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  1. Math

    What does KAPS mean in Math?
  2. math

    can someone help with my math essay
  3. Math

    I do ont get math at all
  4. math

    I need to know the math factors of 15 15*1=15 5*3=15
  5. Math

    i don't know what math is
  6. math

    what is a solution in math
  7. math

    What is mental math?
  8. Math

    why is math needed?
  9. math

    what is a proportion? (in math)
  10. math

    can someone explain y we have 2 have math???
  11. math

    In math what comes after Tera.
  12. math

    Can you please help me with a math problem
  13. Math

    Please ,,look to nawaf (math)
  14. math

    can u help with a math problem please
  15. Math

    What does relative to math?
  16. math

    26 math words
  17. math

    How did math originate?
  18. Math

    How do you study for math???
  19. Math

    Please ,,look (nawaf ,,math)
  20. I need help in math

    Are their anyone who online right now who can help me in math?
  21. math

    Math systems 3x-2y-z=-20 x-y=10

    can anyone help me with my math please?
  23. math

    Thank you - Ms Sue ( math )
  24. Math

    I need help with math and I cant understand it
  25. Math

    3 3/15+4 and 2/ I'm terrible at math I need some help on this one 2
  26. math

    Hi I need some help with this math problem..... x - 3/4= 5/6
  27. math

    what is it mean to "foil" in math
  28. math

    what is mental math?
  29. math

    why do we use reciprocal in math?
  30. Math

    Could I please get another example of a math problem like the one I did below? 2(x - 14) + 3 = 7x + 5
  31. math

    the opposite of -4 is math
  32. math

    not sure if this had to do with math but my professor gave us this last hw assignment that i don't understand at all. It has to do with the grade scaling he does. 4x Exams = 37450 HW = 9362 Final = 16385 Lab = 23407 Recitation = 7022 Total Points = 93626
  33. Math Problem ( 6th grade math)

    Brandon tosses a coin 500 times. The coin lands on tails 320 times. A: What is the experamental probability of getting heads? B: Is the coin fair or unfair? Explain you answer.
  34. math (algebra)

    Hi. At the sit for mcgraw hills algebra 1 book (website URL is obvious), but don't have a name or password! Could somebody please lend me theres? post it here! Viit Viit! Your teacher needs to register you.
  35. Math: Geometry

    I am having trouble with a problem from my online math class. I tried using the basic angle properties of circles, but didn't get anywhere: Let ABCD be a cyclic quadrilateral. Let P be the intersection of AD and BC, and let Q be the intersection of AB and
  36. English

    1. Do you quietly think so? 2. Do you really think so? 3. Do you easily think so? 4. Do you finally think so? 5. He solved the math problem very quietly. 6. He solved the math problem very really. 7. He solved the math problem very easily. 8. He solved the
  37. math

    A math problem in a workbook says to write a number sentence you could solve using these doubles. 35+35 The answer is supposed to be ____ + ____ = ____ What is the answer they are looking for???
  38. Math

    I'm just checking myself but here: Lily completed a math project worth 200 points. She earned all but 13 points. How many points did she earn? Isn't it 200-13??
  39. math

    Mr. Mole determined that 2/3 of the students in his math class had pased the final exam. If 16 students passed the test, how many students are in Mr. Moles class?
  40. Math

    When a class took a math test, 15% of the class failed, 25% made some mistakes (but didn’t fail), and 24 students got perfect scores. How many students were in the class?
  41. Math (Very Easy Math)

    I'm kind of confused as to what simplified mean? Can you please provide me with a definiton... Like I'm kind of stumped as to what one is more simplified -7(2x + 3) or -14x -21 Please explain what it mean for an expression to be "simplified"
  42. Math

    I am doing Direct Variation in math. I don't understand how to do it. It would be very helpful if you helped me with these problems: Is each equation a direct Variation? If it is, find the constant of variation: y=3/5x -3x+2y=0 -5x+2y=9 8x+4y=12
  43. math

    Oregon is about 400 miles from west to east, and 300 miles from north to south. If a map of Oregon is 15 inches tall (from north to south), about how wide is the map? PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN IT Set up a proportion: 15/300 (the ratio of inches to miles,
  44. Math

    I'm doing math through correspondence so material is not explained very well. I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me. This lesson is review of set theory and first degree equations. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true
  45. English

    What's your favorite class? My favorite class is math. My favorite is math class. My favorite class is a math class. My favorite class is the math class. (Which answer is correct?)

    Below is how students feel about the NYS Math test that is days away(Is there any corrections I can make or add?) Are the students at I.S.230 really ready for the NYS Math Test? 5/9/2011 By: Anonymous Mostly all the students at I.S.230 in Jackson Heights,
  47. math

    John's account of 98.50 has been delinquent for 3 months. After 90 days office charges a 2% service charge, compounded monthly that is added to future bills. What would be the amount owed after 9 months? My math is 98.50 x 0.02 = 1.97 1.97 x 12 months =
  48. math , question

    Can someone give me an example of how might anyone apply radical expressions and their applications to the daily life of themselves. Well square root of 25 is 5 now A^2 + B^2 = C^2 We need to see if a box is square. So we measure down one side 3' the the
  49. Math 7 - NYS Math Exam Review Help! (Q2)

    9. Eric's mother wants to help him with his math homework. She puts 24 cookies in a cookie jar. Twelve (12) of the cookies are chocolate chip, 8 are oatmeal, and 4 are peanut butter. She then has Eric select a cookie from the jar without looking. Next,
  50. math

    A student has 4 English books,3 math books,and 5 history books.In how many ways can these books be arranged on a shelf if the books in same subjects must be kept together?
  51. 4th grade math

    how do i convert these problem. thank you _____fl oz=4 gal _____fl oz=3 pt 3 mi=____ ft CAN SUMONE PLEZ HELP BE4 MY BEDTIME!!! You can look them up in here. Find out how many ounces (oz) in a pint, quart, gallon.
  52. math

    Decide if it's permuatation or combination . 1-how many teams of 4 horses be made if there were 9 horses in total ? 2-mike has nice baseball trophies to arrange on the shelf . How many different ways can be arranged ? 3-in a math class , there are 24
  53. math

    Robert's acct p $98.50 has been delinquent for three months. Office procedures charge a 2% service charge after 90 days componded monthly and is added to future bills. What will be the amount owed after nine months? I did $98.50 x 2% = $1.97 $1.97 x
  54. math

    Decide if it's permuatation or combination . 1-how many teams of 4 horses be made if there were 9 horses in total ? 2-mike has nice baseball trophies to arrange on the shelf . How many different ways can be arranged ? 3-in a math class , there are 24
  55. math

    I need ideas for a grade three math project. A collection of 1000 items that can be fixed to a sheet of bristol board. All and any ideas would be appreciated How about uncooked elbow macaroni? You could even use food coloring to dye them to represent
  56. math

    Hi I am looking for a certain number line for a test you guys should have a place in search so we all can show you if you have it then this web site will be poppen well i had a math qestion to it goes like this i had 55 apples and i got 100 more then i
  57. guidance and discipline

    Miss Vickers second grade class is having a great time with math centers. They are seated where they are comfortable,some on the floor and some at tables.The students are working with manipulatives they chose from the math shelves. They are talking quietly
  58. math

    can someone correct this for me. If the company shipped a total of 550 items last month, how many were shipped using second-day airfreight? (If second day freight is 40%,Next day frieght is 15%,and Truck is 45%) My answer: 550 items shipped – 40% second
  59. Math

    Many solved 25 questions of his math assignment.This was 1/8 of total questions. He does not know 1/5 of the rest. How many questions were there in all? How many did he not know?
  60. Math

    Can someone help me with this math problem: e g g + e g g --------- p a g e a=____ e=____ g=____ p=_1___ How we started: p = 1, and g is greater than 5. Thanks!
  61. math

    janes math scores were 96 percent 84 percent 92,and 87 percent.what is the average of her score
  62. Math 7 - NYS Math Exam Review Help!

    19. The circumference of the circle below is 25.12 centimeters ***** There is a circle and then there is a line and written radius C = 2(pi)r Which is the best estimate for the length of the radius of the circle? a) 3 cm b) 4 cm c) 8 cm d) 16 cm please
  63. Math

    A man selling fruit has only three weights. But with them he can weigh any whole number of kilograms (from 1 kg to 13 kg) inclusive on his balance. What weights does he have? Responses math - Kalyan, Friday, September 5, 2008 at 4:38am The man had 1kg, 3kg
  64. Math

    A 6.4 ton military fighter must land on a flight strip. If the plane lands at a speed of 368 mph, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.72 between the wheels and the ground. If the runway must be at least 150% as long as the shortest possible
  65. math

    A researcher predicts that listening to music while solving math problems will make a particular brain area more active. To test this, a research participant has her brain scanned while listening to music and solving math problems, and the brain area of
  66. math

    I'm not good at math! I need help with finding a decimal from a fraction. like 1/3, 13/15, 19/32 I can't figure out how to turn it into a decimal! Just divide the numerator by the denominator. Use long division or a pocket calculator. can u help mme
  67. Math

    This math problem is somewhat tricky. It says to write a pair of decimal division expressions, so that when you estimate and compare the quotients, you get 9>3. The below is what I thought of: 18.2/2 and 30.3 divided by 10 18.2 is rounded to 18 so then
  68. Math

    This math problem is somewhat tricky. It says to write a pair of decimal division expressions, so that when you estimate and compare the quotients, you get 9>3. The below is what I thought of: 18.2/2 and 30.3 divided by 10 18.2 is rounded to 18 so then
  69. Math

    Dear Readers, I am a 6th grader that recently took a math test. I got a question wrong, and I think it was because I don't know the definition to the question. Can you please tell me what an interval in mathematical terms is. Please give me something a 6th
  70. Math And Science for Young Children

    Concepts can be characterized as: A. the building blocks of knowledge. B. thoughts that are incomplete until adulthood. C. ideas that young children do not yet have. D. basic to math but not to science. Is D the correct answer
  71. Math

    An industrial dishwasher takes 4.8 litres of water to wash a full load of dishes. If you were to wash full loads, how much water would you use? I am very confused on how to begin figuring this math problem out. Can you assist?
  72. MATH

    2tan^2x-tanx-1=0 0<x<2pi •MATH - Steve, Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 11:48am (2tanx+1)(tanx-1) = 0 tanx = -1/2 or 1 ... Recall in which quadrants tanx is positive or negative ....................would x= 5pi/6,11pi/6,pi/4 and 5pi/4???
  73. Math

    Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. she only knew the grade of 4 of the tests she had taken, However the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83, and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on
  74. Math

    There is a graph and on the right hand side it has numbers going up from 0, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70 these numbers represent Time (days) on the bottom it has 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 which represents Time (weeks) The math question is
  75. Math

    Hello. I am learning something new this year in math and truly need some help please. Ordering Real Numbers. Compare. Write <, >, or = Square root of 8 + 3 8 + square root of 3 I have to compare these and don't know where to begin or how to
  76. Math

    Jill's front door is 42" wide and 84" tall. She purchased a circular table that is 96 inches in diameter. Will the table fit through the front door? I know the answer is yes but how I don't understand the math???
  77. math

    Of the 1st graders who were asked, 1/6 like math best, 2/3 like reading best, and 12 like science best. How many first graders were asked their favorite subject? THINK: Into how many equal parts should the picture be divided? Draw a picture to solve the
  78. Math

    isoceles triangle with vertex of 45 degrees, base angles are 67.5 degrees. The 2 legs are 10' in length. What is the length of the base? (I am an older adult with minimal math skill. Just have a building project.)
  79. math: counting techniques

    Six problems (numbered 1 to 6) are set for a math test. A student can score 0, 1, 2, 3 points for each problem. Find the number of ways to score a total of 15 points for the six problems.
  80. Math

    Good evening everyone. I have another math problem I truly need help with. Complete the table Length of side 1 2 3 4 5 Perimeter of side Area of square I am not sure where I would even start by completing the rest of the table. How would I start doing this
  81. Math

    Good evening. I have a math problem that I just need a bit of help on please. A trap for insects is in the shape of a triangular prism. The area of the base is 3.5in and the height of the prism is 5 in. What is the volume of this trap? Do I just need to do
  82. Math math

    the arch of a concrete bridge is a semi ellipse having a span of 60 ft and a central height of 20 ft. if the roadway is 25 ft above the base. find at 10 ft intervals the distance from the arch to the roadway. ( im completely lost which to solve/find)
  83. Math

    Two figures are similar with a similarity ratio of 4 and one side of the figure is 3 cm long. Find the lenght of the side of the similar figure. I don't really know if I have to try to do it like an equation or if there's a formula for this. Sorry if
  84. Math, Science, Sociology, Economics

    Math: What is the answer to 1146(150+X)+8911(743+19X) Science: What is photosynthesis? Sociology: What is figuration and functionalism? Economics: What is Opportunity cost? Why is it relevant to life?
  85. math

    you have 3 hours to do your homework. you spend 45 min on math. you want to divide the time remaining equally along 4 subjects. write and solve the inequality to find the # of minutes you can spend on each subject. I know the answer is 33.75 but can you
  86. Math

    Lesson 8: Solving Inequalities Unit Test CE 2015 Algebra 1 Unit 4: Solving Inequalities i need answers im 9 lessons behind in math and my mom just had surgery and the house is a mess if anyone understands please help!!!! ): i just dont have time
  87. math

    I have a question on my math that my teacher cant help me with because this one is for try it. Can you help me see if it is right?: It says: 12 . Wich is equal to 30 hundreths? A)3 thousandths B)3tenths C)3 tens D)3thousands I think the answer is B but, it
  88. Math

    To determine a GPA: 2(credit( Hr. Art, 3Hr. History, 4 Hr. Science 3 Hr. Math, & 1 Hr. Science lab. The scores were B in Art, A in History, C in Science, B in Math, A in Science Lab. What was the GPA based on 4 point scale? I continue to get 3.2 but that
  89. math

    How do I write this problem? to receive a grade B- in a math course, you must have a mean of 83 on five tests (4 tests + one final) all 100 pts maximum each. Your scores thus far are 85,79,82,and 81. How many points must you have on the final, to earn the
  90. Math Statistics

    The table below shows Rico’s grades during the third term in four subjects. Subject Units Grade Math 1.5 98 Science 2 97 English 1.5 95 A.P. 1 99 What was Rico’s average grade in the four subjects?
  91. Math

    Okay. I have questions like "Walks ten meters in 3 seconds" . How do I find her walking rate. After that I have to find an equation to represent the distance she walks in t seconds. Please help me...Im very confused and terribe at math
  92. Math

    A 3-pound pork loin can be cut into 10 pork chops of equal weight. How many ounces is each pork chop. Is my math correct? 3lb=48oz so 48/10=4.8 so is each pork chop, 4.8 os or do i have to divide 8 by 10?

  94. math

    Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. She only knew the grade of 4 tests she had taken, however the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83 and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on the 5th
  95. math logic correction !!

    What comes next in the sequence? st, nd, rd, th, __, __. Sorry about typos in previous question. th, th These are the two-letter endings to "ordinal" numbers, starting with the "first". See Thanks for your

    Okay I've been working on this for 10 hours straight and cannot get it. This is a math problem from my teacher who just loves to add these frustrating math questions at the end of the worksheet. It says: If you add the age of a man to the age of his wife
  97. Math

    I have a question for math that I attempted to, I would like to make sure it was right by asking you guys. Here it is 45) Jerry was making lemonade from frozen concentrate. The directions say to empty one can of the concentrate into a one gallon container
  98. Math

    Please explain how to figure out the following 7th grade math problem: If a rubber ball bounces exactly 1/2 the height from which it is dropped; and it is dropped from the top of a building that is 64 meters tall, how high will the ball bounce on its
  99. Math

    I need some help please. I don't understand the math that we are doing. Please explains to me in detail how to do radical expressions and like how to simplify them and stuff. I don't get it and it would be much appreciated. here is one of the problems.