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  1. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with an initial speed of 27 m/s at an angle of 20° with respect to the horizontal.
  2. physics

    If the density of a medium is 1000 kg/m3 and the propagation speed is 1540 m/s, the impedance is rayls.
  3. physics

    Explain the changes in frequency with respect to changes in mass, length tension on sonometer bridge.
  4. physics

    How much spring elasticity would be needed to make a 50 pound child jump higher
  5. physics

    The three vectors in the figure below have magnitudes a = 2.45 m, b = 3.15 m, and c = 15.0 m and angle θ = 36.5° find x component of vector a
  6. physics

    calculate the speed of an 7.3*10^4kg airliner with a kinetic energy of 1.4*10^9J. answer in units of m/s.
  7. Physics

    The minimum distance between particles in a wave that have the same displacement and are moving in the same direction is called?
  8. physics

    A man walks 5.0m due east and then 10.0m N30oE . Find his resultant displacement
  9. physics

    Can an adult male be rescued from a fall by tying a rope to a car's axle?
  10. physics

    A spaceship has a momentum of 20,000 kg·m/s to the left; its mass is 500 kg. What is the magnitude of its velocity?
  11. physics

    How much heat (in kJ) will it take to bring 56 kg of ice at -8°C to dry steam? Answer to 3 significant figures
  12. physics

    what has no beginning and no end. it is also considered as the medium for light in einstein's theory of relativity
  13. Physics

    what is your power output if you climb a 2m ladder in 10 seconds? suppose your height is 565N.
  14. Physics

    What distance does Anna covered by running on a circular track of length 500m?
  15. physics

    how much heat is required to change 400g of ice at -20c into steam at 120c
  16. Physics - projectile

    a ball is thrown straight up at 50 m/s. What speed will it be when it returns to the thrower's hand?
  17. PHYSICS!!

    free body diagram of a 4 kg bucket accelerating downward 2 meters per second squared
  18. Physics

    (a) Calculate the speed of a proton after it accelerates from rest through a potential difference of 285 V.
  19. physics

    State how the centripetal force is provided in the case of a satelite orbiting the earth
  20. physics

    5. What is the electric potential at the center of the square shown in the figure below? Assume that q1 = 1 x 10-8 C, q2 = -2 x 10-8 C, q3 = 3 x 10-8 C, q4 = 2 x 10-8 C and d = 1 meter.
  21. Physics

    A 4.26 kg block starts up a 33.0 degree incline at 7.81 m/s. How far will it slide if the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.23?
  22. Physics

    What is the net force required to accelarate a 2000kg car to 6m/sec us equation F=ma
  23. Physics

    How close would the masses 0.545 kg and 0.109 kg have to be in order for the gravitational force between them to have a magnitude of 1.03 N? Please Help!
  24. Physics

    Find the maximum height reached by a ball thrown upward at a velocity of 95 ft/s
  25. physics

    If a spring has a constant of 20N/m how much potential energy does it store if it is compressed 2m in joules? <3
  26. physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight anlge? f ?
  27. physics

    A force of 3000 N is applied to a 1500-kg car at rest. (a) what is its acceleration? (b) what will its velocity be 5 s later?
  28. physics

    c) A penny sits 12 cm from the center of a record turning at 33 1/3 rpm. What is the tangential speed in m/s?
  29. physics

    a 27,000kb freight train starting at 12m/s then speeds up to 45 m/s in 35 seconds. what is the acceleration?
  30. Physics

    KNOWNS: Diverging (convex) mirror Radius of curvature = 60 cm (f = 30 cm) M = 1/5 Hi = 20 cm UNKNOWNS: Ho? Di? Do? EQUATIONS: 1/Do + 1/Di = 1/f M = Hi/Ho = -Di/Do
  31. Physics

    Charges q1 and q2 lie on x axis at points x= -a and x= 5, respectively. (a) how must q1 and q2 be related for the net force on charge +Q at x = a/2 to be zero ? (b) and if +Q is placed at x = 3a/2.
  32. physics

    Devise a method for measuring the coefficient of friction between two surfaces using an inclined plane
  33. physics

    Find the density of a substance whose mass is 28 grams and whose volume is 4 cubic centimeters
  34. Physics 11

    A girl stands 2.5 m infront of a plane mirror. If she sees someone else 2.0 m behind her, how far is she from the image of that person?
  35. physics

    Much much force is needed to push a container with wheels that weighs 250 pounds
  36. physics

    what force must the woman in Figure 3.38 exert on the floor with her hands in order to do a pushup?
  37. Physics

    90.0g of copper (c=390J/kg*oC) at 80.0°C are added to 270g of water at 20.0°C. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
  38. Physics

    When calculating delta Tsample,why is th initial temperature taken to be 100 degrees Celsius
  39. physics (emergency!)

    How much work is required to stop an electron (m = 9.11 10-31 kg) which is moving with a speed of 1.99 106 m/s?
  40. physics

    An electron with initial speed = 2.54×10^7 m/s is traveling parallel to an electric field of magnitude = 1.66×10^4 N/C .
  41. physics

    Consider the static equilibrium diagram below. What is the net force acting along the positive x-axis?
  42. Physics

    If the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) is at a temperature of 2.7K, what is its peak wavelength?
  43. physics

    calculate the impulse necessary to stop a 1500 kg car travelling at 90km/hour
  44. Physics

    If an 80-kg sprinter can accelerate from a standing start to a speed of 10 m/s in 3 s, what average power is generated?
  45. Physics honors

    If a racer runs at an average speed of 7m/a how far will she run in 1 min 45 seconds?
  46. physics

    what is the height of the ball if the bottom of the swing is zero, speed is 2.8m/sec, 9.81 acceleration of gravity
  47. physics

    What is the evidence for the claim that iron exists in a relatively cool outer layer of the sun?
  48. physics

    Work out the gravitational potential energy of a 2kg brick at a height of 9 metres.
  49. Quick Physics Question

    Are both linear and angular momentum conserved in static equilibrium ?
  50. physics

    how much torque do you exert if you push perpendicularly on a door with a force of 30 N at a distance of 0.85 m from its hinges
  51. physics

    A wheels is turned at prequency at 2.0 revelation per second and then is allow to come to rest. If it those so in 30sec ? How far did it turn in aprocess
  52. physics

    How long would it take for a stone to fall 250m traveling at a speed of 10m/s squared?
  53. physics

    describe with the aid of a fully labelled diagram the features and their uses of a bicycle pump
  54. Physics

    What is the tension in a 1-meter string that is spinning a 0.5-kg rock in a horizontal circle 3 times per second?
  55. physics

    In what direction and with what speep must he push away his pack in order to return to his vehicle in 30s?
  56. Physics

    8. Fire engines used to be red. Yellow-green is now the preferred color. Why the change?
  57. Physics

    What is the significance in the observation of discrete spectral lines in the emission spectrum of hydrogen??
  58. Physics

    What is the rotational inertia of a 10 kg rod with a length of 0.9m and rotating about an axis passing through its end?
  59. physics

    An object is dropped onto the moon (gm = 5 ft/sec2). How long does it take to fall from an elevation of 250 ft.?
  60. physics

    Explain why you don’t need a displacement vs. distance graph for light, but you do for other traveling waves.
  61. Physics

    consider the circuit in the figure. find the current in the 13 ohm resistor. Answer in units of A
  62. physics

    A constant 6.0N net force acts for 4.0 s on a 12 kg object. what is the objects change of velocity
  63. Physics

    A polar satellite is launched at 850 km above earth.find its orbital speed
  64. physics

    What is the gravitational potential energy of a ball with a weight of 72 N when it is sitting on a shelf 1.4 m above the floor?
  65. Physics help!!!

    What potential difference is required in an electron microscope to give electrons a wavelength of 0.05 nm ?
  66. Physics (HELP)

    An object inside of the focal point of a concave mirror produces an image that is...
  67. Physics

    Sodium has bcc packing. If a distance between two nearest atoms is 3.7 A* then what is the lattice parameter?
  68. physics

    Which of the following is forward biased? (i canna draw so plz manage wid dis) (0V)-------pn-------(-2V) (-4V)-------pn-------(-3V) (-2V)-------pn-------(2V) (3V)-------pn-------(5V)
  69. Physics

    What is the average power output of a weightlifter who can lift 260 kg to a height of 1.9 m in 1.8 seconds?
  70. Physics

    Make an analogy between heat capacity and density. Describe which quantities correspond to one another. Thanks!
  71. Physics

    A cheeta can run with a speed of 29 m/s. Determine the distance travelled by a running cheetah in 8.6 s. D= 29/8.6 = 3.3s
  72. Physics

    At what speed must a 950 kg subcompact car be moving to have the same kinetic energy as a 3.2*10^4 kg truck going 20 km/h ?
  73. physics

    a car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 2m/s for 10second. what is its velocity at the end of 10 second?
  74. Physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 1100 kg sports car traveling down the road with a speed of 22 m/s?
  75. Physics (HELP)

    A real image is usually inverted, but can be upright in special cases. True or false?
  76. physics

    a gun shoots a potato from a height of 6 feet. how long does it take to hit the ground.
  77. Science physics

    How would the voltage output be affected if the armature is made to spin faster?
  78. Physics

    How long does it take a car to change it velocity from 15m/s if it accelerarate uniformly at 5m/s square?
  79. Physics

    The index of refraction of water is 1.33. What would be the speed of a light wave passing through at this medium? 4 x 10^8 m/s 2.3 x 10^8 m/s 4.4 x 10^-9 m/s 2.6 x 10-^9 m/s
  80. Physics

    The index of refraction of water is 1.33. What would be the speed of a light wave passing through at this medium? 4 x 10^8 m/s 2.3 x 10^8 m/s 4.4 x 10^-9 m/s 2.6 x 10-^9 m/s
  81. Physics

    A 3200kg helicopter must accelerate up at 1.0m/s^2. What minimum lift do the rotors need to produce? Thanks for answering!
  82. Physics

    A fuel has heat of combustion equal to 30 kJ / g. How much energy is released when 5 kilograms are oxidized?
  83. physics

    How much energy becomes unavailable for work in an isothermal process at 440 K, if the entropy increase is 25 J/K
  84. Physics

    In what distance can a 25 gram bullet traveling at 250m/s be stopped by force of 5000N?
  85. Physics (HELP)

    The index of refraction of diamond is 2.42. What would be the speed of a light wave passing through a this medium? 8.1 x 10 ^-9 m/s 1.2 x 10^8 m/s 7.3 x 10^8 m/s 9 x 10^-9 m/s
  86. Physics 30

    If a truck moving at 30km/hr accelerates at 2.5m/s^2 to 50 km/hr, what time (in sec) does it take? a. 2.22s b. 5.56s c. 8 s d. 28.8s
  87. Physics

    What is the typical wavelength of an X-ray ? I searched google and I couldn't find it. If you know the answer I'd appreciate it .
  88. physics

    An arc lamp operates at 80V . suggest a method to use it with 240 V d.c. source
  89. physics

    If one walks straight up a 10 degree incline, what is the height achieved after walking 10 kilometers ?
  90. Physics

    a westward force of 20 N acts on a 2.0 kg object moving eastward at 60 m/s for 2.0 s. What is the resulting velocity?
  91. Physics

    What is the capacitance of a capacitor that stores 5.2 μC of charge on its plates when a voltage of 4.8 V is applied between them?
  92. physics

    what is the maximum downward accelaration you can give your hand in m/s^2 i was thinking 10 due to gravity
  93. physics

    An electron and a proton that are placed in an electrical field both accelerate equally. True or False?
  94. physics

    if a bowling ball with a 22 cm diameter is half way submerged in a bucket of water, what is its mass?
  95. Physics

    As a rocket accelerates upward, its thrust remains constant but its acceleration increases. what is the cause of this?
  96. physics

    what pressure would you expect if the gas in the flask were heated to 150 degrees celsius?
  97. Physics

    What is the amount of CO2 added to the earth's atmosphere each year from fossil fuels?
  98. Physics

    Air in a balloon does 50 J of work while absorbing 70 J of heat.What is its change in internal energy?
  99. physics

    using well labelled diagrams,briefly describe how you would determine the density of an irregular object
  100. physics

    A particle starts moving with acceleration 2 m/s2. distance travelled by it in 5th half second is..??