1. science

    Three very small spheres of mass 3.00 kg, 5.00 kg, and 3.00 kg are located on a straight line in space away from everything else. The first one is at a point between the other two, 13.0 cm to the right of the second and 24.0 cm to the left of the third.
  2. Science

    I'm trying to figure out the ratio of floor to window space needed for passive solar heating...some sources say windows should be equivalent to 8% of the floorspace, others 80%? What do you think is the most realistic?
  3. Math/Statistics

    Suppose that A and B are events defined on a common sample space and that the following probabilities are known. Find P(A or B). (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) P(A) = 0.32, P(B) = 0.36, P(A | B) = 0.24
  4. Physics

    Two identical particles, each of mass 1400 kg, are coasting in free space along the same path. At one instant their separation is 30.0 m and each has precisely the same velocity of 820 m/s. What are their velocities when they are 4.00 m apart?
  5. Math

    How many tiles of length 8cm breath 5cm are needed to tile a floor of dining space which is 400 cm long and 300 cm wide
  6. Intro to Computers

    In computing, a single byte represents a. one unit of disk space b. a pixel on the monitor c. an on or off electronic switch d. a character of data
  7. Maths

    How much air space is contained inside a rectangular cardboard box that has the dimensions 85 cm by 62 cm by 36 cm. Answer using cubic metres correct to two decimal places.
  8. MATH Prob.

    A box contains 13 white cards numbered 1 through13. List the sample space of the event choosing one card with a number greater than 6.
  9. physics

    The earth's atmosphere extends to a height of nearby 200KM above its surface there many be explosion and noises taking place in the outer space but we do not hear them.why?
  10. diffirential calculus

    two points are moving horizontally in space at different heights above the earth. show that the angle of elevation of the line joining them is greater when the distance between them is least.
  11. business

    • The acquisition cost is $35,000 paid at the time of installation. • It reduces the wait staff by one person: Figure $10 per hour, or 2020 hours per year + 18% benefits. • Money costs are 7% • The system may become obsolete in three years. a.
  12. Calculus

    A spider is descending vertically at a rate of 0.5 cm/sec. A lizard sits patiently on the ground at a spot 15 cm feet from the shadow of the spider (assume the shadow is directly below the spider). At what rate is the spider’s angle of elevation, θ,
  13. science

    The Australian grass tree, from the genus Xanthorrhoea in the lily family, grows to a height of about 4.5 m, bears long narrow leaves in a tuft at the top of the trunk, and produces yellow or white flowers in a spike above the leaves. A yellow-flowered
  14. computers - Programming

    Create a program that uses two parallel one-dimensional arrays. The program displays a shipping charge that is based on the number of items ordered by a customer. The shipping charge scale is shown in Figure 1 below. Store the maximum order amounts in a
  15. Language

    a) a song of praise _ _mn b) upright structure; pillar _ _ _ _mn c) convict; find guilty _ _ _ _ _mn
  16. Math (Calculus)

    The function f(x)=-2x^3+10.2x^2+202.275x+0.87 is increasing on the open interval (?,?). It is decreasing on the open interval (-oo,?) and the open interval (?,+oo) The function has a local maximum at ? I used derivative -6x^2+20.4x+202.275 and find the
  17. Calculus

    The voltage,V, in an electrical unit is related to the current,I, and the resistance,R, by the equation V=IR. The current is decreasing at -4amps/sec as the resistance increases at 20ohms/sec. How fast is the voltage changing when the voltage is 100 volts
  18. Chemstry

    What is the structure of N4O, where the 3 nitrogen bonds have different bond lengths and the N=O bond is a double bond. I just don't get it
  19. science - atoms and bonds

    #1) Draw the following ions using a Bohr diagram: b)oxygen: i got [oxygen:2)8)]-2 (the -2 is an exponent) but the answer said [oxygen: 2)8)8)]-2...is this right? d)fluorine: i got [fluorine:2)8)]-1 and the book says [fluorine: 2)8)8)]-1..again, is the book
  20. science

    a fan uses 150j of mechanical energy, 20j of heat and 75j of sound energy a) what is the total input energy b) what is the total useful output energy c)what is the total wasted energy d) what is the energy efficiency e) what percent of the energy was
  21. Math

    Two parallel resistors have resistances R1 and R2. If the total resistance is R, then 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2. R1 is increasing at 0.04 ohm/sec,and R2 is decreasing at 0.03 ohm/sec. How fast is the total resistance changing at the moment that R1 is 3 ohms and R2
  22. Algebra

    1. You have recently found a location for your bakery and have begun implementing the first phases of your business plan. Your budget consists of an $80,000 loan from your family and a $38,250 small business loan. These loans must be repaid in full within
  23. Biology

    What kind of chemical bond is involved in forming the primary structure of a protein? What type of bond is a peptide bond?
  24. his 135

    Describe the social structure and lifestyles of the 1960’s Counterculture. How did the Vietnam War influence the Counterculture? Do you think there is a counterculture today?
  25. HISTORY135

    Describe the social structure and lifestyles of the 1960's Counterculture. How did the Vietnam War influence the Counterculture? Do you think there is a Counterculture today?
  26. history

    Describe the social structure and lifestyles of the 1960s Counterculture. How did the Vietnam War influence the Counterculture? Is there a counterculture today?
  27. SCIENCE!!!

    Explain how each of the following cell's structure is related to it's function Red blood cell- Nerve cel- Musle cell-
  28. help Fast ( physics)

    a 0.5 m^2 solar collector radiation from the sun and focuses it on 250g of water that is inially at 23 degrees . the average intensity of radiation arriving from the sun at this location is 550 Wm^-2. if you assume that this is collected with 100%
  29. thermodynamic

    an engine operates on the carnot cycle between the temperature limits of 250c and 50c. the pressure and the volume at the start of the isothermal expansion are 6 bar and 0.1 m^3 respectively. pressure after isothermal expansion is 3 bar. assume
  30. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in solution and in the presence of iodide ion was studied in laboratory, and the following mechanism proposed based on the experimental data. H2O2 + I - = H2O + IO - (slow) H2O2 + IO - = H2O + O2 + I - (fast) Which
  31. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in solution and in the presence of iodide ion was studied in laboratory, and the following mechanism proposed based on the experimental data. H2O2 + I - = H2O + IO - (slow) H2O2 + IO - = H2O + O2 + I - (fast) Which
  32. Macro economics

    5. The problem of determining what goods and services society should produce: A.exists because we can produce more than we need or want. B.exists because there are not enough resources to provide all the goods and services that people want to purchase.
  33. Physics

    A mechanic uses a chain and block to lift a 875-kg engine 4.00 m to the top of the garage. The downward force in the chain over the 4.00 m distance is 5.00 x 10^4 N. A) Calculate the work done in raising the motor B) How much useful work was done? C) What
  34. Physics

    a shaft rotation @ 800 rpm delivers a torque of 240 N.m to an output shaft that is rotating @ 200 rpm. a. if the efficiency of the machine is 70%, compute the output torque b, what is the output power e=Po/Pi .7=x/240 N.m = 168 N.m this is not the answer
  35. Clac- math

    a 20 foot ladder leaning up against a vertical wall begins to slip. the base of the ladder makes an acute angle with the floor. when the angle equals 60 degrees the angle is decreasing at 0.1 radians/second. find the rate at which the height of th upper
  36. calc 3

    The length script l, width w, and height h of a box change with time. At a certain instant the dimensions are script l = 7 m and w = h = 5 m, and script l and w are increasing at a rate of 6 m/s while h is decreasing at a rate of 4 m/s. At that instant
  37. science

    how do the words matter, element, atom, crystal, compound, and molucle relate? Matter is composed of elements which are composed of atoms and molecules and these combine to form compounds that may be crystalline. why do leaves turn water a differnt color
  38. math

    Put these rational numbers in order: 3(squared), 1 3/2, 2.2, -2 Put these rational numbers in order: 3/8, 1/4, 7/8
  39. physics

    A force of 200N is needed to push a 500N object up the inclined plane pictured below. Determine the force in, the force out, the distance in, the distance out, the work in, the work out, the mechanical advantage, the therotical mechanical advantage, and
  40. English 4

    Parallel structure is the A. use of lines that are all more or less the same length. B. dispersal of thematic elements evenly throughout a work. C. balanced arrangement of stanzas in the sections of a narrative poem. D. use of repeated words, phrases, or
  41. Sociology

    the variable that sociologists exphasize the most as being the determining motivation for our thinking and behavior? A. Random chance events B. Natural born in instincts C. Inherited genetic structure D. ones society and social location My answer is D is
  42. English

    I need help putting my thesis into "parallel grammatical structure". Children should be limited on the amount of television they watch because not only is it filled with bad influences but it causes them behavior problems, and ultimately puts their health
  43. mgt

    help explain how organizational design like geographical, functional, customer-based, product, service, hybird, matrix, marketing channel helps determine which structure best suits target stores organizations needs.
  44. english

    Winds stampeding the feilds under the window . Floundering back astride and blinding wet. Till day rose; then under an orange sky. ~ comment on the poets use of sentance structure i have no idea how to answer this could you please help me ?
  45. English

    I am having a hard time understanding passive voice? Could someone please help? Which sentence below is passive voice? 1. She served the customer the food. 2. The food was served to the customer. 3. The customer asked to change the order. 4. The server too
  46. Chemistry

    Deterioration of buildings, bridges, and other structures through the rusting of iron costs millions of dollars everyday. Although the actual process also requires water, a simplified equation (with rust shown as iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3) is: 4Fe(s)+3O2(g)
  47. IB Chemistry

    Which statements are correct for an endothermic reaction? I. The system absorbs heat. II. The enthalpy change is positive. III. The bond enthalpy total for the reactants is greater than for the products. A. I and II only B. I and III only C. II and III
  48. Calculus

    Let F(x)=int from 0 to x of (t-3)/(t^2+7) dt for -infinity <x< infinity. a. Find the value of x where F attains its minimum value. b. find the intervals over which F is only increasing or only decreasing. c. Find open intervals over which F is only
  49. Astronomy

    Consider dropping a Professor with an estimated mass of 80 kg from a safe, large distance, onto a SMBH with a mass of 10^7M⊙. The Prof makes an impact at the Schwarzschild radius, whereby he converts all of the gained kinetic energy into radiation
  50. chemistry

    what does the structure of 2-ethyl- 3-methyl-4-ethyl -heptane look like? IS a correct name for it 5-ethyl- , 3,4- dimethyl -octane?
  51. Biology

    Functions Store information Copy information Transmit information What is the structure of each molecule
  52. Chemistry

    In the condensed structure CH3CH2CHCH double bonded to CHCH(CH3)2 ! CH3 What does it mean when the CH3 is in () followed by the 2?
  53. math

    an element has a BCC structure with cell edge of 288pm. the density of the element is 7.2g/cm3. how many atom are present in 208g of the element?
  54. Math

    The population of a city has been decreasing exponentially since 1990. In 1990, the population was 1,000,000. In 2010, the population was 560,000. If t represents time in years since 1990, which of the following equations best models the decay of the
  55. physics

    What kind of motion does a constant, non zero torgue produce on an object mounted on an axle: choices constant rotational speed, constant rotational acceleration, increasing rotational acceleration or decreasing rotational acceleration.
  56. Organic Chemistry

    Suggest structures for C10H14O; C10H16; C10H18; C10H16O3; C10H16O2 ; C12H22O2 in the following reaction schema: The UV/Visible spectrum for C10H14O exhibits a at 244 nm C10H16 + hot KMnO4 + H2SO4 → C10H16O3 C10H16O3 + Zn(Hg)/conc HCl → C10H18O2
  57. 4 Calculus Related-Rates Problems

    1. How fast does the radius of a spherical soap bubble change when you blow air into it at the rate of 15 cubic centimeters per second? Our known rate is dV/dt, the change in volume with respect to time, which is 15 cubic centimeters per second. The rate
  58. English

    Can you please check the following sentences, please. It's really urgent. 1) Following what Joyce had already done in England and Proust in France, and what, in some way, Sterne had attempted as early as two centuries before, Virginia Woolf therefore
  59. Chemistry(Please check answers)

    1) The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in solution and in the presence of iodide ion was studied in laboratory, and the following mechanism proposed based on the experimental data. H2O2 + I - = H2O + IO - (slow) H2O2 + IO - = H2O + O2 + I - (fast) Which
  60. Math

    In a class book order,2/3 of the books are fantasy and 1/4 of the books are biography.If the order contains 60 books,hoe many books are either fantasy or biography?
  61. polarity

    hexane acetone water methanol -order from most to least polar... ~water/methanol, acetone, and hexane.. I can't decide which order does the 3 first go in... Help please...

    The following table illustrates the points a student can earn on examinations in economics and biology if the student uses all available hours for study. Economics Biology 100 40 90 50 80 60 70 70 60 80 50 90 40 100 Plot this student’s production
  63. physics

    A mass of 0.04 kg is attached to a cord passing through a small hole in a frictionless, horizontal surface. The mass is initially orbiting with speed 4.9 m/s in a circle of radius 0.4 m. The cord is then slowly pulled from below, decreasing the radius of
  64. physic

    In order to qualify for the finals in an race, a runner must achieve an average speed of 5.24 m/s for the entire mile race. If she runs at a constant speed of 4.63 m/s for the first half of the 1609 meter race, what constant speed must she maintain for the
  65. physics

    Just like the efficiency can be used to tell how 'good' an engine is, the Coefficient of Performance can be used to compare refrigerators. If a refrigerator requires 1.21×104 J of work to remove 3.23×104 J of energy from the inside of a refrigerator,
  66. Laws of Physics

    A block and tackle has a velocity of 6 and it is being used to raise a mass of 68 newtons through 3 meters. The efficiency is 60% Calculate the amount of energy needed to lift the mass through 3 meters and calculate the amount of energy that was put into
  67. human services

    A budget systems model is the foundation from which budgeting systems can be used to evaluate the success of an agency or company. How are performance budgeting systems used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a human service agency? Why is
  68. Fitness Topics

    When you massage an exercised muscle, you help to A. increase the efficiency for the removal of wastes. B. decrease the amount of oxygen moving to the muscle. C. decrease the amount of blood moving to the muscle. D. increase its lifting capacity. im going
  69. Water Treatment

    Minimum oxygen concentration should be 7.6 mg/l, concentration in raw water is 0 mg/l and you can assume a saturation concentration of 10 mg/l. Calculate the total efficiency of oxygen addition, the number of cascade steps and the total height of the
  70. Finance

    Evans Technology has the following capital structure. Debt ............................................ 40% Common equity .......................... 60 The aftertax cost of debt is 6 percent, and the cost of common equity (in the form of retained earnings)
  71. economics

    Clearly explain the different market structure and how they determine the degree of competition among firms and how they maximise profits in the short run and long run Cite the source within the text and bibliography
  72. Science

    We determine the structure of the Earth's core using ? deep mine shafts. satellite imaging. radar and sonar. seismic wave data. magnetic resonance imaging.
  73. design of rc structure

    Design a circular overhead water tank of 200 kL capacity overa staging of 25 m.Assume suitable propertions and prepare detailed structural drawings.
  74. Organic cChemistry

    For each pair of molecules or ions, select the stronger base and write its lewis structure a) CH3S- or CH3O- b) CH3NH- or CH3O- c) CH3COO- or OH- d) CH3CH2O- or H- e) NH3 or OH- I would really appreciate the help!
  75. Chemistry

    If I am given a molecular hydrocarbon structure, how would I be able to tell how sp3 hybridized carbons it possesses? Like my current question asks How many sp3-hydridized carbon atoms does 11-cis-retinal possess?
  76. Science

    What is the structure that directs chromosome movement during mitosis and aids in the formation of the microtubule scaffolding that pulls on the chromosomes? a. Centrosome (maybe) b. Nucleosome (don't think so) c. Spindle (maybe) d. Cytokinesis(don't think
  77. English- Sentence Structure

    There are many potential elements that need to be considered before the main root to war being beneficial is found. I wrote this sentence is there another way to re-word it so it can sound stronger (using the same basic idea that I had)
  78. biology

    Briefly describe the structure and function of three different cellular systems that combine proteins along with necessary RNAs to catalyze covalent bond formation and/or hydrolysis reactions (i.e., function as ribozymes)?
  79. Chemistry

    Gold crystallizes in a face centered cubic structure. Using only a periodic table for refrence, determine the edge length of a gold unit cell. Show all Work.
  80. English

    How can I rewrite this sentence using parallel structure? The stirring closing paragraph is the formal pronouncement of independence and borrowed from the resolution of independence adopted by congress July 2, 1776.

    I can't figure out how to draw the structure of beta-valerolactone. Since it's beta I thought it would have a four mem-ring but when I do this I keep getting it wrong. It says the 5 carbons are supposed to be arranged in a linear chain, help please!
  82. geology

    We determine the structure of the Earth's core using: a)deep mine shafts b)satellite imaging c)radar and sonar d)seismic wave data e)magnetic resonance imaging
  83. Chemistry

    How would I go about creating a Lewis Dot structure for the Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Hydroxide? I know how to do it for any compound with two elements such as SF5, but I don't know how to approach it when there's a polyatomic ion involved and there
  84. calculus

    Bacterial Population: A bacterial colony is estimated to have a population of P(t)=(24t+10)/(t^2+1) Million t hours after the introduction or a toxin. At what rate is the population changing in 1 hour after the toxin is introduced (t=1)? Is the population
  85. Math Word Problems

    Citydog Screen Printers received two orders for a t-shirt designed for a math symposium. The first order was for 40 shirts at a total cost of $295 and the second order was for an additional 80 shirts at a total cost of $565. Each order included a shipping
  86. physics

    A certain elevator car has mass 2200 kg and is lifted by cables driven by an electric motor. The efficiency of the lift system (motor, pulleys, cable, etc.) is 67.0%. As the elevator car moves at constant speed of 3.0 m/s it encounters 220N of friction
  87. Physics

    As an environmentally friendly idea, some have proposed using the temperature gradient of the ocean to generate electricity. This system would use the temperature gradient between the surface of the ocean (at about 200 C) and the water temperature at a
  88. physics

    As an environmentally friendly idea, some have proposed using the temperature gradient of the ocean to generate electricity. This system would use the temperature gradient between the surface of the ocean (at about 200 C) and the water temperature at a
  89. help help 9 physics) i need an aswer fast!

    a 0.5 m^2 solar collector radiation from the sun and focuses it on 250g of water that is inially at 23 degrees . the average intensity of radiation arriving from the sun at this location is 550 Wm^-2. if you assume that this is collected with 100%
  90. organic chemistry

    I really need help with this question. It is located at the link below. Question #2. I understand the general reaction but I need help with the actual mechanism. Olopatadine is a drug used topically to treat the itching associated with conjuctivitis It is
  91. law

    Ron supervises delivery of flowers for a wholesale distributor of fresh flowers, Flowers. Inc. In order to accommodate one of the company’s best customers, Ron offers to immediately rush a delivery of fresh peonies. All of the delivery trucks are
  92. Chemistry(Please check)

    The units of a rate constant for zero, first, and second order reactions are given in the textbook. If the time units are minutes, what would you expect the units to be for a third order reaction? 1) 1/min^3 2) mol^2/L^2-min 3) L/mol-min^2 4) L^2/mol^2-min
  93. chemistry

    Nitrogen monoxide reacts with hydrogen gas to form nitrogen gas and water (vapor). Write a balanced equation for this reaction. the reaction is experimentally found to be (approximately) first-order in H2 and second-order in NO. Write down the form of the
  94. Physics - Hydrogen discharge tube

    a) Describe the emission spectrum of a hydrogen discharge tube b) Explain why different color lines appeared in different position in the spectrum. Use a suitable atomic model to help construct your answer. c) Explain how do you decide if the lines
  95. aadvanced functions HELP!

    the population of a town is decreasing at a rate of 1.8% per year. The current population of the own in 12000. a)write and equation that models the population of the town b)how long will it take for the population to decline to one quarter of its current
  96. Technology

    Which of the following information is most important to include in a timeline? a. title, subtitle, images, captions, arrows b. dates in order, titles, arrows, lines c. title, description of timeline, dates in order, events•• d. time periods, lines,
  97. calculus

    Let V be the volume of the 3-dimensional structure bounded by the paraboloid z=1−x^2−y^2, planes x=0, y=0 and z=0 and by the cylinder x^2+y^2−x=0. If V=aπ/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers, what is the value of a+b?
  98. Science

    A dicot seed is preferred over a monocot seed to observe seed structure because? a.Distinct embryonic axis or b.Proper sepration of cotyldeons
  99. history

    Describe the social structure and lifestyles of the 1960s Counterculture. How did the Vietnam War influence the Counterculture? Do you think there is a counterculture today? Explain your answer.
  100. earth science

    What are two lines of evidence that indicate that earth is rotating? What is the motion of the stars at night? What does the Sun do in the day? i want to seach features of the earth in its inner structure