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  1. pre-algebra

    kk my teach told me to describe and draw things that are about pre-algebra and she told me to write what pre-algebra is... so can anyone help me??
  2. pre- algebra(MATH)

    I need help with pre-algebra solving equations by multiplying or dividing. Can you help me with this homework for free?
  3. Pre-Algebra

    How do you solve this Pre-Algebra problem: $1.25x + $2.25y = $916 x + y = 560
  4. what does pre-algebra mean??

    i have to draw things that have to do with pre algebra but...i don't understand the meaning of it
  5. pre-algebra

    I am actually in 6th grade but I really want to learn more about pre algebra. I was given a task to solve the question of y=9x+3*7 and i don't get what to do. Should I graph? Or solve for y?
  6. Pre-Algebra: Help

    I have to do a webquest for pre-algebra and we have to make up a fundraiser thing, I need a list of things that one needs for a charity fundraiser, such as chairs, buffet tables, tables, tents, tablecloths. HELPP
  7. pre-algebra

    write an inequality for the sentence. The total t is greater than five. Well your answer is going to be T and the sign for greater than is simply >. So the answer would be T > 5 ok again my name is above. i was just wondering what pre-algebra was? i
  8. Algebra

    I have a few questions on my Pre- Algebra Pre- test. I am in 7th grade. Anyone willing to help me for a few questions for 5-10 minutes?
  9. Pre-Algebra

    Hi has anyone done lesson 10: Geometry Unit Test Essential Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) B Unit 1: Geometry i really need help has anyone done it please if u have please help!!!!
  10. pre-Algebra

    Sorry, struggling through pre-Algebra .. :-( .. How do i figure out 5x = -20 ?
  11. Pre algebra

    I need the answers to unit 2 lesson 13 pre algebra unit test
  12. Pre Algebra

    “A pre-algebra book is 8 1 half Click for more options inches by 9 1 fourth Click for more options inches. Determine the perimeter of the textbook. Describe the steps you took to solve this problem.
  13. pre algebra

    my grade is 83.17 in pre algebra in college, but the final exam is worth 300 points. If I got a B or B- or a C on the final, what would my grade be overall?
  14. Question

    @Alex asked this question when I was on earlier: Let line l_1 be the graph of 5x + 8y = -9. Line l_2 is perpendicular to line l_1 and passes through the point (10,10). If line l_2 is the graph of the equation y=mx +b, then find m+b. I'm wondering like how
  15. Math (Algebra/Pre-Algebra)

    A book has been discounted 20% and now sells for $15. How much did it cost before the discount?
  16. algebra 1 or pre algebra

    for some real number b, the graph of the line y=3x+b passes through the point (7,-3).what its y-intercept?
  17. math

    Essential Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) B Unit 5: Functions Lesson 4: Understanding the Slope
  18. Algebra

    I need the answers to pre algebra pizzazz pg 50 How did the angel lose his job I have the riddle I need the work!! Plz help me!!
  19. algebra

    what is the answer to pre algebra with pizzazz page 106
  20. Math (Algebra/Pre-Algebra)

    What is the 23rd term in the arithmetic sequence: 11, 14, 17, 20...? All I need is the formula to find the it because I have to show work. Thanks.
  21. math

    Please does anyone have ANSWERS for the UNIT 7 LESSON 8 SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES? FWI: It's Algebra 1 NOT PRE algebra please if I fail I'll get an F!!!!!!!
  22. algebra 1 or pre algebra

    Which of the following numbers is not in the domain of the function (f)=x(x^2-16)/x^2-5x-6 4 a B) 4 C) 0 D) 6 E) 1
  23. Math (Algebra/Pre-Algebra)

    Which equation is an identity? a. 3x - 9 = 3x b. 4p + 7 = 7 + 4p c. 2w = 0 d. 5k = 5
  24. Pre algebra

    Hi so I’m in a bit of a rush so if someone can give me the answers to Integers and algebra review practice you’d be a life saver (the first question is **what is the solution to 89+k=-42?**
  25. Algebra readiness ( pre algebra)

    1.) simplify: (y3)(y3) A y1 B y7 C y12 D y43 2.) y6/y2 A y8 B y4 C y3 D y1 3.) convert to fraction 5-3 A 1/5 B 1/15 C 1/25 D 1/125 4.) 150=? A 0 B 1 C 15 D 1/15 5.) Select all the expressions that are equivalent to y4. A (y2)(y2) B y6/y6 C y0 D y9/y9 E
  26. pre calc

    A math teacher uses four algebra books, two geometry books, and three pre-calculus books for reference. In how many ways can the teacher arrange the books on the shelf if books coiver the same subject matter are kept together?
  27. pre-algebra

    Simplify- 2(x+2y)-y 5a+2b+3b-7a 2(2r-2)-8(2r+2) Here are some rules that might be helpful: I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
  28. pre-algebra

    Simplify- (-2c+d)(-5)+3(-2c)(-8d) Solve the Equation- y/12= -3 -9+a=11 Here are rules that will help you. I hope it helps. Thanks for asking.
  29. pre-Algebra

    How can you solve algebra equations? The idea is to find a way to isolate the unknown by itself. You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide both </s> sides of the equal signs to do that.
  30. Algebra readiness ( pre algebra)

    what is the solution to q+ (-9) =12?
  31. pre-calc.

    Answers for Determine The Minimum Distance From The Point (18,20) To The Line 5x+8y=120 Include: Graph, Algebra Of Any Equations, Algebra Of System, Set-up & Steps Of Final Calculations.
  32. Math (Algebra/Pre-Algebra)

    What is the x-intercept of the line with equation 2y + 3x = 24? What is the x-intercept and how do I find it? I have to show work. Thank you!
  33. Pre-Algebra/Algebra

    In an y=my+b equation what is y?
  34. Algebra readiness ( pre algebra)

    what is 7x =42?
  35. Pre-Algebra

  36. Pre-algebra

  37. Pre algebra

    5b+15=30 15+15=30 or b-30=15
  38. Pre-algebra

  39. pre algebra

    3 1/4 - (3 - 1 5/6) =
  40. pre algebra

    hi i need some help
  41. Pre-algebra

  42. pre algebra

    1/2 (6x-4)= 4x-9
  43. Pre-algebra

  44. Pre-algebra

  45. Pre-algebra

  46. Pre-Algebra

    i can help
  47. Pre algebra

    1=5 2=7 3=9 4=11
  48. Pre-Algebra

  49. Pre-algebra

  50. Pre-algebra

  51. Pre-algebra

  52. Pre-algebra

  53. Pre-Algebra

    What is 1/8 - 3/5? 1/8 - 3/5 = 5/40 - 24/40 = 19/40
  54. Pre-Algebra HELP!!!

    y-5/3 = 1 A)-2 B)8 C)18 D)6
  55. Pre-Algebra

  56. Pre-Algebra

  57. pre-algebra

    3 1/2 * 1 1/2
  58. Pre-Algebra

    12 > y - 5
  59. pre-algebra

  60. pre algebra

    what is 5(2x-3)+8=9
  61. Pre-Algebra

  62. pre-algebra

  63. pre algebra

  64. Pre-Algebra

  65. pre-algebra

  66. pre-algebra

    0.6x+ x ¡Ü1.4x-1
  67. pre algebra

    - 2 + 5 = +3
  68. pre algebra

    11/16 + 3/16 =
  69. Pre algebra

  70. pre algebra

  71. Pre-algebra

  72. Pre algebra

  73. Pre-algebra

  74. pre algebra

  75. Pre-Algebra

  76. pre-algebra

  77. pre-algebra

    3.7x-3.5=x+5.4 0.7(0.9x+3)-0.8(1.6x-0.7)=x
  78. Pre- Algebra

  79. Pre-Algebra

    If (92)p = 98, what is the value of p? 2 3 4 5 6
  80. pre algebra

    X/7 - 4 = 2
  81. Pre-algebra

  82. pre-algebra

    6y + 5=10 -5+6y+5=10+-5 6y/6=5/6 Y=8.3 Is this right I need help with this one 4=z/12-17
  83. Pre-algebra

    So 7t = -98. What is t?
  84. pre-algebra

  85. pre algebra

  86. Pre-Algebra

    What is a-3/5=1/5 ?
  87. pre-algebra

    What is (+3)-(-7)=
  88. Pre-Algebra


  90. Pre algebra

  91. pre-algebra

  92. Pre-Algebra

    X5 x X4
  93. Pre-algebra

  94. Pre-Algebra

    4( x+8)+ 9x =
  95. Pre algebra

  96. pre-algebra

  97. Pre-Algebra

    x+8/7 - x+3/7
  98. pre algebra

  99. Pre-algebra

    what is 36>-9t and why please thank you
  100. Pre algebra

    y/2 - 5y/6 + 1/3=1/2