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  1. physics

    A 3kg basketball is dropped from the top of a 120m building. if all of the energy is converted into KE, what is the velocity of the ball just before it hits the ground
  2. physics

    three forces f1,f2and f3,along the same line are acting on abody. if f1=40Nto the right,f2=60N to the right, and f3 is 160N to the left,what is the resultant force of the body?
  3. physics

    Use the fact that the speed of light in a vacuum is about 3.00 108 m/s to determine how many kilometers a pulse from a laser beam travels in exactly 4.9 hour(s)
  4. physics

    Use the fact that the speed of light in a vacuum is about 3.00 108 m/s to determine how many kilometers a pulse from a laser beam travels in exactly 4.9 hour(s)
  5. physics

    The speed of sound in air is about 330m/sec. If a lighting flash occurs 5.5 seconds before you hear the thunder how far away from you was the strike?
  6. physics

    consider the loop in the figure. The area=600m, and it spins with angular velocity =40.0 rad/s in a magnetic field of strnght B=.400 T
  7. physics

    Two sinusoidal waves of the same frequency travel in the same direction along a string. If ym1 = 4.2 cm, ym2 = 5.9 cm, ö1 = 0, and ö2 = /5 rad, what is the amplitude (in cm) of the resultant wave?
  8. Physics

    If you were to launch a block with m = 0.500 kg up a ramp with θ = 15ο and µk = 0.30 with a plunger with k = 100 N/m which compresses by 0.040 m, what distance would you expect to travel?
  9. physics

    The brakes on your automobile are capable of creating acceleration of 14 ft/s2. If you are going 66 mi/hr and suddenly see a state trooper, what is the minimum time required to get your car to 55 mi/hr?
  10. Physics

    What would our seasons be like if the rotation of the Earth's was aligned with the plane of the ecliptic so that the north pole pointed directly at the Sun once per year.
  11. physics

    A particle is drop from a vertical height (h) and falls freely for a time(t) with the aid of a sketch explain how (h) varies with (I) t (ii) t square
  12. Physics 1

    What is the minimum speed that a roller coaster must have so that the people do not fall out at the top of the circle in an upside down loop? Take the radius to be 8 meters.
  13. Physics

    Estimate the work you do to mow a lawn 14m by 23m with a 0.5m-wide mower. Assume you push with a force of about 15N.
  14. Physics

    i have a line graph with positions 1-10 in the positive direction. if a toy car rolls from +3m to +5m, which of the following statements is true? a. Xf=+3 m b. Xi=+3 m c. delta x=+3 m d. Vavg=3 m/s
  15. physics

    What is the centripetal force of an object undergoing uniform circular motion when its radius is doubled and its speed remains constant?
  16. physics!!

    A circuit contains a 12V power source, and a 3ohms, 4ohms, and 6ohms, resistor. How should the resistors be arranged for the current through the battery to be 2A? Please help!THANKS!
  17. Physics

    What is its initial vertical speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 and maximum height is 4.7 m ,. Neglect air resistance. Answer in units of m/s
  18. physics

    A snowboarder of mass 71.8 kg (including gear and clothing), starting with a speed of 4.8 m/s, slides down a slope at an angle θ = 37.1° with the horizontal.
  19. physics

    the Ferris wheel has a diameter of 150m and takes 30min to make a full circle. Determine the speed of ride in m/s
  20. physics

    A ball has a diameter of 3.86 cm and average density of 0.0836 g/cm3. What force is required to hold it completely submerged under water?
  21. Physics

    Compare your weight with the attraction ( or repulsion) force of two One Coulomb charges separated one kilometer. Is it larger, smaller or similar?
  22. physics

    A 0.15 kg ball is attached to the end of a 0.82 m string and moved in a horizontal circle at 4.3 m/s what net force is needed to keep it in a circular path
  23. Physics

    How far to the nearest tenth of a meter can a runner running at 11 m/s run in the time it takes a rock to fall from rest 90 meters?
  24. physics

    1. During storm roof of house is blown off 2.It is dangerous to stand near the railway track when a train is moving with high speed
  25. physics/electrical circuits

    two identival 3v, 1 ohm batteries are connected in parallel with like polarity to like. the norton equivalent circuit of this combination is?
  26. Physics

    Three identical charges of 50 micro C are arranged at the points of an equilateral triangle 2 meters on a side. What is the net force on each charge?
  27. physics...damon please help

    Thirty microcoulombs of NEGATIVE charge experiences an electrostatic force of 27. mN. What is the magnitude and direction of the electric field?
  28. Intergated chemistry/physics

    What is the momentum of a 100 kilogram football player moving with a speed of 3.5 meters/second. The units should be written as kg m/s.
  29. Physics

    the potential energy of a particle varies with velocity v as U equals to Av3/v + B where A and B are constant dimensional formula A/B is (1) ML-1T (2) M-1LT (3) L-1T-1 (4) MLT-1
  30. Physics

    3000 Joules of energy in the form of heat are added to a copper block with a mass of 1 kg. What is the blocks temperature change?
  31. physics

    how the frequency of the sound produced will change in the case of aluminium sting of length 15cm when the string is tied between two ends
  32. Physics

    An 8.3 uF and a 2.9 uF capacitor are connected in series across a 24 V battery. What voltage is required to charge a parallel combination of the two capacitors to the same total energy?
  33. physics

    The edges of a shoebox are measured to be 11.9 cm, 17.3 cm, and 29 cm. Determine the volume of the box retaining the proper number of significant figures in your answer.
  34. Physics

    Calculate the work required to pull a wagon along a horizontal road for 4.0x10^2 m at a constant speed of 3.0 m/s if the force of friction is 8.0 N.
  35. Physics

    A man (80kg) jumps from a 17 storey balcony (51 metres). How long would it take for him reach the ground? ~Sorry for the morbid example, we were just having a chat about it lol
  36. Physics

    A 1200 N force is exerted on a 700 kg crate to move it across a loading dock. If the coefficient of friction is .50 what is the crates acceleration?
  37. Physics

    A 250kg car initially at rest was travelling with acceleration of 10m/s square. Calculate the kinetic energy after 3 seconds
  38. Physics

    Eighty calories must be added to one gram of ice at 0ºC to melt it. What is the approximate mechanical equivalent of this amount of energy?
  39. physics

    determine the acceleration for a jet taking off on a run way as it starts from rest and reaches a velocity of 50m/s over a period of 10s
  40. physics

    a framed painting weighs 220 newtons. the 2 wires support an angle of 120 degrees with each other. what are the tensions on the wire?
  41. physics

    Two wires run parallel to each other with currents I1 = -60.3 A, and I2 = 44.1 A. If they are a = 0.12 m apart, what is the magnitude of the force (N) per meter of length? I used the formula (f/L)=Uo(I1)(I2)/(2(pi)(r)) I got 4.43810^-2(N/m)but it was
  42. Physics

    A baseball with a mass of 0.145 kg is thrown straight down at the ground. At a particular speed, it has a drag force of 0.4 N acting on it. What is its acceleration at that time? a. -7.0 m/s2 b. -2.8 m/s2 c. -9.8 m/s2 d. -12.6 m/s2
  43. Physics

    The slab of steel shown below is being lifted at 0.50 m/s. It weighs 1.91×103N. If the angle θ equals 61.4 degrees, what is the tension in each cable?
  44. Physics

    Estimate the work you do to mow a lawn 14m by 23m with a 0.5m-wide mower. Assume you push with a force of about 15N.
  45. Physics

    A ball of mass 500g is kicked into the air at angle of 45degree. It reaches a height of 12m. What was it's initial velocity?
  46. physics

    A 2.6-kg particle moving along the x axis has a velocity of +1.7 m/s as it passes through the origin. It is subjected to a single force, Fx, that varies with position, as shown below.
  47. physics

    a plank will break if a forces of 350 N is applied to its center.What is the largest weight it can support if it is titled to an angle of 35degrees?
  48. physics

    An airplane whose airspeed is 295 km/h flies parallel to the direction of a wind with a speed of 40.0 km/h. What are the two possible speeds of the plane relative to the ground?
  49. Physics

    A system consisting of two fixed and two movable pulleys has a mechanical advantage of 4.00. If a force of 124 N is exerted, which weight can be raised?
  50. Physics

    A 3,000 kg truck is traveling 28 m/s through a rainstorm. At the end of its journey, it has collected 500 kg of water and is now moving 24 m/s. Was momentum conserved?
  51. physics

    A stone of mass 2.8kg is projected upward with a speed of 5m/s. calculate the maximum height reached. use g=10m/s square.
  52. Physics

    Three charges (q1 = 8.7 nC, q2 = -7.2 nC, and q3 = -4.8 nC) are at the corners of a square of side a = 9.2 cm, as shown in the picture. Determine the magnitude of the resultant electric force on each charge.
  53. physics

    Determine the moment of inertia for three children weighing 57.0 lb, 42.0 lb and 78 lb sitting at different points on the edge of a rotating merry-go-round, which has a radius of 12 ft.
  54. Physics

    A dense plastic toy of mass 1.8 kg is floating just beneath the surface of a pond. What is the buoyant force on it? Answer in units of N.
  55. Physics

    Carbon dioxide forms into a solid (dry ice) at approximately -157°F. What temperature in degrees Celsius does this correspond to?
  56. physics

    A bus starts frm rest and moves with a uniform acceleration of (1m/secondsquare) for 5 minutes. calculate the velocity and distance??
  57. physics

    Calculate the capacitance of a planet, assuming it is a spherical capacitor of radius R = 9050.0 km with charge distributed throughout the volume of the sphere.
  58. AP Physics

    A ball has an initial velocity of 3 m/s. If there is no friction, what is the highest it could roll? What would the qualitative bar graphs and energy flow diagram look like?
  59. Physics

    An object of mass 20kg slides down an inclined plane at an angle of 30 degree to the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction is?
  60. Physics

    A wire length 2m and radius 1mm is stretched by 25mm on application of a force of 1000N.Calculate the young modulus
  61. Physics

    A 92 kg disk, with a radius of 0.97 meters, is rotating at 562 rpm. What is its angular momentum, to the nearest tenth of a Joule*sec?
  62. Physics

    I'm having some trouble figuring out how to do the following question: A ball punted vertically has a hang time of 3.65 seconds. What was its initial velocity? (I use an acceleration of -10 m/s/s) Thanks!
  63. physics

    what is the minimum effort required to raise a load of 5kg in an ideal pulley system taking gravity to be 10m/s/s
  64. Physics

    A baseball is popped straight up into the air and has a hang-time of 6.25 s. Determine the height to which the ball rises before it reaches its peak.
  65. Physics

    how far to the nearest tenth of a meter can a runner running at 7.9 m/s run in the time it takes a rock to fall from rest 65 meters?
  66. physics

    What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 273 g block of copper at 298°C is placed in a 132 g aluminum calorimeter cup containing 815 g of water at 11.4°C?
  67. Physics

    A wire length 2m and radius 1mm is stretched by 25mm on application of a force of 1000N.Calculate the young modulus
  68. physics

    The position of a particle moving along the x-axis is given by x = (13 + 11t − 1.5t2), where t is in seconds and x is in meters. What is the average velocity during the time interval from t = 1s to t = 4 s?
  69. Physics

    The 3.1 kg box shown below slides with a constant speed down an incline at an angle of θ = 28.0° to the horizontal. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction?
  70. Physics

    A compact disc spins at 2.7 revolutions per second. An ant is walking on the CD and finds that it just begins to slide off the CD when it reaches a point 2.8 cm from the CD's center.
  71. 6th grade science (physics)

    explain and describe Law of Universal Gravitation in relation to force, mass and distance
  72. Physics

    If m1 = 4.72kg, what mass m2 is required to balance the system? (two masses are connected by a rope. m1 is sitting on an incline and m2 is hanging from a pulley)
  73. Physics

    An echo in Cowboys Stadium is heard after 2 seconds. How far is the person standing from the wall if the speed of sound is 340 m/sec?
  74. Physics

    What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 245 g block of copper at 285 oC is placed in a 145 g aluminum calorimeter cup containing 825 g of water at 12.0 oC?
  75. Physics

    Why "weighing" individual atoms is a particular challenge? Using A small beam arranged as a cantilever, can be utilized as part of a sensing device.
  76. physics

    suppose a car travels at a constant 10m/s how far would it move in 1hr? in 1min? 1ms? could you please explain how i would solve this equation
  77. Physics

    A man carries a 10 kg sack of groceries in his arms with a force of 50 N as he walks forward a distance of 10 m. How much work has he done? Is this a trick question?
  78. Science-Physics

    A hanging plant has a mass of 3.60 hung by 3 ropes with a tension of 29.4 N on each strand, what angle does each rope make with the vertical?
  79. physics

    What is the magnitude of the electric field a distance 3.0mm from an electron? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units
  80. Physics

    A projectile is launched at an angle of 6.0 degrees above the horizontal. Which component of the velocity vector remains the same during the flight (neglecting friction).
  81. physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to a velocity of 8ft/s after traveling 250 ft. Find its acceleretaion. Help me with this pleeaase. Thank you.
  82. Physics

    The power output of an elevator is 15000 W. How many persons could it carry if it raises passenger to a height of 35 m in 20 s ( each person has an average mass of 60 kg)?
  83. Physics

    A car whose brakes are locked skids to a stop in 200 ft from an initial velocity of 50 mi/hr. Find the coefficient of sliding friction.
  84. physics

    a block of ice initially sliding at 15m/s on a frozen pond comes to rest after traveling 90 meters. What is the coefficient of friction?
  85. Physics

    A small but measurable current of 3.20 E-10 A. exists in a copper wire whose diameter is 0.03 cm. Calculate the electron drift speed (in meters/second).
  86. physics

    In order to clearly read a book 16 cm away, a farsighted girl needs an image to be 36 cm from her eyes. What focal length is needed for the lens in her eyeglasses?
  87. physics

    What average force is needed to accelerate a 6.00-gram pellet from rest to 110 over a distance of 0.800 along the barrel of a rifle?
  88. Physics

    What is the total kinetic energy if a 0.30 kg block is sliding on a smooth horizontal surface at 2.5 m/s, heading towards a light spring that is in equilibrium?
  89. 11 grade / physics

    a body reaches the max height of 80m when projected at the angle of 30degree find the horizontal component
  90. physics

    we have learnt that Earth's gravitational field strength is 10 N/kg is the same as its acceleration due to free fall (10 m/s/s. even though their units are different, they are said to be dimentionally the same. prove that N/kg is the same as m/s/s
  91. Physics

    If the length of pendulum is 0.8+/-0.01m and time peroid is 2.5+/-0.012 sec. Then percentage error in acceleration due to gravity will be
  92. College Physics II

    Consider a region in space where a uniform electric field E = 7450 N/C points in the negative x direction. What is the distance between the +13.1 V and the +14.1 V equipotentials?
  93. Physics 141

    A car is on a circular track of radius r = 100 m. It's tangential speed is 30 m/s. How many lateral gravities does the driver feel?
  94. Physics

    How fast (in rpm) must a centrifuge rotate if a particle 9.00cm from the axis of rotation is to experience an acceleration of 115,000g's?
  95. physics

    A battery of emf and negligible internal resistance is connected to two resistances R1 and R2 in series. What is the potential difference across R2?(a)E(R1+R2)/R2(b)E(R1+R2)/R1(c)ER2/R1+R2(d)ER1/R1+R2
  96. Physics

    How long (in seconds) would it take a sound to travel underwater across the San Francisco Bay at its widest point of 19 000 meters?
  97. physics

    Scalar product of three vectors? Given:A=(axi+ajy+azk) B=(bxi+bjy+bzk) C=(cxi+cjy+czk)
  98. physics

    please HELP!!! What is the magnitude of the momentum of a baseball (m = 1.450 kg) traveling at a speed of 102 mi/h? Express your answer in SI units. I am unsure where to start
  99. Physics

    A pendulum has a mass of 3-kg, a length of 3 meters and swings through a (half)arc of .47 radians. To the tenth of a Joule, what is its Total Energy?
  100. physics

    Two small metal spheres with masses 2.0 and 4.0 are tied together by a 5.4--long massless string and are at rest on a frictionless surface. Each is charged to +2.4 .