1. Chemistry

    The molecular structure around the oxygen in water is _________ I don't know what to put
  2. programming concepts

    Write a menu driven program using a conditional structure.
  3. chemistry

    hpw would i draw a lewis structure for a molecule with 3.5 bonds for example NO2???
  4. Mmokeng secondary school

    What type of structure would house the circuit most effectively?
  5. bio

    In 3 or more sentences describe the structure of a water molecule and its unique properties
  6. math

    Use structure What property of addition is shown in the following number sentence. Explain
  7. Business

    what type of financial structure would you say the veterans hospitals and clinics run on?
  8. Biology

    20.   Which of these is the smallest structure?  A. Dipeptide B. Polypeptide C. Protein D. Amino acid
  9. Business

    Y = $10x + 0 Describe the cost structure indicated in the equation above, using full sentences.
  10. chemistry

  11. chemistry

    The molecular structure around the oxygen in water is . ---is the answer bent or angular?
  12. Chemistry

    How do you find the number of bond angles for an octahedral structure? I believe it's more than one answer
  13. Bio

    what is another method for classifying bacteria? (other than shape or cell wall structure). thanks! :)
  14. Anatomy and Physiology

    What is the structure of muscle that is a connective tissue surrounding a fascicle?
  15. Honors Biology

    What role did politics play in the discovery of the structure of DNA?
  16. networking

    In an analog cellular structure, what is needed to establish a valid authentication?
  17. Science

    Getting Oxygen 1) Name the components of the respiratory system in the order incoming air would encounter them during breathing. :Trachea,pharynx,larynx,alveoli,bronchi. :Bronchi,larynx,alveoli,trachea,pharynx. :Larynx,trachea,bronchi,pharynx,alveoli.
  18. math

    at a local restaurant 45% of the customers order spaghetti. Estimate the probability that 6 of the next 10 customers will order spaghetti.
  19. math

    If you know the order from least to greatest of 5 negatest rational numbers,how can you use that information to order the absolute value of those numbers from least to greatest
  20. Chemistry

    You found an unknown metal sample shaped as a cube with each side measuring 2.00 cm. The cube's mass is 48.0 . Your colleague examined the mystery cube with X-ray diffraction and told you that it contains just one element arranged in a body-centered-cubic
  21. maths help me

    an engine pumps water from a river 10m an below its own level and discharge it through a nozzle of diameter 10cm with a speed of 50m/ s.find the power required assuming a.no losses b.70% efficiency.water weighs 10^3kgm^-3 {g=10ms^-2} help me
  22. Physics

    The oven draws 1100W of power, and you have determined that it heats with an efficiency of 51%. Using this information, determine the time t it would take to bring 240mL of water from 25C to 100C . Note that 4.2 J of energy is required to raise the
  23. Microeconomics

    How and why the developments discussed in the Wall Street Journal Story below affect the elasticity of demand for the flat screen TV’s produced by an individual firm such as Sony or Panasonic. Want a flat-panel TV with that tool belt? Home-improvement,
  24. Scientific stats

    A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the western part of the North Pacifi c Ocean between 180 and 100 E. One of the countries a ffected by typhoons is Taiwan. The typical typhoon season in this country lasts from June to October and
  25. communication

    Crystal agreed to serve on a company's advisory board and now has to contact them to say she cannot attend a scheduled meeting where she was to be one of several key speakers. What should she do? Let the company know she cannot not attend and that they
  26. help...urgent..calculus..please show tthe way to s

    Sony Ent. is marketing a new smartphone. It determines that in order to sell x smartphones, the price per product must be p=280-0.4x. It also determine that the total cost of producing x smartphones is given by c(x)=5000+0.6x^2 . a. Find the total revenue,
  27. English

    Thank you very much for your last corrections. I forgot to include a few other sentences I’m still not sure of. 1)Queen Victoria’s reign has been one of the most flourishing (?) in Great Britain’s history. She reigned constitutionally and avoided the
  28. physics

    A satellite circling the earth has an average power consumption of 370.0 W. Assuming 5.4% efficiency for conversion of solar energy to electrical energy, what area is required for the solar panels?
  29. business

    What is the value to the company and the supplier in developing and implementing a Third Party Supplier Relationship Management (3 P.L. S.M.S.) System? How can such a system provide greater efficiency? In 200-250 words, describe the value to the
  30. Physics

    A 100 hp motor raises a 200lb elevator 200 ft in 10 sec. The efficiency for the elevator system is 72.7% or 73%. How much energy is lost in 10 sec? Answer: 193 Btu Show work
  31. physics

    A car engine has 90 kW and an efficiency of 12 percent. Let's assume a simple model of air friction, Fair=Kv2 , with K=027kgm for this car. If there is no other friction, and no winds, what is the maximum speed it can reach?
  32. Physics

    The system has two wheels and requires an effort of 12N to lift a load of 4kg at constant speed. Find M.A nd V.R.. Calculate work done by effort to raise load of 2m and efficiency of this machine.
  33. Physics - heat

    A .6 gm peanut is burned beneath 50g of water, which increases the temperature from 22 degrees to 50 degrees centigrade. Assuming 40% efficiency, show that the peanut's food value is 3500 calories.
  34. physics

    A sailor pushes a 195.0 kg crate up a ramp that is 2.00 m high and 6.00 m long onto the deck of a ship. He exerts a 750.0 N force parallel to the ramp. What is the mechanical advantage of the ramp? What is the efficiency of the ramp?
  35. Physics

    An electrical generating plant operates at a boiler temperature of 220 deg C and exhausts the unused heat into a nearby river at 18 deg C. what is the maximum theoretical efficiency of the plant?
  36. chemistry

    Changing 1 mol of Mg(s) and 1/2 mol of O2 (g) to gaseous atoms requires a total of approximately 150kJ of energy. The first and second ionization energies of Mg are 737kJ/mol and 1450kJ/mol respectively. The first and second electron affinities of Oxygen
  37. Finance

    Your company, Martin Industries, Inc., has experienced a higher than expected demand for its new product line. The company plans to expand its operation by 25% by spending $5,000,000 for an additional building. The firm would like to maintain its 40% debt
  38. help...urgent..calculus

    Sony Ent. is marketing a new smartphone. It determines that in order to sell x smartphones, the price per product must be p=280-0.4x. It also determine that the total cost of producing x smartphones is given by c(x)=5000+0.6x^2 . a. Find the total revenue,
  39. college math

    On August 4, 2007, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander was launched into space to search for life in the icy northern region of the planet Mars; it touched down on Mars on May 25, 2008. As the ship raced into space, its jet fuel tanks dropped off when they were
  40. spanish

    P.D. (P.S.) I found 2 4-letter words: bien/mal. Count those spaces carefully one more time? another unscrambler... it's a "message" one: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ icsoasbelganueucrono(with an accent on 1 "o") i am studying childhood
  41. chemistry

    When copper is dissolved in nitric acid, a brown gas (NO2) is evolved, either by direct production of NO2 or by production of NO which is oxidized to NO2 by O2. Provide a Lewis drawing and resonance structures for the nitrate anion.
  42. Physics

    In a double-slit experiment, the fourth-order maximum for wavelength of 450 nm occurs at an angle theta = 90. Thus it is on the verge of being eliminated from the pattern because theta cannot exceed 90. (a) What range of wavelengths in the visible range
  43. biology

    need a list describing at least five similarities and three differences between plant and animal cells. In addition i need five internal structures of plant or animal cells and describe their functions in my own words.
  44. Chemistry

    1. Molarity is to moles of solute over liters of solution as molality is to A. molar concentration over molal concentration. B. moles of solute over kilograms of solvent. C. molal concentration over molar concentration. D. moles of solute over moles of
  45. operations management

    A company requires 5,000 units of a product in a single year. It costs them $100 per order for expenses such as transportation and communication. If the product is carried in inventory, the carrying cost equals 1% of the price of the product for every
  46. Physics

    A certain circuit consists of an inductor of 50 mH in series with a resistor of 130 Ω. At one moment, the current in the circuit is 12 A, and decreasing. How long will it take for the current to fall to 4.8 A? Answer in units of s.
  47. Operations Management

    Joe Henry's machine shop uses 2,500 brackets during the course of a year. These brackets are purchased from a supplier 90 miles away. the following information is known about the brackets. annual demand 2,500 holding cost per bracket per year $1.50 order
  48. math

    The graph of f(x) = |x| is transformed to g(x) = |x + 1| – 7. On which interval is the function decreasing? A) (–∞, –7) B) (–∞, –1) C) (–∞, 1) D) (–∞, 7) I put D but i'm not sure if it right
  49. business communication 1

    crystal agreed to serve on a company's advisory board and now has to contact them to say she cannot attend a scheduled meeting where she was to be one of the several key speakers. what should she do? a. Let the company knows she cannot attend and that they
  50. Business Communication

    Crystal agreed to serve on a company's advisory board and now has to contact them to say she cannot attend a scheduled meeting where she was to be one of several key speakers. What should she do? a. Let the company know she cannot attend and that they will
  51. Science

    Can someone describe the G protein receptor system and the tyrosine-kinase receptor system. I wanna know how these two systems are similar and how these two systems are different in their of structures and functions.
  52. Plzz help me

    the reaction BrO3- + 3SO3 2- ---> has the rate law r= k[BrO3-][SO3 2-]. what is the order of the reaction with the respect to each reactant? wat s the overall order of the reaction?
  53. Civics

    which of the following would be part of the democratic party platform? 1: cutting taxes for the wealthiest citizens 2: providing for public health care 3: decreasing the size of government 4: cutting funding for educational programs My answer is 2 Is that

    What do i do when order matters!!?!? The Sad State Lottery requires you to select a sequence of three different numbers from zero through 64. (Order is important.) You are a winner if your sequence agrees with that in the drawing, and you are a booby prize
  55. accounting

    On January 1, 2013, Sweetwater Furniture Company leased office space under a 21-year operating lease agreement. The contract calls for annual rent payments on December 31 of each year. The payments are $19,000 the first year and increase by $350 per year.
  56. Chemistry

    Because of the changing color of the solution as the following reaction proceeds, the rate law can be determined by measuring the rate of disappearance of the permanganate ion (MnO4-). 2MnO4-(aq)+ 5H2C2O4(aq) + 6H+(aq) -> 2Mn2+(aq) + 10CO2(g) + 8H2O(l)
  57. english

    I need to write a sentence using the words: fingernails,trees, when,fill,for,homework.The words HAVE to stay in th same order,and you can't change thier tenses. Also a sentence with these words in this order:Laughed,teeth,fighting,to, still,not,
  58. economics

    When policymakers set prices by legal decree, they a. improve the organization of economic activity. b. obscure the signals that normally guide the allocation of society’s resources. c. are usually following the advice of mainstream economists. d. are
  59. Economics

    When policymakers set prices by legal decree, they...? a. obscure the signals that normally guide the allocation of society’s resources. b. are usually following the advice of mainstream economists. c. improve the organization of economic activity. d.
  60. Chem Class

    The data in the table below were obtained for the reaction: A + B → P 3 Experiments 1 (A) (M): 0.273 (B) (M): 0.763 Initial Rate (M/s): 2.83 2 (A) (M): 0.273 (B) (M): 1.526 Initial Rate (M/s): 2.83 3 (A) (M): 0.819 (B) (M): 0.763 Initial Rate (M/s):
  61. grammar

    The researcher structures the study by addressing three topics which include the research question, the researcher’s perspective and also the sample selection. On the above sentence, do I need to put a colon after include, or is the sentence fine the way
  62. physics

    The engine of a large ship does 2.05 multiplied by 108 J of work with an efficiency of 4.00%. (a) How much waste heat (J) is produced? (b) How many barrels of fuel are consumed, if each barrel produces 6.00 multiplied by 109 J of heat when burned?
  63. Science

    A fossil fuel electric-power plant consumes 9800 Btu to produce 1kWh of electrical energy. Calculate the conversion efficiency if 1kWh is equivalent to 3410 Btu
  64. Physics

    A block and tacle of 6 pulley is used to raise a load of 300n steadily through a height of 30m if the workdone against friction is 2000j. calculate the workdone by the effort,the applied effort,the efficiency of the system
  65. physics

    a 70-kg man climbs a mountain 1200 m high (measured from the base) in 4 h and uses 9.8 kcal/min. calculate his power consumption in watts. what is his power output in useful work? what was the efficiency of this man during the climb?
  66. Science

    A fossil fuel electric-power plant consumes 9800 Btu to produce 1kWh of electrical energy. Calculate the conversion efficiency if 1kWh is equivalent to 3410 Btu
  67. Science

    The average efficiency of energy capture/ transfer reaction in an organism is about 40%. Is this efficient? Why or why not? Use examples of other energy transfer systems in your explanation (cooking, lighting, fuel burning etc.). Can someone please help me
  68. Chemistry

    Explain what would happen (and why) to the flavor of eugenol if the aromatic ring was saturated into a cyclohexane. I know the structures and that it is saturated with hydrogen, but what would happen to the flavor and why?
  69. Science - - Cells

    What structures are found only in animal cells? I can't figure it out...I know that chloroplasts and a cell wall are only contained by plant cells. But what about animal cells?
  70. calculus

    . Sony Ent. is marketing a new smartphone. It determines that in order to sell x smartphones, the price per product must be It also determine that the total cost of producing x smartphones is given by a. Find the total revenue, R(x). b. Find the total
  71. Writing Sentences and parahgraphs

    Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she is a perfect
  72. Plz someone Chem Urgent Help

    The overall energy involved in the formation of CsCl from Cs(s) and Cl2 (g)is - 443 kj/mol. Given the following information: •heat of sublimation for Cs is +76 kj/mol, •bond dissociation energy for ½ Cl2is +121 kj/mol, •E(11) for Cs is +376 kj/mol,
  73. maths

    The Twisted River had approximately 5,300 Chinook salmon in 2008. The population has been decreasing at a rate of 8% per year. Write a function that gives the population in terms of y years after 2008.
  74. Child Development

    Recognizing the decreasing volume in the sound of a car engine goes with the sight of a car moving away rather than moving toward you is an example of _______ perception. A) Direct B) Depth C) Intermodal D) Constructivist Is it C
  75. Urgent chemistry

    Given the following reaction: 3 H2(g) + N2(g) <- -> 2NH3(g) + heat If the following changes were to occur what direction shift will it have (left or right) And what will be the reason of the shift Changes/Stress on system: Decreasing the pressure
  76. chemistry

    Study the reaction. A(s) + 2BC(aq) →AC2(aq) + B2(g) ΔH = −92.0 kJ/mol Which change would increase the rate of the forward reaction? A. increasing the pressure B. adding more of A(s) C. adding water D. decreasing the temperature B?
  77. 7th grade science

    What could increase the damage to human built structures during an earthquake? A-buildings far away from the pint of origin of the earthquake B- loose material in underlying land C- solid rock beneath buildings D-flexible buildings is it C???
  78. bio

    The most common protein secondary structures (the alpha helix and beta conformation) are stabilized primarily by A. ionic bonds B. hydrogen bonds C. disulfide bonds D. van der Waals interactions E. hydrophobic interactions
  79. algebra

    I have a problem with this: y=1.5x Questions: What is the rate of change between the variables? State whether the y values are increasing or decreasing, or neither, as x increases Give the y intercept List the coordinates of two points that lie on the
  80. reading

    (1) Scientists generally agree that Earth is getting warmer due to what's called the greenhouse effect. (2) A greenhouse stays warm because sunlight and heat coming through the glass roof are mostly trapped. (3) The heat doesn't radiate back into the
  81. math

    Given a standard deck of 52 cards, what is the probability that two cards drawn at random will have the same rank? Note that first card drawn is not added back into the deck when the second card is drawn.
  82. history

    does a private( rank) in the Canadian army fight in the war? i saw on some sites the duties of a private in the army, but it did not say if they fought in wars. so i was wondering if a private would fight in the war.
  83. Biochemistry

    1. Describe the ran world hypothesis 2. A) list the types of non covalent interactions that are important in providing stability to the three dimensional structures of macromolecules. (B) why is it important that these interactions be noncovalent , rather
  84. Math

    Anne works as a veterinary technician for Caring Companions Animal Clinic in Santa Cruz, California. The clinic participates in research involving the anatomy of dogs. In a paper, Anne found the following formula relating the estimated shoulder height H
  85. physical science

    Consider a 100-kg box of tools in location: A: on Earth B: on the Moon C: on Jupiter. Rank from greatest to the least the a) masses of the 100 kg box of tools and b) the weights of the 100-kg box of tools.
  86. Marketing

    Which stage of the typical consumer product life cycle is out of place? A. Product development. B. Introduction. C. Maturity. D. Growth. E. A and B I am torn between A and C. Product development is part of the product life cycle but when I look it up on
  87. Computer programming

    problem: Write a program that accepts your first name then displays it content in reverse order. Ex: Enter your name: Michael Your name in reverse order: Leahcim can anyone write the code? this is C programming language.. thanks a lot..
  88. Math (2nd time posting this)!

    the best order-of-magnitude estimate for 0.00006? - 10^-3 - 10^-4 - 10^-5 * my answer - 10^-6 the best order-of-magnitude estimate for 789,000? - 10^7 - 10^6 - 10^5 - 10^4 *my answer I don't understand this quite well but I want to make sure my answers are
  89. science

    how does the moon move through space ?
  90. science

    What advantages of space probes
  91. outer space

    how made the name science
  92. space

    how were stars made? by claire
  93. math

    What does each space between the numbers represent?
  94. algebra

    1. Which expression belongs in the space? |--------------- x-2 |x^2 + 7x - 18 -(x^2-2x) -------- 18 a.5x - 18 b.5x + 18 c.9x - 18 d. 9x + 18
  95. math

    Will an object 52" x 9" fit into a space 49" x 41"?
  96. world history

    who was the first woman in space?
  97. math

    how do you type up a spaceship in space
  98. space

    how many planets are smaller than earth
  99. science

    I need help planning a space trip
  100. space

    what are the things controls oxygen?