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  1. Physics

    1. Given t1/2 to be 0.0137 seconds, how long should it take to reach 87.5% of maximum charge?
  2. physics

    how long does it take a 19kW steam engine to do 6.8x10^7 J of work?
  3. physics

    how can you say that thickness of a material varies as it is a constant value. discuss with in 50 words.
  4. physics

    How high will a 1.85 kg rock go if thrown straight up by someone who expends 80.0 J of energy on it?
  5. physics

    The motion of the truck is described by the equation V = 50t – 5t^2.Find: a.Value from t = 1.5 s to t = 5.0 s. b.Vinst at t = 3.0 s.
  6. physics

    Is the motion of the rider for each angle of inclination uniformly accelerated? Why or why not?
  7. Physics

    What is the latent heat of fusion of ice to water? Help pls!!!!!
  8. Physics

    How do you make a Balloon Car? Is there another way accept just blowing it up and letting it go?
  9. Physics

    Find the gravitational force between the sun and the earth in newtons?
  10. Physics

    How much work does a 50 kg student to climb 3 meters high stairs
  11. physics

    An automobile with a mass of 1400 kg has a speed of 30.0 m/s. What is its kinetic energy
  12. physics

    How will the current in a wire change as the wavelength of light changes? I have no idea how to do this.
  13. physics

    What is an object that is launched into the air and undergoes free fall
  14. physics

    Two point charges, +3.63 µC and -5.95 µC, are separated by 1.18 m. What is the electric potential midway between them?
  15. Physics

    Why is it important to use the maximum force reading from a data collection?
  16. physics

    What is force of attraction between two students of mass 20kg,10meters apart?
  17. physics

    What is force of attraction between two students of mass 20kg,10meters apart?
  18. Physics

    A ball thrown upward at 60.0 m/s has what speed after 5 seconds? What equation do I use?
  19. physics

    how much negative work is done by friction on a 2000-kg car if you slow down from 20 m/s to 10 m/s?
  20. physics

    How much work must be done to stop a 1070 kg car traveling at 111 km/h?
  21. Physics

    What is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave if it has a wavelength of 1.4 km? The speed of light is 3 × 10 8 m
  22. Physics

    Why do citizens have a responsibility to have some basic understanding of nature's rules?
  23. Physics

    A coil of wire has a resistance of 31.8Ω at 28 °C and 55.6Ω at 53 °C. What is the temperature coefficient of resistivity?
  24. Physics

    If the speed of the wave is 330 per sec calculate the wavelength
  25. physics

    Find the density of a 4.2- kg solid cylinder that is 13 cm tall with a radius of 5.0 cm.
  26. physics

    explain the terms uniform acceleration and average speed.
  27. science physics

    describewhat is an importance of microscope to mankind it's urgent please help?
  28. Physics

    A man walks with an average speed of 1.3 m/s for 45 minutes. How far has he walked?
  29. AP physics

    A car travels 35 km west and 75 km north. what distance did it travel?
  30. Question

    Are there any physics teachers on this site that can help? I've posted many questions on here but none of them get answered.
  31. physics

    What is the height of 3.0 meter ladder leans against a wall 37 degree.
  32. Physics

    Using the Bohr model of hydrogen, find the linear momentum, when n=3.
  33. Physics

    Calculate AMA given μk = 0.019 and an angle of 11 degrees.
  34. Physics

    find gravitational field which produces semicircle. To get the answer g=(1/y^3)
  35. Physics

    At what distance from the earth's surface with a mass of 5.0kg be just 45.0N in weight. HELP
  36. physics

    a car is moving at 40km per hour what is the velocity in meters per second?
  37. physics

    describe the death of a massive star (10 solar masses)
  38. physics

    Show that beta = 3 alpha Why a gas has two heat capacities?
  39. physics

    What emf is required to cause 12 amperes to flow through a resistance of 7.2 ohms?
  40. Physics

    A baseball goes from zero to 37 m/s in 0.177 m/s. What is its average acceleration? Answer in units of m/s^2.
  41. PHYSICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a wave has a frequency of 2 Hz. find its period ? please show work.....
  42. physics

    What is the frictional force between the 5.66 kg mass and the table? Answer in units of N.
  43. physics

    Is a current carrying wire electrically charged? Explain.
  44. physics

    How much work is done on a lawn mower pulled 3.4 m by a force of 54 N at an angle of 10°?
  45. science physics

    When all forces acting on an object are combined together, what's the result known as
  46. physics

    how fast can a 125N force accelarate a12 Kg. object?
  47. Physics

    Calculate the acceleration of a plane when it changes its speed from 0m/s to 250m/s in 12 seconds
  48. physics

    Essay on how accleration due to gravity is used to benefit mankind
  49. physics

    describe the shape of the graph made and discuss its significance.
  50. physics

    . Two positive point charge of 12 μC and 8 μC are 10 cm apart. The work done in bringing them 4 cm closer is,
  51. physics

    how many RPM are required to attain 1g with a radius of 840 feet
  52. physics

    Calculate the angular velocity of the minute hand of a clock.
  53. Physics

    At what DISTANCE from the earth's surface will a mass of 5.0kg be just 45.0N in weight
  54. physics

    the tension in the wire is decreased by 19%. The percentage decrease in the frequency will be?
  55. physics

    44 foot skid from a jeep cherokee, how fast was it traveling.
  56. physics

    A car goes 10 km in 5 minutes when its average velocity is 80 km/hr. true or false
  57. physics
  58. physics

  59. Physics

    Two objects are moving about so that their total momentum is zero. What can be said about their kinetic energy?
  60. physics

    explain how low temperatures are produced using adiabatic demagnetisation
  61. Physics

    Explain why a balloon expands when heated and contracts when cooled.
  62. Physics

    If a +q charge is placed at d in the x-axis (x_0<d), what happens to the total electric field in 1?
  63. Physics

    What is the power output of an engine the does 60,000J of work in 10s?
  64. Physics

    Compare magnetic and electrostatic forces. In what ways are they a) similar, b) different
  65. physics

    Could someone tell me if this is right? The voltage across a 10-ohm resistor carrying 3 amps must be E=I*R == E=3*10= 30 volts
  66. Physics

    If 7.20 kg of ice at -5.00°C is added to 12.0 kg of water at 30°C, compute the final temperature.
  67. physics

    what will be the young's modulus of copper wire pf length 0.15 m and radius 0.2 cm
  68. physics

    A mass of 10kg moves with a velocity of 4m/s. What is its kinetic enery
  69. pre-ap physics

    how do i find the vertical and horizontal components of velocity?
  70. pre-ap physics

    how do i find the vertical and horizontal components of velocity?
  71. physics

    what is the speed of light moving through a medium of index of refraction 2.45?
  72. Physics

    What is the efficiency of an athlete who consumes 3000kcal of food and does 2.5 x 10*6 J of useful work?
  73. Physics

    An automobile is traveling 50 km/h². It deccerate at 5 m/s², how far will it take to travel after the brake are applied?
  74. Physics

    62m of skid marks and coefficient of .75, how fast was the car going?
  75. Physics

    A car accelerates from rest to 90km/h in 10 seconds.What is its acceleration in m/s2?
  76. physics

    A point charge of -7.9 microcoulomb is at the origin. What is the electric potential at (3.0, - 3.0)?
  77. physics

    A bicycle starts from rest and reaches 6.0 m/s after 4 seconds. What is its acceleration?
  78. physics

    A velocity vector 33{\rm ^{\circ}} below the positive x-axis has a y-component of -14{\rm m/s} .
  79. Physics

    An airplane travels at 880 how long does it take to travel 1.50km
  80. physics

    how is the position of a particle moving along a straight line described by a number
  81. Science

    guys, please give me any ideas for a investigatory project in physics ???
  82. Physics

    I have to check that Maxwell's equations are dimensionally correct. How the hell can I do this? Thank you very much.
  83. Physics

    A baseball goes from zero to 40 m/s in 0.159 s. What is its average acceleration? Answer in units of m/s 2
  84. physics

    If a ball hits a wall going 10 m/s, and bounces off going 7 m/s. What is the coefficient of restitution?
  85. physics

    How does the construction of the astro blaster increase GPE? How does this affect the KE?
  86. Physics

    If radius = 1.25 when i am swinging a bucket around and around what is the slowest possible speed i can go without it spilling?
  87. Physics

    What would be the average velocity of an object falling 1.25m from the rest?
  88. physics

    How much energy is produced when the sun converts one kg of hydrogen into helium?
  89. College Physics

    To move 5.0 C of charge from one electrode to the other, a 12-V battery must do how much work? 60 J 5.0 C 12 J 12 V 60 W
  90. Physics

    How long does it take a vehicle with 40hp to achieve 25m/s(meters per second)?
  91. Physics

    A proton is at the origin and an electron is at the point x = 0.36nm , y= 0.30nm .
  92. physics

    The standard piece of apparatus used to measure distance in the laboratory is what?
  93. Physics

    If your car accelerates from rest at a steady rate of 4 m/s2, how soon will it reach 84 km/h
  94. Chemistry Physics

    What is the wavelength in metres of an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 10^14/s?
  95. physics

    Find x- and y-components of the vector \vec {v}=(2.0cm/s , - x-direction).
  96. general science

    in physics the desire of an object to keep doing what it is doing" is temed _______.
  97. physics

    How much work must be done to stop a 1150-kg car traveling at 145 km/h?
  98. physics

    what is the power if it takes 11s to drag the sled 80m?
  99. Physics

    how do i find the volume of a block of platinum weighing 45.5 kilos
  100. physics

    What is its speed after 1.87 s if it accelerates uniformly at −4.31 m/s^2? Answer in units of m/s