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  1. math/calculus

    find the domain and range of the function f(x)=x^2-9/4x^2+x
  2. math-calculus

    x^2+9xy+20y^2 i never deal with something like this before i come up with (x+4)(x+5) but that wrong because y have to be there how i do this?
  3. Calculus

    Sketch the graph of a function that is continuous at x=5 but not differentiable at x=5.
  4. Calculus

    Use the form of the definition of the integral to evaluate the intergral. From 0 to 9 (10+6x-x^2)
  5. Calculus

    Find the derivative 1. y = e^xSin²x 2. y = (x³+1)e^-4 3. y = x²e^Sinx
  6. Calculus

    Compute the absolute and relative errors in using x to approximate x. x=pi; c=3.18
  7. Calculus

    How do I solve for: 5000 = 45t^2 + 240t + 450
  8. calculus

    Solve for x on the interval (0, 2pi] (sin2x + cos2x)^2 = 1
  9. Calculus

    Give an example of a function that is integrable on the interval [-1,1], but not continuous on [-1,1].
  10. calculus

    x arc cos square root of4x+1
  11. Calculus

    Find the horizontal asymptote for the function: 3x^4-2x^3+7x/x^4/14x-2
  12. Calculus 2

    Calculate the arc length of y= 1/4x^2−1/2ln(x) over the interval [1,6e]
  13. calculus

    Find the equation of the curve for which y'=3x² and which passes through (1,-1).
  14. Calculus

    Find the area of the region enclosed by the given curves: 4x+y^2=9, x=2y
  15. Calculus

    Find all the intervals on which the function is concave upward: f(x)= 4x^2-x/x^4
  16. Calculus

    did i use the chain rule correctly? y=(8x^4-5x^2+1)^4 d(f(x)/dx =d/dx ((8x^4-5x^2+1)^4) =4*(8x^4-5x^2+1)^3*d/dx(8x^4-5x^2+1) =4*(8*d/dx(x^4)-5*d/dx(x^2))*(8x^4-5x^2+1)^3 =4*(8*4x^3-5*2x)*(8x^4-5x^2+1)^3 =4*(32x^3-10x)*(8x^4-5x^2+1)^3
  17. Calculus

    How do I go about integrating sin[x^(1/3)]dx?? I tried doing integration by parts and I'm going in circles.
  18. calculus

    Find the area of the region between the parabola 4y = x^2 and the line 3x + 4 y = 4
  19. calculus

    find the derivative of the function s=t^9lnabsolut power t
  20. calculus

    find the derivative of y with respect to x if y=(13x^2-26x+26)e^-3x. y'=
  21. Calculus 1

    Find the exact value of each expression. (a) cot^-1(sqrt(3))
  22. calculus

    derivative of y=ln x/x^2 can someone double check the answer 1-2lnx/x^3
  23. calculus

    Sin2pieover13plus cos squared pie over 13 equals.
  24. calculus

    Sin2pieover13plus cos squared pie over 13 equals.
  25. calculus

    x(t)=3t^3-40.5t^2+162t find where object is speeding up or slowing down
  26. calculus

    find the area of the region bounded by the curves f(x)=x-x^3 ; g(x)=x^2-x ; over [0,1]
  27. Calculus

    What is the average rate of change I would like to know how does the formula f(2.1)-f(2)= 12.3 how did they get that answers
  28. Calculus

    What exactly is an integral? I understand it is the area under a curve but what does it pertain to?
  29. calculus

    Assume that x and y are differentiable functions of t. Find dy/dt using the given values. xy=x+4 for x=4, dx/dt=-5 a. 0.20 b. 3.75 c. 1.25 d. 5.00 e. -0.25
  30. math-calculus

    value of |7|-|-6|+|-cubicroot-64| i got 25 after doing whole thing but real answer be 5, i not get how to get that.
  31. Calculus

    Evaluate limit as x approaches 0 of: csc^2(7x)tan(2x^2)
  32. calculus

    find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at y=2x^3+5x, (-1, 3)
  33. calculus

    For the function f(x) = 20x^3 − 3x^5, determine the interval(s) for which f(x) increases. (–2, 2) (–∞, –2) U (2, ∞) (–2, 0) U (2, ∞) (–∞, –2) U (0, 2)
  34. Calculus

    can you show me how to solve an equation using the chain rule
  35. calculus

    evaluate lim of x as it approaches infinity for sqrt of x^2 -1/2x+1
  36. Calculus

    can you please explain the chain rule in simple terms. thank you
  37. calculus

    u have 7 different pass codes from a choice of 8 numbers how many possible outcomes are there
  38. calculus

    Use the tangent line approximation to approximate the value of ln(1008)

    ʃ (4sin²x cos²×/sin2x cos2x)dx PLEASE HELP!!
  40. calculus

    Evaluate the limit lim sin4x/tan9x x-> 0
  41. Please Help ! Calculus

    Find two numbers whose sum is 42 and whose product will be at the largest possible.
  42. calculus

    For the function f(x) = 18/(3x-14) determine the x-coordinate of any vertical asymptote
  43. calculus

    Consider a car whose position, s, is given by the table t(s) s(ft) 0 0 .2 0.35 .4 1.8 .6 3.8 .8 6.5 1 9.6 Estimate the velocity at t=0.2
  44. Calculus

    If f(x)=e^(x+5lnx) find f'(4), correct to two decimal places.
  45. Calculus

    Find the domain: f(x)= x2-7x+12/x4-8x3+13x2+30x-72
  46. calculus

    Find the area enclosed between f(x)=05x2+3 and g(x)=x from x=−8 to x=3.
  47. Calculus

    Find relative maxima and minima of g(x)= 2x^2+ 4000/x +10
  48. Calculus

    Find d^2y/dx^2 for y=(x+3)/(x-1) A. 0 B. y=-8/(x-1)3 C. y=-4/(x-1)^3 D. y=8/(x-1)^3 E. None of these I got a positive number but am not sure about the denominator in the second derivative.
  49. Calculus

    Find the limit of cosx/(1-sinx) as x->(pi/2) from + side
  50. Calculus

    Find the minimum distance from the parabola x + y^2 = 0 to the point (0,-3).
  51. Calculus

    Find the minimum distance from the parabola x + y^2 = 0 to the point (0,-3).
  52. Calculus

    If 3 x2+ 5 x + xy = 3 and y( 3 ) = −13, find y′( 3 ) by implicit differentiation.
  53. calculus

    Evaluate the following limit lim x--> 2 Square root over x^2 - x/2x - 3
  54. Calculus (integrals)

    Find the integral:8x^7+6/(x^8+6x)^2 I got ln(x^8+6x)^2 but apparently that is wrong.
  55. Calculus II

    using integration by partial fraction, prove that pi + integral from 0 to 1 of x^4(1-x)^4/1+x^2 = 22/7
  56. Calculus

    Find limit as x approaches -1 (x^2+2x+3)/(x^2+1) A. 0 B. 1 C. Infinity D. DNE E. None of these
  57. Calculus

    Find dy/dx if x^2+y^2=2xy A. x/(x-y) B. (y+x)/(y-x) C. 1 D. -x/y E. None of these Do I equal it to 0 and use implicit rule?
  58. Calculus

    Determine the limit as x approaches 1 f(x) if f(x)={3-x, x does not equal 1 and 1, x=1 A. 2 B. 1 C. 3/2 D. DNE E. None of these
  59. Calculus

    Find the limit. lim x-->1 (x^3)-1/((5x^2)+2x-7) Please show steps.
  60. Calculus

    is there a number a such that the lim x->2 6x^2+ax+a+57/x^+x-6 exists? if so find the value of a and the limit.
  61. calculus

    Find the area of the region enclosed by y=6x2 and y=x2+15
  62. Calculus

    Use a linear approximation (or differentials) to estimate the given number. (32.06)^4/5
  63. ap calculus

    let y=f(x) be the particular solution for the differential equation with the initial condition y(-1_=3/2
  64. calculus

    when finding area, what does it mean when it says that the function is below by the x-axis, can you give me example of this
  65. Calculus

    find the absolute extrema of f(x)=sin pi x on [-1,2] Not sure how to do this problem....
  66. Calculus

    find the point(s) of inflection on the function f(x)= 10x + 10/x
  67. calculus

    Find all solutions in the interval [0,2π) sin3x−sinx=0
  68. calculus

    Find the minimum distance from a point (6,3) to the parabola y^2=8x.
  69. Calculus

    Given that \displaystyle \int_0^4 x^3\sqrt{9+x^2} dx = a, what is the value of \lfloor a \rfloor?
  70. Calculus

    the equation represents for a recurrence relation, Mt+1= 0.75Mt+2 with Mo=5
  71. calculus too hard help

    if y=x^x^x^x... dy/dx=? plz show working thanks got no ideal at all
  72. calculus

    f''(x) = (3x^3 - 5x^2 + 1) / x^2; and f(1) = 0, f(-1) = 1. So i turn f''(x) into (3x^3 - 5x^2 + 1)(x^-2) and multiply to get f''(x) = 3x - 5 + x^-2 So f'(x) = (3/2)x^2 - 5x - (1/x) + c And f(x) = (1/2)x^3 - (5/2)x^2 - ln(x) + cx + d Not really sure what to
  73. Calculus

    Find the slope of the graph y=x^9-2x+(square root of 5-x)^3 @ (1,7)
  74. Calculus

    Prove that the integral from 0 to 2 of sqrt(4-x^2)dx = pi Should I use a trip substitution for this? Thanks for the help.
  75. Calculus

    Solve for x: lnx^3 - 2lnx = 1 Please try and show how you got the answer best as you can thank you :)
  76. Calculus

    Estimate ç4 1 ln(x)−3dx using 6 midpoint rectangles
  77. calculus

    find the interval on which the graph of f(x)=ln(x^2+1) is concave upward.
  78. Calculus

    Find the area of the region in the first quadrant between the curves y=x^8, and y=2x^2-x^4
  79. calculus

    Use a linear approximation (or differentials) to estimate the given number. e0.01
  80. calculus

    Can anyone please explain to me that how can I find the discontinuities of the following function? f(x)=[(x+1)(x+2)]/(x-3)^2 THANKS A LOT~!
  81. Calculus

    ã6(2ã6 - ã5) How do you get 12-ã30? I keep getting a way different answer:\ Btw not sure if the radicals will show up.
  82. calculus.can you help me on these as well@sir collins

    integrate sin^7xdx
  83. Calculus

    Given f(x)=1+2cos x , find the area under the curve y=f(x) between x = pi/2 and 2pi/3.
  84. Calculus (PLEASE HELP ASAP!)

    Find f(x) satisfying the given conditions: 1) f"(x) = 1/x^3 f'(1) = 1/2 f(1) = 0 2) f"'(x) = sin (x) f"(0) = 0 f'(0) = 1 f(0) = 0
  85. Calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve for the given value of t. x=t^2-2t, y=t^2+2t when t=1
  86. calculus

    If we know that for a function, f(x), that f(2) = 6 and f(5) = 1, what is the average rate of change of f(x) on the interval [2,5]?
  87. Calculus

    Given that \displaystyle \int_0^4 x^3\sqrt{9+x^2} dx = a, what is the value of \lfloor a \rfloor?
  88. Calculus

    Show that the limit as h approaches 0 of (e^h-1 ) all over h = ln e = 1 using at least two numerical examples.
  89. Calculus

    What are two conditions that must be met before the Extreme Value Theorem may be applied?
  90. Calculus

    An equation of the line with slope -1 that passes through the point (2,5) is y=-x+7
  91. calculus

    Find f'(x): f(x)=3(2x^25x+1) I am not sure if the 5x is multiplied to the 2x^2 (I got f'(x)=90x^2) or there is a typo.
  92. Calculus

    Use continuity to evaluate. as x approaches 2, lim arctan((2x^2-8)/(3x^2-6x))
  93. calculus

    what is three times the square root of the third derivative of x cubed. where x=y-2 and y=8
  94. calculus

    What is the average rate of change of y=4x^3 over the interval P(1, 4) and Q(5, 500)?
  95. calculus

    Please show me how you do this. Thank you. Calculate the definite integral: 2 ∫_ 2x dx 7
  96. Calculus

    lim X--> 0 from the left (9/x - 9/|x|) Find the limit if it exists
  97. Calculus

    For what values of the constants a and b is (1,3) a point of inflection of the curve y=ax^3+bx^2?
  98. Calculus

    Find the limit: as x approaches 0 lim((5/x)-(5/sin(x))
  99. Calculus I'm really confused

    solve the differential equation dy/dx=y^2/x^3 for y=f(x) with condition y(1)=1.
  100. calculus

    Evaluate the integral S x/(sqrt(3x-1))dx Use U-Substitution method.