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  1. physics

    The x-component of an electric field vector E = (200 N/C, 45 deg) is ___N/C.
  2. Physics

    What can we say about the force of an object when the mass increases and acceleration remains constant?
  3. Physics

    what are the factors that does not affect the time period of pendulum ?? Please help me in monday there is my exam please help me:-(
  4. physics

    a body moving at 40 m/s accelerates at the rate of 8m/s^2. what is the distance it transverses in 15 seconds?
  5. Physics

    While riding her bicycle, she goes from a full stop to 9m/s in 3 minutes. How fast is she acclerating?
  6. physics

    what is the weight of a 100kg man on the moon with a gravitaional acceleration of 1.6m/s(squared)?
  7. physics

    if a swimmer swims 85.4 yards in five minutes, how many meters will he swim in 70.0 seconds?
  8. Physics

    I am not getting the difference between distance and displacement.... without using the words scalar and vector quantity, of course, i know what they mean but still i need help with this... so please help!!!
  9. physics

    Determine the velocity of a satellite orbiting Earth at a height of 3.2 x 10^3 meters.
  10. Physics

    An truck with a mass of 3500 kg travels with a velocity of 22.0 m/s. Find the momentum.
  11. physics

    Explain how the specific heats of materials are measured using the technique of calorimetry.
  12. Physics

    In the photoelectric effect, what determines the kinetic energy of the ejected electrons?
  13. physics

    How many grams of Al2O3 are formed from 15L of O2 at 97.5kPa and at 21degree celcius.
  14. Physics

    if im plotting a graph: Time Squared vs Length What will be the unit of my gradient ?
  15. physics

    velocit of gas molecule is 3m/s at 1000k. at what temperature velocity becomes 12m/s?
  16. physics

    how much energy is gain by an electron accelerated through a potential differenc of 30000v?
  17. physics

    How many 160ohms resistors must be connected in parallel to draw a current of 6.0A from a 120V
  18. Physics

    Wavw velocity is inversely proportional to what? (a) period (b) wavelength (c) amplitude (d) All of these
  19. Physics

    How much energy (in cal) is required to raise the temperature of 15.0g of isopropyl alcohol from 10.0 C to 25.0 C?
  20. Physics

    The pendulum is transported to another planet where the acceleration due to gravity is smaller.
  21. physics

    A 1000 kg sports car accelerates from 0 to 30 m/s in 10 s. What is the average power of the engine?
  22. physics

    Two vectors A and B are added. Show that the magnitude of the resultant cannot be greater than A+B or smaller than l A-B l.
  23. Physics (Kinematics Check)

    What is the average velocity of a dropped brick that falls 4.0 m? vi = 4.0 m/s vf = 0 m/s a = 9.81 m/s^2 t = vf-vi / a t = -4/9.81 t = 0.41 s v = d/t v = 4.0/0.41 v = 9.81 m/s^2 <----------
  24. physics

    Why is it vital that there is friction thatb opposes motion when two surfaces try to slide across one another?
  25. Physics

    Let U=(13i3−i). What is U†? Explicitly indicate multiplication with a * symbol. For instance, you should write 3*i+2 instead of 3i+2.
  26. physics

    Determine the percent error in this approximate value. (There are 365.24 days in one year.)
  27. Physics

    Explain how the photoelectric effect is used to open automatic dooes when someone approaches.
  28. Physics

    Why does light striking a metal surface eject only electrons, not protons?
  29. Physics

    What are three different kinds of automatic switching devices? What are the conditions that cause the on/off action of the switch?
  30. physics

    What is the apparent weight of a lead brick 2.0 in x 2.0 in x 8.0 in if placed in oil with density p=0.93 g/cm^3 (Ppb=11.4 g/cm^3)(1 in. = 2.54 cm)
  31. Physics

    If 60 Cal. are added to 6 g. of iron at 20 degrees Celsius what is the final temp.
  32. physics

    A lizard accelerates from 2m/s to 10m/s in 4 seconds. What is the lizards average acceleration?
  33. Physics

    what is the northward and eastward components of a 550 kph velocity of an airplane going NE?
  34. Physics

    . How much potential energy does the 2.5 kg rock sitting on an 18 –meter high cliff have?
  35. Physics

    how much heat is needed to vaporize a 400.0 g of liquid water at 310.0 K?
  36. physics

    You have a mass of 60 kg and run up some stairs that are 5 m high in 6 seconds. How much power did you produce?
  37. physics

    what impulse is needed to slow a 45kg object from 15m/s to 12m/s?
  38. physics

    If your car accelerates from rest at a steady rate of 4 m/s2, how soon will it reach 81 km/h (50.3 mph or 22.5 m/s)?
  39. College Physics

    What is the momentum of an automobile (weight = 9700 N) when it is moving at 36 m/s to the south?
  40. Physics

    How many kcal of heat are required to vaporize 25.0kg of water at 100°C?
  41. physics

    If a hair dryer is rated at 900 W, how much energy does it require in 5 minutes?
  42. physics

    How much heat energy must be added to a 3.0 cm × 3.0 cm × 3.0 cm block of aluminum to raise its temperature from -50∘C to 50∘C?
  43. physics

    find time it takes for a sprinter to accelerate from rest to 10 m/s. If acceleration is 4.0 m/s sq.
  44. physics

    A golf cart has an acceleration of 0.4 m/s². What is its velocity after it has covered 10 m starting from the rest?
  45. physics

    A strong lightning bolt transfers about 26 C to Earth. How many electrons are transferred?
  46. physics

    How long does it take light to travel through a 2.7 mm-thick piece of window glass?
  47. Physics

    A 2200. Kg vehicle is traveling at 26 m/s what is the force needed to stop it in 21 seconds?
  48. physics

    a 8.0 kg object undergoes an acceleration of 2.2 m/s squared.what is the resulting force acting on it?
  49. Physics

    A 2000 kg truck is raised 15 m in an elevator. What is the increase in its potential energy?
  50. Math/Physics

    Why is I(x)=dP/dx*1/A x is the wavelenght lambda I is the intensity (I=P/A) P is the power A is the area Thanks in advance
  51. physics

    75 kg block is dropped from a height of 6 m. How much kinetic energy does it have when it has fallen halfway?
  52. Physics

    I've read all my resource materials and looked for outside resources already and i can't find an equation for this. I would appreciate any help
  53. physics

    A ball is thrown up with a speed of 30m/s, what is the maximum height reached?
  54. Science (Physics)

  55. Physics

    A ball rolls off the edge of a balcony at 8.0 m/s. Find its speed after 3.8 s in the air. Use g = 10. m/s2
  56. physics

    a spacecraft has an acceleration of magnitudes 5.0g what distance is needed for it to attach a velocity of 10 km/s?
  57. physics

    how do you find the magnitude of the net force if you have 2 forces acting on an object: 8.4 N[S] and 7.5 N[E]
  58. physics

    What acceleration is produced by a force of 250N acting on a mass of 25KG?
  59. Physics

    A car slows to a stop over a certain distance. What could cause the stopping force to be greater?
  60. Physics

    Describe an experiment to measure the specific heat capacity of a liquid.
  61. physics

    a year ago she measured 98cm from her tree . now it 1.1m tall how much has it grown
  62. physics

    A bus is traveling 30 m/s and travels 20m. How far does it travel froom each point?
  63. Physics

    An arrow is shot from a bow at 42 m/s at 70 degrees what is the horizontal and vertical components
  64. Physics

    What is the momentum of a 54 kg ball just before it hits the ground when it is dropped from a height of 1.4m? What formulas should I use?!

    A 69.0 firefighter climbs a flight of stairs 22.0 high. How much work is required?
  66. physics

    What is the effect of increasing the inclination of the track to the acceleration of the rider in the experiment?
  67. physics

    You have exactly 1 L of ethyl alcohol at room temperature 23 C. You put it in a refrigerator at 4 C.What's its new volume?
  68. physics

    What is the wavelength associated with a golf ball of mass 45 g driven off the tee with a velocity of 30 ms-1.
  69. college physics

    What is the speed of light moving through a medium of index of refraction 2.45?
  70. Physics

    The gravitational force between two electrons that are 0.98 m apart is 5.64 10-71 N. Find the mass of an electron. (Use G = 6.67 10-11 N·m2/kg2.) Do you use F=G(m1*m2)/r^2???
  71. Physics

    Two objects are moving in different direction. Under what circumstances can you treat this as one-dimensional problem?
  72. Physics

    Explain how you would determine how much error there is between a vector addition and the real results.
  73. physics

    A space vehicle accelerates uniformly from 50m/s at t=0 to 182m/s at t=1 0.0s. How far did it move between t=2.0s and t=6.0s?
  74. physics

    if I know that a astronaut weighs 860n on a unknown planet how do i determine the gravity?
  75. Physics

    How much power is required to move a 1500 kg elevator at a constant velocity of 2.5m/s.
  76. physics

    A rock is dropped from a 196-m-high cliff. How long does it take to fall (a) the first 98.0 m and (b) the second 98.0 m?
  77. Physics

    When an object is moving at a normal speed, is it's weight larger than when it's stationary?
  78. physics

    If body is rotating 30r.p.m in clockwise what is angular velocity and it direction
  79. physics

    The density of a gas is 1.25 kg m – 3 at N.T.P. Find the Root mean square velocity of its molecules.
  80. physics

    The gravitational force between two electrons that are 0.98 m apart is 5.64 10-71 N. Find the mass of an electron. (Use G = 6.67 10-11 N·m2/kg2.) Do you use F=G(m1*m2)/r^2???
  81. Physics

    Finding of radius of capillary tube without knowing surface tension
  82. physics

    What net force is needed to accelerate a 1.6 × 103kg automobile forward at 2.0 m/s2?
  83. Physics

    calculate K.E in Joules of a baseball w/ a mass of 237.2 cg moving at 85.00 mph
  84. physics

    5. An object that has kinetic energy must have A) momentum. B) acceleration. C) a force applied to it. D) All of these. E) None of these.
  85. physics

    The sensitivity of a galvanometer of resistance 990ohm is increased by 10 times.The shunt used is??
  86. Physics

    When a mass is hung from a spring stretches it by 15 cm. What is the period of the oscillations of this system?
  87. physics

    how can we calculate potential energy if we don't have mass but we have force or newtons?
  88. physics

    A 2.7 kg object falls from a tower. It experiences 2.3 N of air resistance. What is the acceleration?
  89. physics

    In LCR series AC circuit when does the effective voltage lag behind the current?
  90. physics

    what is the speed of a sound wave if its frequency s 160 hertz and its wavelength is 2.2m?
  91. physics

    two identical objects move with speeds of 5.0 m s and 25.0 m s. What is the ratio of their kinetic energies?
  92. physics

    what should the ratio of mass to volume be when considering the flight of a hot air balloon.
  93. Physics

    Find the length of a bridge if it is known that the steel in the roadbed expands by 0.52 m when the temperature changes from +2 to +30°C.
  94. physics

    what is the kinetic energy of a 200 g bullet travelling at a velocity of 400 m/s?
  95. Physics

    What is the order of drift velocity of electron during the flow of current through the metal?
  96. physics

    What equation gives the position as a function of time for an object with constant acceleration?
  97. Physics

    What equation gives the velocity as a function of time for an object with constant acceleration?
  98. physics

    HOw much heait is needed to raise the temperature of 5 kg of water 5 degrees celsius
  99. physics

    a ball is thrown up vertically and caught at 9.3 sec. what is the intial velocity
  100. physics

    Calculate the angular velocity of a swinging pendulum whose length is 125cm