Pre- Calculus

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  1. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. f(x) = e^x8 - 6
  2. calculus

    horizontal asymptote of (x^2-16x+63)/(3x^2-7x+12)
  3. calculus

    x=15cm and y=20cm,what is the length of z
  4. calculus

    what is the area bounded by x axis, x =2 and y^2 = 8x?
  5. Calculus

    find the integral of x^2 - sec3xtan3x
  6. Calculus

    Just wondering if anyone can help with this ln question! -Solve the following ln(x+1)+ln(x-1)=2 thanks!!
  7. calculus

    Suppose that x=x(t) and y=y(t) are both functions of t. If x^2+y^2=26 and dx/dt=−2 when x=1 and y=5, what is dy/dt? help??????
  8. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y=x^2/ln3x.
  9. calculus

    determine the intervals where f(x) = ln(6x-24) is continuous
  10. calculus

    x +13/x-16 less than or equal to solve the following inequality
  11. calculus

    Find the critical numbers x1 and x2 of y=(9x^2+3)/4x.
  12. calculus

    Verify Clairaut's theorem for u=ln(x^(2)-y^(2)).
  13. Calculus

    What is the limit as x approaches 0 of [(tanx)^2]/x?
  14. Calculus

    f(x) = {x^3 - 1, x> or equal to -1 {2x,x<-1 find limit x->-1 f(x)
  15. Calculus

    Evaluate the limit: lim ((7-x)^2)-9 / 4-x x->4
  16. calculus 2

    find the ivverse function f(x)= x^3-13
  17. Calculus Plz Help

    If f(x)=x^4, compute f(-2) and f'(-2) f(-2)=___ <--- ?
  18. Calculus

    How would you solve this differential equation? dy/dx=1/2x+y-1
  19. Calculus

    Integrate [sinx/(1+cos^2(x))] from pi/2 to pi.
  20. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. f(x)=(e^x+e^(-x))/2
  21. calculus

    What is the derivative of square root x ?
  22. Calculus

    Find the second derivative of the function f(x)= t^2e^(-2t)
  23. Calculus

    On what interval is the function f(x)= x^3 - 3x^2 + 7x concave up?
  24. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral INT(x^4+6x^3+5x^2+8)/(x^2+6x+5)dx Please help.
  25. calculus

    INTEGRATE tan4x with respect to x
  26. calculus help

    Find f. f'(x) = 9/(square root of (1-x^2)) , f(1/2) = 1 f(x) = ??????
  27. calculus

    how to find the continuity of this function? f(x)=1-3x^2
  28. Calculus

    find g''(x) if g(x) = xe^x I have g' as e^x(x+1) then g'' as e^x(1) or just e^x am I missing the mark?
  29. Calculus

    If d/dx(f(3x^5))=9x^4, find f'(x) I can't figure out what this means
  30. Calculus-Math

    Use the given information to find f '(8). f(x) = 9g(x) + h(x) g(8) = 1 and g'(8) = 5 h(8) = 8 and h'(8) = -3 f'(8)=
  31. calculus

    How is the integral of cos(2x) = sinxcosx?
  32. Calculus

    What is the limit as x approaches -1 of x - 5 --------------------- 4x(squared)-6x+ 3
  33. calculus

    What is the limit definition of f'(x) and use it to find f'(x) for f (x) 5x^2 - 2
  34. Calculus

    Integrate ∫ xsinxcosx dx
  35. calculus

    Logarithmics: Ie: log3 3^11 : Evaluate? Thanks.
  36. Calculus

    Find the derivative. 11) f(t)=(1)/(sqrt(8t-3)) 12) g(t)= ((4t-3)^2)/ ((5t+1)^4) Thanks.
  37. math calculus

    how to find derivate of: y=(-4x^2+8)/(x^2+2)^2
  38. Calculus

    I have an integration problem. INT(t+8)^2/t^4 dt
  39. calculus

    sec^2(pi/2-x)-1=cot^2x where do i start
  40. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f(x) = ln(13e^(5x) + 2)
  41. calculus

    Evaluate the integral ∫ x/(x+1)^2+4 dx
  42. math/ calculus

    given h(x)= cotx/x find h'(ð/2)
  43. calculus

    intergal xcosax^2dx =
  44. calculus

    integral from 1 to e^5 1/(x(sqrt4+lnx))dx
  45. Calculus : Derivative

    If xy log(x+y) = 1, prove that dy/dx = -y(x^2y +x+ y)/x(xy^2 + x + y)
  46. Calculus

    Derive: F(x)= sqrt(3, 1 + tan(x))
  47. Calculus

    f(x)= e−(5x)⋅cos(3x)
  48. calculus

    The derivative of f(x) = x^4/3 - x^5/5 attains its maximum value at x=
  49. Calculus

    Find the Antiderivative of 3/(3x+5) with steps

    difinite integral f(x)=1/y^2dy from x=1 to x=4
  51. Calculus

    Limit as x approaches (pi/2)^- of (x-pi/2)*secx
  52. calculus

    lim sin^-1 (3x^2-2x+1/6x^2-x+3) x-> infinity
  53. Calculus

    Evaluate dy/dt for 2xy-2x+2y^3=-10 with the conditions dx/dt=-4 x=2 y=-1 dy/dt=?
  54. Calculus

    find the derivative. f(á)=ln(siná)
  55. Math- Calculus

    Let f be a function such that f(-1)=3 and f'(-1)=6 let h(x)=x^5f(x) evaluate h'(x) at x=-1
  56. calculus

    Use logarithmic differentiation to find dy/dx for y=(1+x)^(1/x).
  57. calculus

    f(x)= (4x^2+5)/(3-2x) find derivative using limit
  58. calculus

    find the integral of x^2 + 1 over sqrt x from 1 to 2
  59. calculus

    does the sequence a=(2n)! / n! converge? Explain
  60. calculus

    differentiate the following funcation: R(t) = (t + e^t)(4- sqrt (t))
  61. calculus

    Find derivative of function g (t)=(6t^2+5)^3 (t^3-7)^4 thank you very much!
  62. Calculus

    Solve. (A) 2sin^2 x = 1 (B) tan^2 x = 3

    difinite integral f(x)=1/y^2dy from x=1 to x=4
  64. Calculus AB

    I have to find the integral of (e^3lnx + e^3x)dx. Can someone help me?
  65. Calculus

    M = log(E)-11.4/1.5 How do you express E in terms of M?
  66. Please Help with calculus

    How to evaluate x=0 and dx=-.03? I got(1/9)e^(x/9)dx as dy of e^(x/9)and I don't know how I should plug them in.
  67. Calculus help please!

    Find the Antiderivative of 3/(3x+5) with steps
  68. Calculus

    What is the total change of f(x), if f'(x) = 2x - 3x^2, over the interval [0, 3]?
  69. calculus

    Are y=log(x+1) and y=10^x-1 symmetric about the line y = x ?
  70. calculus

    y = log7(x^2 - 6x - 2) this is base seven is the answer 2x-6/(x^2-6x-2)
  71. Calculus

    1/f = 1/p + 1/q What is the rate of change of p with respect to q if q=2 and f=4?
  72. calculus!!!

    Find the integral of: 2xsqrt(x+1) dx
  73. Calculus

    What is the local linearization of e^x^2 near x=1? Is the answer 1+2x
  74. College calculus

    Find the dy/dx A. y = u sqrt u + 1; u = 2x^2 - 2/3 B. x = u/ (1 + u^3); y = u^2 /(1 + u^3) Can someone help me
  75. calculus

    Find the derivative of the following functions: x^7+2/(x^1/2) also (x^9-x^1/7)7^x
  76. calculus

    rectangle with a length of 24 1/5 and a width of 17 1/6 cm
  77. Calculus

    Find the derivative of F(z)=3+cos(2z-1)
  78. Calculus 2

    U subtitution for Arc Tan(x)/ x^2 +1 dx
  79. Calculus

    Integrate from e^2 to e of tthis funtion: 1/(x)ln(x) dx
  80. calculus

    The tangent to y = (ax)+b/(sqrt x) at x =1 is 2x-y=1. Find a and b. help?
  81. calculus

    If 4x^(2)+5x+xy=4 and y(4)=-20, find y'(4) by implicit differentiation. I got y'=(-8x-5-y)/(x)
  82. Calculus

    find f'(x) if f(x)= (cosx)^sinx
  83. Calculus

    Find the inflection points of f(x)=(x^2-6x-5)e^x
  84. Calculus AB

    Find the indefinite Integral of: (e^(2x)-e^(-2x))/(e^(2x)+e^(-2x))dx Thank you very much for your help.
  85. calculus

    can you please help me solve this problem if dy/dx=ycosx and y=3 when x=0, then y=
  86. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f(x)=(2x)^(1/2)ln(15x)
  87. calculus

    4. f(x)= 7-5x^4 What does x equal? what is the absoloute max?
  88. Calculus

    Find the implicit differentiation for each. 1) x^2 = (x-y) / (x+y) 2) (x+y)^3 + (x-y)^3 = x^4 + y^4
  89. Calculus

    Find the derivative: y=x^(sin(x))
  90. calculus

    what is the limit of (9x/(9x+5))^(6x) as x approaches infinity?
  91. Calculus

    Is the series 1/(n(n+1)) convergent? n=2 to n=infinity
  92. Calculus

    Finding area under a curve From [1,3] 2x^2 -4x +1
  93. calculus

    What would the remainder be if: P (x) = x^3 - 3x^2 + 3x + 2 is divided by x + 1? How would i get the answer?
  94. calculus

    Integral from pi/6 to pi/4 of 2sin(2x)cos(2x)dx=
  95. Calculus

    find the integral of (1+3t^5)^20*t^4dt
  96. Calculus

    Estimate ç 6 0 6−x^2 dx using 3 right rectangles
  97. Calculus B

    The antiderivative of ln(2x+1) using integration by parts.
  98. calculus

    Find the value for W when the limit as x approaches 8 of ((2x^2)-7x + W)/(x-8) = 25
  99. calculus

    evaluate the following limit... ((1-x)/((1/e)-(e^-x))) as x approaches one
  100. Calculus

    Let A(x)=∫x^(2),∞, ((e^(-t)/(t))dt for x>0. Find A'(x).