Pre- Calculus

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  1. calculus

    find the domain of function f(x)= (5x + 4)/(x^2 + 3x + 2) is the answer.. x can't be -2 or -1?
  2. calculus

    use antidifferentiation.... and find (1/the square root of 2x)dx
  3. Calculus

    solve the equation for y in terms of x. Can somebody walk me through this?
  4. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral. HINT [Use a shortcut or see Example 4.] 4 to 3 x/(3x^2-6)dx
  5. Calculus

    lim x->9 1 1 - - - 3 square root of x ___________________________ x-9

    Find dL/dx set to zero. Solve for x. (27+x)/x * sqrt(64+x^2)
  7. Calculus

    Find the critical numbers of y=x(4-x)^1/2. The answer is x=8/3 but I got x=7/2.
  8. Calculus

    Simplify using basic simplification. f(x)=ln[(sqrt(x^2+1))/(x(2x^3-1)^2)]
  9. Calculus

    Does the series (cos(k/3))^2/2^(k/3)+1 from k=1 to infinity converge?
  10. Damon

    Thank you so much for all the calculus help! I felt more prepared for the exam!
  11. calculus

    What are the critical numbers of the function: s(t)=3t^4+12t^3-6t^2
  12. calculus

    solve (12/t)+t-8=0 (solving rational equations)
  13. Calculus

    u=-1,3 and w= 2,-5. Find the component form of the vector. 3. 2u + 3w A 0,1 B 5,-12 C 2,3 D 1,-2 E -3,8 F 4,-9
  14. calculus

    Find a, such that the function f(x)=3x+rad(a-x^2) has the domain [-6,6].
  15. Math/calculus

    Graph f (x) = 3cos (4pix -pi/2) -2
  16. Calculus

    Apply Rolle's theorem if possible and find c if y=x^(2/3)-16
  17. calculus

    find the integral: ∫tan^6 (x) dx
  18. Calculus

    evaluate the limit: lim cos(x + pi/2)/x x->0
  19. calculus

    Evaluate each of the following. Show all your calculations. f'(3) if f(x)  = x^4 − 3x
  20. Calculus

    Determine the interval on which f(x) = sqrt x-3 is integrable
  21. Calculus

    F(x)=Integral of (-12sinx/cos^2x) dx+c F(0)=4. Find C
  22. Calculus

    Find limit as x approaches 0 [7x/(sqrt(x+4)-2)]
  23. Calculus

    If f is the function defined by f(x)=(x^2+4x)^(1/3) and g is an antiderivative of f such that g(5)=7, then g(1) Is congruent to
  24. calculus

    Consider the function whose second derivative is f''(x)=7x+6sin(x). If f(0)=2 and f'(0)=3 , find f(x) .
  25. Calculus First Derivatives

    If f(2) = 2.5 and f'(2) = -2.5, then f(2.5) is approximately... I have no idea how to do this without an equation.
  26. calculus

    let f:[0,1] - [0,1] be continuous function .show that there exist a in [0,1] such that f(a)=a
  27. Calculus

    Find f(x)' of f(x)=x^x^x I logged both sides to get ln y = x^x ln x But I am not sure what step to do after that.
  28. Calculus

    find the area of the region. 2y=4sqrtx , y=3 and 2y+2x=6 ?
  29. calculus

    w=4e^sqrt(s) Find the derivative of the function.
  30. calculus

    Find the derivative. f(x)=ln(8-e^-x) I got -e^-x/8-e^-x but it was wrong. WHAT DID I DOOOO?!
  31. Calculus

    What is the limit as t approaches 0 for (sint)/(1+cost)?
  32. Calculus

    What is the limit as t approaches 0 for (sint)/(1+cost)?
  33. Calculus

    Find the limit lim tan^2(7x)/9x x-> 0
  34. calculus

    Solve the equation: Cos^2x + cosx + 0
  35. calculus

    If y varies inversely as the square of x, and y=0.5 when x=1, find y when x=9
  36. Calculus

    Evaluate, rounding to two decimal places, if necessary a) ln 5 b) ln e² c) (ln e)²
  37. calculus

    What function should be used to minimize the distance between and the point (2, 0)?
  38. calculus

    find the derivative of the function f(x) = x^2 cos (7x)
  39. calculus

    find the derivative of the function f(x) = e^(3x) sec (7x)
  40. calculus

    Determine the derivative of f(x)=x^2In(cosx)
  41. Calculus

    same as my question below please help me post your answer on here if you have one on these forms of course h t t p : / / w w w . p h y s i c s f o r u m s . c o m / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 4 2 1 7 6 3
  42. calculus

    Integral of ln(sinx+cosx) with respect to x from -pi/4 to pi/4

    State the intercepts, domain and range for y= |0.5x^2-2|.
  44. Calculus

    Is thsi a solution of an ordered pair (4, -1) 4x = -17 - y 2x = -12 -4y I say yes ? Is this how you do it. 4(4) = -17 - -1 = 2(4) = -12 - 4(-1)
  45. calculus

    find the derivative of the function f(x) = e^(3x) sec (7x)
  46. calculus

    calculate the indefinte integral (x^2+2x+3)/(sqrt of x)
  47. calculus

    Find the derivative. f(x)=ln(8-e^-x) I got -e^-x/8-e^-x but it was wrong. WHAT DID I DOOOO?!
  48. AP Calculus AB

    Find the derivative of: y=(cosx)^3-(sinx)^3
  49. Calculus (Math)

    Integral of (cot4x)^5 (csc4x)^7
  50. calculus

    Find the integral of (sin^5 x)(cos^5 x)
  51. Calculus

    When given the f graph, how do you determine extrema of F(x)? Concavity of F(x)?
  52. calculus

    find the critical numbers of the function 2t^(2/3)+t^(5/3)
  53. Calculus

    y=x^2-11x+30 For what values of x is y greater than or equal to 0?
  54. calculus

    Describe three situations in which you may want to know the projection of one vector onto another.
  55. calculus

    Assume that f is an integrable function satisfying the following for all b > 0
  56. calculus

    at what point is the function y=cos/(5x) continuous?
  57. calculus

    Find the inflection points of f''(x)= x(x+1)(x-2)^2. Explain
  58. calculus

    Find relative Minimum and Maximum f'(x) = (9-4x^2)/ (x+1)^1/3
  59. calculus

    evaluate the limit 5x^(ln5+1)/(ln8x+1)
  60. calculus

    Please help. I need ( with details) how to differentiate with the chain rule f(x)=(x^2-6x+23)^3/2. I need to
  61. Calculus

    Please help find the rational roots of f(x)=4x^4 - 3x^3 + 2x^2 +x - 3 another is f(x)=-3x^3 - 2x^2 + x - 1 I tried but still confuse please help really really need help Thank you very much!
  62. Calculus

    Evaluate by U-substitution: the integral of xcubedroot(x-2) dx
  63. calculus

    Calculate the following integral: ∫ dx / x(1 - √x)^2
  64. Calculus

    I need help with integrals and I need help with the problem. Integral of 4/sqrt(x)dx
  65. Calculus

    Is sum of sin(pi/n) DV or CV? I don't understand why it is DV.
  66. Calculus

    Differentiate the following function. f (x) = 7 sin(x) + 1/6 cot(x)
  67. calculus

    y=¡î(9-x©÷) find the x-axis using the disk method?
  68. Calculus

    what is the slope of the tangent to the graph of f(x)= ln [cos(x)] at x= pi/6 ???
  69. calculus

    Find c for Rolle's Theorem for f(x) = x3 – 12x on [0,2 3 ]
  70. calculus

    Find limit of 2x+1-cosx/3x as x approaches 0?
  71. Calculus

    Integrate Cos^7(2x) Explanation would be helpful
  72. calculus 2

    Can anyone help me calculate this? 28. lim x→∞ (e^x + 1)^(1/)x
  73. Calculus

    can someone please prove the difference rule to me? d/dx[f(x)-g(x)]=d/dx f(x)- d/dx g(x) plz help
  74. Calculus

    Find the particular solution of the differential equation y"(x) - y(x) = 1+e^x Please help.
  75. Calculus

    Limit as x goes to negative infinity of sqrt(x^2+3x)+x?
  76. Calculus

    Problem 49. Find the critical values f(x) = (4x^2 - 9) / x
  77. Calculus

    Find the derivative. Simplify as much as possible. s(x)=(9-12x)/[(x/3)-(1/4)]
  78. calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. y = cos^4(¹t - 8)
  79. calculus

    Deternime the instantaneous rate of change at x=2 for: y=x-2x^3
  80. Calculus

    find the flux of F=<0,y,z> across the parabolic sheet given by x=2y^2+2z^2+3, with x <= 5
  81. Calculus AB

    If r and s are roots of the pokynomial equation x^2 + bx + c, show that b=-(r+s) and c=rs
  82. calculus

    Compute the derivative for the following: n(x) = sin(x^3-5x^2+4x-7) Thanks, andy
  83. Calculus AB

    What is an algebraic expression for cot(arccos ((x+1)/2)?
  84. Differential Calculus

    Find the limit of (10^x - 5^x)/x as x approaches 0
  85. calculus

    I don't understand how to do this problem find s(t) for a(t)= 3t^2, v(o)= 20 s(o)=5
  86. calculus

    i have to find the derivative (first) of y= tan^2 (3x-π) ^that is (3x- pi)
  87. Calculus AB

    What are the six trigonometric functions of 2010 times pi?
  88. calculus

    how do I find the range of a natural log like ln | x/(1+x^2) |
  89. Calculus

    find the derivative of the function: f(x)=6ln(x)/x^9
  90. Calculus

    f (x) = 8x^3 - 12x What is the question? You have defined a function but not said what you want to do with it.
  91. calculus

    Find the Maclaurin series of xcos(x^2).
  92. Calculus

    If the limit as x approaches infinity (6x^2/200-4x-kx^2)=1/2, then k= A. 3 B. -3 C. 12 D. -12 E. -3
  93. Calculus

    Find arccos (sqrt2/2). Can this be pi/4 and 7pi/4?
  94. Calculus

    Find The Derivative y= 9e^(x)/ 2e^(x)+ 1 Please Show Work
  95. Calculus

    Find The Derivative y=5x^(2)e^(3x) Please Show Work
  96. calculus

    differentiate y = 2^3x^2 read as two to the 3x squared power
  97. Calculus

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. sqrt(3 x+y)=2+x^2y^2?
  98. Calculus

    Sketch the region and find its area. S = {(x,y) | x > -6, 0 < y < e-x/2}
  99. calculus

    find maclaurin series. f(x)=log^a(1+x)
  100. calculus

    I need help with the following question: Which of the following is an example of a function whose derivative is always 3? Choices are: f(x) = x=3 f(x) = 5x+3 f (x) = 3x+5 f(x) = 3 Thank you.