1. social studies

    where did santa anna order the slaughtering of 350 men?
  2. Math (please help asap)

    Can someone help me? I'm not sure how to order these numbers least to greatest: 0.29,2/7, 25%, 0.2 Do I change them all to percents and try comparing them?
  3. math

    how do I arrange these fraction or mixed numbers in order from smallest to largest 1)5/6,5/7,-3/4,2/3,9/11,-3/7 and 2)2 1/2, -7/2,-2 1/3,2 4/5,2 3/8.
  4. science

    other than astronomy would astronomers have to study in order to discover black holes?
  5. math

    find equivalent fractions with a common denominator and order from least to greatest 3/7 ,1/9 ,2/3
  6. Math

    a. Evaluate the following. Remember to use the order of operation 16 ٪ (-2) • (-4) 23 + 4 b. Explain the steps taken
  7. Science

    order from the smallest to the largest: nucleus, molecule, atom, quark.
  8. MATH

  9. Math

    amount of $680.00 to be divided into 3 people in order of 1st, second and 3rd
  10. 4th grade

    what are the bodies of water (canada) please list them in the correct order.
  11. need help asap

    Which of the following is greater than 0.366? Put 0.367, 36.5%, and nine over twenty-five in order from least to greatest.
  12. math

    Insert symbols from order of operations to make the statements true: 14 2 5 5 = 10 2 8 9 5 = 34 40 8 7 3 =32
  13. Math

    Please help me Place each of the following sets in ascending order 3/7, - 6/7, 1/7, - 1/2,2/7 Perform the indicated operations (-9)(5) / -3 16/(-2)*(-4) / 2*2*2+4 4-(-3)+1 / 2-2divide(-2)
  14. math

    using your answer to the question above what is the net dollar amount of that rose order?
  15. Chemistry

    Predict the Order of increasing bond length for (i) H2(g) (ii) I2(g) (iii) F2(g) I don't know how I should know

  17. Chemistry

    Which of the following groups has the species listed correctly in order of increasing radius? 1. Mg +2, Ca +2, Ba +2 2. Fe, Fe +2, Fe +3 3. Na, Mg, Al 4. Br-, Cl-, F- 5. K+, Na+, Li+ Is it 1. Mg +2, Ca +2, Ba +2 ?
  18. chemistry

    when should the temperature be recorded for an experiment in order to determine the boiling point?
  19. math

    put these in order from least to greatest. 0.145,0.15,0.155,0.1 1/12,0.12,1/20,0.20,1/6,0.6,0.06,0.16 Can someone please help me somehow a tip would be more useful than the answer though
  20. Maths

    What is the least amount of fencing you would need in order to enclose an area of 72 square feet?
  21. Science

    a(n) ____ occurs during the design process when one benefit is given is given up in order to obtain another thanks
  22. Math

    Using your answer to the question above, what is the net dollar amount of that rose order?
  23. English

    How can I have a nice order of ideas in my paragraph so it doesn't ramble all over the place?
  24. Chemistry help please?

    order these highest PH to the lowest PH Ca(OH)2(aq) HCN(aq) NH3(aq) LIOH(aq) HCI(aq)
  25. math

    5^(-3) 4/7 √5 3/8 0.003 Order the numbers listed from least to greatest. (1 point)
  26. English

    How can I have a nice order of ideas in my paragraph so it doesn't ramble all over the place?
  27. Math

    .021, .845, 99/1000 write the numbers in order from least to greatest
  28. science

    write an equation relating the concentration of a reactant A at t=0 to that at t= t for a first order reaction.
  29. character education

    Which of the following is NOT a goal of an educated mind? order intellectual suppority 1
  30. computers

    I need a part order module for parallel array named OrderNums
  31. math

    find all possible values of x such that, when the five numbers x, 14, 11, 6, 17 are arranged in order, the mean is equal to the median
  32. Science

    What order of C-H bond lengths do you expect in c2h6,c2h4,c2h2?
  33. Physics

    What is the order of drift velocity of electron during the flow of current through the metal?
  34. Geometry

    Triangle LM has vertices K(3,2) L(-1,5) and M(-3,-7) Write the angles in order from the least to greatest measure
  35. Adult Development and Life Assessment

    In order to increase self-esteem, experts say you should
  36. Maths

    Change these fractions to twentieths and then arrange them in order of size, smallest first. 7/20 2/5 3/4 7/10
  37. math

    when 4 numbers b, b^2, b^3, and b^4 were arranged in order from smallest to largest, the result is b, b^3, b^4, and b^2. Which of the following is a possible value for b? The choices are: 1. 7/2 2. 11/6 3. 7/10 4. -2/5 5. -7/4
  38. Biomechanics

    What will be the vertical velocity at take off for a high jumper in order for them to clear a height of 2m?
  39. math

    the turkey must cook for 4 hours 45 minutes. at what must it be put into the oven in order to be done by 3:00 p.m.?
  40. Geometry

    Describe the information you need in order to calculate a segment length in a right triangle
  41. math

    what is the optimum order size that will minimze storage costs? y= 1.5x + (200000/ x)
  42. Math

    Order the numbers GREATEST to LEAST. 6.5, 31/5, √40, 6.6 My answer: 6.6, 6.5, √40, 31/5 (6.5 is a repeating decimal btw)
  43. Chemistry

    list in order from most ionic to most covalent kbr, Hcl, NaF, N2,
  44. reading

    What steps you would take in order to be a writer when you grow up? PLEASE HELP I DON'T KNOW WHO TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION
  45. math

    a(n) ____ occurs during the design process when one benefit is given is given up in order to obtain another thanks
  46. math

    find all possible values of x such that, when the five numbers x, 14, 11, 6, 17 are arranged in order, the mean is equal to the median
  47. Geometry

    list the sides in order from shortest to longest in angle ABC,with A=80 ,Q =3x+5 , and C =5x-1
  48. Basic Dressmaking Processes

    In order to produce a professional-looking garment, pressing should be done
  49. Math

    Place the following list in order from least to greatest. ¾,.77, square root of 3, and .7717
  50. math help plz

    explain whether or not,in a composition of two or more isometries,the order of applying them matters
  51. Geography

    What rivers in order will the Dallas Cowboys cross on their way to New York? Mississippi
  52. Algebra

    Please guide in solving the following. I need the steps to take...in order to solve other similar equations. 28-4y=0
  53. History

    How did nationalism threaten the existing political order of the nineteenth century?
  54. chemistry

    arrange the following subshells in order form lowest to highest energy: 4s 4p 4d 4f
  55. Math (Reimy)

    Yes i get it now thanks ALOT and no i don't play pool so i had no clue what the order would be.
  56. ELA

    what are some important characteristic in order to... 1..Succeed in school? 2..Get a job? 3..Get into college?
  57. math

    can you put the following nmbers in order form least to greatest? 17.11; 17.107; 17; 17.001
  58. Social studies

    Why did king george 111 order the proclamation of 1763
  59. Pre-Calc

    Eliminate the parameter x = abs(t-3) and y = t + 3...how do you undo the absolute value in order to get y=?
  60. Social studies

    Why did king george 111 order the proclamation of 1763
  61. social studies

    What is a government order forbidding trade with other countries called?
  62. help

    arrange in ascending order 7/22, 2/5, 10/24 what is the prime factorization of 87750 in exponent form
  63. Basic Dressmaking Processes

    In order to produce a professional- looking garment, pressing should be done?
  64. chem

    Arrange the atoms in order of increasing IE1. As, Sb, Sn a. Sb < As < Sn ANSWER is it correct b. Sb < Sn < As c. Sn < Sb < As d. As < Sb < Sn
  65. History

    How did nationalism threaten the existing political order of the nineteenth century?
  66. Astronomy

    How close to the sun Ganymede would have to be in order to hold water in its atmosphere. (in AU)
  67. Math

    A sixth number will be added to the list. What must it be in order for the mean to be 12? (Use algebraic equation to help)
  68. math

    Paul has grades of 73 and 86 on his first two tests. What must he score on his third test in order to have an average of at least 70?
  69. pharmacology

    Sodium Seconal capsules are labeled 100mg. How many will be administered if the order is for gr 1 1/2
  70. math

    In each of the following order the decimals from least to greatest. a. 24.9419, 24,.942, 24.94189, 24.94199
  71. Subjects

    What points, or grades averge in order to pass the 7th grade ??? i'm just asking so that way i can know
  72. l.a

    put the worlds in order trellis,treasure,trestle,treason,treble
  73. Math

    Record 7 digits (0-9) in ascending order that have a mean of 3 and a median of 1. Explain how to come up with the answer as well please and thank you.
  74. Chemistry

    What mass of octane must be burned in order to liberate 5410 kJ of heat?
  75. Math

    Record 7 digits (0-9) in ascending order that have an inter-quartile range of 4.
  76. computer application

    Algorithm to print all even numbers below hundred in the descending order
  77. eng

    in order to legally arrest someone an officer must satisfy what level of evidence
  78. fin/370

    What information is needed in order to prepare a cash budget
  79. Physics

    A 10 charge sits at a point in space where the magnitude of the electric field is 1900 .What will the magnitude of the field be if the 10 charge is replaced by a 20 charge?
  80. Pre Calc - Probability

    Let S = {2, 8, 14} be a sample space associated with an experiment. (a) List all events of this experiment. A) {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14}, {2, 8, 14} B) {2}, {8}, {14}, {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14} C) {2}, {8}, {14}, {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14}, {2, 8, D) 14} E)
  81. English

    I have to categorize a story into these categories, provided by my teacher - Tomorrow - Outer space - Other beings - Time travel - Special talents - Machines and mechanisms - Reproductive technology - The day after tomorrow The story is very obviously
  82. physics

    The space shuttle has a mass of 2.0 × 106 kg. At lift-off the engines generate an upward force of 30 × 106 N. a. What is the weight of the shuttle? b. What is the acceleration of the shuttle when launched? c. The average acceleration of the shuttle
  83. English Grammar

    Correct the incorrect verb form. Write the correct verb form in the space provided. Identify any sentence as correct. Bob speeded up his car when he saw the light turn yellow. would this be correct or would it be sped?
  84. Starting a day care center

    How do you come up with the starting cost, plus a budget for a new Day Care Center. How do you come up with a estimate of the monthyly expense for one year. Including the lease of office space supplies and other expenses if you have not open up the doors
  85. physics

    In a specific region of interstellar space the atomic composition of gaseous matter is 89.1% atomic hydrogen and 10.9% helium, the temperature is 27K and the pressure is 2.58x10^-15Pa. What is the density of matter in this region? What is the particle
  86. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me please? Thank you. 1 Puritans was the name given to the more (most?) extreme Protestants within the Church of England. 2)Charles I's reign was characterized by the continuous conflict with the Parliament.
  87. english

    Does the following make sense? In this study I will argue that prolonged exposure of social oppression and subjugation is the basis for Black women’s limited participation in society’s political structure. I will support my argument by providing a more
  88. chemistry

    Draw the three dimensional structure of hydrazine (H2N-NH2) and answer the following questions about what you have drawn. How would you describe the geometric arrangement of electron domains around each nitrogen? linear trigonal planar tetrahedral trigonal
  89. Calculus

    Suppose that represents the temperature of a cup of coffee set out in a room, where T is expressed in degrees Fahrenheit and t in minutes. A physical principle known as Newton’s Law of Cooling tells us that dT/dt = -1/15T+5 15T + 5. a) Supposes that T(0)
  90. science

    Define deductive reasoning. using general theories or principals to make predictions about more specific situations using specific observations in order to come to more general conclusions using specific observations in order to come to specific
  91. English

    Here are some sentences on Shakespeare I'd like you to check. Thank you. 1)It is difficult to date Shakespeare's plays because only half of them were printed during his lifetime. Three kinds of evidence are used (?) to date his plays. 2) The most valuable
  92. English 1

    1.Writers often communicate their themes by building clues into the story. Choose one story from Collection 4 and show how the author uses characterization, title choice, and key passages to develop the theme of the story. Use examples from the story,
  93. Chemistry

    Which of the following is true regarding the structure of atoms? A. The amount of charge on a proton is greater than the amount of charge on an electron. B. Isotopes of an element differ in the number of protons in the nucleus. C. The mass of each electron
  94. Chemistry

    I have a diagram that I have to identify for homework. The structure shows an "R" connected with single bond to carbon(in the middle)-which in turn is connected to OH with single bond.-The carbon in the middle has a double bond with Oxygen on the top. The
  95. economics

    A Aircraft company's capital structure is made up of 40% debt and 60% common equity (both at market values). The interest rate on bonds similar to those issued by the company is 8%. The cost of equity is estimated to be 15%. The income tax rate is 40%. The
  96. English

    Which of the following choices is a good strategy for reviewing a first draft? a.check it closely for spelling errors b.think about who will read it and why c.read it out loudly d.post it on the internet e.none of the above I know that a,b,and d are just
  97. problem solving

    for a parallel structure of identical components, the system can succeed if at least 1 of the components succeeds. Assume that components fail independently of each other and that each component has a 0.19 probability of failure. A) unusual to see 1
  98. chemistry

    the number of nonbonding electrons exceeds the number of bonding electrons in the Lewis structure of which of the following molecules? HCN NH3 H2O more than one correct response no correct response if more than one correct response please show all correct
  99. Finance

    You were hired as a consultant to ABC Company, whose target capital structure is 40% debt, 15% preferred, and 45% common equity. The before-tax cost of debt is 8.00%, the cost of preferred is 7.50%, and the cost of common is 12.75%. What is its WACC if the
  100. CHEM

    if you were to draw a Lewis dot structure for HOCl...would it be H:Cl:O: (with double dots above & below the Oxygen & Chlorine) or would it be: H:O:Cl: (same thing for the double dots being above & below the Cl & O? Basically...is Oxygen the central atom