1. Health

    Has specialized medicine made an overall positive or negative impact on the quality of patient-centered health care delivery?

    asked by Aliona on October 11, 2008

    Which country lawyer from Ashtabula, Ohio, argued that criminals are not born, but are made by the unjust condition of human life

    asked by Anonymous on November 30, 2011
  3. Chemistry

    At constant temperature and pressure, what is the maximum volume, in liters, of HNO3(g) that can be made from 10.39 L of NO2(g) and 15.53 L of H2O(g)? I don't even know how to start it...

    asked by Nihar on June 19, 2012
  4. chemistry

    one of the following scientists never made any contribution to the development of periodic table? (a)j.jthompson (b)John Newlands (c) Luther Meyer ( d) mendeleev

    asked by Anonymous on August 21, 2014
  5. English

    I urgently need to know if the following sentence is possible: 1) Robinson told the captain his story on how he had been made a slave. 2) The waves started crashing onto the ships.

    asked by Henry2 on January 25, 2012
  6. Maths

    Solve the given equation: ln(x + 4) + ln(x + 2) = 2 ps - we aren't allowed calculators My ans: I got as far as ln [(x+4)(x+2)] = 2 ln (x^2+6x+8) = 2 And then I am lost, whatever I do ends up with no answer. I also rewrote the above so that it is e^2 =

    asked by Neee on August 12, 2010
  7. Social Studies

    Pershing described the American forces at San Juan as being made up of men "of North and South." Why did he choose this way of describing the military?

    asked by Teonia on December 19, 2010
  8. Language Arts

    What is the verb and predicate noun or adjective in this sentence: Rennett is an extract made from the lining of a calf's fourth stomach. thank you!!!

    asked by Jon on November 29, 2010
  9. English

    How did the man-made environment Olaudah Equiano was forced into shaped his opinions and perspectives towards the first white men he encountered?

    asked by Ann on September 28, 2014
  10. American History

    1. List and briefly explain the proposed compromise made after 1849 over the issue of slavery before the outbreak of the Civil War.

    asked by Anonymous on July 24, 2013
  11. geometry

    Campsite F And G Are On Opposite Sides Of The Lake.A Survey Crew Made Measurements Shown On The Diagram .What Is The Distance Between The Two Campsites?

    asked by emma on August 17, 2012
  12. chemistry

    Draw three repeating units of the condensation polymer made from ethanedioic acid and ethanediol. if anyone has a weblink that illustrates this may you please send it?

    asked by Mable on May 10, 2008
  13. maths

    On a square handkerchief,nine circular designs each of radius 9cm are made. Find the area of the remaining portion of the handkercheif.

    asked by aiswarya on August 22, 2018
  14. Chemistry

    If 25.0 g S8 (molar mass = 256.56 g/mol) is made to react with 2.0 L O2 at 25 oC and 1.0 atm, what is the maximum amount (in grams) of SO3 produced?

    asked by Scott on April 20, 2018
  15. math

    The following conjectures were made by students. Which do you think are false? Give a counterexample for each conjecture if possible. a. Only half of the nonzero even numbers up to 100 are divisible by 4.

    asked by chandice on June 21, 2009

    A 6.6 × 10–4 M solution of MnSO4 is gradually made more basic by adding NaOH. At what pH will manganese(II) hydroxide begin to precipitate? For Mn(OH)2, Ksp = 2.0 × 10–13.

    asked by Anonymous on May 3, 2010
  17. history

    Which country lawyer from Ashtabula, Ohio, argued that criminals are not born, but are made by the unjust condition of human life?

    asked by jen on July 9, 2012
  18. Living a Healthy Life

    Children should not be served drinks in containers made of A. Styrofoam. B. stainless steel. C. treated ceramic. D. uninsulated paper. A.

    asked by Amanda on November 22, 2014
  19. Chemistry

    I am doing a report on ethylene glycol, AKA antifreeze, and I need to figure out if it is naturally occurring or if it is man-made. I can't seem to find this answer anywhere! Please help!

    asked by Julie on December 5, 2010
  20. chemistry

    Calculate mole fraction of solution made by mixing 46gram alkohol in 360 gram water at given temperature?

    asked by Parmvir khipal on March 11, 2013
  21. Math

    A.J made 82.32% of the free throws he shot. What number is not equivalnet to 82.32%. A 823.2/1000 B. 8.232 C. 8232/10,000 D. 82.32/100

    asked by Allen on September 22, 2010
  22. Sociology

    What were some barriers to radical social change that could have made things better for freed people following the Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation?

    asked by Randy on September 23, 2016
  23. sra JmcGuin spanish help

    Las porcinas are pigs and money made of cocoa will solve world hunger. Not usre i understand about plural

    asked by sam on May 6, 2009
  24. science

    Fertilizers and pesticides applied to farm fields in Pennsylvania have made their way to Chesapeake Bay Maryland, this is an example of _____________ pollution.

    asked by Anonymous on January 15, 2015
  25. reading and writing

    Which of the following titles is made more effective by alliteration? A. Guns: Our Lethal Heritage B. Ruby, the Rose of Roslyn C. Now You See It; Now You Don't D. What's in a Name? my answer is b.

    asked by Clare on April 1, 2015
  26. St. Michael

    25ml of NaCl was mixed with 10ml of AgNO3. A precipitate was made. What is the theoretical yield? What is the limiting and excess reagent?

    asked by Layla on March 28, 2015
  27. Descriptive Writing

    Colby gave her Romeo a lecture for the mean comment he made about her in front of his friends. Is this a simile, metaphor, personification or hyperbole?

    asked by sAMANTHA on September 12, 2008
  28. calculus

    Find the dimensions of the largest rectangular box with a square base and open top that can be made from 300cm^2 of metal.

    asked by Anonymous on April 26, 2012
  29. Math - Calculus

    Question: A box in the shape of a cuboid with a square base is to be made so that the sum of its dimensions (l + b + h) is 20cm. Find its maximum value.

    asked by GZB on July 6, 2018
  30. chemistry

    Calculate mole fraction of solution made by mixing 46gram alkohol in 360 gram water at given temperature?

    asked by Parmvir khipal on March 11, 2013
  31. Health, Safety ,and Nutrition

    children should not be served drinks in containers made of A. styrofoam B. uninsulated paper C. treated ceramic D. stainless steal

    asked by jane on April 28, 2012
  32. Science

    One of the following scientists never made any contribution to the development of periodic table A) Mendeleev B) Luther Meyer C) T.M Peters D) John Newlands

    asked by douglasknny on November 21, 2013
  33. 4th grade, social studies

    Need to answer "what made the early colonies a success?" Is it because the lands were already explored, so they just got the riches and power? Not sure. Confused. Test tomorrow.

    asked by Elaine on December 22, 2009
  34. sliva

    a solution is made by dissolving 3.95g of NaCl in 78.2 mL what is the concentration of sodium chloride in units of weight/volume percent

    asked by amber on April 16, 2012
  35. MATH

    A cone-shaped cup is made from a circular piece of paper of radius 12 by cutting out a sector and joining the edges AC and BC.

    asked by Sid on October 14, 2017
  36. SOC 120

    How long was Terri Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state before the decision was made by her husband to remove her feeding tube?

    asked by ME on May 4, 2015
  37. English

    Do I use an apostrophe after the A or not? "He got 5 As on the final exam." I've heard that capital letters are made plural only by adding an s, but my textbook gives this example-How many A's did you write on the paper?

    asked by Anonymous on March 27, 2014
  38. Chemistry

    In the most common dry cell what material is the electrode that is the center rod made of? copper graphite iron*** zinc

    asked by Genna on May 25, 2016
  39. grade 9 science

    only the largest noble gas atoms can be made to react chemically. but it is not stable and will result in decompostion. can please explain me what they are trying to say. i'm so confused!!!!! thanks

    asked by rany on March 18, 2009
  40. criminal justice

    what argument could sloc members make that the payment made don't fit the defintion of an illegal bribe(under the fcpa)?

    asked by keri on September 5, 2010
  41. Pre-Cal/Trigonometry

    Triangle ABC is given where angle A=64 degrees, a=16 in., and the height, h, is 15.3 in. How many distinct triangles can be made with the given measurements? Please explain your answer to your best ability

    asked by Emily on March 28, 2017
  42. Geometry

    Find the surface area and volume of a solid made up of a cone, a cylinder, and a hemisphere with a height of 5 each laying on top of each other.

    asked by Help Please on May 17, 2017
  43. Grammar

    Are the appositives essential or non essential? 1. My son, the policeman, will be visiting us next week. 2. The captain ordered the ship's carpenters to assemble the shallop, a large rowboat. 3. Walter, the playboy and writer, is very attached to his

    asked by Leslie on July 18, 2010
  44. English

    Help:Please change show me anthing that I need to do, by placing the correct form at the it the bottom of the essay. Topic: What is your biggest regret in life? My Biggest Regret Everyone has had some regrets about something in life. Some of the regrets

    asked by Angel on November 10, 2009
  45. 5th grade math (word problems)

    I got these problems wrong in class. but, think i have the right answer now. Can you check? 1. Jim's mother made pizzas for his birthday. SHe sliced the pizzas into 50 slices. She served Jeff and his 7 guests the same number of slices and she ate the rest.

    asked by Alex on March 9, 2013
  46. Geography

    Regional Geography of North America 1. In the Appalachian Region, coal deposits are associated with rocks that are: a.)eroded b.)igneous c.)sedimentary d.)metamorphic I choose "c" 1. The ocean current that originates in the Caribbean is the: a.)El Nino

    asked by John on April 15, 2009
  47. Language Arts

    A cat cornered a mouse in a barn and was about to eat it. “Save me!” the mouse cried. “And someday I may save you!” The cat was haughty. “How can a tiny mouse ever save a cat?” she asked. “I may be tiny,” the mouse answered, “but I have

    asked by AlexaBliss<3 on September 27, 2017
  48. history

    Which of the following was true of Nixon's presidency? A. It resisted affirmative-action legislation. B. It shifted responsibility for welfare programs from the states to the federal government. C. It tried to overthrow Johnson's Great Society agenda. [D.

    asked by jake on December 13, 2011
  49. Social Studies

    Which of the following would be an example of physical destruction that needed repair during the Reconstruction period? A. the continued reliance on agriculture for the South B. the restrictions placed on former slaves by southern states C.the aftermath of

    asked by basketball&batman on April 21, 2015
  50. U.S History

    Each quote is either from the Constitution (what part of it?) or the Bill of Rights (which amendment?) 1."He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states: for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners" 2."For cutting

    asked by Lauren on December 8, 2009
  51. Language arts

    The walrus and the Carpender The sun was shining on the sea Shining with all his might He did his very best to make The Billows smooth and bright And this was odd because it was the middle of the night The moon was shining sulkily Because she thought the

    asked by Summer on April 11, 2016
  52. operations management

    a large hospital wishes to create electronic images of old patient records for electronic management. it has identified three options: outsourcing the scanning to a service bureau, purchasing an office scanner and purchasing a highspeed production scanner.

    asked by Tyron on April 22, 2009
  53. Biology

    1) Large/tough seeds act as a selection pressure on what trait? a. Large bills b.Large feathers c.Dark feathers d.Long tails 2) What causes the change in bill depth between 1976 and 1978? a.The lack of rain b.The persistence of only larger seeds

    asked by Need Help Urgent on September 6, 2015
  54. Geometry

    Could anyone tell me if this question is correct? 2.) Which is true about both Pappus's Theorem and Desargues' Theorem? Each theorem applies to spherical geometry. Each conclusion states that three points are collinear.

    asked by Jazy on May 28, 2014
  55. Finance

    how do solve a math question that states an employee has an annual salary of 26,965. after he arranges to have deducted from his salary 12% for the purchase of bonds, 17% for federal withholding tax, and 3% for a retirement fund, how do you solve this

    asked by Queen on October 8, 2011
  56. government

    Name and explain 3 problems of the Articles of Confederation. How can I answer that question? You'll need to check your textbook to find the parts of the Articles of Confederation that were not included in the Constitution. Look for things like states'

    asked by cc on October 19, 2006
  57. History

    Okay so Im doing a compare & contrast essay on key events that changed the Unites States between 1776-1870 Of course im going to include the creation of the US Constitution. But, I'm having a hard time coming up with the "before & after" effect? What

    asked by TS on October 23, 2015
  58. safety

    I have to find out was sort of specific impact on the economics of Germany and China has automobile accidents had. And the number of individuals killed and injured, property damage, etc. How does the United Nations see the outcome of the automobile

    asked by Amy on March 27, 2007
  59. Linear algebra

    please help :( Bob and Doug play a lot of Ping-Pong, but Doug is a much better player, and wins 90% of their games. To make up for this, if Doug wins a game he will spot Bob five points in their next game. If Doug wins again he will spot Bob ten points the

    asked by shana on April 15, 2017
  60. algebra PLEASE help

    Bob and Doug play a lot of Ping-Pong, but Doug is a much better player, and wins 90% of their games. To make up for this, if Doug wins a game he will spot Bob five points in their next game. If Doug wins again he will spot Bob ten points the next game, and

    asked by shana on April 15, 2017
  61. social studies

    please answer these im in desperate need for help...ive been stuck on it for hours. 1. Sinkholes are found in the A.Mexican Plateau. B.Pacific Coastal Lowlands. C.Sierra Madres. D.Yucatán Peninsula. 2. Compared to southern Mexico, northern Mexico A.has a

    asked by clydia on February 19, 2014
  62. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    please answer these im in desperate need for help...ive been stuck on it for hours. 1. Sinkholes are found in the A.Mexican Plateau. B.Pacific Coastal Lowlands. C.Sierra Madres. D.Yucatán Peninsula. 2. Compared to southern Mexico, northern Mexico A.has a

    asked by bonn on February 12, 2014
  63. what do you think this is asking...

    For English, I have an assignment that goes along with a story and #4 says: Focus on Kate Chopin's ability to capture the complexity of human nature in a few paragraphs. Provide at least two examples in which the potrayal of Mrs. Mallard is realistic. I

    asked by Anonymous on November 2, 2006
  64. english

    i need help in forming these into good sentences ty 1. Microorganisms call soil their home as well, a single ounce of soil can contain over 100 million microorganisms. 2 mycelium makes dirt and The mycelium is usually hidden in the soil, in wood, or

    asked by English2ndlenguahe on February 20, 2012
  65. English

    R for run on sentence, CS for comma splice, F for fragment, and C for correct sentence. Some correct sentences can be punctuated more effectively, however. 1. Carlos took the job and he was happy to get it. 2. Tono loves Chinese food, he eats it three

    asked by Jess on November 8, 2009
  66. english it is verry important

    can you proof read and i made little changes and aad some more A seventeen year old boy, Alex is the main character of the novel. Alex comes from school and find out his father in study. He saw his father talking on the phone. His father Ted Jackson,is a

    asked by anu on January 11, 2010
  67. S.S

    what major change convinced many states to votes for ratification? A. Washington was elected as the fist president B. Federalists promised to include a bill of rights. C. the Northwest Ordinance was put into effect. D. the framers promised to dissolve the

    asked by Help on September 28, 2017
  68. History Check My Answer!

    Hey I just have 1 question. What event caused four additional Southern states to secede from the Union? The U.S. accepted West Virginia as a state. The South fired on Fort Sumter. Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation. ****** Lincoln raised an

    asked by Melanie on February 26, 2016
  69. chemistry

    Predict whether reactions should occur between aqueous solutions of the following compounds. If so, write balanced molecular and net ionic equations for the reactions. Include physical states. a. (NH4)2CO3 and CrCl3 b. Ba(OH)2 and HCl c. FeCl3 and NaOH d.

    asked by ABCD on July 3, 2011
  70. History 11

    I am not getting a clear answer. I show what I think is correct: Which of the following is a successful result of the Reconstruction? states could limit voting rights in elections more African Americans could go to school segregation kept the races apart

    asked by Sandra on September 16, 2014
  71. rela

    you will develop a project that communicates to people something about your world. i don't mean planet earth i mean the circumstances in which you find yourself on a daily basis your project should include information about many different parts of your

    asked by reina on September 9, 2014
  72. memo revised

    TO: Sarah Thomas: Executive Event Planner From: Kaliegh-Anne Peters, Medical Office Assistant DATE: May 14, 2008 SUBJECT: Departmental Training Seminar Thank you for your continued help with our hospital training program. From our prior conversation, I am

    asked by Kaleigh-Anne on June 7, 2008
  73. Another Commerical

    Ive done one on one of the prescription drugs, and I also want to do a complaint against the 5 hour Energy drinks because it isnt really healthy. The healthy choice is to get enough sleep, eat well, and do some exercise such as aerobics. I need to know who

    asked by Anonymous on March 3, 2011
  74. Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)

    Should I revise anything? In my opinion, the use of “scary things” as entertainment is redundant. I mean, honestly, what on earth is so enjoyable about fear? Fear is what haunts us and frightened us even as young children. Yes, we are taught to face

    asked by Anonymous on January 29, 2014
  75. Art-plz check!!

    1. This American monument was inspired by Ramses’ Abu Simbel. Washington Monument Mount Rushmore Statue of Liberty Lincoln Monument 2. Ramses’ first temple at Abu Simbel intended to send this message. a message of celebration and joy a message of

    asked by Anonymous on February 13, 2014
  76. math

    In his NPR radio program "A Prairie Home Companion," Garrison Keillor describes the mythical town of Lake Wobegon as a place where "all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average." The average (mean) score on

    asked by kathy on July 19, 2007
  77. bussiness management

    For this discussion use the Critical Thinking Process to analyze the problem-solving the individuals may apply in the case study, "Elective Surgery Department Faces Decreased Patient Satisfaction." Share your chosen role and your role's ideas for the

    asked by jessica on October 30, 2010
  78. english please revise

    The Evolution of Inequality James K. Galbraith, a Government/ Business professor at the University of Texas in Austin, has gathered data and other sources to analyze the evolution of inequality in the world at large. Galbraith in junction with a group of

    asked by christi on February 10, 2008
  79. Cost Accounting

    Estimating a cost function, high-low method? Reisen Travel offers helicopter service from suburban towns to john F. Kennedy Airport. Each of it's 10 helicopters makes between 1,000 and 2,000 round trips per year. The records indicate that a helicopter that

    asked by Amanda on May 10, 2008
  80. New Mexico History

    1. Based on the changes in New Mexico's population after World War II, which conclusion is supported? A.) Economic changes made new mexico a difficult place to make a living B.) New mexico climate was believed to be dangerous and unhealthy C.) people were

    asked by Anonymous on March 3, 2018
  81. Language Arts

    Anybody out there from 7th grade connections academy??! need help checking my answers!!: 1. The author's tone in this editorial is (1 point) sad humorous compassionate angry 2. What is the key phrase used to signal a comparison or contrast in the following

    asked by TTR+S<3 on January 4, 2014
  82. test review

    there's a book named "In My Family" in Harcourt Trophies. these are the questions I'm stuck on: What is the goals of all the paintings that Carmen Lomas Garza paints. A. to remember growing up in Kingsville, Texas B. to encourage pride in the Mexican

    asked by Celest on April 13, 2012
  83. History

    1. Which answer best explains how the Articles of Confederation addressed the question of creating a court system? The Articles established the trial-by-jury system for the first time in history. The Articles created state, regional, and national courts

    asked by Caitlyn - Please help on December 11, 2016
  84. Manageral Economics (Economyst Only Please)

    Wilpen Company, a price- setting firm, produces nearly 80 percent of all tennis balls purchased in the United States. Wilpen estimates the U. S. demand for its tennis balls by using the following linear specification: where Q is the number of cans of

    asked by raja on October 16, 2010
  85. Math help.

    1. Write the fraction five-sixths as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. 33.33% 66.67% 83.33% 1.20% 2. Write the decimal 0.041 as a percent. 41% 4.1% 410% 0.41% 3. Ashley used 2/5 of her savings account to buy a new

    asked by Princess Anna on December 16, 2013
  86. English

    Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences, too? Thank you very much in advance. 1)Th urban population was affected by serious diseases such as smallpox nd typhus. 2)The majority of children died before the age of five

    asked by Franco on April 4, 2010
  87. Social Studies

    How did Americans disagree over the role of federal and state governments before and during the Civil War? The North wanted the federal government to govern the entire country. The South wanted the states to have much more power. Anything else I could add

    asked by Jack on April 19, 2017
  88. government

    The __________ gave the national government the power to prevent states from violating the rights of their citizens, granted the freed slaves citizenship, and gave the federal courts the power to oversee state legislation.

    asked by morgan on March 27, 2013
  89. Social Studies

    What is a reason that the Missouri Compromise did not have lasting effects? Please Help A.It only applied to the lands of the Louisiana Purchase. B.It only applied to the lands of the Mexican Cession. C.It relied on popular sovereignty. D.It limited the

    asked by Ethan on February 27, 2018
  90. chemistry

    HBr is a molecular substance that is a strong acid in water. Write an equation for its ionization in water. Use minimal integer numbers to balance the reaction. Include physical states in your answer, e.g., start with HBr(l).

    asked by Andrew on October 5, 2010
  91. History

    Hi, i am working with the treaty versailles but i am not sure how to answer this question: Why would the allies (Britain, France, U.S.A AND Canada) think that the term which states "Germany must accept the responsability for causing all the loss and damage

    asked by Carrie on February 20, 2008
  92. Constitutional Law

    According to the readings, which of the following provisions has NOT been formally applied to the states? A. Fifth Amendment right to a grand jury indictment in felony cases B. First Amendment right to peaceably assemble C. Fifth Amendment right against

    asked by Amy on February 13, 2015
  93. History

    What advantage did the United Nations (World War 2) appear to have over the League of Nations (World War 1) ?

    asked by Lorraine on January 18, 2011
  94. ME

    Problem 3: Consider water as the substance. (a) Find the specific internal energy (Btu/lbm) when T = 500F and P = 375 psia (b) Find the pressure (psia) when T = 500F and v = 0.02024 ft3/lbm (c) Find the specific volume (ft3/lbm) when T = 500F and

    asked by sara on September 19, 2015
  95. chemistry

    For the following reaction KClO2->KCl+O2 assign oxidation states to each element on each side of the equation. Reactants K=? Cl=? O=? Which element is reduced? I got K=5, Cl=-1, and O=-4 . The element that reduced is K, but its says its wrong. Help,

    asked by chris12 on November 21, 2016
  96. social studies

    Under Andrew Johnson's plan for reconstruction what did the southern states have to do to be readmitted to the union ? a) They had to ratify the twelfth amendment b)They had to ratify the amendment thirteenth amendment c)

    asked by victoria on March 7, 2014
  97. math-college algebra

    y-3=1/2(x-6) "finding the value of a variable" x=2 I know the answer is 1, but how do I work the problem to get 1. This problem is in our text book and in the back it states the answer is 1. I tried working the problem serval times and I do not come up

    asked by dave on August 12, 2010
  98. Language

    A cat cornered a mouse in a barn and was about to eat it. “Save me!” the mouse cried. “And someday I may save you!” The cat was haughty. “How can a tiny mouse ever save a cat?” she asked. “I may be tiny,” the mouse answered, “but I have

    asked by Star on October 17, 2018
  99. English and Grammar

    first draft of my report and i need help in improving this. i didn't made up all the information here all comes from a book. Dissociative identity disorder is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as the presence of two or more personality identities that repeatedly

    asked by john on November 23, 2012
  100. religion help!

    I've gone to the websites that i've received but i'm still not understanding the religion on hinduism. I have to answer 3 questions only then write a paper. can anyone help me. where i can actually find these answers at least. Questions are: (1)

    asked by jasmine20 on December 29, 2006