1. world geography

    which statement about fishing in russia is true? a. russia's salmon catch is decreasing b. all of the fishing industry depends on surgeon c. fishing is important to the economy despite polluted waterways d. russia's fishing exports double every year
  2. algebra 1

    The Question Writing Commitee consists of seven volunteers from around the country who are amazingly dedicated to the Mathcounts program. This past weekend, was the last meeting for this particular group of question writers. Before the meeting, they are
  3. Psychology

    Dr. Lange is a developmental psychologist. He specialized in cognitive development during the period of infancy. Like most psychologists who focus on specific periods of development, his studies: A. emphasize the chemical changes in the synaptic gap. B.
  4. Psychology

    Dr. Lange is a developmental psychologist. He specializes in cognitive development during the period of infancy. Like most psychologists who focus on specific periods of development, his studies: a. emphasize the chemical changes in the synaptic gap. b.
  5. Melting point

    Do you have any idea what the melting points and range might be for a 50/50 mixture of: 1. Benzoin (M.P.: 135-136) and succinimide M.P.: 121-123 and 2. Benzoic acid M.P.: 121-122 and succinimide M.P.: 122-124 I'm doing a lab with really laughable melting
  6. Social Studies

    "Spreading light...without taking part in the affairs of the world...seeing as a trap...all expantion into Africa or the Orient-for a great nation to live this way, believe me, is...in less time than you may think, to sink from the first rank to the third
  7. english

    At the foot of these fairy mountains the voyager may have descried the light smoke curling up from a village whose shingle roofs gleam among the trees, just where the blue tints of the upland melt away into the fresh green of the nearer landscape. It is a
  8. Calculus

    f(x) = 6(cos(x))^2 - 12sin(x) 0 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 2(PI) I have to find where the interval is increasing, decreasing, local mins and maxs, inflection points, and concave up and down. I understand how to do these type of problems. I am just getting messed up with
  9. Zoology Question

    Hi everyone, Our class is studying moogles and I was hoping that you could help me find some research materials to help me answer this week's take-home quiz questions. Here are the questions I am having difficulty with... 1) Identify the three common
  10. physics

    How many grams of carbohydrate does a person of mass 75 kg need to metabolize to climb five flights of stairs (15 m height increase)? Each gram of carbohydrate provides 17.6 kJ of energy. Assume 10.0% efficiency—that is, 10.0% of the available chemical
  11. calculus

    f(x)= x^3/x^2-16 defined on the interval [-19,16]. Enter points, such as inflection points in ascending order, i.e. smallest x values first. Enter intervals in ascending order also. What are F(x) TWO vertical asympototes? F(x)is concave up on the region
  12. ELA (English)

    And yet, Linenger recovered quickly. in fact, almost two dozen astronauts have lived in space for more than six months, and four have stayed in orbit for more than a year. These men and women faced the discomfort of weightlessness and overcame them and
  13. chemistry

    Molten Al2O3 is reduced by electrolysis at low potentials and high currents. If 1.5 x 10^4 amperes of current is passed through molten Al2O3 for 8.0 hours, what mass of Al is produced? Assume 100% current efficiency? Mdep = ([1.5 x 10^ x 28800s ]/ 96500) x
  14. physics

    A power station with an efficiency of 0.35 generates 10^8 W of electric power and dissipates 1.86 ✕ 10^8 W of thermal energy to the cooling water that flows through it. Knowing the specific heat of water in SI units is 4184 J/kg°C, calculate how
  15. Math

    we need to fence off a rectangular section of land in order to make some huge play pens. All four sides will be fenced and there will also be 2 parallel fence lines inside the perimeter in order to make 3 identical fields. If we have 2600 meters of
  16. World History

    To begin, complete the chart below by organizing different social and economic classes of people in the Middle Ages. Arrange the following groups in the proper order according to their place in society: serfs, nobles, clergy, merchants, monarchs, artisans,
  17. Calculus please help me

    f(x) = \frac{ x^3 }{ x^2 - 25 } defined on the interval [ -18, 18 ]. Enter points, such as inflection points in ascending order, i.e. smallest x values first. Enter intervals in ascending order also. The function f(x) has vertical asympototes at (? )and
  18. algebra

    You are planning an ornamental garden that has a total area of 200 square feet. There are two sizes of ornamental plants you have chosen for your garden. Each small plant requires 2.5 square feet of space and each large plant requires 8 square feet of
  19. AP Chem

    An aqueous solution contains 4.50 g of calcium chloride, CaCl2, per liter. What is the molarity of CaCl2? When calcium chloride dissolves in water, the calcium ions, Ca^+2, and chloride ions, Cl^-, in the crystal go into the solution. What is the molar
  20. 7th grade science ASAP

    1. How many chromosomes do human sex cells have? (1 point) 22 43 46 23 2. The actual genetic makeup of an organism for a particular trait is called the ______. The physical characteristic that trait gives the organisms is called the ______. (1 point)
  21. comp.sci-python

    For this option, first ask the user what the maximum number of columns for printing will be. ("How wide should the output be?") Next, the user will enter in a paragraph of text. They may enter it in as many lines as they'd like, and the only way you know
  22. science

    An electron is moving in one dimension (x)subject to the periodic boundary conditions that the wave function reproduces itself after a length L(L is large_ a)add a perturbation V(x)=ecos qx where qL=2piN (N is large integer) recalculate the energy levels
  23. english

    Fix the underlined part in the sentence. This was an important question to Americans in the eighteen century. When they were ruled by Great Britain, and it is an important question today when countries find themselves controlled by more powerful outsiders.
  24. Biology

    When elongated, tube-shaped cells from the lining of the intestine are treated with a certain chemical, the cells sag and become round blobs. The internal structures disrupted by this chemical are probably _____. A. cell junctions B. microtubules C. rough
  25. Agosec Ghana

    a machine was used to lift a load of 30N through a distance of 2metres. the effort applied was 10N through a distance of 8metres. calculate the. A) mechanical advantage B) work input of the machine C) work output of the machine D) the efficiency of the
  26. Physics

    The record time for a Tour de France cyclist to ascend the famed 1100-m-high Alpe d'Huez was 37.5 min, set by Marco Pantani in 1997. Pantani and his bike had a mass of 65 kg. Assume the body works with 25 % efficiency. A)How many Calories did he expend
  27. Physics

    The useful power output of Bryan Allen, who flew a human-powered airplane across the English Channel on June 12th, 1979, was about 350 W. The propellor of the airplane was driven by the pilot's legs, using a bicycle-tyoed mechanism. Using the efficiency
  28. Shalee ^~^

    1) Which of the following statements about the sun's structure is true? The sun has a solid surface The sun has an interior and an atmosphere The sun's interior is similar to the Earth's; it has a core, mantle, and crust*** The sun's outermost layer is
  29. Science

    1) Which of the following statements about the sun's structure is true? The sun has a solid surface The sun has an interior and an atmosphere The sun's interior is similar to the Earth's; it has a core, mantle, and crust*** The sun's outermost layer is
  30. Science

    Hi, I asked this question earlier, but didn't get any replies. If anybody could help, it would be extremely appreciated! A 225 kg box is loaded onto a truck by pulling it up an inclined plane (10 m hypotenuse difference) by a force that is parallel to the
  31. chemistry

    Identify the true statement(s) regarding the entropy of chemical substances. a. All pure substances have a positive entropy at room temperature. b. The dissolution of an ionic salt in water usually leads to an increase in entropy of the system (salt +
  32. science

    Suppose an ideal car jack has an input work 2750 J. It lifts a car 0.35 meters in 8 seconds. a. What is the output work of the jack? b. How much power is required to lift the car? c. What is the efficiency of the jack?
  33. Physics

    A wind turbine has blades that sweep an area of 2000m2. It converts the power available in the wind to electrical power with an efficiency of 50%. What is the electrical power generated if the wind speed is 10ms–1? (The density of air is 1.3 kg m–3.)
  34. English

    Playing the dice game, have a conversation about what you must do and what you must not do at each place. After that write down the rules as in the example. You should work in pairs. One should roll the dice and according to the number on the dice, he
  35. math

    A spring is attached to the ceiling and pulled 6 cm down from equilibrium and released. After 4 seconds the amplitude has decreased to 3 cm. The spring oscillates 15 times each second. Assume that the amplitude is decreasing exponentially. Find an equation
  36. Caculas

    (Airplane & Radar) An airplane is flying (horizontally) at the height of 6 km on a flight path that will take it directly over a radar tracking station (on ground). If the distance D between the plane and the radar is decreasing at a rate of 300 km/hr,
  37. Physic II

    a carnot heat engine operates between reservoirs at 550K and 300K, discarding 1500J of heat in each cycle. A) What is the engine's efficiency? B) How much heat is supplied to the engine by the hot reservoir in each cycle?
  38. Langauge

    Underline the complete compound predicate. Circle the verbs.. 1/ Millworkers peel logs or cut boards. Complete pradicate: peel logs or cut boards. Verb: peel 2/ truckers load the boards and deliver them. C.p: load the board and deliver them. V.: load 3/
  39. English

    Thank you very much. Could you check these sentences about the interior monologue. 1) The American psychologist William James coined the phrase “stream of consciousness” to define the continuous flow of thoughts and sensations that characterize the
  40. Chemistry

    Elements that tend to lose electrons to acieve the electron dot structure of noble gases below them in atomic number on the periodic table are known as metals?
  41. science-chemistry

    Predict and draw the structure of the product of the reaction of the following substrates with the given reducing agent. 2-hexanone mixed with hexanoic acid with (i) NaBH4 (ii) LiAlH4
  42. English Composition

    I am having difficulty writing my essay with collective thoughts that aren't so jumbbled as to the: thesis statement keeping the structure; introduction, body and conclusion.
  43. literature

    compare and contrast the structure and literary elements of Abigail Adams' letter to her daughter with Jean de Crevacoeur's essay from "letters from an american farmer."
  44. human resouces

    above all, an appropriate organizational structure help to A manage competitors. B prevent behavioral issues among employees c eliminate unethical scandals. D. foster good performance

    Is anyone can help me to create some idea to get the good answers.so that I will know.thanks questions. 1. What is the use of audience in rehearsing public speaking? 2. Author mentioned “structure of the Group” in effective speech, what do you mean by
  46. chemistry

    Based on their molecular structure, how can you figure out which is stronger between two oxyacids? Our textbook is really vague. I thought it had to do with which had more oxygen but one of the question compares CH3COOH and CCl3COOH so now I'm lost again.
  47. US History

    Can I get some links to help me write an essay on this? Thanks 'Compare the colonial empires of Spain, France, and England in terms of their settlements, economic structure, and political control.' -MC
  48. social studies

    I need help with a question and that questions is compare the colonial empores of spain, france and England in terms of their settlements, economic structure and political control.
  49. Philosophy

    How might Hobbes argue that from the time of reformation (1517), with decline in the power of the pope, to WW1 no sufficient structure existed to support the Just War Theory?
  50. American Literature

    Compare and contrast the structure and use of figurative language in the two poems “Harlem” by Langston Hughes and “We Wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  51. Literature

    I don't understand what complication means in terms of plot structure. I mean..how does an event complicates a conflict? Please give examples. It would be ideal if the example is related to Hamlet..
  52. social studies

    identify and describe at least two ways you can structure and design the classroom environment to enhance anti-bias education and culturally relevant learning
  53. Grade 12 Biology

    If a life-form has six different bases-ABCDEFG. the percentage composition of A,B and C is same as EFG. Hypothesis the structure of the nucleic acid. I TRIED the search engine but didn't help, please help!
  54. Biology

    Yogurt contains fats, cholesterols, carbohydrates(fibre, sugar and starch) and protein. For each of the nutrients that this food contains: Explain how the molecule's structure fits it function?
  55. english

    How do I fix this sentence to create parallel structure? The university is one of the largest employers in the community, bring in substantial business, and the cultural impact is also big.
  56. living enviornment

    What structure is involved in carrying out each of the following life activities in the paramecium: A.INGESTION- B.DIGESTION- C.TRANSPORT- D.EXCRETION- E.WATER BALANCE- F.LOCOMOTION- G.REPRODUCTION- PLEASE HELP ME OUT
  57. Modifiers and Parallel Structure

    What is the correct version in writing this sentence? The man is standing behind the woman and pulls on her short, blonde hair tilting her face up.
  58. Law

    Hi beautiful people Is there any specific way for a conclusion to be written for a Legal essay? I know the introduction and structure of points are slightly varied and I'd just like to know if there are any pointers on conclusions. Thanks a heap Em
  59. Chemistry (please check)

    1)Which of the following compounds has the largest lattice energy: LiF LiCl NaF NaCl 2)Which of the following compounds has the most ionic character in its bonding: CaBr2 GeBr4 KBr GaBr3 3)Using the electronegativity table on page 364 of your text, which
  60. C++ programming computer

    I'm having some trouble trying to program these problems and putting them into the main function. Please help me by giving some advice or website that offer good information for me. The questions are below here: 1. Write a function that accepts a string of
  61. physics

    A boy is pushing his sled up a snowy slope. The sled has a mass of 20.4 kg and weighs 200 N. The boy pushes with a constant force of 75 N. The sled travels a distance of 10 m and gains 3 m in height. When the sled reaches the top, it is traveling 2 m/s.
  62. English

    Hello. Thank you very much for the previous answer. Please help me with one more question. Which word order is better: "Chinese state-run companies" or "state-run Chinese companies"? I haven't found any precise rules, so maybe the word order here doesn't
  63. Chemistry

    At a given temperature, a first-order reaction has a rate constant of 3.5 ´ 10–3 s–1. How long will it take for the reaction to be 24% complete? A chemical reaction that is first-order in X is observed to have a rate constant of 2.20 ´ 10–2 s–1.
  64. phy

    An engine absorbs 2000j of heat from a hot reservoir and expels 750j to a cold reservoir during each poerating cycle, (i)what is the efficiency of the engine (ii)How much work is done during the cycle? (iii)What is the power output of the engine if each
  65. ACC350

    Operations deals with how the company is performing. Operations may be refined into different manufacturing processes such as design, material acquisition, assembly, testing and so on. A VP of operations has asked you to make recommendations at the weekly
  66. Chemistry

    When someone buys fish at the fresh fish market, they should smell the fish to test for freshness, the less “fishy” the smell the fresher the fish. I am supposed to explain the source and chemistry, including reactions, structures, and names of the
  67. Foreing languages

    Writeacher, can you please have a look if the following definition of interior monologue is correct (from the point of view of the content). Can you suggest a site on which this topic is investigated in further detail? 1) The interior monologue has the
  68. University English 101

    Society often forces individuals to act a certain way. The manipulation of blending into the masses in order to follow the standards of society during the civil rights era is the main point of "The Library Card" by Richard Wright. In the fourth paragraph
  69. Language Arts

    All of the following sentences are complex EXCEPT A) Even though acid rain can have damaging effects, few people know much about it. B) Acid rain has been studied as an environmental issue by the government since the 1970s. C) Since they erode statues and
  70. physics!

    howdy, just cant seem to get this question, can anyone express this question in words i can get?! thanks A sound wave of wavelength 0.8 m divides into two equal parts that recombine to interfere constructively, with the original difference between their
  71. Chemistry

    The order of the boiling points for the hydrogen halides, except for HF, is HI > HBr > HCl. The reason for this order can be attributed to a) the relative covalent bond strengths. b) differences in hydrogen bonding. c) differences in dipole-dipole
  72. stats (please help)

    I need help determining what x and y is in this question. A psychologist has constructed a paper and pencil test purported to measure depression. To see how the test compares with the ratings of the expert, 12 emotionally disturbed individual are given the
  73. English

    May I take your order? May I have your order? (Are both OK? Which one is popular?) 1. Yes, I'll have a fish sandwich and a Coke. 2. Yes, I'll have a fish sandwich and a coke. (When answering the question, do we have to capitalize "C" in Coke?)
  74. Earth Science

    In recent years, scientists have been concerned about decrease in the ozone content of earth’s upper atmosphere. What is the principle threat to humans if this decrease in ozone continues? My answer is, Decreasing precipitation leading to crop failure
  75. Chemistry

    A can of soda has the total volume of 350ml. This can is open and only contains atmospheric air, and is placed within a furnace 100 ° C. After the can achieve this reduced temperature at 25 ° C. With decreasing temperature, there is a reduction of the
  76. Criminal Justice

    1. How do city police chiefs come to power? A. They are elected by voters in specific districts. B. They are appointed by the mayor or selected by the city council. C. They are promoted up through the rank system. D. They are appointed by the outgoing city
  77. Psychology

    Dr. Lange is a developmental psychologist. He specializes in cognitive development during the period of infancy. Like most psychologists who focus on specific periods of development, his studies: a emphasize the chemical changes in the synaptic gap. b
  78. Project Mangament

    How would a structure project teams to improve communications the most in an agile environment?
  79. chemistry

    Draw the line structure for the compound: 2,5-dimethyl-3-hexane I believe the compound is C8H16...i am not sure!! :(
  80. English-Ms. Sue

    My other question: Is there a structure to this selection? Dicuss. I do not understand this question, can you please explain, thanks
  81. chemistry

    Draw the line structure for the compound: 2,5-dimethyl-3-hexane I believe the compound is C8H16...i am not sure!! :(
  82. Project Mangament

    How would a structure project teams to improve communications the most in an agile environment?
  83. Physiology

    Compare and Contrast the structure and function of the epithelium of the skin and the epithelium of the intestion
  84. Culture and society

    what is the structure of american society during pre/post emancipation period
  85. government

    In Chana's political structure, the central government's control over local subdivisions is best described as what
  86. Chemistry

    Why, in terms of atomic structure, is the radius of an Na atom larger than the radius of an Na+ ion?
  87. Science

    How does this ( hypotheses) study compare to scientists who study the structure of the atom or evolution?
  88. finance

    why is WACC important to an organization? b. What impact does WACC have on capital budgeting and structure?
  89. Social work

    Select a culture that you are familiar and describe the structure and culture of that community?
  90. science

    solar,wind,nuclear,and hydroelectric energy sources are similar in which of the following ways? A. they are all nonrenewable energy sources B. they all require an indirect use of sunlight in order to make electricity C. they are all considered alternative
  91. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check these questions and my answers? If they are wrong-- please let me know. 1. Early childhood professionals know that the beginning step in assisting non-mainstream children to develop literate style oral language is to: A) identify
  92. science

    Suppose an ideal car jack has an input work 2750 J. It lifts a car 0.35 meters in 8 seconds. a. What is the output work of the jack? b. How much power is required to lift the car? c. What is the efficiency of the jack? I can't give a answer because I am
  93. Calculus

    In the case of a decreasing, concave down parabola in the intervals 0 to 1 with all of the y values positive, would the actual area be less or more than the estimated area using the trapezoid rule? And would it be less or more than using the midpoint rule?
  94. Biology

    If a protein's primary structure is predetermined or directed by a "source." what might this "source" be?
  95. chemistry

    I am asked to draw the structure of n-butyne, but what is meant by n-butyne? Please help! Any help will be appreciated.
  96. Physical Science

    Contrast the structure of table salt and table sugar.
  97. Atomic structure

    How many molecules of glycerol(C6H8O3) would be present in 1L of a 1M glycerol solution? a. 1 b. 14 c. 92 d. 1*10^7 6.02*10^23
  98. Chemistry

    is the lewis dot structure and a electron dot diagram the same thing ?
  99. Math

    What is the approximate percentile rank of a lightbulb that failed at 9000 hours if the number of lightbulbs is 400? The number of lightbulbs that lasted between 5400 and 9000 were about 326 lightbulbs. The mean is 7800 and the standard deviation is 1200
  100. history (presidents)

    Which of the following lists of presidents is in correct chronological order? A. Roosevelt/Taft/Arthur/Wilson/Grant B. McKinley/Roosevelt/Johnson/Buchanan/Cleveland C. Jefferson/Monroe/Taylor/Harrison/Harding D. Coolidge/Hoover/Adams/Reagan/Lincoln E.