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Life science, tourism ,geography ,maths literacy What career choice can u take with those subjects

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  1. Careers

    Life science, tourism ,geography ,maths literacy What career choice can u take with those subjects
  2. Careers

    Life science, tourism ,geography ,maths literacy What career choice can u take with those subjects
  3. waverley girls high school

    Which career options do you have if you choose subjects such as geography, maths literacy, business studies and life science ?
  4. Hwiti High School

    Which career path i can follow with the following subjects:geography,history,maths literacy,life science,english,sepedi ans life orientation?
  5. Maths literacy , life Science, toursim , geography

    Can I become a nurse if doing these subject maths literacy, life science, Geography , Tourism
  6. Careers

    Maths literacy, geography, life science Can I still become a clinical psychologist with the above subjects?
  7. Careers

    Maths literacy, Life sciences, Geography and Agric Which career stream can I do when I have done those subjects in high school
  8. Career guidance

    which careers that I will ables to choose with this subjects.. hostory,life orientation, tourism , geograph, maths literacy, tswana, english?? history,tourism,geograph,maths literacy, tswana,Lo
  9. Careers

    Maths lit, life science, tourism and geography Hi what job opportunities will i get in these subjects that i am doing and how much salary will i be earning?
  10. Careers

    With this subjects which career I can choose? Geography, maths lit, history, life science
  11. Mowat Park High School

    History, geography, life science and math litrecy what career choice do or career field do I go to with these subjects
  12. Agriculture'Maths lit,Life science, Geography

    Hi am in grade 12 I just changed my stream so I'm doing Agriculture,life science, geography and Maths lit I want to know which career falls under those subjects
  13. Botse botse high school

    Am a grade 10 learner n would like to know if i'll be able to become a social worker with the following subjects maths literacy , tourism , history and geography
  14. mathematics(pure), life science, business,tourism

    Hi i need help with career choice. I am currrently Grade 9. I choice the subjects Life Science, Buisness,Tourism and Mathematics(pure) Where can this lead me into? And what College/university can i study at? Please help if any potions available. Thnx
  15. Career guidance

    Which career can I peruse with Tourism maths literacy business studies geography English home langue and Afrikaans first additional
  16. Careers

    What career choices can I study with these subjects? Maths lit, Tourism and Geography and Maths lit
  17. Careers

    What career can you do with Maths Literacy, Consumer Studies , life Sciences and Tourism
  18. Career Guidance

    I'm in grade 11 doing this subjects business, economics, geography, maths Literacy,business studies, Life orientation, xitsonga can you please help which course should I take and which path of career should I follow when I go to university and which
  19. math literacy, all sciencez

    I'm a student doing grade 12 my subjects are math literacy, geography, life sciences,physical sciences,L.o ,xitsonga and English and would really want to know the best career path or choice for me.
  20. math literacy,english,afrikaans,l.o,l.s,bus

    Can you become a social worker with the following subjects maths literacy, english,afrikaans,life orientation,life science,business and history are can you tell u what can you become with that subjects above
  21. Career choice

    im doing grade 11 from Nkombose High School.If I'm doing tourism, geography, history, mathematical literacy.what career choice I'm supposed to do??
  22. Counseling

    which courses can I do with these subjects economics business studies tourism maths literacy Life sciences
  23. Careers

    Which best job can I get while doing these subjects -- Life sciences, History, Geography, Maths literacy
  24. Career guidance

    Which best job can I get while doing these subjects -- Life sciences, History, Geography, Maths literacy
  25. Career guidance

    I need some assist seriously I don't know which career or job is suitable for me I've been thinking about this matter I have, which job can I do or career can i do if I'm doing this subjects “history, geography, mathematics literacy, tourism... "? Please
  26. Maths lit, tourism, business studies, goegraphy

    Which career would I get by studying tourism, business studies, geography and maths lit . I actually wanted to become a cruise ship director but I don't know which subjects are required. Please help.
  27. Life orientation

    What type of career can I get with maths literacy, geography, life sciences, business studies, English, Afrikaans and life orientation?
  28. Mmanotshe moduane high school

    History,Maths Literacy,Geography &Life Science
  29. Careers

    Which career we can follow but life science, maths literacy, agricultural science
  30. Maths literacy life science and geography

    Can i become a nurse if i studyed maths literacy life science and geography?
  31. Math lit, geography, Agri Management and agri tech

    What career can I do with the following subjects: - Maths literacy - Geography - Agricultural Management Practice - Agricultural technology
  32. Career guidance

    Maths lit geography life science tourism Can I do nursing with this subject?
  33. Careers

    Can I do hospitality,tourism with these subjects? Maths literacy,business Studies,Accounting,Tourism
  34. Careers

    Can I became a social worker with subjects that I do?? Mathematical literacy, Geography, history, dramatic arts,life orientation, tourism
  35. ndzundza mabhoko secondary school

    Hi I'm doing geograph, maths literacy, life science and business which career can I go for
  36. Maths literacy,life science,history,geography

  37. Edward Phatudi

    Am doing physical science.geography and maths lit i want to know which career can i do
  38. maths, physical science , life science , geography

    Hi I am in grade 10 , I am doing maths physical science, life science and geography, what jobs can I get into with those subjects
  39. Careers

    What career path can i follow with these subjects Math literacy, physical science,life science
  40. Careers

    Geography,Life Science,Maths Lit what are possible career
  41. Careers

    What career can I do with this subject pure maths, life science consumer studies, tourism
  42. Careers

    What career am I going to follow Tourism ,life science ,maths lit ,consumer Studies
  43. woodlands

    Which career path can I follow with the following subjects economics life sciences geography and mathematical literacy
  44. lot mashiane secondry school

    if I choose maths literacy, history, geography and life science which job I'd related to this subject
  45. Maths Lit, Agic Science, Geography & Life Science

    Hi, Im in grade 10 in Ngodini High School at Mpumalanga. I'm doing Life Science, Agricultural Science, Geography & Maths Lit - I want 2 know that which career path I can do?
  46. Maths life science geography and business compu

    What career can i studie with geography maths life science and business
  47. computer history

    History,business study,tourism,zulu,maths literacy,english and life orientation. Am doing those subject and am in grade 11 I don't knw what career must I take anybody can help me my digit please 0724306682
  48. Careers

    Math literacy, life science, geography and history What career can i do with this subject and what percentage i need
  49. Maths lit, geography, life science, cat

    Whar career can i do with cat, life science, geography and maths lit?
  50. Careers

    What career I qualify with this subject History and geography and life science and maths l
  51. Life Orientation

    Hi Can you please send me advice on the ffg What types of career courses can I get with the following subjects Life Orientation English Mathematics Literacy Afrikaans Geography Life Sciences Business Studies
  52. molate high school

    im a grade 11 learner doing life science,maths literacy,geography and business studied which carrier path do i fit in
  53. Career choice

    Hello there.. If I study maths literacy+Geography+life science+History at school which careers do I relate with because I wish to help people medically or either way
  54. Maths,Geography,life science

    I am a grade 11 learner doing maths,life science,geography . What causes do my subjects fit
  55. Maths,Geography,life science

    Um a grade 11 learner doing maths,life science,geography . What causes do my subjects fit
  56. Careers

    Can I do nursing with those subjects Maths lit, agriculture, geography,life science
  57. careers

    Which career should I take if Im doing the above subjects Maths, accounting , life science and EGD
  58. Career guidance

    What career can you do if you choose Maths lit, Business Studies, Geography and Life Science
  59. Career

    history,geography,maths lit,life science Which career is suitable for this subject above
  60. Careers

    Maths lit, Geography ,life science and History Which career must I study for with these subjact.
  61. Zola business School

    Maths Literacy,Tourism,Business Studies,Economics Iam in grade9 next years I want to choose these subjects and I also want to know the careers are available for those subjects that you work in a office
  62. Careers

    What job do you qualify if you do these subjects maths lit,geography,history,life science
  63. Careers

    Are there any possibilities to get any job with these subjects? And what job careers can you get with these subjects? Maths lit, life science, geography and CAT

    ENGLISH.ISIZULU.LIFE SCIENCE. LIFE ORIENTATION.MATH LITERACY.HISTORY ND GEOGRAPHY. am doing grade 11 so has am doing this subject iwant to know which career i must task when i pass my matric plz help me
  65. Maths lit, life science, geography and business

    What can I do in future if I choose this subjects (Maths lit, life science, geography and business studies)?
  66. Maths lit,business studies,consumer studies,tourism

    I chose this subjects Maths literacy,Consumer studies,business studies,tourism but i wanna know what can i do with does subjects after finishing school and i wanna become a 'Chef' are these subjects right or wrong for my subjects???
  67. Maths lit,History,Life Science and B.S.

    What career should I take with these subjects. Maths Lit, Business Studies , Life Science and History?
  68. tourism,geography,economics and math literacy

    What career can I do with geography,economics,tourism and math literacy
  69. Mathematics,business studies,geography, lifescienc

    What career i can do with this subjects life science, business studies ,geography and mathematics
  70. Setlhwane

    Maths lit,life science,agricultural science,geography.....can i qualify for law school with this high school subjects?
  71. Career guidance

    What career field can I go into with these subjects Pure maths, life science, CAT, business studies
  72. Careers

    which career's to follow when having these subjects mathamatical literacy, geography, life sciences, agricultural sciences
  73. Maths literacy, Geography, life science and econom

    Im in grade 10 :I'm doing those subject: (life science, Geography, maths literacy and economics). So I need help about which job I can get for doing those subject?
  74. blue eagle high

    maths lit,english.Lo,life science,geography,business studies I don't know what careers I should follow when doing these subjects...please help
  75. Career guidance

    What can i study for with this subjects Geography, maths lit,tourism
  76. Maths lit; geography;business studies;economics

    Hi I am in grade 10 and I am doing iSizulu FAL Maths Lit Economics Life Orientation Business Studies and Geography what is the highest paying career I can follow with these subjects
  77. Mashile

    If i'm doing this subjects: Economics,Maths Literacy,Tourism,Business studies,will i be able to become a tour guide?
  78. Careers

    What career choices do i have with these subjects : Geograph Life science Maths lit and business studies and will i enter any university with them
  79. Careers

    Geography, History, Tourism, Maths Lit What possible careers when doing those subjects
  80. Careers

    What job will i get while doing this subjects maths lit, tourism, history,geography
  81. Tourism,economics,business studies,maths literacy

    Im in grade 12 so i want 2 knw which courses are there for me with my subjects:economics,tourism,business studies,maths literacy
  82. Careers

    Which career path can i take after matric if i do these subjects,life science,maths lit,economics and business studies, please help me i am very confused,i dont know what to do
  83. Allanridge Seconday School

    I'm doing History , Life science, Geography and maths literacy......I want to do carreers that relate to helping people and assisting them, I'm more focused on doing therapy when I pass grade 12, So how many percentages is it garanteed that I can get a job
  84. Careers

    Which job opportunity does this subjects have Maths lit, history, geography and tourism
  85. Careers

    Mathematics literacy,Business studies,Tourism,L.O Wat career can i take with those subjects
  86. Math lit,design,tourism,consumer studies

    Which career can l do if l am doing these subjects,maths lit,design,tourism,consumer studies
  87. Life science,Geography,History,math literacy

    May i study social work and become a social worker with these subjects : -English home language -Afrikaans First additional language -Mathematical literacy -Life orientation -History -Geography -Life science
  88. Ribane laka

    Matha literacy, geography, life sciences and tourism
  89. Careers

    What will i do if i am doing the following subjects, Geography, Computer Application Technology, Business Studies, maths literacy, English and Afrikaans
  90. Counseling

    Which career is available with such subjects Maths lit,Cat ,History ,Geography
  91. Careers

    What career path can I choose with these subjects? Maths Literacy, English, consumer, business studie
  92. Careers

    Maths literacy,business, economics, lifesciences I want to know what career field should I follow for this subjects because I am in grade 11 doing them 🙆😭
  93. Career guidance

    What are my career options for these subjects: maths, lit, business studies, and life science, I'm looking for something more in the business management sector and not in medicine😓
  94. Career guidance

    With my subject what career I must choose I'm doing life science, geography, business study, English, sepedi and maths lit my school is central secondary school
  95. Careers

    What career and job qualification can i get with these subjects? Maths lit,tourism,consumer studies,dramatic arts
  96. geography

    I was doing matric last year and I was studying geography, history and maths literacy soow which carrer should I choose relating to this subjects
  97. Career guidance

    Life science,Geography,maths lit and history Hi...jiskha are there any careers in the faculty of science that require my subject from above...if so will it be possible to apply for human biology with maths lit?
  98. Careers

    I wanna know if you are doing maths literacy consumer studies business studies and tourism what career fields are available and what course should I choose
  99. Careers

    Can I become nurse if studying mathematical literacy ,life sciences , geography n tourism
  100. 10th

    i am just abt to finish my 10th grade,i am very weak at maths and science,hence i have opted to take economics. this the right choice? there goin to be maths in it? 3.what are the core subjects involved?


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