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  1. physics

    a spacecraft has an acceleration of magnitudes 5.0g what distance is needed for it to attach a velocity of 10 km/s?
  2. Physics

    if the mass of two balls is 0.300 kg each then what is the gravitational force between them if the distance is 0.3000 m
  3. physics

    What is the wavelength of an X-ray photon with energy 6.0 (6000 )? (Hint: 1 = 1.60 10-19 joule.)?
  4. physics

    what is the wavelength of an X- ray photon with energy 10 keV?(10,000eV)? what is the frequency?
  5. Physics

    Determine the x-intercepts of the polynomial function y=-6(x+7)^4 + 5. Round to two decimal places, if necessary.
  6. Physics

    How far does a point on the circumference travel if the wheel is rotated through an angle of 28.6 rads?
  7. physics

    Is the charge on the surface of the earth due to an excess or a deficit of electrons?
  8. Physics

    if im plotting a graph: Time Squared vs Length What will be the unit of my gradient ?
  9. Physics

    Calculate the gravitational force between two identical 100-kg masses separated by 1 m.
  10. physics

    If a cat chases a mouse for 1.15 s whail covering a distance of 19.6 m, what is the velocity?
  11. Physics

    Two objects are moving in different direction. Under what circumstances can you treat this as one-dimensional problem?
  12. physics

    Caculate the work done when a force of 20N strecthes a spring by 50mm
  13. physics

    a 40kg girl climbs a vertical ladder at .5 m/s. what is her power output?
  14. Physics

    How fast would you need to be travelling relative to an observer in order for them to see a 15% increase in your mass?
  15. science physics 2

    Sharlyn walks 5km/hr, how long will it take her to travel 15km?
  16. Humanities Core

    In what ways can we say that quantum physics both is and is not classical science? it has something to do with galileo but im not sure....
  17. physics

    what frequency of sound travels in air @20 degree C has a wavelength equal to 1.7m?
  18. Physics

    Explain how you would determine how much error there is between a vector addition and the real results.
  19. physics

    find the acceleration produced by a net force of 300.0 N on a mass of 0.75 kg.
  20. physics hw urgent please

    show how you would you arrange to find f in terms of v,m and r from four equations below. f=1/t, f=ma,v=2piR/T,a=v^2/R Thanks
  21. physics

    How much heat does 25g aluminum give off as it cools from 95celsius to 30celsius?
  22. physics

    application of and the concept of heat and temperature in technology.please can u give me the link.thanks
  23. Science: Physics

    A circle graph has labeled segments of 5.7%, 21%, 13, and 6%. What % does the unlabeled segment have?
  24. Note for Ms. Sue

    Check out the Physics posting on the top of the list. Can it be deleted?
  25. physics

    At the end of a race a runner decelerates from a velocity of 7.00 m/s at a rate of 0.300 m/s2.
  26. physics

    If a wheel 211 cm in diameter takes 2.25 s for each revolution, find its period. T=?s
  27. physics

    if a current of 4900A is applied to a copper wire what might happen to it? does it burn or what?
  28. Physics

    Is it true that a drop of water can pass through a solid travelling by 1800m/s2?
  29. physics

    A rotating cylinder about 16 long and 6.2 in diameter what angular speed must it rotate?
  30. Physics

    An truck with a mass of 3500 kg travels with a velocity of 22.0 m/s. Find the momentum.
  31. college physics

    What is the speed of light moving through a medium of index of refraction 2.45?

  33. Physics

    Two forces of 5N and 7N respectively act on an object,what are the maximum and minimum resultants of the two vectors
  34. Physics

    if the frequency of a particular electromagnetic wave is 4 x 10^14 hertz, what is its wavelength of the radiation in nanometers (nm)?
  35. physics

    a 1200 kg car goes from 15m/s in 16s. What is the average force acting on it?
  36. physics

    You throw a ball straight up at 25 m/s. How many seconds elapse before it is traveling downward at 13 m/s?
  37. physics

    Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Steve and Damon, figured it all out, thanks guys, awsome!!!
  38. Physics

    I am not getting the difference between distance and displacement.... without using the words scalar and vector quantity, of course, i know what they mean but still i need help with this... so please help!!!
  39. physics

    the rate at which position changes with time is called acceleration. true or false?
  40. physics

    Find the diameter of a gold coin that has a weight of 1.00 (troy) oz and a thickness of 3.00 mm.
  41. physics

    whats the acceleration of a car traveling 402 meters in 6 seconds
  42. physics

    A proton is confined to a nucleus of radius 5 FM.what's the minimum uncertainty in momentum?
  43. physics

    how much work is required to give an object 600 J of potential energy?
  44. Physics

    An arrow is shot from a bow at 42 m/s at 70 degrees what is the horizontal and vertical components
  45. physics

    You are driving a car with a power output of 56,000 Watts. How many seconds will it take to go from 0 m/s to 27 m/s?
  46. physics

    how much work is required to give n object 450J of kinetic energy?
  47. Physics

    suppose you have 3 resistors, each of value 0f 30 omega. List all the different resistances that you can obtain by combining them
  48. physics

    what is the displacement of the ball? i.imgur. com/8ljWh . png i don't know calculus!
  49. physics

    why when steady state conditions apply the rate of heat flow is the same?
  50. physics

    A hunk of cast concrete with a weight of 10 N will float if it displaces 10 N of water.
  51. Physics

    Is it true or wrong to say that components in series must have the same potential difference across them? Either yes or no explain it.
  52. physics

    if you jump upward with a speed of 2mls, how long will it take before you stop rising?
  53. Physics please help!!

    A 12.1 g CD with a radius of 6.16 cm rotates with an angular speed of 31.1 rad/s. What is its kinetic energy?
  54. physics

    A 87-g ice cube at 0°C is placed in 886 g of water at 28°C. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
  55. Physics Help!!!

    With the energy needed to warm up some amount of water from 26°C to 44°C, how high could you lift it?
  56. physics

    You have exactly 1 L of ethyl alcohol at room temperature 23 C. You put it in a refrigerator at 4 C.What's its new volume?
  57. physics

    Describe the differences between the force of gravity and buoyant forces on a swimmer.
  58. Physics

    In the olden days Christmas lights were wired in series. Why was this not very festive?
  59. Physics

    What is the color of all the visible light frequencies mixed together equally? I would think white. Is that right?
  60. Physics

    Describe how you can determine the specific heat of an unknown metal whose mass is known.
  61. Physics

    An object moves with acceleration given by a = -6t^3 m/s^2. Its initial velocity at t = 0 is 5 m/s. How far will it move before stopping?
  62. math

    who are the fathers of following subjects a)maths b)physics c)chemistry d)biology e)social
  63. Physics

    Determine the escape velocity at a location 2.5*10^4km from the surface of Jupiter
  64. physics

    How much work is required to stop an electron (m = 9.11 10-31 kg) which is moving with a speed of 2 106 m/s?
  65. physics

    1. How far apart must two protons be if the electrical force of repulsion acting on either one is equal to its weight?
  66. Physics

    How can you demonstrate that water is denser than ice without weighing them? What is the principle involved?
  67. Physics

    A 125 ball has a kinetic energy 33.6 What is the magnitude of it's momentum? What is the speed?
  68. Physics

    1.A Speed Of A Bullet Of Mass 20g Is 200km/h. What Is The Kinectic Energy.
  69. Physics

    If a car accelerates from rest to 15 m/s for a distance of 200 m. What is the magnitude of acceleration?
  70. Physics

    How do the mainsail and the jib of a sailboat help the boat sail? What do these two sails have to do with force?
  71. physics

    What is the distance from the earth's center to a point where your weight would be 1/25 of what you weigh at the surface?
  72. Physics

    How much force is needed to make a 1,400 kg car moving at 35 m/s come to a stop in 5.2s?
  73. Physics

    How much force is needed to make a 1,400 kg car moving at 35 m/s come to a stop in 5.2s?
  74. Physics

    How long does it take a 19 kW steam engine to do 6.8x10^7 of work? I have no idea how to solve this... Would someone please help?
  75. Physics

    What is the orbital speed of a satellite of mass 490 kg in geostationary orbit?
  76. physics

    if a 700-kg piano us lifted 4.0 meters in 14 seconds, how much power is developed
  77. Physics HW Plz help

    Why can't most objects like an apple travel at speeds above the speed of light?
  78. physics please help!

    find the speed of sound (in m/s) at -35°C at 1 atm pressure in dry air
  79. Physics

    How much time is needed for 5.0 N force to increase the speed of a 0.248 kg object from 12 m/s to 56 m/s?
  80. physics

    if a 700-kg piano us lifted 4.0 meters in 14 seconds, how much power is developed
  81. physics

    lenses that always diverge light rays that strike them is that convex or concave? I am not sure.
  82. Physics

    What is the acceleration of a proton moving with a speed of 4.3 m/s at right angles to a magnetic field of 2.1 T?
  83. Physics

    Roads seldom go straight up a mountain, they wind back and forth. Explain why this is useful
  84. physics

    What total capacitances can you make by connecting a 4.98 µF and 8.98 µF capacitor together? series ? parallel?
  85. physics

    Two point charges, each 6*10-5 C, are separated by 30 cm. What is the electrostatic force produced by this arrangement?
  86. physics

    What is the length of a box in which the difference between an electron's first and second allowed energies is 1.30×10−19 ?
  87. Physics

    The sun has a raduis of 6.96*10^8m and a surface temperature of 5780K. How much power is radiating?
  88. physics

    By how much does the speed of a vehicle moving in a straight line change each second when it is accelerating at 4 m/s2?
  89. Physics

    An object moves with acceleration given by a = -6t^3 m/s^2. Its initial velocity at t = 0 is 5 m/s. How far will it move before stopping?
  90. AP physics

    An object undergoes a displacement x while a force F acts on it. If F does zero work, then the angle between F and x must be
  91. Physics

    How much work does a person do to lift 60000 a distance of 7.8 ft in 10s? How much power? Hp?
  92. Physics

    does a baseball thrown at 100 miles per hour have a lot of force?
  93. physics

    what is the gravitational force on a 60k person on the earth, due to the moon?
  94. Physics please help!!

    A 12.1 g CD with a radius of 6.16 cm rotates with an angular speed of 31.1 rad/s. What is its kinetic energy?

    A car traveling at 17 m/s accelerates at 1.37 m/s2 for 12 seconds. To the nearest meter how far does it travel?
  96. physics

    if a body moves 3m north,then 4m East and finally 6m South.what will be the displacement?
  97. physics

    The third longest wavelength in the Paschen series in hydrogen corresponds to what transitions?
  98. Physics

    True or false: If two planets have the same mass but the second one has twice the gravity, it must have four times the radius
  99. physics

    A bus traveling at 30.0km/h accelerates at a constant 3.5 m/s^2 for 6.8s. what is its final velocity?
  100. Physics

    Which of the following is the correct relationship between the electric field strength and the potential difference?