Pre- Calculus

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  1. Calculus

    Find the area bounded by the y-axis and x = 4-y^2/3
  2. calculus

    how would i find the deriviative of y= x^ (- square root of 2)
  3. calculus

    solve the following differential equation: y' + (y)tanh(x) - 2e^x = 0
  4. Calculus please help

    f(x)=(x^2+2x+3)^4, find f'(x). what rule do we use and can some please show me the steps
  5. calculus

    Find the centroid (¯ x, ¯ y) of the region bounded by: y = 6x^2+7x, y = 0, x = 0, and x = 7
  6. Calculus

    lim x->9 1 1 - - - 3 square root of x ___________________________ x-9
  7. Calculus - Partial Fractions

    I've set a problem up, something like this. s^4: A+D=0 s^3: -2A+B-3D+E=0 s^2: 2A-B+C+3D-3E=0 s^1: -2A+B-D+3E=4 s^0: A+C-E=4
  8. Calculus

    Find the coefficient of the x^2 term in the expansion of (3x - (2/x^2))^8
  9. Calculus (related rates)

    Find dy/dt where y = 2 sqrt(x)-4 and dx/dt = 9 when x = 4.
  10. Calculus (related rates)

    Find dy/dt when y = 2x2 + 2x + 4 and dx/dt = 14 when x = 7.
  11. calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. y = cos^4(¹t - 8)
  12. Calculus

    The linear approximation at x = 0 to sin (5 x) is A + B x. Find A and B?
  13. calculus

    find the arc length from (x1,y2) to (x2,y2) on the graph F(x)=mx+b
  14. Calculus

    y=x^2-11x+30 For what values of x is y greater than or equal to 0?
  15. calculus

    Lim= x-Infinite x+0/(x2+1)=? please show work
  16. calculus

    If 5x^2+3x+xy=2 andy=-12, find y'(2) by implicit differentiation.
  17. calculus

    Please help. I need ( with details) how to differentiate with the chain rule f(x)=(x^2-6x+23)^3/2. I need to
  18. Calculus 1

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. X^2 + y^2 = tan(xy)
  19. Calculus

    Find the area bounded by the indicated curves. y=x^2, y=0, x=2
  20. calculus

    find the point on the line 6x+7y-5=0 closest to (2,2)
  21. calculus

    Evaluate π ∫ tan² x/3 dx 0
  22. calculus help

    integrate:dx/(3x^3-5)^3 help plz show step
  23. calculus

    Find the anti-derivative of x^4... Isn't it 4x^3+c? Please help... Thanks!
  24. calculus

    For a function f, let f*(x)=lim (f(x+h)-f(x-h))/h h->0 Determine f*(x) for f(x)=cos(x)
  25. calculus

    lim (x->0.5 from the left)((2x-1)/|(2x^3-x^2)| = -4 I would have thought positive four. How can this be?
  26. calculus

    find maclaurin series. f(x)=tanx
  27. calculus

    find maclaurin series. f(x)=log^a(1+x)
  28. calculus

    limit of sin x / 2x squared - x as x approaches 0
  29. calculus

    U-Substitution 1. 3x(sin^2((3x^2)+1)cos((3x^2)+1)dx 2. (x^3)(sqrt((3x^2)+1)) dx u = ((3x^2)+1) then?
  30. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral from 2/sqrt2 to 4; 1/(t^3 sqrt(t^2-4))?
  31. calculus

    f(x)= {kx-3 if x is less than or = to 1 {x^2+k if x is greater than 1 find k such that lim f(x) (x to 1) exists
  32. Calculus

    S(12x+6)(3x^2+3x+5)^7 S=integral sign please help I am stuck :(
  33. Math

    Find dx/dy by implicit differentiation x^2y+y^2x P.S: It's calculus
  34. calculus

    how can I calculate this deriivative: 1/(sin(x-sinx))?
  35. calculus

    find the value of the derivative (if it exist) at the indicated extrema. 1. f(x)=x^2/(x^2+4) at (0,0) 2. f(x)=(x+2)^(2/3) at (-2,0)
  36. calculus

    solve (12/t)+t-8=0 (solving rational equations)
  37. calculus

    If y varies inversely as the square of x, and y=0.5 when x=1, find y when x=9
  38. Calculus III

    (24cos(8x))/(1+(sin^2(8x))) Integrated from (pi/16,-pi/16
  39. Calculus

    What is the least positive integer that has exactly thirteen factors?
  40. calculus

    I am having a problem with solving this Given the function f described by f(x)=x+3, find each of the following: f(0) f(-13) f(-12) f(1) f(4+8) can you help me please?
  41. calculus

    find the derivative of f(x)=cot(3x)csc^2(3x)
  42. calculus

    Assume that f is an integrable function satisfying the following for all b > 0
  43. Calculus

    Find f(x)' of f(x)=x^x^x I logged both sides to get ln y = x^x ln x But I am not sure what step to do after that.
  44. Calculus BC

    s(t)=t^3 - 5/2 t^2 - 2t + 1 for all t>=0, 1. what was the displacement on 0<= t <= 4 2. at t =.5 is the function slowing down or speeding up?
  45. Calculus

    find the point on the plane 5x+4y+z=12 that is nearest to (2,0,1)
  46. Calculus

    Please help me find the limit: lim x--> 2 ((1/3)-1/sqrt(x))/)x-9)
  47. Math/calculus

    Graph f (x) = 3cos (4pix -pi/2) -2
  48. Calculus

    What is the first derivative of the following function: f(x) = a^(-bx)? (I am lost with this question)
  49. Calculus

    same as my question below please help me post your answer on here if you have one on these forms of course h t t p : / / w w w . p h y s i c s f o r u m s . c o m / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 4 2 1 7 6 3
  50. Calculus - Definite Integrals Please Help!

    h(x)=∫[-3,sin(x)] (cos(t^3)+t) dt
  51. calculus

    find the sum ∑(n/(n+1)!) from n=1 to infinity
  52. Calculus

    I need help with integrals and I need help with the problem. Integral of 4/sqrt(x)dx
  53. calculus help me

    help find dy/dx if y=cot(x+y) working plz
  54. calculus

    Find the exact length of the curve. x=(y^4)/8+1/(4y^2), 1 ≤ y ≤ 2.
  55. calculus

    evaluate the definite integr 2 ∫ 5/(3+2x) dx 0
  56. calculus

    evaluate the definite integr 2 ∫ (x+1/x)² dx 1
  57. calculus

    Find the limit lim x ->0 (sin^2 2x)/(x^2)
  58. Calculus

    Sketch the region in the first quadrant enclosed by y=8/x,y=4x and y=1/4x
  59. Calculus

    Find the limit: lim x-> 2 ln(x/2)/ (x^2−4) Can someone help me with this?
  60. Calculus

    The total area enclosed by the graphs of y=6(x^2)–(x^3)+x and y=(x^2)+7x is ..
  61. Calculus

    find the area of the region. 2y=4sqrtx , y=3 and 2y+2x=6 ?
  62. Calculus

    Find the volume bounded above by parabolic z = 6 - x^2 - y^2 and below by z= 2x^2 + y^2
  63. calculus

    use antidifferentiation.... and find (1/the square root of 2x)dx
  64. Calculus

    What is the limit as t approaches 0 for (sint)/(1+cost)?
  65. AP Calculus

    Determine dy/dx if xsiny=artany i did (x)(cosy dy/dx) so far
  66. Calculus B

    Find lim as x goes to 0 of (xsinx)/(1-cosx)
  67. calculus

    how do you differentiate problems where the x and y are to the power of a fraction?
  68. Calculus

    Determine the equation of the tangent to f(x)= (1/x)+x at the point (1,2)
  69. Calculus

    solve second-order initial value problem y"(x)= x e^-2x y'(0)= 0 y(0)= 0
  70. Another Calculus help plz

    Show that if y=tanx/2 dy/dx=1/sinx
  71. calculus

    Find the equation of the curve for which y''=6x-4 and which passes through (1,2) and (-2,5). thank you :-)
  72. Calculus

    The value of y changes by 3 units when x changes by 0.1 unit. About how fast is y changing?
  73. Calculus Please Help

    Let f(x) = x^3 - x^2 + x - 1. Find an equation for tangent line to f at x = 2.
  74. calculus

    sum (n*2^n)/(2^n +3^n) [n to infinity] conv or div ? and how to get that? thank you!
  75. calculus

    integrate 3/25+4x^3....use 2x=5tanΦ as a substitution
  76. Calculus

    Find the area bounded by the y-axis and x = 4-y^2/3 Thanks!
  77. calculus

    Deternime the instantaneous rate of change at x=2 for: y=x-2x^3
  78. calculus

    Evaluate. int_(pi)^(pi) (sin(x))^(3) (cos(x))^(3) dx
  79. calculus

    dt/dx= ((x^2+a^2)^(1/2))/v1+((b^2+d^2)^(1/2))/v1 the function dt/dx has a zero at a unique x on (0,d). Use this to justify your discovery that d= (x^2+a^2)^(1/2) + (b^2+d^2)^(1/2)
  80. Calculus

    Solve the initial value problem. dy/dx = 3 sinx and y = 2 when x = 0. Is this c = 5?
  81. Calculus

    If f is the function defined by f(x)=(x^2+4x)^(1/3) and g is an antiderivative of f such that g(5)=7, then g(1) Is congruent to
  82. Calculus

    The length of the graph of f(x) = 2/3x^(3/2) over [0,p] equals 52/3. Find p. I think p is about 8.09.
  83. Calculus

    If f(x)=5x^3–2/x^4 find f'(x) I don't understand what I did wrong for this ((x^4)(4x+7)-(4x^3)(5x^3-2))/(x^4)^2
  84. Calculus

    Find the inflection point(s), if any, of the function. g(x)= 4x(^3)-4x
  85. Calculus

    can someone please prove the difference rule to me? d/dx[f(x)-g(x)]=d/dx f(x)- d/dx g(x) plz help
  86. calculus

    use logarithmic differentiation to find dy/dx for: [(x^2)(e^2)(x)] / [3√(2x-5)]
  87. Calculus

    What is the limit as t approaches 0 for (sint)/(1+cost)?
  88. Calculus Please Help

    Let f(x) = x^3 - x^2 + x - 1. Find an equation for tangent line to f at x = 2.
  89. Chemistry

    Okay, the question my teacher asked for one of our pre-labs went as followed: For each reaction, select one compound that reacts rapidly and give a structural equation for the process. Silver nitrate in ethanol I'm confused on how to do this. Also From my
  90. Pre- Algebra

    6.)Which of the following types of information is NOT suited for display on a scatter plot? A.) relationship between age and number of books read in a year B.) relationship between height and shoe size C.)relationship between calories consumed and body
  91. Philosophy

    My text explains the answer to this question, however I do not understand the answer. Instead of posting the entire text I was wondering if anyone could explain this to me in Laymans terms. Thanks. How did financial considerations and the international
  92. Chemistry

    a)The Young's modulus for a material is 5.0*10^10 N/m2. The material is stretched to a strain of 4.0*10^-3. How much elastic energy will be expended? (Express your answer in J/m3) Knowing that the energy associated with the formation of 1 mole of vacancies
  93. Pre-Calc

    Show that cos(pi - θ) = -cos θ for every angle θ
  94. pre-cal

    for the given functions f & g find the specified value of the following functions and state the domain of each one. f(x)=2+6/x; (g)x 6/x a. (f-g)(3)= what is the domain of f-g? b. (f/g)(6)= what si the domain of f/g?
  95. Pre-Algebra

    in- 0 1 2 3 4 X out- 1 4 10 0's output is 1 and 1's output is 4, then 3's output is 10....wat is the rule to this??? and wat are the outputs for 2, and 4?
  96. Pre-Algebra

    in- 0 1 2 3 4 X out- 1 4 10 0's output is 1 and 1's output is 4, then 3's output is 10....wat is the rule to this??? and wat are the outputs for 2, and 4?
  97. Pre cal

    find all zeros of x^4-5x^3+10^2-20x+24 (leave all irrational answers in radical form) i simply don't understand this question, i can find the rational value but never can i calculate how to find the irrational values nor the imaginary number values. what
  98. Pre-Cal/Trig

    Explain how to solve the following question. Surveying: From a point A hat is 10 meters above level ground, the angle of elevation of the top of a building is 42 degrees and the angle of depression of the base of the building is 8 degrees. Approximate the
  99. pre algebra

    A 0.25 kg mass is horizontally attached to a spring with a stiffness 4 N/m. The damping constant b for the system is 1 N-sec/m. If the mass is displaced 0.5 m to the left and given an initial velocity of 1 m/sec to the left, find the equation of motion.
  100. pre calc

    The population of a Midwestern city decays exponentially. If the population decreased from 900,000 to 800,000 from 2003 to 2005, what will be the population in 2008? Please help I got 670,422 and the computer marked it wrong i then tried rounding it to