Pre- Calculus

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  1. calculus

    9) Find all critical numbers of the function f(t)=9t^2/3+t^5/3
  2. Calculus

    Suppose f and g are inverses, and (1,5) is a point on the graph of f. If f'(1) = -3, what, if anything, does that tell us about g'(1).
  3. calculus

    Evaluate the expression : tan(sin^-1(9/13)).
  4. Calculus

    When given the f graph, how do you determine extrema of F(x)? Concavity of F(x)?
  5. calculus

    use logarithmic differentiation to find dy/dx for: [(x^2)(e^2)(x)] / [3√(2x-5)]
  6. calculus

    find the domain of the function a) f(x,y) = e^(-xy) b) h,(u,v)= √(4-u^2 - v^2)
  7. calculus

    dt/dx= ((x^2+a^2)^(1/2))/v1+((b^2+d^2)^(1/2))/v1 the function dt/dx has a zero at a unique x on (0,d). Use this to justify your discovery that d= (x^2+a^2)^(1/2) + (b^2+d^2)^(1/2)
  8. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral from 0 to 24 of the square root of 9+3x dx.
  9. Calculus

    find the derivative of g(a)=sin(arcsin(9a))
  10. calculus

    lim sinx as x approaches pie/r
  11. Calculus

    Please help me find the limit: lim x--> 2 ((1/3)-1/sqrt(x))/)x-9)
  12. Applied Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function: (x^(3)-8)/(x^(2)+9)
  13. Reposting calculus help plz

    Dy/dx=(X+x^3)/y help show working
  14. Calculus

    Find the slope of the normal line to y= ln(15-x) at x=4
  15. Calculus

    Find the slope of the normal line to y= ln(15-x) at x=4
  16. calculus

    dy\dx=x+1\square rod of x where y=5 x= 4 from chapter 5 (integration)
  17. Calculus

    Use Newton’s method to approximate the root of x^2 + 4x + 2 = 0 between x = -4 and x = -3 .
  18. calculus

    Given that y=sin x ln (x+1),prove that (d^2 y)/(dx^2 )+y=2cosx/(x+1)-sinx/(x+1)^2
  19. calculus

    at what point is the function y=cos/(5x) continuous?
  20. calculus

    limx--->3- 5/x-3 I think it is -inf but I don't know how to prove it
  21. calculus

    Find the second derivative of the function: y=e^-2t*cos^2(t+(pi/4))
  22. calculus

    Find the derivative of the function.... F (x) = 10e^x
  23. Calculus

    Find the tangent approximation for sqrt(5+x) near 3
  24. Calculus

    find the limit as x approaches 0 (arcsin x)/x
  25. Calculus

    Determine the maximum and minimum value of the function f(x)=-xe^x + 2.
  26. Calculus

    Which of the following is written in explicit form? A.y=x B.x^2-6xy-9y^2=0 C.y=0 D. y= -√1-x^2
  27. Calculus

    How do you find the derivative of f(x)=sin2x/cos2x
  28. calculus

    how is the lim as x heads towards infinity of 3/(1+(3/x) equal to 3?
  29. Calculus

    Find the solutions of the exponential equation e^(2x)-5e^(x)+6=0
  30. Calculus

    Find the average value of the function on the given interval: f(x) = e^x/5, [0,5]
  31. Calculus BC

    s(t)=t^3 - 5/2 t^2 - 2t + 1 for all t>=0, 1. what was the displacement on 0<= t <= 4 2. at t =.5 is the function slowing down or speeding up?
  32. Calculus

    find the derivative of 4x(lnx+ln9)-9x+e
  33. Calculus

    How do we integrate [(cosx)^2(nx)(sin(nx))]/[a-(cos(nx))] dx?
  34. calculus - Integration

    Evaluate ∫ [(5+x)^2]/√x
  35. Calculus

    I need to find the next 3 terms...but I can't figure out what the rule for this! 3, 5, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, 3 3/4, 4 1/4, 3 7/8, 4 1/8... please help! thank you so much
  36. calculus

    Find the Taylors series for f (x)=e2x about 0
  37. calculus

    Find the Taylors series for f (x)=e2x about 0
  38. calculus

    find d/dx [cot(sec^3(cos(3x^2-5x+3)))]
  39. Calculus

    [Implicit Differentiation] (6+y)^3 + 4y = x + 55 with y' at (1, -2) y' at (1,-2) =? I got this far but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right: 3(6+y)^2(1dy/dx)+4dy/dx=1
  40. math,(integral calculus)

    Integrate with respect to x:4x^2.dx
  41. Calculus

    Calculate the dot product of two vectors: m = [4,5,-1] and n = [6,-2,7]
  42. Calculus

    Find the foci of the equation 25^2 + x^2 = 600 Thank you!
  43. Calculus

    write the equation of line tangent to f(x)=(1/3x^3)-x^2+x-1 when x=1
  44. calculus help

    Evaluate!!!! integral -10 to 10 ((2e^x)/(sinhx+coshx))dx Thanks!
  45. calculus

    lim (-x+10)/(x©÷-100) x¡æ10 is this correct? 1/20
  46. calculus

    1] Reducing the Denominator: x + 1/m -m. 2] Factor the numerator.
  47. calculus

    Find the derivative. f(x)=ln(8-e^-x) I got -e^-x/8-e^-x but it was wrong. WHAT DID I DOOOO?!
  48. Calculus

    Given that 1 x^2 dx=1/3, 0 use this fact and the properties of integrals to evaluate 1 (8 − 3x^2) dx. 0
  49. Another Calculus help plz

    Show that if y=tanx/2 dy/dx=1/sinx
  50. English

    what is the noun fuction of He must like studying calculus.
  51. Calculus

    Find The Derivative y= 9e^(x)/ 2e^(x)+ 1 Please Show Work
  52. calculus

    Describe three situations in which you may want to know the projection of one vector onto another.
  53. Math (Calculus)

    Determine the area of the region y=e^x,y=x^3
  54. ap calculus

    f(x)=x^3-2x^2+x and f'(x)=3x^2-4x+1 Find the value(s) of x where f(x) has a horizontal tangent (slope=0)
  55. Calculus

    I need help I have to submit work at 12 est time
  56. calculus

    Find the inflection points of f''(x)= x(x+1)(x-2)^2. Explain
  57. calculus

    Using the function f(x)=4 - 1/(x+6)^2 A.what is the doamin? b.the range c. the asymptotes
  58. calculus

    Hi i need help for calcul with a Moivre's theorem: ( 1/2 ( -1 - i√3 )) ^3 thanks for your help
  59. integral calculus

    Find the area between the curves y=5x and 2y=5x^2
  60. Calculus

    Find the equation of the plane through (1,2,-2) that contains the line x = 2t, y = 3 - t, z = 1 +3t
  61. Calculus

    What is the first derivative of the following function: f(x) = a^(-bx)? (I am lost with this question)
  62. Calculus

    can someone help me find the antiderivative of: f(x)=4x times the squareroot of (1-x^2)
  63. Calculus

    find the shortest distance between y= X+10 and Y=6√X
  64. calculus 1a

    simplify the following expression tan(sin^-1(2x))
  65. calculus

    Find the derivative. Could you please show me the steps? y = ãx(5-ãx)
  66. Calculus

    Find the derivative. Simplify as much as possible. s(x)=(9-12x)/[(x/3)-(1/4)]
  67. calculus

    evaluate the limit 5x^(ln5+1)/(ln8x+1)
  68. Calculus

    Find The Derivative y=5x^(2)e^(3x) Please Show Work
  69. Calculus 1

    Find the horizontal and vertical asymptotes of (3x^2-48)/(x^2-3x+10)
  70. Differential calculus

    Given that f(x)=x, g(x)=x-1: h(x)=sqrtx-1. find f0g0h.
  71. calculus

    evaluate the definite integr 2 ∫ (x+1/x)² dx 1
  72. Differential calculus

    Given that f(x)=x, g(x)=x-1: h(x)=sqrt(x-1) find f0g0h.
  73. Calculus

    Determine the interval on which f(x) = sqrt x-3 is integrable
  74. calculus

    Find the limit lim x ->0 (sin^2 2x)/(x^2)
  75. Calculus

    Describe the following surface and give traces if available. x^(2)-4z^(2)=4
  76. calculus

    find the differential dy of the given function y=3x-4 sec(2x-1)
  77. Calculus (related rates)

    Find dy/dt where y = 2 sqrt(x)-4 and dx/dt = 9 when x = 4.
  78. calculus

    The antiderivative of arctan(4t)dt by integration of parts.
  79. calculus

    y=¡î(9-x©÷) find the x-axis using the disk method?
  80. calculus

    Find all horizontal and vertical asymptotes of f(x)= 2x^2 + 7x + 12/ 2x^2 + 5x - 12
  81. Calculus

    find the limit of lim 7= as x approaches 8
  82. calculus

    does anyone know the shortcut to finding the derivative of a function for example: x^3-3x^2
  83. Calculus

    find the derivative (df/dx) of the squareroot of sin4x
  84. Calculus

    Find the slope of the tangent line to f(x)=x/x^2+1 at (2,f(2)).
  85. calculus

    Determine the values of a and b for the function f (x) = ax^3 + bx^2 + 3x - 2 given that f (2) = 10 and f ′(-1) = 14. Please help, Thanks!
  86. calculus

    evaluate the definite integr 2 ∫ 5/(3+2x) dx 0
  87. calculus

    what is the quotient of the sum and difference of 370 and 25
  88. calculus

    Find limit of 2x+1-cosx/3x as x approaches 0?
  89. Calculus AB

    What is an algebraic expression for cot(arccos ((x+1)/2)?
  90. calculus

    Find the area of the region under the curve y = 16 e ^{4 x} between x = -1.4 to x =1.4 .
  91. Calculus, derivatives

    Derivative of y=(a^x)+(x^a). Show steps, please.
  92. calculus

    find all horizontal and vertical asymptotes of f(x)=2x^2+7x+12/2x^2+5x-12
  93. calculus stewart

    Evaluate the integral Int 7x ln(5x) dx
  94. Calculus Please Help

    find the area bounded by the curves y^2=2x+6 and x=y+1
  95. Calculus

    Knowing that F(-2) = -7, F'(-2)= 12, g(-2)= -3 and g'(-2)= -9, Compute: a) h'(-2) if h(x)= f(x)g(x) b) h'(-2) if h(x) = f(x) / g(x) c) h'(-2) if h(x) = g(x) / 1+(f(x))^2 Show all steps
  96. Differential calculus

    Given that x=sinht and y=-cosht. find: dx/dy
  97. Calculus

    Integrate Cos^7(2x) Explanation would be helpful
  98. calculus

    find an antiderivative F(x) of f(x)=11x-sqrt(x)
  99. CALCULUS 1

    Find dL/dx set to zero. Solve for x. (27+x)/x * sqrt(64+x^2)
  100. calculus

    limit of ln(sin x) as x approaches pi to the left