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  1. Physics

    Calculate the work done by a 300N Force moving a 20kg object a distance of 50m
  2. Physics

    Find the pressure exerted by a waterbed with dimensions of 2m x 2m which is 30 cm thick. (hint:use density of water)
  3. physics

    a cricket ball is takes 3 sec to reach the maximum height its initial velocity is???
  4. Physics

    What is the maximum total force exerted on a 78 kg astronaut by her seat during the launch of the Space Shuttle?
  5. physics

    What upward tension force (in Newtons) would allow a 1240-kg elevator to accelerate downwards (i.e., negative) at a rate of 4.29 m/s/s?
  6. physics

    A car traveling at 60km/h. It then accelerates at 3.6m/s^2.How long does it take to reach a new speed. How far does it travel during acceleration.
  7. physics

    What is the magnitude of F? Assume the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 and the surface is frictionless. Answer in units of N.
  8. Physics

    What is the de Broglie wavelength of an electron that strikes the back of the face of a TV screen at 1/9 the speed of light?
  9. physics

    A crate is given an initial speed of 5.0m/s up the 22.5∘ plane shown in (Figure 1) . Assume μk = 0.12.
  10. physics

    state the surface powers required to produce the following lenses with +6.25D front curves. a. -0.50 DS 6. +0.50 DS c. +1.75 DS
  11. Physics

    torque to move a block of m=200kg for 10m at an angle of 25 degree with a speed of 20m/s.
  12. science(physics)

    a force f= 3i+cj+2k acting on a particle causes displacement , d=-4i+2j+3k. If the work done is 6 joule then the value of c. Plz. Solve
  13. Physics

    Calculate the radial acceleration of an object on the ground at the earth's equator in m/s2, turning with the planet.
  14. Physics

    how much work is needed to raise a 6.0 Kg object14.0 m at constant speed?assume that friction is negligible.
  15. physics

    An airplane lands and starts down the runway at a southwest velocity of 41 m/s. What constant acceleration allows it to come to a stop in 1.3 km?
  16. Integrated Physics and Chemistry

    What are a few of the positive things the Equal Rights Amendment would have done for women in America?
  17. Physics

    If the Kitty Hawk Flyer has 12 HP how would you express this power in the SI system and report the numerical value in kilowatts?
  18. physics

    A plane cruising at 251 m/s accelerates at25 m/s2 for 9 s.What is its final velocity?Answer in units of m/s
  19. physics

    if the gravitational constant, increased to a billion times its actual value, what sorts of things would happen?
  20. physics

    How do we compensate for thermal expansion /contraction in the construction of metal pipes for carrying steam?
  21. physics

    a car is moving at 17.7 m/s when it begins to slow down with a deceleration of 2.5 m/s2. how long does it take to travel 20 meters as it slows down

    without air resistance maximum range of projectile is obtained with an angle of ???? Can you please fill in the blank THANK YOU
  23. physics URGENT

    3. Using conceptual meaning of g = Fg/m [N/kg], answer the following: a) What does the spring scale read on the surface of the Moon?
  24. Physics

    What is the work required for a 1000kg truck to increase in speed from 30 m/s to 40m/s? Is the answer 350 kJ?
  25. physics

    what maximum height will a 311.2 m drive reach if it is launched at an angle of 17.0 degrees to the ground
  26. college physics

    an automobile traveling at 25.0 km/h along straight,level road accelerates to 65.0 km/h in 6.00s what is the acceleration
  27. physics

    If a car travels westward with a constant velocity of 20 m/s, what is the net external force acting on it?
  28. physics

    Determine the net force needed to cause a 1310kg sports car to accelerate from 0 - 28.6m/s[fwd] in 5.6 s
  29. Physics

    What is the potential energy, in joules, of a spring with a force constant of 6 N/m when it is stretched 20 cm from its unstretched length
  30. physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 100m/s.It will reach the ground after hw many sec?
  31. Physics

    Assume the distance axis is linear and da = 10.0m and db = 35.0 m. Estimate the work done by a force F in moving a 2.80 kg object from da to db.
  32. physics

    A flashlight that is powered by 12 Volts and uses a bulb with a resistance of 90 Omega will have a current _________________ Amps.
  33. physics

    a racing car has a uniform acceleration of 4ms-2. what distances will it cover in 10s after start?
  34. Physics

    From the position vs time graph of an object moving with constant acceleration, how could you find the velocity
  35. physics

    on a cool night with no wind people facing a campfire feel a breeze on their backs. why?
  36. mathematical physics

    Using Green's Theorem evaluate the integral ∮c(xydx + x^2y^2 dy) where C is the triangle with vertices (0 ,0), (1, 0) and (1, 2).
  37. Physics

    Express the angular velocity of 36 rpm (revolutions per minute) in units of radians per second (rad/s).
  38. Physics

    a child twirls a yo-yo about in a horizontal circle. The yo-yo has a mass of 0.20 kg and is attached to a string 0.8 m long. what is the velocity of the yo-yo? thanks!
  39. physics

    State the surface powers required to produce the following lenses with +6.25D front curves. a. -0.50 DS b. +0.50 DS c. +1.75 DS

    Calculate for Bohr's atomic model the speed of the orbiting electron in the n = 7 state. (Answer in m/s)
  41. Physics

    How much force is needed to hold a nearly weightless but rigid 1-L carton beneath the surface of water?
  42. physics

    A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 26.0 m/s at an angle of 30.0 above the horizontal. the object hits the ground 9.00 s later
  43. Physics

    you throw a ball upwards in the air at a velocity of 80m/s how fast will it be moving at 3 sec?
  44. physics

    State the surface powers required to produce the following lenses with +6.25D front curves. a. -0.50 DS b. +0.50 DS c. +1.75 DS
  45. physics

    Describe how the energy from a rotating flywheel can be transferred to moving parts of a child's toy.
  46. Physics

    A 27.59 kg child is on a swing that hangs from 2.26-m-long chains. What is her maximum speed if she swings out a 48° angle?
  47. physics

    a car traveling at 7.0 m/s accelerates uniformly at 2.5 m/s TO REACH A SPEED OF 12.0 M/S HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THIS ACCELERATION TO OCCUR?
  48. physics

    what is the shortest possible time in which a bacterium could travel a distanceof 8.4 cm across a petri dish at a constant speed of 3.5 mm/s
  49. Physics

    Why is an ice cube at 0°C more effective in cooling soft drink than the same mass of water at0°C?
  50. physics

    If a race car completes a 4mi oval track in 73.2s, what is the average speed in units of mi/h?
  51. physics

    If an engine produces a (mass flow rate) of 100kg/s of thrust, what is the force in Newtons?
  52. science-physics

    What is the formula to calculate the speed of the electron the has a mass of 0.910000000000000000000000000000 kg and a radius of 0.5290000000000 m?
  53. Physics

    Where does it takes less time to boil eggs: in a pan of boiling water or in a pressure cooker?
  54. physics

    A bus is moving at a speed of 20m/s beyond to slow at a constant rate of 3m/s each second find how far it goes before stopping
  55. physics

    Determine the cubical expansion of a liquid of volume 20liters at 30°c and 20.35 liters at 100°c
  56. physics

    Doubling the frequency of a wave source doubles the speed of the waves. ( True or False)
  57. physics

    A 1.56kg seagull dives through the air and gains 4495 of energy.What is the birds speed?
  58. physics

    the period of revolution of a satellite is 90 min. Find the radius of the orbit assuming an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s.
  59. physics: relativity

    I think I can rearrange the Lorentz contraction equation, solving for v using: v=sqrt[1-(L/Lo)^2] x c^2 Would someone check my thinking please? Thanks
  60. physics

    How can you easily increase the magnetic field strength inside a current-carrying coil?
  61. Physics

    An object 6.70 cm high is placed 15.1 cm in front of a convex mirror with radius of curvature of 8.55 cm. Where is the image formed?
  62. physics

    how high a building can superman jump over if he is to leave the ground with a velocity of 60 m/s at an angle of 75 degrees
  63. Another physics question...

    Deduce the electric field strenght at a point midway between charges of 7.2*10^-6 C and -3.4*10^-6 C that are 2.0m apart from air. Thank you!
  64. physics

    A 1.00 x 10^3 kg sports car accelerates from rest to 25.0 m/s in 7.50 s. What is the average power output of the automobile engine?
  65. Physics

    2.A 4430 kg helicopter accelerates upward at 2.2 m/s2. What lift force is exerted by the air on the propellers?
  66. physics

    compute the least acceleration with which a man of mass 75 kg can slide down a rope which can sustain a weight of 580 N
  67. physics

    Write the equation for fill factor in terms of V_max, V_oc, J_max, and J_sc. FF =
  68. Physics

    Initial velocity is 21 m/s, the angle is 40 degrees, 20 meters away from the wall. How long is the ball in the air for?
  69. physics

    a baseball is thrown horizontally at a velocity of 35 m/s from a height of 1.5 m. How long does it take to hit the ground? how far does it travel?
  70. physics

    A liquid expands on heating. Explain briefly how its density will change with rise in temperature
  71. Physics

    Calculate the skid-to-stop of a car travelling oa a road at 100km/h with a coefficient of friction of 0.68.
  72. Physics

    A cricket jumps vertically upwards, and remains in the air for 1.6 s. At what speed did it leave the ground?
  73. physics

    How will the weight of a 20kg object change if it was in a lift that accelerates downward at 4 meters per second squared?
  74. physics

    Calculate the extension that would be produced by a 20N force if 15N extends a spring by 3cm
  75. physics

    A particle is projected from ground in a vetical direction at t=0 sec. at t=0.8 s, it reaches h=14m .It will again come to the same height at ?
  76. physics

    A spring has k = 88 N/m. Use a graph to determine the work needed to stretch it from x = 3.6 cm to x = 5.6 cm, where x is the displacement from its unstretched length.
  77. Physics

    With what maximum speed can an unsecured passenger stay in their seat on a Ferris wheel that has a diameter of 12 m.
  78. physics

    a 10,000hg car rounds a curve of radius 1200ft at 50mph what is its centripetal acceleration?
  79. Basic Physics

    If a swimming pool has dimensions; 28.2 5m x 10.0m x 2.30m, when it is full of water, what is the force on the bottom ?
  80. fristyear physics

    two girls a and b weighting 40 and 30 kg both of them pull 14m held by them.they will meet when covers a distance of?
  81. physics

    A car travels in a straight line for 3.9 h at a constant speed of 63 km/h. What is its acceleration? Answer in units of m/s2
  82. physics

    Calculate the net work output of a heat engine following path ABCDA in Figure 14.30, where V1 = 5.0 10-3 m3 and V2 = 20.0 10-3 m3.
  83. Physics

    What is the maximum total force exerted on a 71 kg astronaut by her seat during the launch of the Space Shuttle?
  84. physics

    A liquid expands on heating. Explain briefly how its density will change with rise in temperature
  85. Physics

    If a bullet is shot at velocity of 400 m/s and hits a copper plate, how much heat will be produced?
  86. Physics

    A 200kg motorcycle is driving in a circular path at 1 rev per 5 seconds and the circle has r=12m
  87. physics

    A 1.5 volt battery will increase the potential energy of ________________ coulombs of charge by 0.18 joules.
  88. physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 27.6 m/s. How high does it rise? Answer in units of m.

    A girl rows 10 km downstream in 2 h. Her return trip takes 4 h. How fast can she row in still water. in km/h?
  90. physics

    A radio station is broadcasting at 90.7 mhz. compute for its wavelength in angstrom and energy in kilojoules.
  91. Physics

    r vector=(340m, 39 degrees below positive x-axis) What is rx and ry? I have no idea how to do or approach this problem, anyone please help and explain how to do this? Thank you!
  92. Physics

    When light passes from one medium to another then which of the following parameters may change? Velocity, frequency, colour or wavelenght?

    A roller coaster travels 101 ft at an angle of 45.7 ◦ above the horizontal How far does it move vertically
  94. Physics

    Two protons, an infinite distance apart are brought together to a separation of 1 nm. What is the initial potential energy of the system?
  95. Physics

    A 3.0 cmm high object is placed 10 cm from a concave mirror whose radius of curvature is 10 cm. Where is the image located?
  96. Intro to Physics

    With scanning probe microscopy technology, we see not actual atoms but rather images of them. Explain.
  97. physics.pls help

    A 100g bird siis in its nest. what is the Fnet(net force) in this case?
  98. Physics

    Calculate the speed with which a swimmer enters water if she slides down a frictionless ramp that is 2.6 m high
  99. AP Physics

    What minimum speed does a 130 g puck need to make it to the top of a 3.8 m -long, 23 ∘ frictionless ramp?