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  1. physics

    A particle starts moving with acceleration 2 m/s2. distance travelled by it in 5th half second is..??
  2. physics

    An automobile driver puts on the brakes and decelerates from 30.0 m/s to zero in 15.0 s. What distance does the car travel?
  3. Physics

    Is Gc (32.2 lbmft/lbfs^2) equal to gravity? I think it is, but I'm kinda confused about the whole concept. Could someone explain it to me? Thank you very much.
  4. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up at 24.0 m/s. Ignore the effects of air resistance in your calculations.After 2.00 s?
  5. physics

    How long, in seconds, is required for a car traveling at a speed of 32 km/hr to travel 110 m?
  6. physics science

    The photoelectric effect occurs only when the incident light has more than a entain minimum
  7. Physics

    what is your power output if you climb a 2m ladder in 10 seconds? suppose your height is 565N.
  8. Physics

    Which force acts opposite of the direction of displacement of the object? I think it would be friction...but could it be spring?
  9. physics

    If a ferris wheel has the radius of 5 meters, and one revolution takes 32 seconds, what is its speed?
  10. physics

    If a car rolls gently(vo=0) off a vertical cliff, how long does it take to reach 85km/h?
  11. Physics

    Find the change in the force of gravity between two planets when the distance between them is decreased by a factor of 4.7
  12. physics

    a mass if 10kg move with a velocity of 4ms-1find it kinetic energy.
  13. physics

    how old would you be, when you returned from a trip while traveling at 99.5% C if your relatives that stayed at home, were 10 years older?
  14. physics

    A constant net force of 1500 N gives a toy rocket an acceleration of 2.5 m/s2. what is the mass in kg?
  15. Physics

    How does mass affect the motion of objects falling freely under the influence of gravity?
  16. Physics

    If a tuning fork puts out a tone at 440 Hz, what is its wavelength in air at 25 degrees?
  17. physics

    In a certain right triangle, the two sides that are perpendicular to each other are 7.00 m and 8.30 m long. What is the tangent of the angle for which 7.00 m is the opposite side?
  18. physics

    distance a cannonball travels when shot horizontally with a velocity of 28.3 at 30 degrees? I'm not sure what formula I need to use. Please help.
  19. physics

    Find the final speed of the train assuming no friction. Answer in units of m/s
  20. Physics

    If a tuning fork puts out a tone at 440 Hz, what is its wavelength in air at 25 degrees?
  21. physics

    What is the average current through a conductor that carries 4 375C during a 2 min time period?
  22. physics

    a fire hose held near the ground shoots water at a speed of 6.4m/s, at what angle should
  23. Physics

    Emily rides her horse 48 km in 3 hours.What is her average speed in kilometers per hour?
  24. Physics

    The magnification of an object 2km tall where placed in 150m in front of a plane mirror is ?
  25. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20 x 104 km/hr. How high does it go?
  26. physics

    what force is necessary to stop a 20 g bullet moving at 200 m/s as it penetrates a wood at a distance of 4 m?
  27. physics

    c). at what speed does it hit the ground? d). what total length of time is the ball in the air
  28. Physics - please check over

    Could I please get some further assistance on a question I posted earlier? I'm not getting the correct answer and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  29. physics

    a40w motor conectedto a 9v battery can lift an object 40m in 10s
  30. Physics

    What would be the average velocity of an object falling 1.25m from the rest, just as it strikes the ground?
  31. physics

    a 2.1 weight receives 210 j of kinetic energy by a launcher, which is pointed straight up.
  32. physics

    an object takes 0.35 seconds to hit the floor, what height did it fall from? is the way to calculate it h = gt^2 / 2 so would it be = h = .5 * 9.8 * 0.35^2
  33. Physics

    Where should most of the mass be for an industrial fly wheel? Why? can't find any thing about this in my book. need help answering this.
  34. physics

    A 1.0kg ball initially at rest rolls down a plane at 35 degrees. pls i really need help
  35. physics

    The three vectors in the figure below have magnitudes a = 2.45 m, b = 3.15 m, and c = 15.0 m and angle θ = 36.5° find x component of vector a
  36. Ap physics

    If you are driving 108 km/h along a straight road and you look to the side for 3.0 s, how far do you travel during this inattentive period?
  37. physics

    calculate the total area of the walls of a room 5m long 4m wide and 2.5m high

    A 30 kg. balloon is filled with 100 m to the third power of helium. how much force is needed to hold it down?
  39. Physics 11

    A girl stands 2.5 m infront of a plane mirror. If she sees someone else 2.0 m behind her, how far is she from the image of that person?
  40. Physics

    It took a car driver 30min to travel a distance of 50km. What is the average speed?
  41. physics

    how long does it take a softball to cross homeplate at 43 feet if the ball is going 65 miles per hour?
  42. physics

    A 8.20 cm tall object is placed 30.0 cm in front of a concave mirror with a focal length of 4.20 cm. What is the magnification?
  43. physics

    Find the electric field at the folowing radii from the center of this charge configuration.
  44. physics

    2 balss,one of iron and the other of aluminium,will experience the same upthrust, when dipped in water when both have equal what?
  45. physics

    Which floats with most of its volume below the surface? A) None of these.B) An oak log.C) All of these.D) An iceberg.E) A mountain range.
  46. Physics

    If I dropped a bowling ball from the empyre state building, at what velocity would it descend?
  47. Physics

    During takeoff, a plane goes from 0 to 50 m/s in 8s. What is its acceleration? Halos fast is it going after 5 s? How far had it traveled by the time it reaches 50 m/s?
  48. physics

    Forces of 3 N and 4 N act the right angles on a block of mass 5 kg. Show that the resulting acceleration is 1 m/s².
  49. Physics

    a 100 N chandelier hangs from the ceiling on 8 chains. What is the tension force on each chain?
  50. physics

    Calculate a person's hang time if he moves horizontally 2 m during a 1.39 m high-jump.
  51. physics

    Wrap a cotton wool around a thermometre,will its temperature rise? Explain your answer please
  52. physics

    I need to know the resistivity of german silver wire. I've looked at a few Google sources and I've seen several different results. Anyone know which value I should use?
  53. physics

    In the ideal case of zero resistance, a ball rolling on a level surface will accelerate
  54. physics

    An airplane starts from rest and accelerates at 11.5m/s^2. What is its speed at the end of a 655m runway?
  55. Physics

    How fast must a plane fly at a latitude of 41.9° so that the sun stands still relative to the passengers?
  56. physics

    A person can jump to a height of 1.5m on surface of earth. Find the velocity with which he jumps.
  57. physics (electric charges)

    Hi, How can you charge an electroscope negatively? Is it by using a positively charged rod? Can someone please help me? Thank you :)
  58. College physics

    To what temperature will 7700 J of heat raise 3.0 kg of water that is initially at 10.0 degrees C?
  59. physics

    A car traveling at +7.2 m/s accelerates at the rate of 0.65 m/s 2 for an interval of 2.4 s. Find vf . Answer in units of m/s
  60. physics

    A ball strikes against the floor and returns with double velocity.In which type of collision is it possible?
  61. physics

    Calculate the effective value of g, the acceleration of gravity (in meters/second^2), at 5100 km above the earth's surface.
  62. Physics

    At a given temperature, what relationship appears to exist between a gas particle's mass and its speed?
  63. Physics

    What is the typical wavelength of an X-ray ? I searched google and I couldn't find it. If you know the answer I'd appreciate it .
  64. physics

    So if I have two light bulbs with different wattage how could I show what happens to them in series and parallel. The voltage remains the same.
  65. Physics

    How does the speed frequency distribution graph change for a given gas as the temperature is increased?
  66. Physics help!!!

    What potential difference is required in an electron microscope to give electrons a wavelength of 0.05 nm ?
  67. physics dimensions

    the displacement of a particles is given by S=A+Bt+Ct^2.deduce the values of the constant A,B,and C appearing in the equation
  68. physics

    how long does a car with an acceleration of 2.0 m/s^2 take to go from 10m/s to 30m/s?and show the solution how do you get the answer.
  69. physics dimension

    write down the dimensions of moment of inertia and surface tension coefficient.
  70. physics (electric charges)

    Hi, How can you charge an electroscope negatively? Is it by using a positively charged rod? Can someone please help me? Thank you :)
  71. Physics

    what is magnitude of the centripetal if the tangential speed of the car is 2.0m/s and the radius of the wheel is 83m
  72. physics

    find the angle of projection at the horizontal range is twice the maximum height of a projecyile
  73. Physics

    What is the wavelength of light that can cause a transition of an electron in the hydrogen atom from the orbit with n = 6 to n = 8?(answer in µm)
  74. physics

    determine the kinetic energy of a boy mass 40kg running with velocity of 3m/s
  75. physics

    two forces of 10N and 7N respectively are applied simultaneously to an object . The minimum value of their resultant is, in newtons?
  76. physics

    a car is uniformly decelerated from 90km/hr in a time of 10 sec calculate the 2 acceleration
  77. Physics

    If you are 2.0 s from being directly under a window that is 11 m above the sidewalk your standing on, and someone throws a water ballon will you get hit?
  78. physics

    A meteoroid is speeding through the atmosphere, traveling east at 15.5 km/s while descending at a rate of 10.6 km/s. What is its speed, in km/s?
  79. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with an initial speed of 27 m/s at an angle of 20° with respect to the horizontal.
  80. physics

    The diameter of the earth is about 7.6 x 10^3 miles. What is the linear velocity of a person, on the equator, in feet per second?
  81. physics

    Calculate the distance Michael will travel if he maintain an average speed of 9.4 m/s for 2.2 seconds
  82. physics

    if a race cars velocity increases from 4 m/s to 36 m/s over a 4 s time interval, it average acceleration would be 10 m/s2.
  83. Physics

    An electromagnetic radiation has a frequency of 5.00 X 10^14 Hz. Calculate its wavelength in a vacuum in metres and nanomatres?
  84. Physics

    A block of mass 8.1 kg is pulled to the right by an applied force of 76.2 N. If the acceleration is 0.84 m/s^2, how much friction must be present?
  85. physics

    What is the wavelength of the peak of the blackbody radiation curve for the human body (T = 310 K)?
  86. Physics

    is the average random kinetic energy of the molecules decreasing ? ( In cooling curve)
  87. physics

    What is the resistance of a 40 watt light bulb if it is it to full brilliance by a current of .33amps?
  88. physics

    Calculate the distance Michael will travel if he maintain an average speed of 9.4 m/s for 2.2 seconds.
  89. physics

    Which floats with most of its volume below the surface? A) None of these.B) An oak log.C) All of these.D) An iceberg.E) A mountain range.
  90. Physics

    As a rocket accelerates upward, its thrust remains constant but its acceleration increases. what is the cause of this?
  91. physics

    a car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 2m/s for 10second. what is its velocity at the end of 10 second?
  92. College Physics

    What is the work required to move a proton 1 cm along the 7 volt equipotential line?
  93. physics

    A drag racer accelerated from 0 to 475km/h in 4.88 s. Assuming a constant acceleration, how far did it travel?
  94. physics

    Calculate the velocity of a skateboarder who accelerates from rest for 6.7 seconds down a ramp at an acceleration of 6.5 m/s2
  95. Physics

    A ball was thrown straight up at 26.2 m/s then caught at the same place it was released. How many seconds was it in the air?
  96. Physics

    In a gas kept at a constant temperature, all molecules move with the same speed. True or false?
  97. Physics

    A cube of ice weighing 18 grams sublimes into vapor. How many liters of gas will you get?
  98. physics

    A bus moves from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2ms(square)for the first 10s.
  99. physics

    if an object is pushed along a rough horizontal surface and moves at a constant velocity, then...
  100. physics

    How much heat in KJ is needed to change 3.0 kg of ice at -10C into (superheated) steam at +150C ?