WHAT ARE the pros and cons of the following statement: “Egalitarian companies are more innovative.”
  2. English

    for "Children of the River" I have to come up with a thesis statement for chapter 1 I don't know what it is.....please help
  3. people

    who quoted this statement The NEW ENGLAND governments are in state of rebelion.
  4. people

    who quoted this statement The NEW ENGLAND governments are in state of rebelion.
  5. logic and set theory

    write this symbolic statement in words: ~P<-->~Q
  6. Statistics

    What is the APA statement, hypothesis, and error for z score -2.50 and p value 0.006?
  7. English

    the role of censorship in schools..?? and need help with thesis statement..plzz help me!!!
  8. Math

    Place parentheses to make this statement true: 6-6/6x6+6=0
  9. American Government

    Is this statement true: The Secretary of Defense could never become President.
  10. basic math

    Identify the rate in the following statement:27% of 500 is 135.
  11. math

    where do you place parentheses to make this statement true 9,5 + 2 - 8 times 3 + 1 = 22
  12. Geometry

    If you live in Australia ,then you have been surfing. Is it a true conditional statement?
  13. Critical Thinking

    What is a personal mission statement, and how can it be helpful during college?
  14. math

    How is testing a conjecture like finding a statement true or false? How is it different?
  15. math

    I need to know how to find a number that makes the statement true so that I can help my daughter. 1/2 < ?/8
  16. US History

    Is this statement social, political, or economic? "The old former masters to do not allow us anything for our labor..." Thanks -MC
  17. social 10

    what would be a good statement to describe the differences between globalization & imperialism? PLEASE HELP!
  18. American Govt.

    Which of the following is an inaccurate statement about americans' exposure to news?
  19. Math

    Construct a Truth Table for the given statement: 1. p implies ~(pVq) 2. ~(p AND q)Vp
  20. math

    |n+1|<4 How many values of the integer n will make the inequality a true statement?
  21. writing

    Can you identify the thesis statement in the article "The Communication Collapse"
  22. Math

    Construct a Truth Table for the given statement: 1. p implies ~(pVq) 2. ~(p AND q)Vp
  23. english

    what is a good thesis statement for jim crow laws?
  24. biology

    How could you explain this statement "An ecosystem is constantly changing ,yet it remains the same."
  25. english

    can anyone give me a thesis statement on conscience in hamlet. pls
  26. English

    Come up with a thesis statement which could be supported by 3 points using: humans and greed.
  27. English

    What is the thesis statement for the song "Firework" by Katy Perry?
  28. Trig

    In ΔABC, a = 19, c = 10, and m∠A = 111. Which statement can be used to find the value of C?
  29. physics

    why is it wrong to think of a scientific law as a universal statement of truth?
  30. math 209

    which of the following conclusions is true about the statement below? x^2= square root x
  31. graphing

    Can someone show me how to solve these inequalties for me? I cannot figure any of them out -6 < x and 3 < 6 (Remember this is an "and" statement) -3x < -6 or x + 5 < -2 x - 2 > 2x + 1 or -10 > -2x - 2
  32. A.E.P Social Issues

    Which statement best summarizes the individual rights theory?
  33. Business

    Can someone verify which of the statement is most accurate regarding reinforcement theory My ans is A
  34. math

    fill in each () with one of the digits from 1 through 9 to make a true statement. Each digit may be used once. ()/()x()+()x()x()/()+()x()
  35. soc

    Which statement represents a utilitarian viewpoint about the legality of pornography
  36. Writing

    Aristotle observed arguments only have two parts: statement and proof. T/F
  37. accounting

    On the statement of changes in owner's equity, how do you find the beginning capital?
  38. gemotry

    The coordinates of the endpoints of AB¯¯¯¯¯ and CD¯¯¯¯¯ are A(2, 3), B(8, 1), C(5, 2), and D(6, 5). Which statement about the line segments is true?
  39. S.s

    What statement best describes the contributions of the Freedmen's Bureau to African to Americans?
  40. Art

    Match the image with the appropriate descriptive statement about cultural function.
  41. math

    Insert parentheses to make the equality a true statement:12+3*8−8÷4=7
  42. Math

    In the problem 7×4-4÷2 what can I put parentheses to make the statement true
  43. Math

    Construct a truth table for the statement. (p ↔ q) → p
  44. History/government

    Make a statement that best illustrates the principal of federalism.
  45. accounting fundamental

    Explain which financial statement should be prepared first, second, third n fourth and why
  46. Grammar

    Need thesis stAtement for persuasive research paper on cs lewis
  47. English

    What's a good thesis statement for the book hunger games ?
  48. Math

    Construct a truth table for the statement. (p ↔ q) → p
  49. Chemistry

    Ammonia is a stronger ligand than is the chloride ion. What does this statement mean?
  50. math

    write an equation to represent the statement"four less than the product of three and x is twenty-three" 3x - 4= 23 4x - 3x = 23 4x - 3 = 23 3 - 4x = 23
  51. nursing

    “Appropriate healthcare is a right.” Do you support or disagree with this statement. Justify your response.
  52. Math

    Check My Answer Please. Which statement is an example of the Identity Property of Multiplication? 8 • 0 = 0 8 • 1 = 8 8 • –1 = –8** –8 • –1 = 8
  53. math

    2. Which statement can you conclude is true from the given information? Given: the perpendicular bisector of .
  54. 7th grade Math

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. -8 > -6 B. 10 < -12 C. -5 > -7 D. -9 >6 This is integers, and I'm stumped. Please help! Thanks.
  55. math

    Write the specified statement. State the contrapositive of the following: If he is happy, then he is smiling.
  56. Math

    Complete the statement. (Round to the nearest hundredth.) 2.1 kg = ________ oz
  57. Geometry-help please :(

    Construct a truth table for the statement. (p ↔ q) → p

    find the illegal values of C in the multiplication statement c^2-3c-10/c^2+5c-14 . c^2-c-2/c^2-2c-15
  59. math

    a) Identify the base in the following statement b) Solve for the amount. What is 81% of 285
  60. chemistry

    density is the example of an intensive physical property of matter. what does this statement mean?
  61. Science

    Is this statement true or false? An antigen causes an allergic reaction. Please and thank you!
  62. algebra

    Which linear equation represents the statement "the quotient of 17 and y is 9 less than four times x"?
  63. Math 105

    Identify the property that justifies the statement 1q equal q
  64. Math....please help

    Construct a truth table for the statement. (p ↔ q) → p
  65. english 28

    I am writing a persuasive essay on americanization and I cant think of a thesis statement
  66. Accounting

    How to perpera the accounts of the company and cash flow statement
  67. math

    Create one statement in English representing an algebraic equation.
  68. math

    Identify the rate in the statement 52 is 26% of 200 show work
  69. English Comp I

    What would be a good thesis statement for a proposal essay
  70. com 150

    i need help with a good thesis statement for gas and oil prices
  71. Math help.

    4. m ¨C 7 < 6 m < ¨C1 m > 1 m < 13 m < ¨C13 5. y + 5 ¡Ý 7 y ¡Ü 2 y ¡Ü 12 y ¡Ý 2 y ¡Ý 12 6. p + 12 > 9 p > 21 p > 3 p > ¨C21 p > ¨C3 7. Translate the following statement into an inequality: Five less than a

    complete the statement 4c = blank p A.2 B.1(I PICK THIS) C.8 D.16
  73. Math

    what is the vale of 14 - a² given a = -3 A 23 B 11** C 8 D 5 what symbol is needed between -2 ? |-3| to make a true statement? A < B >** C =
  74. Aims Math

    what is the contrapositive of this statement "If two polygons are congruent, then they are also similar"
  75. Math

    Is this statement true or false? The following proportions will yield the same results: x/2=4/9 and 9/2=4/x
  76. college

    Needs help with writing a thesis statement about depression within teen suicide.
  77. math

    I have to insert brackets so that this equation is a true statement. I was able to solve the other 3 and could not get this one. Please help. Thanks -20 + 4 x 2 + 7 - 35 = -19
  78. Math

    where do i put the parentheses to make this statement true 8+3x6-4-1
  79. math(Discrete)

    Give the negation of the statement ∃! x ∈ U [P (x)].
  80. biology

    explain the following statement: "life is complex on the molecular level"
  81. economics

    Find the CPI for 2006(2005 is the base year; and 2005 as the fixed basket of goods for each year. also 2005 CPI=100) 2006 has price of $2 for 150 quantity of socks and $3 for 100 quantity of gloves.
  82. Math #2

    On average, 1 out of 15 people who visit Margo’s florist shop place an order for roses. Last year, there were no more than 200 orders for roses. How many people visited Margo’s Florist shop last year? 163 visted the shop
  83. math

    In the year 1950, the total quantity of rice produced in India was two crore five lakh eighty thousand tonnes. In the year 2001, India produced nine crore ten lakh fifty thousand tonnes of rice. In the year 2001, how much more rice was produced in India as
  84. Computer science

    Write a function in Python: Given a list of words, indicate whetehr the list constitutes a "Word Ladder." A Word Ladder is a series of words where each succesding word changes by only one letter. You may assume that all words will be of the same length,
  85. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of natural gas (methane) required to bring 3.9 L of water to a boil. Assume the initial temperature of the water is 39 C, and the methane is at 1 bar and 25 C. Assume that methane is an ideal gas, the specific heat capacity of water to
  86. History

    13 The colonists designed a school calendar so that children would attend school nine months a year, leaving the summer months off. Which answer best explains why? A. School buildings were too hot in the summer. B. Children needed to help on farms in the
  87. math

    The winning time int he womens Olympic 200 meter dash w is a function of the year x in which the event was run, starting with 1948 and is given by the equation w= f(X)= -0.0661X+152.8 A. PREDICT THE WINNING TIME FOR THE 1988 OLYMPICS. ( THE ACTUAL TIME WAS
  88. math

    Suppose there are 100 rabbits on an island and that the rabbit population can triple every half-year. Write an equation you could use to find the number of rabbits, R, after t, years. Using your equation, determine the amount of rabbits on the island in
  89. Chemistry

    Please help me with this question from my homework package What is the minimum number of photons with wavelength 645nm needed to prepare 135 grams of glucose? When the thermochemical equation is C6H12O6(s)+ 6O2(g)--> 6CO2(g)+ 6H2O(g) Reaction is
  90. Pre Calculus

    Having trouble verifying this identity... cscxtanx + secx= 2cosx This is what I've been trying (1/sinx)(sinx/cosx) + secx = 2cosx (1/cosx)+(1/cosx) = 2 cosx 2 secx = 2cosx that's what i ended up with, but i know it's now right. did i mess up with the
  91. Math

    Hi. I have a few math questions I need some help with. Hamid Husain took out a $50,000, 5-year term policy at age 50. The premium per $1,000 was $4.80. He will be 55 years old this year. The premium per $1,000 will be $6.58. What is the percent increase?
  92. Math

    Hi. I have a few math questions I need some help with. Hamid Husain took out a $50,000, 5-year term policy at age 50. The premium per $1,000 was $4.80. He will be 55 years old this year. The premium per $1,000 will be $6.58. What is the percent increase?
  93. Chemistry

    Q. How much of 80% alcohol should b mixed with 30ml of 95% alcohol in order to prepare 90% alcohol?
  94. pha

    You need to prepare 120 g of a 7% cream using a 21% stock cream and a 2% cream base.
  95. MBA Executive : Banking & Finance

    Following are the financial statements for A Ltd and T Ltd for the current financial year. Both firms operate in the same industry. BALANCE SHEETS Particulars Firm A Firm B Total current assets Total fixed assets (net) Rs 14,00,000 10,00,000 Rs 10,00,000
  96. Physics

    A 0.20-kg ball on a string is whirled on a vertical circle at a constant speed. When the ball is at the three o'clock position, the string tension is 16 N. Find the tensions in the string when the ball is at twelve o'clock and at the six o'clock positions.
  97. Simple Array Process

    need help with this generate only the pseudocode. No charting is required, but you will have to incorporate the bubble sort algorithm to ensure the selling prices are in order so you can determine the median selling price. Do not assume that they will be
  98. World Geography

    Which statements describe the European Union (EU)? 1) Citizens of EU nations can live, work, or study in any member nation. 2) Passports must be presented by citizens when traveling between EU nations. 3) Tariffs between member nations were ended in 1968.
  99. chemistry

    1.00 tonne of ammonium from the harber process is reacted with carbon dioxide to prepare the fertiliser urea and 1.35 tonnes of urea are formed. calculate the percentage yield of urea
  100. math

    Please someone show me how to work this one out? Suppose Caroline is a cinephile and buys only movie tickets. Caroline deposits $3000 in a bank acct that pays an annual interest rate of 20%. You can assume that this interest rate is fixed-that is, it