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  1. Math

    I have a bunch of math problems I desperately need help with. It is conversion. 1. 192 fl oz = pt 2. 15 pt= c 3. 240 fl oz= c 4. 32 qt = gal 5. 10 qt= c 6. 48 c = qt 7. 72 pt = gal 8. 128 fl oz= pt Please help me with the above. I do not know what I am
  2. Math Question

    Hi, I need help with a math question. Thank you to whoever helps me! :) When solving a system of 2 equations and 2 unknowns using the substitution method, what is the ideal value of the coefficient of the isolated variable?
  3. Math

    This is math qustn plz help me to solve it bcz tmrw my test soreply soon as soon A box measures 60cm*52cm*40cm.find the area of the cardboards required to make 280 such boxes.
  4. Math

    im doing a math word scramble and i cant unscramble the following: AHLSSNET GIRLTEAHING OUOETRRSAQ GTEERNARTHA ICARLAFTO UNTOEGRNC LUQSEA VITSEIOP UNRLERPADECPI REAORDDRIE ENITMELGENS Help me. Due tomorrow by the time i get to Ms. Bladys class
  5. Math

    This is math qustn plz help me to solve it bcz tmrw my test soreply soon as soon A box measures 60cm*52cm*40cm.find the area of the cardboards required to make 280 such boxes.
  6. Math

    Hello again, today is my final day of the semester and I started late. So I have tons of work to quickly finish and this math test I am taking is 48 questions. Just a brief description why you might see my name a lot. 1. Which is a solution of the equation

    Find the area for the circle (use 3.14 for pi). Show your work. Round to the nearest tenth.the radius is 23yd I really need help i'm treble at this type of math and i'm gonna fail if I don't have this question rigT!! THANKS EVERY ONEEEE!!!!
  8. To sam!

    Was the five part unknown question for compounds A through E yours? If so, did you get it answered ok? no it was not mine! can you please check my math? can you please check my math?
  9. 4 grade math

    i need help on this problem. make 36/9 into a false number sentence? please! help me to understand this math problem thank you for your kindness.
  10. Math

    N is a variable and everytime a scouts sales a box they get back 0.64$and N is a variable so what's the algebraic expression for this one in math
  11. math

    Use symbolic Math symbolic representation: 1. The # of birds in a population equals the nbr of females plus the # of males.
  12. Math

    Which example is a function and which is not? Explain why. 1. Each student takes a selection of art classes. 2. Each student is placed in a math class. Please Help!! Thank You so much!!
  13. Math grade 9

    46=2-8w-3w I tried adding -8w to both sides and i got the answer wrong... my math text book says the answer should be -4 but i don't know how to get it
  14. Math

    Suppose 3 student change their vote from math to science describe how the frequency gable would change
  15. Math

    Which example is a function and which is not? Explain why. 1. Each student takes a selection of art classes. 2. Each student is placed in a math class. Please Help!! Thank You so much!!
  16. Math

    Kody has currently has an average of 80 in his math class. What must he make on his midterm, that counts 20% of his grade, to maintain a 70 or above average?
  17. MATH repost for Denzel

    MATH - denzel, Monday, September 24, 2007 at 6:18pm how do you multiply fractions
  18. MATH TEST(tipps)

    i have a math test in a week away plz give me some tips so i can past it (first time here)
  19. Math

    What is the mathematical significance of time? I have calculus and E=Mc2 down. It sounds really fancy but it's really "Why is Time important in Math?". Please help me D= Thank you~ ^.^
  20. Math

    The class average on a math quiz was 74 and the standard deviation was 6.8. Find the z-score for a test score of 82.
  21. math

    if a math rpoblem says that a square is worth 2cm, and they want you to find the area of 6 squares how are they using the term "worth"?
  22. math

    in probability math what instances in real life can i apply this lesson? enumerate and discuss three instances
  23. Math

    Dear Reader, Can you help me with my math problem on my homework please? There is nobody at my house who can help me yet. So when you get the chance can you help me with my problem? Thanks for reading. From, Portia1214
  24. math

    On a recent math test, monique earned an 85%. Which value represnts the amount monique did not answer correctly?
  25. math

    how to construct a quadrilateral MATH where MT bisects M. AH is perpendicular bisector of MT. M is 60 degrees. A is 120 degrees. MH is 8cm
  26. Math!

    Find the sum of the seix even multiples of 18 starting from 36 six* Sum= 18 (2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10 + 12)= =18*2(1 +2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6) =36(21)= 36*20 + 36 = 720 + 36= 756 check my math.
  27. Math repost for Grace

    Math - grace, Friday, September 28, 2007 at 6:48pm how to add fractions
  28. Math

    How do you write Rotation, Translation, and Rotational Symmetry in math. For example, reflection is written : a reflection in line l is indicated by ML.
  29. Math Help

    Math unit test. (1) write the fraction 1/8 as a percent. round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. 12.50% 37.50%**** 62.50% 80.00%
  30. Math

    Does Anyone have the answers to math unit 3 lesson 12 : Exponents factors and fractions unit test its urgent please
  31. math

    suppose 3 students change their vote from math to science .describe how the frequency table would change
  32. Math

    My Math questions are: Find 1/10 of 1/100 of a meter = 1/10 meters. Find 1/60 of 1/60 of an hour = 1hour Am I correct. Thanks
  33. Math

    To solve a math problem for homework Carrie needed to find the total of 2 3/4 6.00 and 3 4/5 What should Carrie have gotten as an answer? 7.55?
  34. math

    talk math explain how you can tell without dividing a 3-digit number divided by a 1-digit will have a quotient of 2 or 3 digits.
  35. English

    1. I have to do scince and math homework tonight. 2. I have to do my science and math homework. ------------ Are both grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Do you have other way of expressing?
  36. math

    i have a question in math (( distance between two points )) the vertices of a right triangle are S(-2,-2), T(10,-2), and R(4,5). find the area of the triangle. please in detales .. thank u
  37. math

  38. Math

    What is Standard Form in math
  39. Math symbols

    What does * mean in math? thanks for ur help Abby
  40. Math

    math sequence probelm
  41. math

    I need help to solve this math problem. -7.4=-3.7+x=
  42. math

    What are the computation methods of math?
  43. math

    What is a positive relationship in math
  44. math

    what math property do I choose to get 43+[35+57]
  45. Math

    Math game called 24
  46. Math

    By using the numbers 1, 1,1, 5 and 6 only once but need to use all and using any math get the number 51
  47. math

    A math equation I need to solve is 4n-19=13.
  48. math

    what are the tabiles and charts of math
  49. math

    what is the dependent variable in math
  50. math

    What does the word "display mean in math?
  51. math

    i love math naw thank you for the help
  52. Math

    Why are bacteria bad at math
  53. math

    math box! 5=15 10=25 15=35 20=45 25=55 what is the rule
  54. Math

    I need help with this math problem. From the reciprocal of 1/9 take 3 2/5.
  55. math

    i need a answer to a math problem
  56. Math

    Please solve the Q look ( nina, math)
  57. Math

    A = P(1 + r)10 Hence = 500(1+0.05)10 = 814.45 Math?
  58. math

    what is the answer to this math problem, y= -1/4(x+3)^2-3
  59. Math

    What does the word term mean in math
  60. math

    What type of math is this? 25% of what is 30? and solve for a: ab=b=3a-d
  61. Math

    Solve using metal math. a) 4y+3=19 b) 2+3m=17
  62. math

    I'm doing my math hw, what does the sign ' mean for sets? Thanks
  63. math

    How many times was math used in this movie?
  64. math

    what is a close circle in math mean
  65. math

    what is a verbal rule in math?
  66. Math

    I have math fractions to add. I never went over these ,so please help. 7/8 + 3/4 + 15/24= 5/9 + 6/7= 4/5 + 11/15 + 17/30 = 1 7/8 + 2 11/16 =
  67. math

    what is 115 times 39? (for math )

    how can you tell if an equal share is more than one whole?
  69. Math

    How to tell how many solutions c^2 - 18 = 9 in mental math?
  70. Math

    How is math and recycling related?
  71. math

    how do i ace math class
  72. math

    What does rule mean in second grade math
  73. math

    a thesis sentence for the value of math
  74. math

    Math two/y=2 ___ ____
  75. MATH

    No one has answered my question!!!!! it's on math !
  76. Math

    Look at NAwaf ,,math. Where is the answer?
  77. Math

    I need help with a math test 5 wks. from now! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  78. Math! Please help! anyone!

    Please help me on my previous question for math! I really need help!
  79. college

    i need math help please. on a math problem
  80. Math

    Can someone tell me what allegro mean in math terms?
  81. math

    the quotient of 65 and y translated into math
  82. Math

    Tell how to find 81 - 16 using mental math
  83. math

    Solve for the value of x using mental math.1/4x = 1/4
  84. Math

    What does ; mean in math for evaluation of expressions
  85. MATH

    If y= ab, then b= a+b A line goes under ab. Please help, I have not taken math in many years.
  86. math

    anyone know ogood math tutor
  87. math 95

    how to solve this math problem x/3 - 8 = -2
  88. math

    my son has a math problem i need help with. 21/14=7 what is the /
  89. math

    How do you study for a math quiz?
  90. Math

    Ok I have some math questions I need help with i'm not asking for the answer i just need help
  91. Math

    Can someone help me with this math problem? 14 divided by 2 1/3
  92. math

    what is mr. hornlein math homework
  93. math

    What is the width of a math book
  94. math

    is this math problem correct? 9+(-3)=6
  95. math

    how can i use a tether board to help me in math?
  96. Math

    Please help, I need help with the substition method in math!!!!!!!
  97. Math

    i need help solving this math problem. 15*12/4-3^2+17(9)
  98. Math

    How do I solve this math problem. -10+ V_=-3. 2
  99. Math

    I need help with a math question problem