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  1. physics

    how high does a stone rise if it initially thrown at a rate of 15m/s?
  2. physics

    if a current of 4900A is applied to a copper wire what might happen to it? does it burn or what?
  3. Physics

    Does the velocity of a model rocket increase or decrease when the parachute is deployed?
  4. Physics

    calculate the kinetic energy, in J, of a 1200kg automobile travelling at 36km/h
  5. physics

    what is your age in seconds? this is a conversion problem. someone help please with all the multiplication and division... very confused. THANK YOU
  6. physics

    if you kick a football at a 30 degree angle, how many seconds is it in the air, and how high does it go
  7. Physics

    If a 75-kg skater starts his skate at 8.0m, at his lowest point (height = 0), what is his velocity?
  8. Physics

    Find the length of a bridge if it is known that the steel in the roadbed expands by 0.52 m when the temperature changes from +2 to +30°C.
  9. physics

    a 1500 kg car accelerates from 0 to 25 m/s in 7.0 s. What is the average power delivered to the engine?
  10. physics

    Calculate the momentum of a 100 kg object moving with velocity 10m/s
  11. Physics II

    What is the sign and magnitude of a point charge that produces a potential of -2.00 V at a distance of 3.00 mm?
  12. physics Again

    bobpursley can you please check my reply to your post about my question? I am not sure if I did my equation correctly. Thanks
  13. physics

    A car is moving down a highway at -15 m/s and accelerating at 3 m/s^2. If it's initial position is at x = 0 m where will it be after 3 seconds?
  14. physics

    What is the mass of an object that requires a force of 65N to accelarate it at a rate of 13 m/s2?
  15. physics

    how can we calculate potential energy if we don't have mass but we have force or newtons?
  16. Physics

    2. How many oxygen atoms are indicated on the right side of this balanced chemical equation? 4 Cr(s) + 3 O2( g)h2 Cr2O3( g)
  17. Physics

    What is a node? i'm supposed to label the nodes in a diagram of a wave but i can't find it anywhere
  18. physics

    What is the mass of an object that requires a force of 65N to accelerate it at a rate of 13 m/s2?
  19. Physics

    a football is kicked in 36 meter per second and 30 degree angle with land.After 1 second,how much it's velocity will ?

    What is the force of attraction between two masses 5kg and 8kg at a distance of 60cm apart.
  21. Physics

    How many kcal of heat are required to vaporize 25.0kg of water at 100°C?
  22. physics

    what is the pressure exerted on the ground by a cube which has a weight of 600n and a side of 1m
  23. Physics

    How many molecules are there in 0.029 moles of carbon dioxide gas, CO2?
  24. Physics/Cars

    Does the mass of the car matter when driving on the road? When skidding?
  25. Physics

    What element results if two protons and two neutrons are ejected from a radium nucleus?
  26. physics hw urgent please

    show how you would you arrange to find f in terms of v,m and r from four equations below. f=1/t, f=ma,v=2piR/T,a=v^2/R Thanks
  27. Physics

    A 3.5 kg body accelerates from rest to 20 m/s in 5 s. Calculate: A its acceleration B the force required.
  28. physics

    ifv=(3i+4j+5k)m/s is the instantaneous velocity of a body mass 1.50kg calculate its K.E
  29. physics

    A bus that is traveling at 35.0 km/h, speeds up at a constant rate of 3.4 m/s2. What velocity does it reach 6.8 s later?
  30. physics

    Caculate the work done when a force of 20N strecthes a spring by 50mm
  31. Physics 112

    Two point charges, +3.18 µC and -6.40 µC, are separated by 1.32 m. What is the electric potential midway between them?
  32. Physics

    If a 1.5V battery stores 5.0kj of energy,for how many minutes could it sustain a current of 1,2A?

  34. Physics

    A dancer completes 3.4 revolutions in a pirouette. What is her angular displacement? In rad.
  35. Physics

    A person with a mass of 85kg. How much in newtons do they weigh on the earth and the moon?
  36. physics

    An electron travels 3.75 m in 6.41 × 10−8 s. How fast does it travel? Answer in units of cm/s
  37. physics

    Why is it vital that there is friction thatb opposes motion when two surfaces try to slide across one another?
  38. physics

    Find the speed of sound (in m/s) at -35°C at 1 atm pressure in dry air.
  39. physics

    list three factors that we must always give when exprassing a force vector quantity
  40. physics

    A bus traveling at 30.0km/h accelerates at a constant 3.5 m/s^2 for 6.8s. what is its final velocity?
  41. Physics

    Find the speed of sound (in m/s) at -35°C at 1 atm pressure in dry air.
  42. physics

    A Foucault pendulum is observed to swing back-and-forth once every 20 seconds. What is its frequency?
  43. Physics

    Equation y=5 sin(3x-4) determine the freguency,speed,period of waves
  44. physics

  45. Physics

    While riding her bicycle, she goes from a full stop to 9m/s in 3 minutes. How fast is she acclerating?
  46. physics

    Instances where the heating effect of current is not required. Plssss helllp
  47. Derivation of Physics Equation

    How do we derive these laws: (most of the time, the numbers are subscript) v'2 = v1 * ( (2 * m) / (m1 + m2) ) + v2 * ( (m2-m1) / (m1+m2) ) & v'1 = v1 * ( (m1-m2) / (m1+m2) ) + v2 * ( (2 * m2) / (m1 + m2) )
  48. physics please help!

    find the speed of sound (in m/s) at -35°C at 1 atm pressure in dry air
  49. Physics

    Is the tension on a rope zero just before a person releases it after swinging from one side of a river to the other?
  50. physics

    when an apple falls from a tree, and strikes the ground without bouncing, what happens to its momentum?
  51. physics

    A storage tank of negligible mass and 30 m high is filled with gasoline
  52. Physics

    A dancer completes 3.4 revolutions in a pirouette. What is her angular displacement? Help me get this answer please.
  53. physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upward at 23 m/s. How fast is it moving when it reaches 14 m?
  54. physics

    if r1=2ohms, r2=4ohms, r3=6ohms. Then what is the voltmer reading connected in series
  55. Physics Class

    The equation describing the motion of an object is y=0.8cos(4.2t+0.32). What is its period?
  56. Physics

    i need help with a very VERY long problem. its about speed and distance. will post question when someone is interested to help! :]
  57. physics

    What angle does the tangent to the curve y(x)=sin^2(x/9)+16sin(x/9) at x=9\pi make with the x-axis?
  58. Physics

    A 125 ball has a kinetic energy 33.6 What is the magnitude of it's momentum? What is the speed?
  59. Physics

    If two resistors are connected in parallel, I know that they share the same voltage but how would you determine their current?
  60. physics

    How much work does a student do if he throws a 0.750 kg ball with force of 45.0 N through a distance of 1.50 m?
  61. Physics please please help me

    Prove the law for triangle ABC i.e sin A/a=sinB/b=sinC/c Please help me!

    A 69.0 firefighter climbs a flight of stairs 22.0 high. How much work is required?
  63. physics

    How will changing the charge change the electric field strength at a distance?
  64. physics

    find the moment of inertia of the earth. Radius is 6,000 km and mass is 6 x 10^24 kg
  65. Physics

    If a ball were to fall off a 180cm table,how fast would it be going halfway to the ground?
  66. Humanities Core

    In what ways can we say that quantum physics both is and is not classical science? it has something to do with galileo but im not sure....
  67. physics

    4) How many forces act on an upwardly tossed coin when it gets to the top of its path
  68. physics

    If Zulfiqar fold this colored paper as shown in the image, which cube will he get? A C B D
  69. Physics

    A rocket is ignited and gone up. After that it returns to the ground. How to draw a displacement time of the same ?
  70. Physics

    Describe how surface area and volume are related in solids? Give an example.
  71. Physics

    What is the value of a if the object is moving with constant velocity? What does this equation reduce to in such a case?
  72. physics

    How will changing the distance change the electric field strength for a given charge?
  73. Physics

    A dancer completes 3.8 revolutions in a pirouette. What is her angular displacement? In Rad.
  74. Physics

    Two instances during which the heating effects of electric current is not required pls
  75. physics

    weight of a person in newton on mars who weigh 882N on earth ( g = 9.8m/s^2)
  76. physics

    why it is easier to tear a paper off a full roll than a mostly used one? Is it because of Newton's law?
  77. physics

    what is net force acting on the ball after attaning terminal velosity?
  78. Physics

    Does the axis system chosen affect the magnitude of potential energy? I say yes
  79. Physics

    A stone weighs 34.0 N. What force must be applied to make it accelerate upward at 4.00 m/s2?
  80. physics

    How many grams of Al2O3 are formed from 15L of O2 at 97.5kPa and at 21degree celcius.
  81. physics

    if you exert a force of 500N to walk 4M up a flight of stairs in 4S , how much power do you use?
  82. Physics

    Describe how you can determine the specific heat of an unknown metal whose mass is known.
  83. physics

    why is it harder to maintain costant accleration rather than cosntant velocity when walking
  84. Physics

    can you use principle of density and buoyancy to explain how a cartesian diver works?
  85. Physics

    If I know the length of all 3 sides in a right angle triangle, how do I get the degrees of the other angles? Which formula do I use again?
  86. physics

    The time required for a car to reach 28.5 m/s from rest, accelerating at 3.70 m/s2 is __________ .
  87. physics

    the speed of a certain wave is 3.00cm/s. if its frequency is 0.20hz, what are its wavelength and period

  89. physics

    When an object travelling at 12.7 m/s [E] speeds up to a velocity of 21.5 m/s [E] in 3.45 s, the magnitude of the acceleration is __________m/s2.
  90. Physics

    A car travels at a speed of 70km/h. What distance will it cover in 30 minutes
  91. physics

    if you jump upward with a speed of 2mls, how long will it take before you stop rising?
  92. Physics/chemistry

    Describe the partcle Theory of a HOt air Balloon?
  93. Physics

    Why is the CM of a 1.00m length of pipe at its midpoint, whereas this is not true for your arm or leg?
  94. physics

    What is the distance from the earth's center to a point where your weight would be 1/25 of what you weigh at the surface?
  95. physics

    At a certain instant a moving object comes to momentary rest. Is it accelerating at that moment?
  96. physics

    What is the momentum of an automobile (weight = 9800 N) when it is moving at 36 m/s to the south? magnitude
  97. physics help!

    The displacement of an object is given by y = (4.6 cm) sin 28ðt. (a) What is the amplitude? (b) What is the frequency? (c) What is the period?
  98. Physics

    The pendulum is transported to another planet where the acceleration due to gravity is smaller.
  99. physics

    What force is needed to accelerate a child on a sled (total mass = 60 kg) at 1.25 m/s2?
  100. physics

    A proton is confined to a nucleus of radius 5 FM.what's the minimum uncertainty in momentum?