1. Chemistry

    A sample of pure cobalt-60 has an activity of 8 µCi. (t1/2 cobalt-60 = 5.26 a) (a) How many atoms of cobalt-60 are present in the sample? atoms (b) What is the mass in grams of the sample? g The way I approached part a was to first convert the microCi
  2. engineering ecnonmics

    A 20-year-old student decided to set aside $100 on his 21st birthday for investment. Each subsequent year through his 55th birthday, he plans to increase the investment on a $100 arithmeticgradient. Hewill not set aside additional money after his 55th
  3. business

    I need to write a proposal outline, can you please check the aims and objectives. Thanks, Project for vocational school for disadvantadged teenagers The objectives of the project are to prepare teens for jobs later in life by providing them with training
  4. Social studies

    Which of the statements best demonstrates the outcomes of the double V campaign A. Germany surrendered and the Allies defeated Mussolini after a long standoff. B. Franklin Roosevelt ended discrimination in hiring practices for government businesses and
  5. groundwater science

    Assume that a losing stream exists in physical connection with groundwater in an isotropic unconfined aquifer. Assume that several contour lines of equal head cross the stream and intercept it. These contour lines of equal head are "V-shaped", with the
  6. economic theory

    assume that a business firm produces two commod ities, X and Y, with two different inpu ts, Labour (L) and Capital (K). The total quantities of L and K available per un it of time are specified as L = 1600 labour hours; and K = 20 00 units. In addition,
  7. finace

    15. Suppose that the following version of the APT is a good model of rick in the stock market. Consider three factors: the stock market’s excess return in percentage points, the change over the last year in the price of oil in dollars, and the spread
  8. Macroeconomics

    Manipulation of the Cobb Douglas Equation gives us expression for output per working age person: growth rate of (Y/N)=[1/(1-alpha)*growth rate of TFP]+[(alpha/(1-alpha))*growth rate of (K/Y)]+ [growth rate of (L/N)] N is the working age population K is
  9. LAW

    1. In the recent past, law enforcement has had to concentrate their intelligence efforts against antigovernment militia groups on the following calendar date because the groups have used this date as a target date to conduct their violent acts. A. May 1 B.
  10. 1861 England

    Did anything major occur around the 1860s in England? Other than inventions and England's take on the American Civil War. http://www.scopesys.com/year/ You'll have to change the year and then check month by month to find out. This includes things that
  11. Macroeconomics

    Suppose a natural disaster destroys a fraction of the nation's capital stock. Determine the effects on output, consumption, employment, and the real wage. Make sure you explain the result pointing out income and substitution effects. Thank you for any
  12. Macroeconomics

    Suppose a natural disaster destroys a fraction of the nation's capital stock. Determine the effects on output, consumption, employment, and the real wage. Make sure you explain the result pointing out income and substitution effects. Thank you for any
  13. cda

    The background screening of possible employees should include A. IRS federal income tax payment verification. B. family health history. C. a personal physical fitness assessment. D. Social Security number verification my answer is d
  14. S.S

    Which of the following minerals generates the most income for British Columbia? Copper<--- Zinc Lead Gold One reason many British Colombians feel a link to the countries of the Pacific Rim is because more than 15% have _____ ancestors. Hawaiian
  15. statistics

    A government researcher wants to conduct a study to determine if there is a correlation between social security numbers and income. He collects the paired data from a random sample of 100 people. Should the methods of this chapter be used with the linear
  16. Business Finance

    Need step by step explaination for soulution: A firm has net income of #2,610 and tax rate of 33%. The revenue is $20,400, cost are 78 percent of sales, and interest expene is $100. what is th edepreciation expense for the years?
  17. accounting

    13. A drawback to using _______ when inventory costs are rising is that the company reports lower net income. A. LIFO B. FIFO C. specific-identification costing D. average costing 14. The balance sheet format that lists assets
  18. S.S

    Which of the following minerals generates the most income for British Columbia? Copper<--- Zinc Lead Gold One reason many British Colombians feel a link to the countries of the Pacific Rim is because more than 15% have _____ ancestors. Hawaiian<---
  19. managerial finance

    Early in 2007, Inez Marcus, the chief financial officer for Suarez Manufacturing, ws given the task of assessing the impact of a proposed risky investment on the firm's stock value. To perform the necessary analysis, Inez gathered the following information
  20. Chemistry

    catalyst: a substance that changes the speed of a chemical reaction without affecting the yield or undergoing permanent chemical change* As you can see NO (nitrogen monoxide) did not undergo a permanent change.
  21. Math,Ratio

    the ratio of the number of coins Azam had to the number of coins Eddie had was 3:7.Eddie gave 42 coins to Azam and they ended up having the same number of coins.how many coins did each person have at first? pls show ur answer purely!
  22. Maths

    The Browns’ gross monthly income is $2900. They have 12 remaining payments of $410 on a new car. What maximum monthly payment does the bank’s loan officer feel that the Browns can afford?
  23. algebra

    you invested $8000, part of it in stock that paid 12% annual interest. however, the rest of the money suffered a 5% loss. if the total annual income from both investments was $620, how much was invested at each rate?
  24. Microeconomics

    Kuo S. Huang estimates that with every 15% increase income, the quantity of turkey purchased declines by 1.8%. From this information one would conclude that turkey is: a luxury. a necessity. an inferior good. a normal good.
  25. Business Math

    Margie earns $4598 monthly with adjustments to income. She is married and claims one withholding allowance. Find the federal tax withholding that is deducted from her monthly paycheck?
  26. statistics

    I cant figure this out!!! The income of trainees at a local mill are normally distributed with a mean of $1100 and a standard deviation of $150. If a sample of 100 trainees is selected, what is the probability that the sample mean will be less than $1075
  27. World Geography

    a What are the major groups that blended to form the culture of this region? b What are some major sources of income in the economies of Central America and the Caribbean? c What forms of music have evolved in the region?
  28. Income Tax

    Della purchased a warehouse on February 25, 2015, for $350,000. $45,000 of the price was for the land. What is her cost recovery deduction for 2015 rounded to the nearest dollar?
  29. maths

    Sachin and rahul attempted to slove a quadratic eqn. Sachin made a mistake in writing down the constant term and ended up it roots (4,3). Rahul made a mistake in writing down coefficient of x to get roots (3,2) the correct roots of the eqn are:
  30. English

    1. This year, what do they plan to visit? They plan to visit nursing homes in the town. 2. This year, what place do they plan to visit? They plan to visit nursing homes in the town. 3. This year, where do they plan to visit? They plan to visit nursing
  31. Salford

    How to prepare 500ml of 7% Question 6 You need to make 500mls of a 7% bovine serum albumin solution. What mass, in grams, do you need to add? Perform the calculation then type in the correct answer to 1dp. Do not add units or additional spaces. 10 points
  32. Chemistry

    Calculate amount of solid NaF required to prepare a 250mL acidic buffer with pH=2.75. The initial molarity of HF is .25M but you only have .075L of it. I have tried many different ways... the most recent and seems to be simplest was using H-H equaion and
  33. math

    1. Which of the following numbers is an example of an integer? a. -15 b. 3/5 c. ^7 d. 0.252525... 2. Which statement is FALSE? a. Every integer is a real number. b. The number zero is a rational number. c. Every irrational number is a real number. d. Every
  34. math-algebra please help

    The line y=0.15x+0.79 represents an estimate of the average cost of gasoline each year. The line 0.11x-y=-0.85 estimates the price of gasoline in January of each year (“Consumer price index,” 2006). a. Do you expect the lines to be intersecting,
  35. Math (calculus) (mean values)

    A company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold S is given by the equation below, where t is the time in months. s(t)=155(7-9/(2+t)) a) Find the average rate of change of s(t) during the first year. Which my answer was 1395/28 b)
  36. math

    A small business just leased a new computer and color laser printer for three years. The service contract for the the computer offers unlimited repairs for a fee of $100 a year plus a $25 service charge for each repair needed. The company's research
  37. Math Help Please!!!

    A couple purchased a house and signed a mortgage contract for $110,000 to be paid in “every second week “ installments over 25 years, at 3.0 %. The contract stipulates that after 3 years the mortgage will be renegotiated at the new prevailing rate of
  38. Math

    I posted before, But I did not understand the link I was give...Please someone help me! If $7,800 is depostied into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually ( at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years? How would I
  39. Science (weather & climate) -

    I just wanted to post this question once more. I have to go offline soon. Please go over my answers. Thanks True or false: 7.Eruptions fom volcanoes decrease global temperatures. I answered false because volcanes spew out CO2 into the atmophere. The
  40. Algebra

    2x + 3y = 6 What is the question? You cannot solve for both x and y without a second independent equation, but you can express one variable in terms of the other. For example, 2x = 6 - 3y, so x = -3y/2 + 3 solve each literal equation for the indicated
  41. Climate Graphs

    I need a climate graph of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada present time, so about 2000-2006. I have looked everywhere for stats or graph. I also need an older on for comparision perhaps the 1990s. Where can I find these. :( This site has climate graphs
  42. math (pls help)

    Amelia's parents and grand parents have both opened savings accounts to save for Amelia's education this year. Amelia's parents' savings account earned 5% interest and her grandparents account earned 8% interest. This year the two savings accounts have
  43. programming

    1. Assume there are n-tyres that could be used by car, tricycle and bicycle. Write an algorithm to accept n-tyres and generate all the combinations of cars, tricycle and bicycle that would exhaust the n-tyres. 2. Assume S is a string of lower case
  44. psych

    Does the study in the article below use the experimental method or the correlation method and why? I'm stuck and keep going back and fourth on it Soccer Referees Hate the Tall Guys Many of soccer's greatest players have been small fries. Diego Maradona is
  45. Computer Programming using python

    Assume s is a string of lower case characters. Write a program that prints the number of times the string 'bob' occurs in s. For example, if s = 'azcbobobegghakl', then your program should print Number of times bob occurs is: 2 For problems such as these,
  46. Literature

    i have to write an evaluative essay on a work of literature. i have chosen Hiroshima; The Noiseless Flash. in this essay i will write my own statement about the value of a work of literature ( ? ) and then provide reasons why your evalutation is correct
  47. Math 8th Grade

    Which number serves as a counterexample to the statement below: All positive integers are divisible by 2 or 3 I need as much as possible.
  48. English

    Does this sound like a good thesis statement? Veterinary technicians role is challenging as well as satisfying.
  49. government

    What does this statement means? He believed that political liberty threatened the efficiency of the stare with anarchy.
  50. College Summit

    Where can I find examples of good personal statement letters. Which can help me write mines
  51. Algebra 8

    How many values of x make each statement true? Explain your reasoning. a) 3x+3=3(x+1) b) x-4-x=0 I don't get what the question is telling me to do. Help?
  52. Math

    Looking to find the missing digit for each statement true. The number 874_ is divisible by 4. Please help how to solve
  53. algebra

    Is this statement true or false? The constant of proportionality, k, in the direct variation model y=kx is the slope
  54. Algebra 1

    If 111 -> 13, 112 -> 24, 114 -> 46, and 115 -> 57, complete this statement: 117 -> ____. Explain.
  55. physics

    Correct the following statement: The racing car rounds the turn at a constant velocity of 145 km/hr.
  56. Spanish

    What is wrong with the statement? El va de Miami a Buenos Aires. Esta tomando un vuelo nacional.
  57. chemistry

    Explain in a written statement how you would make 200.0 mL of a [Cl-] = 0.172 M solution starting with CaCl2
  58. english

    Audrey said that Kyle was the most unique person she had even met. Why doesn't this statement make sense?
  59. business

    "...incorporation is no longer the special privilege it once was". Discuss this statement. Does it have any impact on businesses (those not incorporated).
  60. music

    Smooth, stepwise movement within a melodic phrase, subphrase, or statement is known as _______ motion
  61. geometry

    Is the statement true or false? Explain your reasoning. Perpendicular lines always intersect at right angles.
  62. History

    Which statement best explains why anti-British sentiment was less in Georgia than in the other colonies during the Revolutionary period?
  63. Ms. Sue Math Help Please

    Which equation matches the statement "The product of 3 and the difference of a number and 10 is 15" Answer choices: 3 + (x - 10) = 15 3x - 10 = 15 3 (x - 10) = 15 3 x/10 = 15
  64. 12th grade

    prove that the statement 1/5+1/5^2+1/5^3 +...+1/5^n=1/4(1-1/5^n) is true for all positive integers n, write your proof in the space below
  65. Math

    Write an inequality for the following statement: Karl sent Kim at least 5 letters while he was away on vacation. A. k=5 B. k>5 C. k≥5 D. k≤5
  66. english

    How do i make this a stronger thesis statement? There are many circumstances that effect the actions of fictional characters.
  67. english

    when writing an essay is this a good way to do it?: thesis statement body paragraphs conclusion intro
  68. writing

    Hi. Can someone help me to form a thesis statement for an argumentative paper on the topic " How do migratory birds navigate?"
  69. world history

    with regards to the mining and agriculture industry,in the nineteenth century,whichof the following statement is false?
  70. 8th grade math

    12x+3x=15x use the distributive property to show that each statement si true.
  71. economics

    The privatisation of public enterprises will lead to efficient management of resources in the economy. The statement can be best be described as
  72. pre calculus

    The conic section whose equation is x^2 - 3y^2 - 8x + 12y + 16 = 0, is in Position is I. Is this statement true or false
  73. Math

    Which statement below describes a parallelogram? A.5vertices B.3sides C.2 pairs of parallel sides D.4faces C?
  74. Research Methods

    An infomercial asserts, “A study proves that Fat-Be-Gone, and it will work for you also.” What is wrong with this statement?
  75. Math

    What are the two conditional statements make up the biconditional statement shown below? Two lines are skew if and only if they are not coplanar.
  76. Geometry

    In logic, which of the following is said to be logically equivalent to the original statement? a.) converse b.) inverse c.) negation d.)contrapositive
  77. geometry

    Write the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of the conditional statement. If an animal is a bird, then it has two eyes.
  78. english

    A good strong thesis statement about the children's book Corduroy by Don Freeman
  79. geometry

    Is the statement true or false? Explain your reasoning. Perpendicular lines always intersect at right angles.
  80. Math

    Is it possible for two right rectangular prisms to have the same volume yet not have the exact same dimensions? If it is not possible, explain why. If it is possible, give an example that proves the statement.
  81. English

    I am having trouble writing my thesis statement on the power of destiny in romeo and juliet. Any suggestions
  82. computer

    Statement: Bits can be used to represent A) numbers, B) names, C) colors and D) dates. This holds true for: A. A only B. A and C C. A and D D. A, B, C and D
  83. english 4

    Which statement best summarizes the political and social atmosphere of 18th century Great Britain.
  84. Algebra

    Which equation matches the statement "The product of 3 and the difference of a number and 10 is 15?" A. 3 + (x-10)=15 B. 3x-10=15 (My answer) C. 3 (x-10) = 15 D. 3 x/10 = 15 Can you please check to see if I'm right? If I'm not explain, please and thank you
  85. life orientation

    write your mission statement that clearly indicates your own position in engaging in service delivery protest
  86. Financial Accounting

    Explain the reason for creation of provision, how they are accounted for, and where it is presented in the funancial statement.
  87. English comp 1

    I am writing about teen suicide but I am finding it difficult to write a claim statement. Can you helP?
  88. Science

    make a statement relating hydrogen ion concentration to the acidity and basicity of solutions
  89. Biology

    Why can this statement not be evaluated by the scientific method "Trees emit psychic screams when you cut them down."?
  90. english

    I need a thesis statement of 450 words for why renting a house is a better option than buying a homr
  91. Governmental and Not-for-profit Accounting

    Despite the guidance provided by Statement No. 14, what might be the three reasons that drive inconsistent application
  92. nonfiction

    in "life without principle," thoreau writes, "i would have had him deal with his privatest experience, as the poet does." what does this statement mean?
  93. Math-

    Find all values of the missing digit that make the statement true. 5,33_ is divisible by 11. A) 8 B) 6 C) 1 D) 5
  94. Creative Writing

    ok. so my freewriting and outline is ready. now i just need to think of a good thesis statement. can someone please give me some suggestions
  95. english

    i am writing a compare/contrast essay on love vs. infatuation and need a thesis statement. any thoughts?
  96. english

    i am writing a compare/contrast essay on love vs. infatuation and need a thesis statement. any thoughts?
  97. math

    plss help equation for this statement the distance D travelled by a car varies directly as its speed s
  98. english(The Lord of Flies

    What view of man is Golding presenting in the statement “the rules are the only thing we got?”
  99. language

    what is the literary device used in the statement? former indonesian president suharto was sometimes referred to as a puppet master.
  100. algebra

    Write an algebraic equation for the English statement "Add 5 to the sum of 2 times x and the result is 21."