Pre- Calculus

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  1. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)= x^3+5 sqrt(x) Let F(x) be the antiderrivative of f(x) with F(10=-9
  2. calculus 2

    please find the inverse function
  3. Calculus

    find y' if sin^-1(xy)=cosy
  4. calculus

    integrate: (square root of (6x+4)) - (2x) dx
  5. Calculus

    How do I find the instantaneous ROC at x=1.5
  6. Calculus AB

    Find the limit as x->infinity of ((3x+2)/(3x+4))^(3x+1)
  7. calculus

    7) Consider the function f(x)=(10/x^2)−(2/x^6). Let F(x) be the antiderivative of f(x) with F(1)=0. Then F(x)= ?
  8. calculus

    Find the first four iterates of the function using the given value. f(x)= x(2.5 - x); x sub zero = 3
  9. integral calculus

    ʃ (e^x – 4e^-x/e^x) dx need help...thnks
  10. Calculus I

    find the antiderivative of f(x)=(x^2)/(x^3+5) with explanation
  11. calculus

    find the derivative of the function y=(3x+4)^5(4x+1)^-2
  12. calculus

    find the derivative of the function y=(4x+3)^5(5x+2)^-4
  13. calculus

    equation of the normal to the graph of f(x)= x/2x-3
  14. Calculus

    How can you tell where on a graph f is discontinuous? What are the criteria?
  15. Calculus

    Find the Antiderivative of 3/(3x+5) with steps
  16. Calculus

    what is x and cosh ln(x) when tanh(lnx^(1/2)= 12/13
  17. Calculus

    The linear approximation to (1/sqrt(9-x)) at x=0. What is y?
  18. Math - Calculus

    Compute the sum: 81 ∑ (2i-1) i=1
  19. calculus

    let f(x) = (x)^(1/2) Compute the difference quotient for f(x)at a=37 and h=33
  20. Calculus help please!

    Find the Antiderivative of 3/(3x+5) with steps
  21. Calculus

    Let f(x) = 6sin(sin(x^5)). Find f'(x)
  22. Calculus

    Suppose that (g(x))^2 + 13x = x^2g(x) + 21, and that g(3) = 6. Find g'(3)
  23. calculus

    find the derivative of the function y=(2x+1)^3(4x+1)^-4
  24. calculus ap

    find limit as x goes to infiniti of 8x^4-3x^2+2 over 9x^5+7x^4-3x^2+2
  25. calculus

    How would you solve by completing the square? 3x^2 + X - 1/2= 0
  26. calculus

    y=-sin^2 (1/x) find the derivative
  27. Calculus

    simplify 4xy^-2/((12x^-1/3)(y^-5))
  28. Calculus

    How do the constants 5, 4, and 12 in f(x) = 5x^2 - 4x + 12, affect the derivative? Thanks!
  29. integral calculus

    ʃ (e^x – 4e^-x/e^x) dx need help...thnks
  30. Business Calculus

    I need help with: r(x)= 4/5x^2 + 8x + 15 What do you do with the 4/5X^2? I know that (x+3) and (x+5) is the factoring for x^2 + 8X + 15 but have no clue what to do with the 4/5.
  31. Calculus..Need Help Soon

    If f(x)=1-x^3 and f^-1 is the inverse of f, how many solutions does the equation f(x)=f^-1(x) have? a)none b)one c)three d)five e)six
  32. Calculus

    Determine the remainder for Sn where n=5 or n=9 for the following series. ∑n=1 to ∞ (n^2+1)/(n^4) S5= R5= S9= R9=
  33. calculus

    f (4 + h) - f (4) = 4h^2 + 4h (a) What is f '(4)? (b) What is the slope of the secant line through (4, f (4)) and (7, f (7))?
  34. Calculus

    if u and v are differentiable functions, then does d(uv) = dudv
  35. Calculus Please Help??

    Evaluate the integral (3x^2-16x-19)/(x^3-4x^2-3x+18)
  36. Calculus

    lim x -> infinity for (sin^2x)/(x^2-1)
  37. Calculus

    Find the Derivative of the function: f(x)= ln(x^2/2x-3)
  38. Calculus

    Solve. (A) 2sin^2 x = 1 (B) tan^2 x = 3
  39. calculus

    john has$1.70 . he has 3 more dimes than quarter.
  40. calculus

    How do I rond three decimal places?

    lim x->2 f(x) where f(x) = { x^2-x-2/ 3x-6 , x<2 } {-1 , x=2 } {x+2/4 , x>2} is f(x) continuous at x = 2 ? explain..
  42. Calculus

    On what interval is the function f(x)=x^2-6x+8 is increasing?
  43. calculus

    Find all vales for a so that f(x) { x+1...x<=a { x^2...x>a is continuous
  44. calculus

    Find a value for k so that 2x^2 + kx + 1 has no real roots.
  45. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral ∫(x^2 + 4x -2)dx from x = 1 to x = 4.
  46. Calculus

    Find the derivative if y^3 + y = 2cosx
  47. calculus

    Differentiate the function. h(x) = ln (x+ sqr(x^2-11)
  48. calculus

    The slope of the curve x^3y^2 + 2x - 5y + 2 = 0 at the point (1,1) is
  49. Calculus Partial Fraction

    Sorry. The problem should have been: (x^2)/(x^3-8)(x-2)
  50. Calculus

    Find dy/dx if x^2+y^2= /5 *(/5= square root of 5)*
  51. calculus

    find the taylor series f(x)1/2(e^x + e^-x) ;x=0
  52. Calculus

    y=cos(square root of 4t+12)
  53. calculus

    what is volume of each drop (US unit)?
  54. Calculus AB

    Calculate dy/dx at the point t=10 for the equations: a) x=5t b) (t^2)-1
  55. Calculus

    Differentiate x^2y^3+x^3y^4=11 implicitly to find dy/dx.
  56. Calculus

    Find the derivative if y=sin^-1 (3x)
  57. Calculus

    Find the derivative if y=sec^-1 (x+3)
  58. Calculus

    Find the derivative if y=sec^-1(x+3)
  59. Calculus

    Find the derivative if y=sin^-1(3x)
  60. Calculus

    Find the derivative if x^3 + 4xy^2 - y^4 = 7
  61. Calculus

    f(x)= |x−8| / x+8 Is the function is not continuous at x= -8,8 or just at -8.
  62. calculus

    Let f(x)= 2ln(cosx), find f''(x)
  63. Calculus

    Find dy/dx for implicit differentiation y^2-xy+x^2=7
  64. Please Help with calculus

    How to evaluate x=0 and dx=-.03? I got(1/9)e^(x/9)dx as dy of e^(x/9)and I don't know how I should plug them in.
  65. calculus

    xe^(4x) List all the critical numbers:
  66. Calculus 2

    U subtitution for Arc Tan(x)/ x^2 +1 dx
  67. calculus

    how do you do price elasticity when you have the equation p^3 x^3=9. and x=2
  68. calculus

    Find all critical numbers: x^(1/3)-x^(-2/3)?
  69. Calculus

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation for the following 2x^2y+3y=-1
  70. calculus

    sketch the curve of function y = (x-1)/ (x^2-x-6)
  71. calculus

    let f(x)= 2 - |2x-1|. Show that there is no value of c such that f(3)- f(0) = f'(c)(3-0). Why does this not contradict the mean value theorem.
  72. Calculus

    what is average value of cos(x) on the interval [-3,5]?
  73. calculus

    find taylor series... a.f(x)=x^3-2x+4,a=2
  74. math: calculus

    Having a problem with this one... if f(x)=f, then find f(7)
  75. calculus

    Find the area between the curves y=x^2 & x=2?
  76. calculus

    How do I find the inflection points? f(x)= 2+3x-(x^3) Thank you!!
  77. calculus

    Find a delta for any epsilon given: x^2+x-6/x+3 and x0=-3
  78. calculus

    wat is the indefinite integral of dx/x^2? Is it 2 ln /x/ + C?
  79. Calculus

    Calculate the indefinite integral of ((x^3)+1)/(x^5)
  80. Calculus

    Use a linear approximation to estimate (8.2)^(2/3)
  81. calculus

    use a linear approximation to estimate (8.2)^(2/3)
  82. calculus

    if y1=x^(2)+3x-1 and y2= x-5 find: a. y1+y2 b. y1-y2 c. y1*y2 solution pls..
  83. calculus

    if f(x)=3^(x)-3^(-x), find : f(2), f(-1) solution pls..
  84. calculus

    if f(x)=4^(2x)-1, find :f(1)+f(2) solution pls
  85. Calculus

    How do you solve the integral from 0 to 1 of x arctan x dx?
  86. Calculus

    Evaluate. The integral of (e^5x)(sin6x)dx
  87. calculus

    Differentiate: h(t)=5sin(arccost)
  88. calculus

    find x intercept; y=-0.01x^2+0.7x+6.1
  89. Calculus

    find f'(x) if f(x)=x^2cos^-1(ln*sqrootx)
  90. Calculus

    What x-values make f not continuous f(x)= x/(x^2 -3)
  91. calculus

    evaluate the indefinite integral of ((x+4)/(17+8x+x^2))dx
  92. calculus

    How do you find the ariea between these curves? y=4x^2 y=7x^2 4x+y=3 x>=0?
  93. calculus

    polynomial equation with intercepts (-3/2,0) (1,0) (5/2,0) (0,4/3)
  94. calculus

    please help ? deravative of cot^2x-csc^2x ?
  95. Calculus I

    Consider the function f(x)=((2)/(x^2))-((3)/(x^5)). Let F(x) be the antiderivative of f(x) with F(1) = 0. Find F(3).
  96. Calculus

    What is the area of the inner loop of r = 3+6sinΘ?
  97. calculus

    integral sqrt(1-x^2) . sin^-1 x dx
  98. Calculus

    Find f. f ''(x) = −2 + 12x − 12x2, f(0) = 9, f '(0) = 14
  99. Calculus

    Find f. f ''(θ) = sin(θ) + cos(θ), f(0) = 4, f '(0) = 2
  100. calculus

    find d/dx (sin^(21)x *cos21x)