Pre- Calculus

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  1. calculus

    wat is the ans of this solutions? y=sin^4x cos4x? ^
  2. Calculus

    I have to get the result of the serie from 1 to infinite of |sin(4n/π) +3|/ 4^n I really don't know what to do... Please I would really appreciate if anyone can help me
  3. Calculus

    consider the following function: f(x)=sqrt(50-x) find the linear approximation of f(x) at a=1
  4. Calculus

    Find the limit as x approaches 0 [(sqrt(x+9))-3]/x A. 0 B. 1 C. Infinity D. 1/3 E. None of these
  5. Calculus

    Write the logarithm of a single quantity: 2ln(x)+ln(4)-(1/2)ln(9)
  6. Calculus

    Given the table below for selected values of f(x), use 6 trapezoids to estimate the value of x 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 f(x) 4 8 6 10 10 12 16
  7. Calculus

    Estimate ç4 1 ln(x)−3dx using 6 midpoint rectangles
  8. Calculus

    Find limit as x approaches -1 (x^2+2x+3)/(x^2+1) A. 0 B. 1 C. Infinity D. DNE E. None of these
  9. calculus

    are the deritives of sin and cos functions inverses
  10. calculus

    find the limit for the given function lim (sin)^2(3 t))/t^2 t->0
  11. Calculus

    express the given quantity as a single logarithm: ln(a+b)+ln(a-b)-8ln(c)
  12. math-calculus

    complete solution to 12-|x| = 9 is 12-x = 9 -12frm both sides -x/1 = -3/1 this what i get.
  13. Calculus

    find the area between the two curves y=1/2x and y=x square root of 1-x^2
  14. Calculus

    find the limit(if it exists), if not explain why. lim x--> 4- (3[[x]]-5)
  15. math-calculus

    value of |7|-|-6|+|-cubicroot-64| i got 25 after doing whole thing but real answer be 5, i not get how to get that.
  16. Calculus-PLZ HELP! =)

    does the sum 3/(2^(n)-1) converge or diverge? n=1--->infinity
  17. multivariable calculus

    Find the equation of the plane containing the points (1; 0; 0), (0; 2; 0) and (2; 1; 3).
  18. multivariable calculus

    Describe the level surfaces of g(x; y; z) = x2 - 2y2 + z2
  19. Calculus

    What exactly is an integral? I understand it is the area under a curve but what does it pertain to?
  20. Simple Calculus

    If f(x)=(x+1)^3(x^2-1)^2, what is the value of f'(2)? Details and assumptions f'(x) denotes the derivative of f(x).
  21. calculus

    consider the following function: f(x)=sqrt(50-x) find the linear approximation of f(x) at a=1
  22. calculus

    What is the slope of the line tangent to the quadratic f(x)=4x^2−3x+6 at x=7?
  23. Calculus - HELP plz!

    Find all of the first partial derivatives of f(x,y,z)=arctan y/xz
  24. Calculus

    given that f, g, and h are differentiable functions and f(g(h(x))) = x, what is h'(x) in terms of f, f', g, g', and h? I have on clue on how to even start it. please help . thank you.
  25. calculus

    f(x)=x^3/(x^2-1) find the regions of concavity and inflection points
  26. Calculus

    On what intervals is the function f(x)=e^e^2 increasing? Concave upward?
  27. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y = ln |cos(ln)|. I got -tan(ln x)/x, is this correct?
  28. calculus

    Let q(x)=(x^4)(e^-x). Calculate q'(x). Use q'(x) to determine whether q(5)<q(6) or q(5)>q(6) (do not use a calculator). Explain your reasoning.
  29. calculus

    f(x)=(x^2+1)(1-x-x^3).Determine the equation of the line tangent to f(x) at the point (1,-2).
  30. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y=x^2 / e^2x using the Quotient Rule, and simplify. I really need help! please! :)
  31. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f(x) = x^2 ln (x^2) using the Product Rule, and simplify.
  32. Calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y=x^2 - 2x and y= x + 4
  33. Math/Calculus.

    Suppose (x^2)*(e^(-2y))= ln(xy) Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation.
  34. Calculus

    lim x->1 (x^47-1)/(x^9-1) With what method do I factor them with? Pascal triangle?
  35. calculus

    Let q(x)=(x^4)(e^-x). Calculate q'(x). Use q'(x) to determine whether q(5)<q(6) or q(5)>q(6) (do not use a calculator). Explain your reasoning.
  36. calculus

    Evaluate the integral S x/(sqrt(3x-1))dx Use U-Substitution method.
  37. Calculus

    how to convert this from rectangular to polar? r=cos theta
  38. calculus

    how do you solve the initial value problem by using separation of variables dy/dx=-xy^2 when y(1)=-0.25
  39. Calculus

    Find the critical points of f(x)=x^4e^-x. You would use the product rule. Then what?
  40. calculus

    Find the vertical tangents of f(x)=10 cos x + 5 sin 2x
  41. Calculus

    use the simpson's rule with n=10 to estimate arc length of y=x^(-1/3), for 1<=x<6

    ʃ (4sin²x cos²×/sin2x cos2x)dx PLEASE HELP!!
  43. Calculus-Math

    Complete the table. y = f(g(x)) u = g(x) y = f(u) y = (x + 18)^(-1/2) u = ? y=? Use the chain rule.
  44. Calculus

    For which point(s) on the graph of f(x)=5x/(x+2) is the slope of the tangent 2/5? a) (-3,15) b) (7, 35/9) c) (3,3) and (-7,7) d) (24, 60/13) Answer is C?
  45. Calculus

    Evaluate the following limit, if it exists: lim h-->0 ((sqrt9+h)-3/(h)
  46. calculus

    find the minimum distance from the point (4,1) to the parabola y^2=4x.
  47. Calculus-Math

    Find d2y/dx2 in terms of x and y. x^2y^2-2x=3
  48. calculus

    Use table of integrals to evaluate the integral of x^4 sinxdx.
  49. Calculus

    Find the maximum and minimum values of f(x,y,z)=x+4y+5z on the sphere x^2+y^2+z^2=1.
  50. calculus

    sketch graph of a function f that is differentiable and that satisfies the following
  51. Calculus 2

    solve this differential equation: dy/dt=0.06y(600-y) y(0)=10 y(t)=?
  52. pre calc

    The number N of bacteria in a culture at time t (in hours) grows exponentially according to the function N(t) = 1000e^0.01t When will the number of bacteria reach 1700? I though you would do 1700=1,000^e0.01t and solve for t but i keep getting the wrong
  53. PRE-CALC

    A large painting in the style of Rubens is 3 feet longer than it is wide. If the wooden frame is 12 in wide and the area of the picture frame is 208 ft^2, find the dimensions of the painting. So I know the width would be x and the length would be x+3 if I
  54. Pre-Algebra

    Equation M: y = 3x + 4 Equation P: y = 3x + 7 Which of the following options is true about the solution to the given set of equations? No solution One solution Two solutions Ininite solutions I thought it was infinite solutions but i got the answer wrong.
  55. pre calc

    The number N of bacteria in a culture at time t (in hours) grows exponentially according to the function N(t) = 1000e^0.01t. 1.What is the population after 4 hours? 2.When will the number of bacteria reach 1700? 3. When will the number of bacteria double?
  56. pre algebra

    solve whether the sequence is arithmetic or geometric if it is arithmetic or geometric,state the common difference or common ratio and write the next three terms of the sequence 10,18,26,34
  57. Math - Pre-Algebra

    A set of building blocks of various shapes and colors. If 30% of the blocks are cubes, and 40% of the cube blocks are red the then _______? what % of the blocks are red cubes.
  58. Pre-Algebra

    Two similar triangles have a scale factor of 5/3. a) Find the perimeter ratio copy/original b) Find the area ratio copy/original
  59. pre algebra

    the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are repeated in such a way thatwhen the digits repeat the greatest digit is removed the pattern is repeated indefinitely what is the 1111st digit in this pattern?
  60. Pre calc

    sin(θ + ϕ); sin(θ) = 5/13 θ in Quadrant I, cos(ϕ) = − 2root 5 over 5 ϕ in Quadrant II please give final answer this is bc i have a lot of trouble simplifying the final answer thank you
  61. pre-cal

    Solve. (sqrt. x + 1) - (sqrt. 2x -12) = 1 The answers I reached were x = 8 and 24. If you plug in 8, you will get 1 as an answer. If you plug in 24, however, you will not get 1 as an answer. Please see if 8 is the only solution. If not, please show me how
  62. pre algebra

    An area has been reforested. After 5 years , one of the tree is 2 meters tall. After six more years, the same tree is 3.2 meters tall. name 2 ordered pairs that can be used to to graph the information?
  63. Pre-Calc

    Since cot x = cos x / sin x, if cot x = 1/2, with the angle x in the first quadrant, then cos x = 1 and sin x = 2 (1) State true or false. Is this a possible situation? (2) If false, explain why.
  64. Pre algebra

    find the area of the triangle with base 2 1/5 yards and height 5/8 yard.( The area of a triangle equals half the product of its base and height)
  65. pre-cal

    Find the height of a ball after 3 seconds, if the ball is hit with an initial velocity of 90 feet per second at an angle of 60 degrees from an initial height of 5 feet.
  66. college pre-calc

    Would a truck that is 12 feet tall and 9 feet wide fit through a parabolic arch that is 15 feet high at the high point and 16 feet wide?
  67. pre-algebra(algebra)

    I'm not sure if I have the correct answer to this problem...All I have to do is use the Distributive Property to write each expression as an equivalent algebraic expression. Here is the problem: b(c+3d) Is the answer: bc+3bd
  68. kenowa hills

    When should the interviewer gather and organize the tools needed for the interview? A. during the pre-interview stage B. during the interview stage C. during the post-interview stage D. during the presentation stage
  69. Pre-cal

    Each of the two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle are 10 centimeters more than 1/2 the length of the base. If the perimeter of the triangle is to be at most 100 centimeters, what is the maximum length of the base?
  70. pre algebra

    Julie went to the post office and bought both $0.49 stamps and $0.34 postcards for her office's bills. She spent $62.60. The number of stamps was 20 more than twice the number of postcards. How many of each did she buy?
  71. pre-calc

    A ship travels 200km west from port and then 240km due south before it is disabled. Illustrate this in a vector diagram. Usa trigonometry to find the course that a rescue ship must take from port in order to reach the disabled ship. i don't know where to
  72. Pre-cal/trig

    A dog is attached to a 21​-foot rope fastened to the outside corner of a​ fenced-in garden that measures 18 feet by 22 feet. Assuming that the dog cannot enter the​ garden, compute the exact area that the dog can wander. I'm confused as to how they
  73. pre-algebra

    Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. The write a function rule. X 2,4,6 Y 1,0,-1
  74. Pre-Cal

    how do you find the vertex using two points, when no equation is given and neither points are the vertex? what formula can i use to find it?
  75. Pre-Cal

    Evalute the expressions: 1). sin(π/3)+cos(π/3) 2). (cos 45°)^2-(sin 45°)^2
  76. Pre-Ap biology

    After an organism is gully grown, cell division continues to function in renewal and repair, replacing cells that die from ________________ During the growth phase (for a cell) known as this one interphase? The mitotic phase itself
  77. Pre-Vet Research

    I just need to be sure that my personal explanation, from hands on research with sharks, of what causes tonic immobility makes sense. What I found is that the only stimuli needed to induce tonic immobility on sharks, rays, and skates is slight compression
  78. MATH: Pre-Cal/Trig

    The length of a rectangular flower garden is 6 more feet than its width. A walkway 3 feet wide surrounds the outside of the garden. The total area of the walkway itself is 288 square feet. Find the dimensions of the garden.
  79. Pre-cal

    I'm supposed to graph y= 4+2sin (pi/6 t -pi/5) i have the vertical shift d=4 amplitude 2 level line y=4 crest line y=6 trough line y=2 but i am not sure what the period is formula for period 2pi/b in this case 2pi/pi/6 => 12pi/pi do the pi's cancel,
  80. pre-algebra

    if a serving has 346 calories, 46 grams of carbs, and 18 grams of protein, determine the # of grams of fat in the serving. c=346, h=46, p=18 f=346-4(46)-9(18)/9 I'm getting a completely different answer than what it's supposed to be. HELP!
  81. pre-algrbra

    The following table represents the total cost, in dollars (y) to join a gym for x number of months. The cost includes a one-time joining fee of 10$. Does the data in the table represent a proportional relationship or a non-proportional relationship? how do
  82. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

    Find the value of the following expression: (2^8 ⋅ 5−5 ⋅ 19^0)−2 ⋅ (5-2/2^3)^4 ⋅ 2^28 (5 points) Write your answer in simplified form. Show all of your steps. (5 points) Please somebody help me I'm so confused. I know
  83. Metrics =0

    What items are measured in kiloliters, hectoliters, decaliters, deciliters, and centiliters. I need items that would be measured in each of these units. Im making a poster. The kiloliter would be an appropriate unit to measure the volume of a ___________.
  84. Pre-Calc

    The game commission introduces 100 deer into newly acquired state game lands. the population N of the herd is modeled by N=(20(5+3t))/1+0.04t t>/=0 where t is the time in years a. find the population when t=5, t=10, and t=25 b. what is the limiting size
  85. Pre- Algebra

    7.)The stem–and–leaf plot shows the number of fish that were caught by several ships in a fishing fleet. How many ships caught 37 fish or fewer? stem Leaves 3 | 0 3 3 5 6 4 | 0 2 4 5 8 9 9 5 | 0 1 2 4 key: 2|4 means 24 A.)12 B.)16 C.)14 D.)13 I think B
  86. constitution

    In which era did the Court begin to expand the powers of the federal government? A. Marshall Court B. Taney Court C. Pre-New Deal D. Rehnquist Court is it A 2. Statutes passed by Congress are found in the: A. U.S. Code. B. Federal Register. C. U.S.
  87. early childhood

    Can someone please help me with this? I think I have the right answer--just need verification. Which statement most accurately describes "normal" growth and development of the pre-school child? 1.It occurs at a uniform rate for all chidren. 2.It is a
  88. pre calc

    The population of a colony of mosquitoes grows exponentially according to the function P(t) = P0ekt 1. If there are 1,000 mosquitoes initially and there are 1800 after 1 day, what is the size of the colony after 3 days? 2. How long will it take the colony
  89. Pre Algebra

    I am doing an ice cream cone project for math on cones and had to figure out the surface area for them, but there is a question that is "how to the surface and lateral area of each relate?" my teacher said you will see a pattern but i dont. i.e. sa=
  90. Pre-Algebra (Probability)

    The theoretical probability of spinning an even number on a spinner is 2 — 3 . The spinner has 8 even-numbered sections. How many sections are on the spinner?
  91. Math

    The after-tax price of a shiny new car is $19,000. If 8% sales tax was charged, what was the pre-tax price of the car?
  92. Pre- algebra help please anyone

    X to the power of 11 like x11 and x to the power of two like x2 x9/x2 A x11 B x7 C 7 D x5
  93. pre-calc.

    1. Calculate the limit of f(x) = x/x as x tends to 0. 2. Calculate the limit of f(x) = (x^2-1)/(x-1) as x tends to 1.
  94. Pre-Algebra

    Complete the sentence below. Scatter plots are used to look for a pattern of association, or trend, between ____________ A) one set of values. B) two sets of values. C) three sets of values. D) four sets of values. My Answer: B) two sets of values.
  95. pre-algebra

    Translate the following into an inequality. Do not solve. Profits in the second quarter for a local retailer were all 112% of that in the first quarter. Profits in the third quarter were 87% of that in the first quarter. The profits for the three
  96. Pre Calc

    Airplane going N 60 degrees W at a speed of 400 mph. What wind direction, at a speed of 75 mph will produce a resultant direction of N 50 degrees W
  97. Pre-Algebra

    A student is 5 ft tall and casts a shadow 10 ft long. A nearby tree casts a shadow 60 ft long. Find the height h of the tree.

    A nurse wishes to to add water to 60 ounces of 20% solution of benzalkonium chloride to dilute it to an 8% solution. How many ounces of water does she need to add?
  99. Math Pre-Algebra

    Maria left her house and walked two miles north then she turned and walked 3 miles west. How far is Maria from her house?
  100. Pre Cal.

    State the amplitude, period, and phase shift of the function y=-3cos(3x+ (3pi/2)) Amplitude: 3 Period: 2pi/3 Phase Shift: -pi/2 Am I right?