intervals from oldest to youngest?
  55. World geo

    i do not understand this question and do not know how to respond... arrange the seven countries of Central America in alphabetical order.
  56. Chemistry

    The half-life (t1/2) of a first order reaction is 0.100 s. What is the rate constant? a. 6.93 s-1 b. 0.693 s-1 c. 0.0693 s-1 d. 0.144 s-1 e. 3.01 s-1
  57. Chemistry

    In the first order, reaction A yields products, A=0.400M initially and 0.250M after 15.0 min. What is the value of the rate constant, k?
  58. Chemistry

    In gas chromatography, what would be the order of the retention times for your mixture (hexane and toluene)? What is the basis for your answer?
  59. hvac school

    What temp would a fixed volume of gas need to be heated in order to double its pressure if it starts out at 25?
  60. Biology Science

    Arrange the following in correct order in food chain- Fish,Plankton,Shark,Crab
  61. Chemistry

    Predict the order of increasing vapor pressure at a given temperature for the following compounds: CH3CH2CH2CH2OH HOCH2CH2CH2OH CH3CH2OCH2CH3
  62. Health

    nutrition is the process of the body using foods that we eat in order to sustain life true or false
  63. Physics

    An automobile tire is rated to last for 50000 miles. To an order of magnitude, through how many revolutions will it turn over its lifetime?
  64. computer applications (commerce)

    draw a flow chart to print odd numbers below 20 in descending order
  65. math please tutor Maddie

    What is the least possible value of the expression if two of the values 1, 2, 4, and 8 are substituted in any order for the variables x and y? 1/9^x÷9^y=9^z Enter a power of 9 in the box.
  66. physics

    in order to catch a fast moving softball with your bare hand doing this reduce the catching forcebecause the what
  67. Science

    Design of a fourth order low pass filter with 150 Hz frequency for ecg acquisition
  68. math

    please help me to perform the indicated operation.15-20/(3)(5)-15 You need additional parentheses or brackets to clarify the order of operations. For example, 15-{20/[(3)(5)]}-15 = 20/15 = 4/3 (15-20}/[(3)(5])-15 = -15 1/3 15-[20/(3)](5)-15 = 100/3
  69. social studies

    In order to make sure they would always be free did the Romans establish an army or build a wall around their city?
  70. chemistry

    what is the formula to determine the mass of propane that must be combusted in order to produce 188.23kJ of energy?
  71. Chemistry

    The order is given for an injection of 120mg of x and 10mg of y. On the shelf you have 50mg/mL of x and 75mg/mL of y. what will be the total volume in your syringe?
  72. maths

    please help find the general solution of the following first order differential equation. dx/dt = tx + 6t(exp)-t^2 pls show working
  73. English

    How does Shakespeare work loyalty and betrayal into the play King Lear. Context of order vs. chaos?
  74. math

    In order to determine the amount of liquid a spherical tank will hold, would you need to use volume or surface area?
  75. Circuits2

    what value of resistance should be placed.in parallel with 50microfarad capacitor in order to have a total power factor of 0.8 on a 6p-cycle ac system?
  76. poetry part 1

    during the romantics period, poets places ar emphasis on a) order b) nature c) discipline d) hierurchi
  77. chemistry

    How many grams of Urea(CH4N2O) have to be dissolved into 253g of Chloroform in order for the boiling point to increase by 3.1C?
  78. Math

    Come pleat the table to represent each part of the formula. The data values have been put in ascending order. ---- X, (X, - x) 2 30 ? 32 ? 33 35 49 50 50 71 73 77
  79. Chemistry 12

    Calculate the volume of 12 M Na2SO3 which needs to be added to 500.0 mL of water in order to produce a solution in which [Na+]= 0.200 M.
  80. ap chemistry

    Arrange the following 0.10 M solutions in order of increasing H+ : HClO4 , H2SO4, NH4Br , KCN, KBr, KOH
  81. Data Management

    Determine the number of ways of selecting four letters, without regard for order, from the word 'parallelogram'
  82. Science

    Plants need bacteria in order to take up and use which element? 1)carbon 2)oxygen 3)nitrogen 4)hydrogen I think #3 Thanks for checking my answer
  83. Chemistry

    The rate constant for this first order reaction is 0.0470 s-1 at 400 C. A TO Products After how many seconds will 11.0% of the reactant remain?
  84. physics

    What force must be exerted on a car of mass 1825 kilograms in order to make it accelerate at 26 meters per second per second?
  85. math213

    In each of the following, order decimals from least to greatest a.24,9419, 24.942, 24,94189, 24.94199 b.-34.25, -34.251, -34.205, -34.2519
  86. statistic

    let y1<y2<y3 be the order statistics of random sample of size a distribution f(x)=2x , 0<x<1 show that z1=y1/y3, z2=y2/y3 ,z3=y3 are mutually stochastically independent
  87. math

    How many ways are there to write 7 element data lists of integers in # order with Median 21, mean 20 range 10 and the Mode 22 and what are they?
  88. chemistry

    If compound x has a first-order half-life of 24 seconds, how long would you have to wait for only 33% of the original material to be left?
  89. chem

    Arrange the following 0.10 M solutions in order of increasing H+ : HClO4 , H2SO4, NH4Br , KCN, KBr, KOH
  90. Physics

    You can run 8.8m/s,20% faster than your brother. How much head start should you give him in order to have a tie race over 110m?please help:(
  91. college chemistry

    predict the order of reduction and which of the following ions will reduce first at the cathode of an electrolytic cell: Ag^(+), Zn^(+2), IO3^(-)?
  92. mATH

    Using order of operations, create a formula that = 8 using four 6's 6 ___ 6 ____ 6 ______6 =8 fill in the blanks. It's the only one we can't figure out without using five 6's (6/6) +(6/6) +6 = 8
  93. math

    let y1<y2<y3 be the order statistics of random sample of size a distribution f(x)=2x , 0<x<1 show that z1=y1/y3, z2=y2/y3 ,z3=y3 are mutually stochastically independent
  94. maths

    find the general solution of the following first order differential equation. dx/dt = t*x + 6*t(exp)-t^2 pls show working
  95. Chemistry

    The rate constant for this first order reaction is 0.0470s-1 at 400 C. A to products After how many secs will 11.0% of the reactant remain?
  96. british literature

    inverted word order, unclearpronouns,and variable spellings are characteristics of what type of english?
  97. Finance

    If a firm just paid a dividend equal to $4.00 a share, then for the WACC, in order to find the cost of equity, $4 should be
  98. AP Chem

    A first-order reaction has a rate constant of 0.547 min - 1. How long will it take a reactant concentration 0.14 M to decrease to 0.07 M? Not sure how to do this!
  99. Chemestry

    Express condense order of increasing energy as a string without blank between orbit Barium Element
  100. math

    In each of the following, order the decimals from greatest to least: a) 13.4919, 13.492, 13.49183, 13.49199 b) -1.453, -1.45, -1.4053, -1.493