Pre- Calculus

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  1. calculus

    how do you find the limit as n approaches infinity of n/(2^n + n)?
  2. Calculus (Math)

    Integral of (cot4x)^5 (csc4x)^7
  3. calculus

    solve the following differential equation: y' + (y)tanh(x) - 2e^x = 0
  4. Calculus

    What is the derivative of 3sin(4x)? I have no idea where to begin!!!
  5. calculus

    What is the fourth derivative of this fifth degree polynomial? 5x^5+2x^4+7x^3+x^2+x+42?
  6. Calculus

    The equation of the tangent line to f(x) = \sqrt{x} at x = 64 is y =
  7. Calculus

    2) If f(x)=∫t^2dt on the interval from 4 to x^3 then f′(x)=?
  8. calculus

    Evaulate ∫5sinx+cos(5x)dx
  9. Calculus

    Can someone please tell me how to find the following integral? cos^4(2q)*sin(2q) dq
  10. Calculus

    Given a power function of the form f(x)=ax^n, with f'(3) = 14 and f'(6) = 28, find n and a.
  11. brief calculus

    Find f(x) if f(1) = 1 and the tangent line at (x, f(x)) has slope 6/x
  12. Calculus

    Let A be the area of the circle with the radius r. if dr/dt = 5, find dA/dt when r = 1
  13. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral: (cos(2-3x) - tan(5-3x))dx
  14. Calculus 1

    Given f(x)= 3e^(1-x^2)*ln(x), find the equation of the tangent line at x = 1.
  15. Calculus

    find the critical numbers of the function: h(p)=p-1/p^2+4
  16. calculus

    Find or evaluate the following integral. csc^2 3x dx
  17. Calculus

    Evaluate ∫(2x^3/√(1-x^4))dx I can't figure out what u and du is... please help thanks
  18. Calculus

    r=log(cos^2(4theta)) what is the derivative of this?
  19. Calculus

    Use the product rule to find the derivative of the following. k(t)=(t^2-4)^2 k'(t)=
  20. Calculus

    Find the indicated limits. Lim x-> 1- sqrt 1 - 1/ x-1
  21. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral. HINT [Use a shortcut or see Example 4.] 4 to 3 x/(3x^2-6)dx
  22. calculus

    Find all relative extreme points y=x e^-x
  23. calculus

    The function f(x) = (7 x+9)e^{-2 x} has one critical number. Find it.
  24. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=(7/x^2)-(6/x^6). Let F(x) be the antiderivative of f(x) with F(1)=0. Then F(2) equals _____.
  25. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. f(x)=ln(sqrt(x)+6)
  26. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. f(x) = text(ln)(9 x^2 - 3 x + 1)
  27. calculus

    i need a real life application on parabola.
  28. Calculus

    Evaluate the indefinite integral: INT dx/(64+x^2)^2
  29. Calculus

    Determine all values of x for which each function is discontinuous. F(x)= 3x+4 / 4x^2 - 2x -2
  30. Calculus (please help)

    Evaluate the indefinite integral: INT dx/(64+x^2)^2 Please help with this one.
  31. calculus

    find the (conjugate of z) times (w) if z=[3,120] and w=[-1,-15]
  32. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. f(x) = ex8 - 6
  33. Calculus

    What is the least positive integer that has exactly thirteen factors?
  34. Calculus

    Sketch the region and find its area. S = {(x,y) | x > -6, 0 < y < e-x/2}
  35. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. f(x) = ex8 - 6
  36. calculus and precal

    find k such that f(x)=3k-2x+3kx^2-x^3 has a factor of (x-2).
  37. calculus

    Lim Tan^2(3x)/2x^2 X-0 Find the Limit?
  38. brief calculus

    x/(x − 6)^2 I get ln(x-6)- 6/(x-6)+ C but it isn't correct, what should the answer be?
  39. Calculus

    How to integrate with position, velocity and accelleration
  40. AP Calculus

    Using the definition of derivative find f'(x) when f(x) = (1/sqr x) + x.
  41. Differential calculus

    Given that x=sinht and y=-cosht. find: dx/dy
  42. calculus 2

    integrate x^5/(x^2 + sqrt(2)) using a table of integrals
  43. calculus

    Let C be the portion of the curve y =8(x^(1/2)0 between (1,8) and (25, 40). FindçC 2yds.
  44. Brief Calculus

    Evaluate the integral. HINT [See Example 2 and 4.] (Remember to use ln |u| where appropriate.) (1/v7 + 5/v) dv
  45. calculus

    let f:[0,1] - [0,1] be continuous function .show that there exist a in [0,1] such that f(a)=a
  46. Calculus

    2) If f(x)=∫t^2dt not he integral from 4 to x^3 then f′(x)=?
  47. Calculus ll

    find the second order derivative, rxy(x,y) for r(x,y)=xy/8x+5y
  48. Calculus

    int x^9*(sin(x^5)) Can someone please explain me how to do this integral?
  49. calculus

    find the derivative of (x^2+1) 3rd root of x^2+2
  50. calculus

    given: f(x)=x^4-3x^3+2x^2-7x-11 find all roots to the nearest 0.001
  51. calculus

    Let P= (V^2)R / (R+r)^2 Calculate dP/dr, assuming that r is variable and R is constant.
  52. calculus

    Use the demoivre's theorem to find the answer? (1+i)^8
  53. calculus

    Determine the derivative of f(x)=x^2In(cosx)
  54. calculus

    integrating e^1/3dx i got 3e1/3 +c pls am i right
  55. calculus

    3) f(x)=x^(2)/6x^(2)+4. List the x values of the inflection points of f.
  56. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral. HINT [See Example 3.] (Remember to use ln |u| where appropriate.) (4/x - 1/4x^5 + 1/2x^7)dx
  57. Calculus

    Let y=e^(x/9). a) Find the differential dy. dy = b) Evaluate dy if x=0 and dx=−0.03. dy =
  58. Calculus

    What is the limit as t approaches 0 for (sint)/(1+cost)?
  59. Calculus - Partial Fractions

    I've set a problem up, something like this. s^4: A+D=0 s^3: -2A+B-3D+E=0 s^2: 2A-B+C+3D-3E=0 s^1: -2A+B-D+3E=4 s^0: A+C-E=4
  60. Calculus

    Suppose the area under the curve y=xe^(-mx) from 0 to 1 is 0.4. Find m.
  61. Calculus

    int x^9*(sin(x^5)) Can someone please explain me how to do this integral?

    difinite integral f(x)=8-4 cube root-3(x) from x=0 to x=8
  63. Calculus

    Find f'(x) for f(x)=(2x^2+5)^7 A. 7(4x)^6 B. 7(4x)^7 C. 28x(2x^2+5)^7 D. 7(2x^2+5)^6 E. None of these Would it be none of these because of the 4x in the chain rule?
  64. Differential calculus

    Given that f(x)=x, g(x)=x-1: h(x)=sqrt(x-1) find f0g0h.

    difinite integral f(x)=8-4 cube root-3(x) from x=0 to x=8
  66. calculus

    Find the area of the region under the curve y = 16 e ^{4 x} between x = -1.4 to x =1.4 .
  67. calculus

    I'm not sure where to start on these two problems, so any help is greatly appreciated. 1)4^x = x^2 2)5-x^2 = e^x
  68. Calculus

    use the intermediate value theorem to determine whether there is a zero f(x) = -3^3 - 6x^2 + 10x + 9 ; [-1,0]
  69. calculus

    2x^3+3x^2-12x-7 the absolute maximum. I need help because it seems no one else in my class knows how to.
  70. Calculus

    Find the limit of the following as x ->2 6-x, if x<2 2x+1, if x is greater than or equal to 2
  71. Calculus

    9)Evaluate the indefinite integral. ∫x^8e^(x^9)dx
  72. calculus

    f(x,y)=2xe^y-3ye^-x derive second order
  73. Calculus

    Find the limit: lim x-> 2 ln(x/2)/ (x^2−4) Can someone help me with this?
  74. Calculus

    Find the points of discontinuity. f(x) = { 16/x^2 if x ≥ 2 { 3x - 2 if x < 2
  75. Calculus (derivatives)

    find the slopes at the indicated points y = 3 + 5x - 3x^3 (0,3), (1/2, 41/8), (2,-11)
  76. Calculus

    Given f'(x)=7cosx–11sinx and f(0)=1, find f(x)= ____?
  77. calculus

    integrate (cos3x)^2/(1-2pcos(2x)+p^2) dx from x=0 to 2pi for 0<p<1
  78. Calculus

    For p = 15e^-x, 0 < x < 7, find the local extrema
  79. calculus

    Largest 5 dizit number exactly divisible by 32 ?
  80. Calculus

    Find the derivative. s=t^6tan(t)-sqrt t
  81. Calculus

    Find the limit of x as it approaches zero. (Sin^2 8x)/x^2
  82. Calculus

    Find the derivative. s=t^6tan(t)-sqrt t
  83. calculus

  84. Calculus Sigma Notation

    Find a and n such that: 8+16+32+64+128 (k=a) a=? n=?
  85. calculus

    What is the slope and y-intercept of the line whose equation is 4x+y+6=0.
  86. calculus

    use antidifferentiation.... and find (1/the square root of 2x)dx
  87. Calculus

    I need help with integrals and I need help with the problem. Integral of 4/sqrt(x)dx
  88. Calculus

    11) Find the following indefinite integrals. ∫x/(x+9)^(1/2)dx
  89. Calculus

    Given f(x) = csc^4(5x^2-3x+1), find f'(x). Show all work.
  90. calculus

    sqrt(x^2 - 9) / x I need to solve this using the definition of a derivative [f(a+h) - f(a)]/h I can't seem to get it :\
  91. Calculus

    For the function g(x) = xe power x, there is inflection point at?
  92. calculus

    how to you use partial fractions to compute the integral of ax/((x^2)-bx)dx?
  93. calculus

    Let f(x) be the function 6x^2-2x+8. Then the quotient (f(10+h)-f(10))/h can be simplified to ah+b for a and b eaquals what?
  94. Calculus

    Find k such that the line [y=5x-4] is tangent to the function : x^2-kx
  95. Calculus :(

    Differentiate with respect to (t). y = d cos(t) + (t^2)sin(t)
  96. calculus

    Find so that the following function is continuous on any interval: f(x)=kx 0<x<4, and f(x) = 5x^2 if 4<x
  97. AP Calculus AB

    Find the derivative of: y=(cosx)^3-(sinx)^3
  98. Calculus

    Find the slope of the curve f(x)=1/(x^2+3). My answer: (-2x)/(x^2+3)^2
  99. Differential Calculus

    Given that p=(2q^2-5)^2. when q=3, it is increased by 0.7%. find the appropriate percentage in p.
  100. Calculus

    Determine whether Ax = lnx/(sqrt x) is convergent