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  1. math

    Writing in Math To find the sum of 4/9 and 7/12, Mario rewrites the fractions as 8/36 and 21/36. His answer is 29/36. Is Marion right? If not, show his error and correct it.
  2. math

    have a question in math (( distance between two points )) the coordinate of the diameter of a circle are (6,4) and (-2,0) find the length of the radius of the crcle. please in detales .. thank u
  3. Math

    Check my math please... is the probability of three events with the following individual probs: 1/161x10/100x20/100=0.00012; and that is a 0.012% (1.2%) chance? Thanks
  4. math help

    Hi and good afternoon to everyone who is reading this i need help with my math if any of you guys know i site where i can learn fractions better that would be great PS. plz dont be coolmath
  5. math

    i have a question in math (( distance between two points )) A quardilateral has vertices P(3,5), Q(-4,3), R(-3,-2), and S(5,-4). find the lengths of the diagonals,to the nearest tenth . please in detales .. thank u
  6. hard math

    I'm having so much trouble doing this worksheet I had for math I don't even know what to do now 👉 and I have to turn it in by Friday 😭 I feel so dumb right now 😞
  7. Math to hard please help

    List three different ways to write 5^11 as the product of two powers. Explain why all three of your expresses are equal to 5^11. Please help me I don't know how to do this kind of math.
  8. Math

    Samantha wants to buy 6 roses 4 carnations and 8 tulips she estimates that she will spend about 14 dollars on these flowers do you agree math chapter 5
  9. Math

    Please help with math question below: Express the triple angle formula of tangent (i.e. tan〖(3x)〗) in terms of tanx.
  10. Math

    Writing in math Braden and bialy each bought a kazoo for $0.89.they each paid with a $1.00 bill. Explain two different ways to show their change.
  11. math

    A math has a scale of 3 cm: 18 km. If Riverside and Smithville are 54 km apart then they are how far apart on the map?
  12. math

    In my math book i got a question saying 18 5/6 -4 6/6.I got answer of 15 4/6 am I correct. THANKS
  13. math

    what dose the n stand for inthe math question 54-n=24
  14. math

    how do i do this math problem? use the defintion f^1(a) = lim as h heads toward 0 {f(x)-f(a)} / (x-a)
  15. math

    Have a math question Determine whether or not the network is traversable.
  16. 8th grade math

    I need to know how to work this math problem: 3n + (-7) -5n +1
  17. math

    use mental math to find each value cost of 8 items at $12.98 each
  18. math studies

    how is math applied in building cars
  19. math

    what is the definition of the math term varible expression
  20. Math

    How do I solve this math problem. -2-10a=158
  21. Math

    Can anyone help me solve a Math Olympiad Fraction problem?
  22. math

    Jessica says she can add 1/3"2/6"3/9"4/12"and 5/15 together using mental math.Explain how she can do this.
  23. Math 213 Elementary Math

    List all the subsets of {2, o, t}.
  24. Math 213 Elementary Math

    1. List all the subsets of {2, o, t}.
  25. math

    if john received an A on three of the last four math quizzes. what is the ratio.
  26. Math

    Bobby has a 95 in his math class. He had a test and got a 83 on it. What is his grade now?
  27. math

    tommorow ihave a math test how do I handle that?
  28. math

    how do you do 6th grade math cryptic quiz ?
  29. math

    what is the math term with the letters enitmelgens unscrambled
  30. math

    math question>>estimate answer to: 98+46 tell the strategy you use
  31. math

    what is input output in 3rd grade math
  32. math

    looking for any mathematical characteristic of the number 13 for a math project
  33. math

    I have a math problem, and it says to explain what units my answer has. What does that mean?
  34. math

    What doea,the c mean when the math problem is 8c = how many pints? I tried 1 2 4 and 16 but don't know what to look for.
  35. math stuff

    how does math apply to biulding cars
  36. math 090

    need help with my need year sent i need in a math class so if you can help me that would be good
  37. Math

    PLEASE help I need this in by today. My question is, what is 5 and 9/13+ 5 and 9/13. Someone please help I'm so confused. I hate Math!
  38. Math

    insert +, -, X, /, and () to make each math statement true 4 4 4 4 = 10 4 4 4 4 = 6
  39. Math

    My math question is: 3 3 -5 (2x2) - (10-6) . 4 My answer is 15/16 Am I correct
  40. math

    Is 2340 divisible by 90 how do you know? In Math please answer quick
  41. math

    can sumbody help me with the steps to this math problem? Evaluate: 9 + (8-2)^2 x 20 / 5
  42. math

    What are good sites to study ratios in math?
  43. Math

    How do I use the distributive property to rewrite the math problem 5(4 - y?
  44. math

    Accoring to math teachers, what did the acorn say when it grew up?
  45. 6th Grade Math

    I need a little help on math. It has to do with kilograms and weight.
  46. math

    where to place parenthesis in this math equation 3+8 times 5+4=59
  47. math

    How to write math paragraph for k+8=5 and, w+12=5 8th grade
  48. math 10 general math

    what is the yield for 8.5% compound continously?
  49. Math

    n^3+2n is the multiple of 3 prove it by math induction method
  50. math

    Please can someone help me with my math homework I just really don't ge it. I'm in a panic. Thank you Sarah
  51. MATH

  52. Math

    I need help with an IB Math Internal Assessment on Matrix Powers.
  53. math

    why shud math be included in alll the streams
  54. math

    trying to unscrable the letters jeatdcn into a math word
  55. Math

    again, i am in desperate need for checked answers on my math questions
  56. math

    I have a math question abdedbabde 1234321234 how do I do this problem
  57. math

    explain how you can find the sum 25+59 using mental math
  58. Math

    I am looking for rebus words for math vocabulary. Does anyone have any ideas?
  59. MATH Introduction to Math Skills and Strategies

    Evaluate when x = 17 and y = 4.
  60. Math

    Can anyone tell me where i can get IGCSE Extended math past papers?
  61. math

    ugh,why is math so difficult and what can i do to make it easier?
  62. Math

    Explain how you can use mental math to solve the equation 8^(x-4)=1.
  63. math

    seriously ms sure could you stop? I'm just trying to help this person out with their math and you keep deleting things
  64. math

    what is the math trivia of direct square variation?
  65. Math

    Happy late pi day to you math lovers.
  66. Math

    What is the best way to use mental math to multiply (5x18)x20?
  67. MATH Introduction to Math Skills and Strategies

    Solve. -7 + 8 + (-2) + 6
  68. math

    Fill in the correct math operations only once (+, -, *, /) 8_2_1_3_4=5
  69. math

    i need to keep my a+ in math, and finish my homework TONIGHT. What is 5/8, 5/9, and 5/10 in least to greatest.
  70. math

    what is it called in math when u have an equation like a+b=c and u are solving for b so you change it to b=c-a?
  71. math

    Is it reasonable for a 7th grader to use a calculator for math?
  72. math

    the letters r e a o p r d d r i e will amek a word in relationship to math
  73. math

    What is the answer to this math problem. I have 13 apples and pears. How many of each could i have?
  74. Math

    What does "standard form" mean in 3rd grade math?
  75. Math

    How have proportions been useful to solve various math problems that we have studied?
  76. math

    Ms. Sue I have a question. For this math problem: Name a fraction between 1/4 and 5/16 how do I do that
  77. Math

    How do I solve this math problem.. (-11-6--5+1+3x2) divided by -5
  78. Math

    I can't figure out how to solve this math problem, please help. 1.4 divided by 36.96
  79. lol

    please help me in math i don't get it at all so please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!math not good
  80. math

    how much will the value change? its 4th grade math please help?? 7,564 = 2
  81. Math

    I can't figure out this math problem: 76 is what percent of 15!!!! Need help! URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. Math math

    Write the number for 3 hundred plus 5 teens
  83. math

    explain how to use mental math to find 700 x 8
  84. Math

    Can you explain this: For my math problem 23 4/7 divided 4 it says to estimate. What do I do?
  85. math

    how doo i do my my math homeeework:congruence problems.
  86. Math

    Has anyone taken the leap practice math pre-algebra (8/6/GT)??
  87. math

    for math test ncca/ equations and inequal
  88. math

    can someone unscramble these math words reaoprddrie enitmelgens
  89. Math

    17Min and 38mind explain the mental math
  90. Math

    file:///G:/STAAR-G7-2014Test-math.pdf please help
  91. Math

    How many letters in the word MATH have more than one line of symmetry?
  92. Math

    Can you help with a math word problem on rates and ratios
  93. Math

    What is mental math in times 3 digits like 8times25times23?
  94. math

    five times the sum of a number and four into math expression
  95. math

    help i am failling math!!! worksheets and any more practice will kill me!! help
  96. math

    whats a math problem for 48 divided by 8 equals 6
  97. I need ideas for a Math Project (science related)?

    So I was given a math project in which we need to gather "real world information" and make a scatter plot of the info. With this we must graph a line, parabola and exponential curve of best fit then find those formulas. The math is straight forward but I
  98. Law/421

    Sam is a high school math teacher. And, Becky is a student in his math class. During parent-teacher conferences, "Teacher Sam" tries to intimidate Becky's parents by telling them: "I'll teach your daughter math during class if you give me $1000." Is this a
  99. math

    Ben can complete 3 math problems in 21 minutes. If he continues working at the same rate, how long will it take Ben to complete 16 math problems? thanks .
  100. math

    Ben can complete 4 math problems in 20 minutes. If he continues working at the same rate, how long will it take Ben to complete 17 math problems?