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  1. Physics

    The distance between any two points in a thermometer is 10cm.mercury level is 13 cm .temperature in Celsius?
  2. physics

    What is the evidence for the claim that iron exists in a relatively cool outer layer of the sun?
  3. physics

    what is the force of gravity on a mass of o.5kg hanging by a string in a beaker of water
  4. Physics

    A car initially moving at 15 m/s accelerates at 4.5 m/s2 over a distance of 10 m. Find the final velocity?
  5. physics

    an object takes 0.35 seconds to hit the floor, what height did it fall from? is the way to calculate it h = gt^2 / 2 so would it be = h = .5 * 9.8 * 0.35^2
  6. physics

    if a ball is thrown down at an inital speed of 22 m/s, what will be its position after 2.8 seconds? acceleration is 9.8 m/s squared
  7. Physics

    A cable lifts a 1060-kg elevator at a constant velocity for a distance of 39 m. What is the work done by each of the following?
  8. Physics

    What would be the average velocity of an object falling 1.25m from the rest, just as it strikes the ground?
  9. Physics

    At a given temperature, what relationship appears to exist between a gas particle's mass and its speed?
  10. physics

    In the figure below, qA = 6.0 µC, qB = 2.6 µC, qC = 1.3 µC, dAB = 4.00 cm, and dAC = 3.00 cm. Determine the magnitude and direction of the net force on qA
  11. Physics - projectile

    a ball is thrown straight up at 50 m/s. What speed will it be when it returns to the thrower's hand?
  12. physics

    Which of :acceleration,age,speed,temperature,and velocity are vector quantities? Are any of them scalars?
  13. Physics

    What is the tension in a 1-meter string that is spinning a 0.5-kg rock in a horizontal circle 3 times per second?
  14. physics

    A 2.40- bullet embeds itself in a 1.20- block, which is attached to a spring of force constant 770 .
  15. Physics

    Still stuck...see post at 3:34pm. I don't think I'm understanding the instructions regarding what #'s to use for sin and cos.
  16. physics

    What will be the magnitude of work if a force of 25N pulls a stone through distance of 5m in its direction ?
  17. Physics

    To rearrange the furniture in your room, you need to exert a force of 20 N to push your desk 10 m. How much work do you do?
  18. physics

    The speed of a train increased from 15 mi/hr to 25 mi/hr in a distance of 500 ft. Calculate the average acceleration in ft/s2.
  19. physics

    What is the downward force on a ball with a mass of 7.5 x 10^-1 kg thrown in the air due to gravity?
  20. Physics

    What is the angular momentum (in J*s) of a mass of 1.45 kg which completes an orbit about a point 23.0 meters away every 5.30 seconds.
  21. physics

    determine the energy of a photon radio wave electromagnetic radiation. i know which formula to use 6.64*10^-34 what
  22. physics

    What average power is required for a runner with a mass of 80 kg to reach a speed of 8.2 m/s during a time of 1.8 s?
  23. Physics

    How does the speed frequency distribution graph change for a given gas as the temperature is increased?
  24. Physics

    Is Gc (32.2 lbmft/lbfs^2) equal to gravity? I think it is, but I'm kinda confused about the whole concept. Could someone explain it to me? Thank you very much.
  25. physics

    A wheel has turned through 120 revs in 10 s after starting. find the angular acceleration.
  26. physics

    Calculate the velocity of a skateboarder who accelerates from rest for 6.7 seconds down a ramp at an acceleration of 6.5 m/s2
  27. Physics

    How much energy is need to place four positive charges, each of magnitude +5.0 mC, at the vertices of a square of side 2.5 cm?
  28. physics

    calculate the work done in lifting a 300N weight to a height of 10 m with an acceleration 0.5m/second square.
  29. short physics question

    What is the significance of the fact that both the horizontal force and motion are both forwards?
  30. Physics

    A bean jumps off a table and when it reaches have its height it has a speed of 10 m/s, how high does it rise?
  31. physics

    Can an adult male be rescued from a fall by tying a rope to a car's axle?
  32. physics

    A car traveling at +6.3 m/s accelerates at the rate of 0.65 m/s^2 for an interval of 2.2 s. Find vf . Answer in units of m/s
  33. physics

    find the apparent weight of a 18 cm by 12 cm by 6 cm block of concrete with a mass of 1.82 kg that is submerged under water.

    At what height above Earth's surface is the gravitational acceleration reduced from its sea-level value by 0.40%?
  35. Physics

    . A weightlifter lifts a 76.0 kg barbell 2.60 m 20 times in 1.50 minutes. What is his power output (a) in watts and (b) in hp?
  36. physics

    Bob jumps into a pool, after he stops moving and becomes stationary i the water. What happens to his k energy?
  37. physics

    What is the charge of a bare Magnesium nucleus (no electrons, just the protons and neutrons) in Coulombs?
  38. physics

    Bob jumps into a pool, after he stops moving and becomes stationary i the water. What happens to his k energy?
  39. physics please help.

    how do you measure uncertainy?? for instance.. if the average was .15 and the highest value among the data was .16 and the lowest is .13... how do you find the +-??
  40. physics

    Determine the resulting temperature when 150g of ice at 0°C is mixed with 300g of water at 50°C
  41. physics

    Why is parallax method not useful for measuring the distances of stars more than 100 light years away?
  42. more physics

    in the equation P= 2m/ ne^2 t what do these symbols mean? p - resistor m - mass of e- n - ?? e - electron charge>?? t - time between collisions??
  43. Physics

    How much energy is need to place four positive charges, each of magnitude +5.0 mC, at the vertices of a square of side 2.5 cm?
  44. Physics

    A constant 5 N horizontal force hits a stationary 2 kg ball. What is the balls speed after going 10 m?
  45. Physics

    At what frequency would a capacitor of 2.5 microfarads used in a radio circuit have a reactance of 250 ohms
  46. physics(measurement)

    What accurate method can be used to determine the thickness of a coin. Explain pls..
  47. physics (emergency!)

    How much work is required to stop an electron (m = 9.11 10-31 kg) which is moving with a speed of 1.99 106 m/s?
  48. Physics

    If the period of the moon were 31 days while its orbit radius 3.8x10^8m, what would the mass of the Earth be?
  49. physics

    Why is it better to put ince rather than an equal mass of cold water into a drink you want to chill?
  50. physics

    What are the dangers associated with electricity in your home? What can be done to limit or prevent the possibilities of dying or getting hurt?
  51. physics

    If you move 10 km North, 10 km East, and 10 km South, a) What is your displacement? b) What is the total distance you traveled?
  52. physics

    Write down the unit in which reaction rate is measured in this observation? Equation is Zn(s)+I~ZnI
  53. physics

    Why is it better to put ince rather than an equal mass of cold water into a drink you want to chill?
  54. physics

    How center mass affects an arrows distance traveled (include source)
  55. physics

    The elastic potential energy of an object may be negative Select one: True False
  56. Physics

    What is the peak current through a 400–W room heater that operates on 120–V AC power?
  57. Physics

    what do you call the source of an intense narrow beam of coherent monochromatic light?
  58. physics

    Consider a particle with initial velocity that has magnitude 12.0 m/s and is directed 60.0 degrees above the negative x axis.
  59. Physics

    Calculate the tension in the cable connecting the two masses. Assume all surfaces are frictionless.
  60. Physics

    A red flower seen in the light of mercury vapour lamp through a green filter will appear?
  61. physics

    using newtons third law explain what is meant by action and reaction pairs of forcess
  62. physics

    calculate the impulse to stop a 1500kg car moving 90kmper hours
  63. Physics

    Which of the following is an appropriate measure of electric power on a toaster label? A. 110 V B. 2.0 A C. 220 W D. 55 Ω
  64. quantum physics

    Suppose a particle has wavefunction ψ(x,t=0)=Aexp−(x^2/2l^2). What is the average value (expectation value) of p^, ⟨p^⟩, for this state at t=0?
  65. physics

    calculate the impulse necessary to stop a 1500 kg car travelling at 90km/hour
  66. physics

    An airplane flies toward 124° at 525 km/h. What is the component of the plane's velocity (a) toward 90°? km/h (b) toward 180°? km/h
  67. physics

    One projectile is launched horizontally while another is dropped from rest at the same time. Which will hit the floor first?
  68. physics

    If a man weighs 820N on d earth what would be on Jupiter, where the acceleration due to gravity is 25.9m/s
  69. Physics

    A 68.5kg man is standing still on an elevator that isn't moving, what is the normal force on him?
  70. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with an initial speed of 27 m/s at an angle of 20° with respect to the horizontal.
  71. physics

    a train starts from rest ad at the end of 90° seconds has a speed of 10km/h. What is the acceleration?
  72. Physics

    The time at which it took the arrow to reach the bulls eye is .6 seconds and it will land 1.8m under the bullseye
  73. Physics

    A simple harmonic pendulum has a period of 3.19 s and initial speed of 2.12 m/s. Find the length.
  74. Physics

    A 68.5kg man is standing still on an elevator that isn't moving, what is the normal force on him?
  75. Physics

    An object is thrown upwards with a speed of 14.0 m/s. How long does it take to reach its maximum height
  76. physics

    how much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 5kg of silver from 20 degrees C to 96 decgrees C?
  77. physics

    what force is necessary to stop a 20 g bullet moving at 200 m/s as it penetrates a wood at a distance of 4 m?
  78. physics

    a car is uniformly decelerated from 90km/hr in a time of 10 sec calculate the 2 acceleration
  79. Physics urgent

    What is the weight of a 76 kg astronaut on the Moon where the value of 'g' is only 17% the strength of 'g' on the Earth? (Answer should be expressed in N).
  80. Mathematics-in-Physics

    If two objects were traveling at the speed of light would they explode on impact or pass through each other?
  81. physics

    how much work is done by the upward force of your head on a 50 N rock that you carry horizontally across a 10 m room?
  82. Physics

    How much does it cost to operate a 23-W porch light for 24 h if electric energy costs 8¢/kWh?
  83. physics

    Three balls A, B, and C, with masses of 3 kg, 1 kg, and 1 kg, respectively, are connected by massless rods. What are the coordinates of the center of mass?
  84. physics

    An ambulance is going away from me @ 40mph with a siren @ 1000Hz.Will I heat a higher or lower frequency
  85. physics

    calculate the net force required to give a 3000kg trucks an acceleration of 2.5m/s^2
  86. physics

    A car on the highway travels at 90 km/hr. Express this speed in m/s. can yall show me how to convert this
  87. Physics

    how to find the max height of a cat that is thrown at 9.8 m/s and is in the air for a total of 4 seconds.
  88. Physics

    Find the force necessary to stop a 900 kg jetta traveling at +25 m/s in a time of 5.0 seconds.
  89. Physics- for Quidditch

    I posted the question about the rain before and I understnad how to find componnets...but how would I do that without a given angle?
  90. Physics

    1. What constant acceleration, in SI units, must a car have to go from zero to 69.0 mph in 13.0s ? 2. What fraction of g is this? (the unit for this answer is % of g)
  91. physics

    a rock was thrown at the height of 50.0 m above the ground with an initial velocity of 20.0 m/s straight upward.
  92. Physics

    A ball is allowed to fall freely from certain heightn. What distance it covers in 1st second?
  93. physics

    A hockey puck has no friction on it. It has a mass of 0.28 kg and experiences a force of 48 newtons. What is its acceleration?
  94. Physics

    If 9.30 x 10^5 J of energy are transferred to 2.00kg of ice at 0 deg C, what is the final temperature of the system?
  95. Physics

    i cant get this right. what is the measured resistance of a 1000ohm, 500ohm and a 100 ohm resistor. and there % error
  96. physics

    how to calcula distance of a object in free fall if only the time it reaches the ground is given
  97. physics

    How much work is needed to stop a 20g bullet moving with speed of 150m/s
  98. physics

    a ball moves with a constant speed of 4 m/s around a circle of radius 0.25 m. what is the period of the motion?
  99. Physics

    Charges q1 and q2 lie on x axis at points x= -a and x= 5, respectively. (a) how must q1 and q2 be related for the net force on charge +Q at x = a/2 to be zero ? (b) and if +Q is placed at x = 3a/2.
  100. physics

    If a solid is stretched or compressed beyond the point that it can return to its original shape it has passed its