Pre- Calculus

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  1. calculus

    find the minimum distance from the point (4,1) to the parabola y^2=4x.
  2. calculus

    If x=t^3 and y=3t^5, where t is any real number, what is the derivative of y with respect to x at x=125 ?
  3. calculus 2

    find the definite integral for 3x+pi for the fraction interval pi over 3 and pi over 6
  4. calculus HS

    Analtical method to evaluate Lim X -> -infinite
  5. Calculus help me please!

    Find the value of k so that f(x)= {3x^2+kx+4 if x<0 and 2sqrt(x+4) if x >or equal to 0} is differentiable at x=0 can someone please provide help!!!

    ∫4x^−1*sin(ln(6x))dx I got 4*[-cos(ln(6x))]+C but its wrong and im not sure why... Please Help!! Thanks
  7. Calculus

    Find the exact area below the curve y=x^3(4-x)and above the x-axis
  8. Calculus

    Find the area bounded by y=x^2-4x+3 and y=x+4 to the newrest integer.
  9. multivariable calculus

    Find the equation of the plane containing the points (1; 0; 0), (0; 2; 0) and (2; 1; 3).
  10. multivariable calculus

    Describe the level surfaces of g(x; y; z) = x2 - 2y2 + z2
  11. Calculus!!!

    the derivative of cot^3sqrtx Do you use prduct rule, if so what is your u,v, dv, or du.
  12. Calculus

    Find the area of the region. f(x) = x^3 g(x) = x^4 In the graph f is above g and they both intersect at (1,1)
  13. Calculus

    What is the area of the largest rectangle that can be placed in a 5-12-13 right triangle (as shown)?
  14. calculus

    sketch graph of a function f that is differentiable and that satisfies the following
  15. Calculus

    Find the area under the curve y=5(cosx) and above y=5(sinx) for 0<x<pi
  16. calculus

    Find the sum of the series: 10 + 14 + 18 + 22 +...+138 and 6-12+24-48+96-...+1536
  17. calculus

    Find the parametrization for the left half of the parabola: y = x^2 - 4x + 3.
  18. Calculus

    Are the following differential equations separable or not? * y'= ye^(x+y) * y'= ye^(xy) * y'= y(xcos(y)) I am no good at these :[
  19. AP Calculus 12

    Please help me with this question: lim __1_-_cosx__ x-0 sinx Thank you!
  20. calculus

    Find the center of gravity enclosed by y^2=4x,x=4,y=0 if its density is given by ä(x.y)=ky
  21. Calculus

    Resolve the vector v=[7,9] into rectangular components, one of which is in the direction of u=[6,2].

    Find the derivative of y=4sinx−2cosx
  23. calculus

    f(x)=(x^2+1)(1-x-x^3).Determine the equation of the line tangent to f(x) at the point (1,-2).
  24. calculus

    addendum to previous ques. hope someone will deal with this seriously.
  25. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f(x)=ln(e^(2x)/((x^2-4)^3) Please show detail so I can use for reference. Thanks!
  26. Math- Calculus

    lim 108(x^2+2x)(x+1)^3 x-> -1 __________________ (divide) (x^3+1)^3 (x-1)
  27. Calculus

    determine the point(s)at which the graph of y^4 = y^2 -x^2 has a horizontal tangent.
  28. Calculus

    let f(x)=2x-7. Use the rigorous definition of limit to show that lim x-->4 f(x)=1
  29. Calculus-PLZ HELP! =)

    does the sum 3/(2^(n)-1) converge or diverge? n=1--->infinity
  30. calculus

    If y = f(x) = x^(p/q) then y^p = x^p show through implicit differentiation that d/dx[x^(p/q)] = (p/q)x^[p/q] Not sure how to tackle this problem.
  31. calculus - limits

    can someone help me determine that limit for the following function, as x --> -2? 2 - abs(x) / 2 + x
  32. Calculus

    22. Divide the expression before differentiating. F(x) = (8x^3 - 1)/ (2x - 1) Would the way to solve this problem be... F(x) = [(8x^3) / (2x - 1)] - [(1)/(2x - 1)] = [(4x^2)/(1)] - [(1) / (2x - 1)] = (4x^2) - (2x-1)^-1 F'(x) = (8x + 1)
  33. Calculus - integration

    Q. ¡ò(15^x/3^x) dx i know that the ¡ò(a^x) dx = a^x/lna +c but i don't know how to solve this question. thank you
  34. Calculus POwer RUle

    If the slope of the curve y=−kx^3+ 3k at x=-2 is 3, then what is the value of k?
  35. math-calculus

    complete solution to 12-|x| = 9 is 12-x = 9 -12frm both sides -x/1 = -3/1 this what i get.
  36. calculus

    find equation of a tangent line to y=x^3-5x+6 at the point where x=2
  37. Calculus

    use the midpoint rule to approximate the integral from -7 to 1 of (10x-5x^2)dx
  38. Calculus

    4) f(x)= { 3x^2 x< and equal 1 { ax+ b x > 1 What is the relation between a and b if the function is continuous for allof x.
  39. Calculus

    Show that a,b,c, and d are positive integers when, ((a^2+1)(b^2+1)(c^2+1)(d^2+1))/abcd≥16
  40. calculus

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of f(x)=4x^3-1x^2+1 at x=-2.
  41. CAlculus

    using chain rule find the derivative of y=xsin1/x
  42. Math (Calculus)

    Determine the arc length of the following on the specified interval: y=1/2x^3/2 , x=0, x=4
  43. a.p. calculus

    find y' of the functuion in terms of appropriate variable. simplify as far as possible. y= ln(1+e^2x)^3
  44. calculus

    find the area enclosed between the x-axis and the curve, if y=x^3+2x^2+x+1 between x=-1 and x=2
  45. Calculus

    Evaluate using long division. The integral of x/6x-5 dx How do I divide this?
  46. calculus

    f(x)=12x/sinx+cosx find f(-pie)
  47. Calculus(derivatives)

    f(x)=7cosx+6tanx, find f'(x)and f'(5pie/4)
  48. Calculus

    How would I use the chain rule here for x^2+y^2=z^2 but still have my answer in equation form?
  49. Calculus

    Given the table below for selected values of f(x), use 6 trapezoids to estimate the value of x 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 f(x) 4 8 6 10 10 12 16
  50. Calculus

    Show that both functions y1=e^(-2x) and y2=xe^(-2x) are solutions to the differential equation y^''+4y^'+4y=0
  51. Calculus

    Solve for x in the equation ln(16-12x)-2lnx)= ln4
  52. calculus

    find the sides of triangle such that area is maximum.
  53. calculus

    find the rate of change of f(x)-x^2+4 a. from -2 to 0 b. from 1 to 3 c. from -2 to 1 please show work
  54. Calculus

    find tha value of f(x)=x3 where f(x+h)-f(x)/h so far I got 3x2+3hx+h2/h and got stuck from here.
  55. calculus

    assume x and y are functions of t. Evaluate dy/dt for 2xy--4x/3y^3=48, with conditions dx/dt=-6,x=3, y=-2
  56. Calculus

    q=(1000/p+1)^2 - 1 find q' I will be happy to critique your thinking.
  57. Calculus

    Find the area of the region between the graphs of f(x)=3x+8 and g(x)=x^2 +2x+2 over [0,2]. My answer: 34/3
  58. calculus

    Derivative of: (exp(8x^4))(5x^3+9)^3 ___________________________ (divided by) (22x^2+4x-20)^2
  59. calculus

    for the following f defined by f(x)=4x^2+3x+2. find the following values. a. f(-2)= b. f(-x)= c. -f(x)= df(x+h)= please show work
  60. calculus

    for the following f defined by f(x)=4x^2+3x+2. find the following values. a. f(-2)= b. f(-x)= c. -f(x)= df(x+h)= please show work
  61. calculus

    I need help simplifying this problem. f(x)=x^4/5(x-4)^2 f'(x)=x^4/5*2(x-4)+(x-4)^2*4/5x^-1/5 it is suposed to end up as this: 1/5x^-1/5(x-4)[5*x*2+(x-4)*4] but how do i get it to there? I need to see all the steps and how to get them. Thanks

    Derivative of: (exp(8x^4))(5x^3+9)^3 ___________________________ (divided by) (22x^2+4x-20)^2
  63. College Calculus

    Calculate the average over the given interval. f(x)=sin(pi/x)/x^2, [1,2]
  64. Calculus

    If f(x1)>f(x2) for every x1>x2, then what is the behaviour of f(x)? I believe that the answer is that f(x) is increasing but I do not know how to show my work for that
  65. Calculus (1st Year)

    Solve the integral: S (e^-cosx)(x^2)dx
  66. Calculus II

    If {an} (a sequence) is decreasing and an > 0 for all n, then {an} is convergent. True/False?
  67. Calculus

    State the domain and range for each: f(x) = 4x + 1 and g(x) = x^2 f(x) = sin x and g(x) = x^2 - x + 1 f(x) = 10^x and g(x) = log x
  68. Integral Calculus

    Integrate (tan^-1 X)/(1+x²) dx please help, I don't know how to start this one
  69. calculus

    Z=square root of(x^2+y^2) + xy Find the partial derivatives: x, xx, y, yy, xy. Thanks.
  70. Integral Calculus

    Integrate (tan^-1 X)/(1+x²) dx please help, I don't know how to start this one
  71. calculus

    25pi/3=1/2xsquare root of 100x^2 and plus 50 arcsin(x/10)
  72. calculus

    Let f(x)=–5x(x–5). Then f'(–1)= And after simplifying f'(x)= Hint: You may want to expand and simplify the expression for f(x) first.
  73. calculus

    find the area of the region under the curve y=f(x)=e^2x over the indicated interval x<2
  74. calculus

    does the series from n=1 to infinity of 1/arctan(2n) converge? I said yes but I didn't know what to
  75. Calculus - Damon

    hi sorry the first one was actually If f(x)=5x^3–2/ x^4 find f'(x)____ and for some reason the other two are wrong but thank you anyway
  76. vector calculus

    Let C be the portion of the curve y =8ãx between (1,8) and (25, 40). FindçC 2yds.
  77. Calculus

    Find dy/dx of 3 sin x cos y = 2 using implicit differentiation.
  78. Calculus

    Suppose f and g are continuous functions such that g(7) = 6 and lim [3f(x) + f(x)g(x)] = 18. x → 7 Find f(7).
  79. Calculus

    Evaluate using long division. The integral of x/6x-5 dx How do I divide this?
  80. calculus

    integrate x*(x+1)^9dx I believe the substitution method is the proper way?
  81. differential calculus

    find the implicit function of x^3+3^y=3xy
  82. Calculus

    Differentiate with respect to theta Y=((sin3theta)(tan3theta))^12
  83. Calculus

    suppose that f(5)=5 and the limit as x->5 is 4f(x)-20/(x-5)(x+5)=10 find derivative of the function.
  84. calculus

    Find derivative(use logrithmic functions). y=x^-cosx
  85. calculus

    f(x)=(9x^2–8)^6(4x^2–5)^11 Find f'(x) I got (9x^2-8)^6 *11(4x^2-3)^10*8x+((4x^2-3)^11)6(9x^2-8)^5(18x) but im doing something wrong can someone check my work please
  86. Calculus

    the length of the curve of intersection of the cylinder (4x^2) + y^2 = 4 and the plane x + y + z = 2
  87. calculus

    evaluate the improper integral whenever it is convergent ∫0,-00 1/(4-x)^(3/2) dx
  88. Calculus

    Can someone help me with this question. With steps. Examine the continuity of the function h(x)= -x, if x<0 0, if x=0 x, if x>0
  89. calculus

    Find the derivative of (6x^2+4y^2)/(3x+7y)=3 using implicit and quotients rule. Thank you!
  90. calculus

    Find the limit for the given function. lim t-->0 (sin(8t))^2/t^2
  91. Calculus

    find f(3) and f'(3), assuming that the tangent line to y=f(x) at a=3 has the equation y=5x+2.
  92. Calculus

    How many coefficients in the binomial series expansion of (1+x)^7 are divisible by 7?
  93. Calculus

    y = square root 256- x squared, from 7 to 16 about x axis
  94. calculus

    find equation of tangent line for x^(1/3) + y^(1/2)=2 at point (1,1)
  95. calculus

    integrate log base 10 x / x dx i don't understand this
  96. Calculus

    Find constants a and b in the function ax^b/ln(x) such that f(1/5)=1 and there is a local min at x=1/5
  97. calculus

    x only exsists from [0,3.14] therefore what is the parallel tangent lines between f(x)=tanx and g(x)=x^2
  98. Calculus AB

    Verify if the given equations are solutions to the differential equation. dy/dt=k(y-a) i) y=1-ae^(kt) ii) y=a+Ce^(kt)
  99. calculus

    Let f(x) = x+1 and g(x) = -(1/5)x +3 How can we find the size of angles formed by these two lines
  100. Calculus

    On what intervals is the function f(x)=x^7−7x^6 both decreasing and concave up?