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  1. Physics

    How fast (in rpm ) must a centrifuge rotate if a particle 8.00 from the axis of rotation is to experience an acceleration of 117000g's?
  2. Physics (Online w/ no teacher)

    Find the change in the force of gravity between two planets when the distance between them is decreased by a factor of 5.
  3. Physics

    Two copper wires are held under the same tension. If the linear density of the second is twice that of the first, what is the speed of the waves on the second wire (relative to the first)?
  4. Physics

    A body with a mass of 75 kg is located at a height of 20 m. If it is allowed to free fall to the ground. What will be its velocity on impact?
  5. physics

    When the ray of light travels from air to glass slab and strikes the surface of separation at 90 degree , then it ..........
  6. Physics

    A period pulse travel a distance at 20m in 1•00sec,if it's frequency is 2•0×10.calculate the wave length
  7. Physics

    At what speed would a 50kg person have to run to have the same kinetic energy as a 1000kg auto traveling at 100 km/h?
  8. Physics

    Prove that tanø is equal to U(k) when the block slides down the incline with a constant speed. (Use symbols, not numbers.)
  9. physics

    Determine the stopping distances for a car with an initial speed of 93 km/h and human reaction time of 3.0 s for the following accelerations: -4.00 m/s^2 -8.00 m/s^2
  10. Physics

    How do you calculate the magnitude of the uncertainty of the net force, U{F}? I was given several different equations but for some reason I'm still confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. physics

    3. If a man does 300 j or work by pushing a table 2.0 m across the room, what was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?
  12. physics

    wonder waves in shallow yellow disc are 6.0 cm long. at one point, the water oscillates up and down at a rate of 4.8 of oscillations per second
  13. Physics

    How do you calculate the magnitude of the uncertainty of the net force, U{F}? I was given several different equations but for some reason I'm still confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. physics

    A 50 kg diver leaps off the 20 meter diving board with a velocity of 5 m/s. What is his kinetic energy just before hitting the water?
  15. Quantum Physics

    What is the probability current density of a particle with wavefunction ψ(x,t)=exp(iℏ(px−Et))?
  16. Physics

    Two astronauts, one of mass 61 kg and the other 82 kg, are initially at rest in outer space. They then push each other apart. How far apart are they when the lighter astronaut has moved 12 m?
  17. physics

    an object is 25 cm from a concave mirror whose focal length is 50 cm where will the image be located how wil lthe solution be ?
  18. Physics

    Vector A has magnitude 37 units and direction, counterclockwise from east, of 12.9 degrees. What is the value of its x component to 1 decimal place?
  19. physics

    weights of man 10kg and 8kg are placed near p and q respectively one each end of the beam calculate the Reactions at p and q. [1kg is 10N]
  20. Physics

    If the ball is tossed upward at 20 m/s, how long should it take before it reverses its direction (reaches its maximum height where its velocity is zero)?
  21. physics

    If a man has an average useful power output of 31 W, what is the minimum time, in s, it would take him to lift fifty 12.3 kg boxes a height of 2.3 m. i'm not sure how to go about it if anyone can help me Thanks
  22. physics

    If a man has an average useful power output of 31 W, what is the minimum time, in s, it would take him to lift fifty 12.3 kg boxes a height of 2.3 m. i'm not sure how to go about it if anyone can help me Thanks
  23. physics

    Find the power delivered to an element at t=3 ms if the current entering its positive terminal is i=5cos60πt A and the voltage is V=3 di/dt
  24. physics

    A motorbike accelerates uniformly at 0.6m.s for 10s. If it covers a distance of 500m. During this time, what was its initial velocity?
  25. Physics

    A stopped 100okg car exerts 160kW of power as it accelerate. If it is only 75% efficient, how far will it travel in 4 seconds?
  26. Physics

    You can run 8.8m/s,20% faster than your brother. How much head start should you give him in order to have a tie race over 110m?please help:(
  27. physics

    A car traveling at 6.5m/s accelerates 3.6m/s2 to reach a speed of 16.0 m/s. How long does it take for this acceleration to occur? Answer in units of s
  28. Physics

    How many electrons pass a given point in the circuit in 17 minutes? The fundamental charge is 1.602•10^-19. And the current is 0.526315789
  29. Physics

    A projectile is fired in such a way that its horizontal range is equal to 2.6 times its maximum height, what is the angle of projection?
  30. physics

    A ray of light goes through the centre of a semicircular glass disk, n = 1.58, and onto a wall (x = 19.4 cm, y = 5.06 cm). What is the incident angle, θ?
  31. physics

    a particles is moving in the circle of the daimeter 5 cm. calculate the distance coverd and the displacement when it covers 3 revolution
  32. physics

    is increasing the current a valid method to increase the induced voltage when a magnet moves into a solenoid?
  33. Physics

    Three resistors 2.5 Ù, 3.5 Ù and 4 Ù are connected in parallel. What is the equivalent resistance? I know you must use 1/Req = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 But then I get .935 and I don't think that's correct. What am I missing? Thanks
  34. physics

    An automobile starts from rest and 110 ft attains a speed of 30 mi/h. In what time has it traveled this distance and the is the acceleration?
  35. physics

    the earth is approximately sphere of radius 6.37*10^6 meter.what is its surface area in square km? what is its volume in cubic km?
  36. physics

    A square conducting slab with 7 m sides carries a net charge of 89 mu or micro CC. what is the electric field?
  37. physics

    The quality of a musical tone has to do with a variety of which of the following? A) amplitudes.B) sound speeds.C) intensities.D) decibels.E) harmonics.
  38. physics

    How do you draw a force diagram for an object that is tied to a pole and is moving in a constant circular direction?
  39. PHYsics 101

    How much heat must be added to 4.00 kg of aluminum to cause its temperature to rise from 22°C to 252°C unit of answer must be Joule
  40. physics

    A ball initially at rest rolls down a hill with an acceleration of 4.5 m/s2. If it accelerates for 7.9 s, how far will it move? Answer in units of m
  41. Physics

    While analyzing a sample of one, geologist finds that it weighs 2n in air and 1.3N when immersed in water. Calculate the density of the one
  42. physics

    calculate the free electrons of a copper wire having a 0.064 inches diameter and 1000 ft. long?
  43. Physics

    A satellite that is 4175 miles from the center of the earth, orbits with a period of 90 minutes. What is its centripetal acceleration?
  44. physics

    what is the electric flux through a sphere that has a radius of 2.2m and carries charge of 5.3 micro couloumb at its centre? solution

    A ball is thrown upwards .the distance covered by it during of last 2 second before it reaches the maximum height is ???? Find answer
  46. physics

    what minimum speed does a 100g puck need to make it to the top of a 3m long 20degree frictionless ramp?
  47. Physics

    How many electrons pass a given point in the circuit in 17 minutes? The fundamental charge is 1.602•10^-19. And the current is 0.526315789
  48. physics

    2.A plank is tilted slowly to an angle of 30 degrees with a 12 pound block on it Find FN, FF and the static friction?
  49. physics

    Two ants race across a table 63 cm long. One travels at 5.14 cm/s and the other at 3 cm/s. When the first one crosses the finish line, how far behind is the second one? Answer in units of cm
  50. college physics

    Let's say that you find a slope of 6.671×10-14 for square plates of width 11.5 cm. What do you get for the value of the permittivity of free space?
  51. physics

    A 1600 kg car travels at a speed of 10.5 m/s. What is its kinetic energy? Assume that air resistance is negligible.
  52. Physics

    I don't understand this question... What is the change in entropy for a system that has 250 J of heat added to it at 25°C? (Points : 1) 10 J/K 0.84 J/K 0.84 J/K 10 J/K
  53. Physics

    Steam of mass 11.0 g at 100°C is added to 114.8 g of ice at 0.00°C. Find the final temperature of the system.

    'if diametre of earth is reduced to half mass remains constant what is then duration of day and night'
  55. physics

    A red flower seen in the light of mercury vapour lamp through a green filter wil appear in what colour?
  56. Physics

    What is the change in momentum for a 5,000 kg ship in outer space that experiences no net force over a 1 hr period?
  57. physics

    a horse pull a barge with a force at an angle of 30¡ã to the horizontal for a distance of 20km . find the work done.
  58. Physics

    I was just wondering, since cathode ray tubes arent being made, are the only types of TVs available the plasma and the LCD?
  59. physics

    An egg falls from rest atop a 15-m tall tree. Show that it takes 1.7s for it to hit the ground below.
  60. physics (Simple harmonic motion)

    X(t)=0.142sin(2t+0.19) b) Find the travelled distance by block at t2=3.5min [37.963m].
  61. Physics

    The earth has a radius of 6380 km and turns around once every 24 hours. What is the average speed of a person resting at the equator?
  62. Physics

    A golf ball is chipped at an angle of 49 degrees and with a speed of 8.5 m/s. How far does it travel to the nearest tenth of a meter?
  63. physics

    On a roller coaster, a student experiences an apparent weight of 1250 N while accelerating at 2.3 m/s^2 [U]. What is the students mass?
  64. physics

    200g of steam at 110°C is condensed, and the resulting water is frozen into ice at 0°C. How much heat was removed?
  65. Physics - waves

    What is the source of wave motion? I would think it would be an object such as a rock dropping in the water. How this translates into an answer, however, I'm not sure. :-)
  66. Physics

    a 4500 kg truck traveling at 17.5 m/s collides with a motionless 1350 kg car. they become locked together. if there is no friction, what is their velocity?
  67. Physics

    Calculate the rotational inertia of a wheel that has a kinetic energy of 41.6 kJ when rotating at 264 rev/min.
  68. Physics

    if the body describes a vertical circle then the minimum velocity at angle theta from lowest position is
  69. St. Basil's school. Physics

    The time period of two pendulums are 1.44s and 0.36s respectively. Calculate the ratio of their lengths.
  70. College Physics

    how much work is required to completely separate two charges (each -1.4 microcoulombs) and leave them at rest if they were initially 8 mm apart?
  71. physics

    How far to the nearest meter can a sprinter running at 9 m/s, travel in the time it takes a rock to fall 65 meters?
  72. physics

    A 71.1 kg man steps out a window and falls (from rest) 1.24 m to a sidewalk. What is his speed just before his feet strike the pavement?
  73. physics

    Find the total displacement of a body in 8seconds starting from rest with an acceleration of 2cm/sec2
  74. physics

    (a) Two point charges totaling 7.50 µC exert a repulsive force of 0.100 N on one another when separated by 0.561 m. What is the charge on each?
  75. physics help

    how much work must be done to raise a 5kg block of steel from the ground to a height of 2m (in Joules) in the absence of friction?
  76. physics

    a boy travel 5km east and then12 km south.calculate his displacement from starting point.
  77. Physics

    The brakes of a bike (with a person) having a mass of 63 kg, reduces it's velocity from 8.5 m/s to 0 m/s in 3.0 seconds. What is the magnitude of braking force?
  78. physics

    Two point charges 1.5 cm apart have an electric potential energy -150 mu J. The total charge is 34 nC. what are q_1 and q_2?
  79. Physics

    Calculate the earth's orbital angular speed in radians/sec due to its motion around th sun.
  80. physics

    in what specific way does light from distant stars and galaxies tell astronomers that atoms throughout the universe have the same properties as those on earth?
  81. physics

    a skaterboarder is moving 5.25 m/s when he starts to roll up a frictionless hill. how much higher is he when he comes to a stop? (energy problem)
  82. physics

    A bob of a pendulum 100cm long swings through 20cm,find theta in radian and degree
  83. physics

    At what speed do you approach your image if you walk towards a plane mirror at 1 m/s ? I am not looking for this to be answered for me. I am just looking for how to figure it out. Is there a specific formula to use?
  84. physics

    A body of specific gravity 3.0 is immersed in water. What is the minimum force required to pull it out at velocity 2
  85. physics

    If the Sun shrank to the size of a black hole without losing any mass, what would happen to Earth's orbit?
  86. physics

    A car starting at x = 49 m accelerates from rest at a constant rate of 8.0 m/s2. (a) How fast is it going after 10 s? (b) How far has it gone (from x = 0) after 10 s? (c) What is its average velocity for the interval 0 t 10 s? NEED HELP!!!
  87. Physics

    Calculate the power output of a 1.5 fly as it walks straight up a windowpane at 2.2 2 sig figs P= ___W
  88. Physics

    Calculate the power output of a 1.5 fly as it walks straight up a windowpane at 2.2 P=__W (2 sig figs)
  89. Physics

    Six charge equal to Q are placed at the corners of regular hexagon of each side x,what is the electric potential at the intersection of the diagonals?
  90. physics

    determine the speed of a transverse wave in a string with length 2m, mass 60g under a tensionof 500N.
  91. Physics

    Moment of inertia of a 'non-uniform' ring of mass M and radius R about axis through centre and normal to its plane is
  92. physics

    If a baseball moving at 96 m/s toward homeplate over a distance of 16 m how much force does it take to make the ball go 50 m from home plate after it is hit?
  93. physics

    A solid of relative density 1.25 is found to weigh 12g in water find its weight in air
  94. Physics

    A traffic light is hanging from two cables tilted at 37 and 42 degrees. If it has a mass of 2.3 kg find the tension in each cable.
  95. Physics

    The crate, m=68kg, is pushed up an incline, θ=24degrees, at a constant velocity with Fp=500N. μk=?
  96. Physics- moles and gas laws

    What is the volume occupied by 8.0 g of hydrogen under a pressure of 2.8 atm and a temperature of 300 K?
  97. Physics

    The distance between Earth and the Moon is 3.84 * 108 m. Show that the round-trip time for the light is 2.56 s Thanks in advance
  98. Physics

    Calculate the current in the 240-Ώ filament of a bulb connected to a 120-V line. Power = IV
  99. Physics

    What is the power of an engine that pulls a 1000kg automobile at a steady speed of 10m/s along a level road?
  100. Physics

    Two objects, each with a charge of +3·10-6 C, are located 7 m apart. What is the electric force between them? Use coulombs equation: I will be happy to critique your work.