1. plz help me

    For each event, illustrate the impact on the relevant United States market and determine what will happen to the equilibrium price and quantity in that market. I have 2 demand and supply graphs, the first one is for 3 of them and the second is for the last
  2. Statistics

    The probability that a randomly selected individual in a certain community has made an online purchase is 0.45. Suppose that a sample of 10 people from the community is selected, what is the probability that at most 3 of them has made an online purchase?
  3. English

    With a mighty swing, Charley walloped the log into two even pieces as if they were made of butter and the ax was a hot knife. Which part of this sentence is literal? (4 points) Whooped the log Two even pieces Made of butter A hot knife
  4. Math

    Gray bought two plots of land for a total of 120000 on the first plot she made a profit of 15% on the second plot she made 10% profit her total profit 5500, how much did she pay for each piece of land?
  5. Math

    Below are the home states of 17 college professors. Ohio Georgia New Jersey Georgia Nebraska Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina New Jersey New Jersey South Carolina Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania Ohio Wisconsin i. Make a frequency table using these
  6. Language Arts

    From the story from Joe Magarac, Man of Steel 10. Why do the people in the crowd mimic and mock the man from Johnstown in Selection 2? A.He acts as if he has won the contest, but he cant move the weight at all B. He bows at the crowd in the hope that Mary
  7. Language Arts

    From the story from Joe Magarac, Man of Steel 10. Why do the people in the crowd mimic and mock the man from Johnstown in Selection 2? A.He acts as if he has won the contest, but he cant move the weight at all B. He bows at the crowd in the hope that Mary
  8. political science

    During the 2nd Party System in American politics, parties moved from a ______ in Congress to a _______ in order to pick candidates and develop a party platform. caucus; national convention informal poll; direct primary caucus; direct primary random
  9. math

    In the basketball game, Sarah made three times as many 2-point shots as 3-point shots. She made 8 shots in all. How many 2-point shots did she make?
  10. math

    In the basketball game, Sarah made three times as many 2-point shots as 3-point shots. She made 8 shots in all. How many 2-point shots did she make?
  11. Math

    1/2 of a group of chickens tried to cross the road. Only 3/4 of those chickens made it to the other side. What fraction of the original group of chickens made it to the other side.
  12. English

    1. The nurse mixed him a bottle of medicine. 2. The nurse made him a bottle of medicine. 3. The nurse made him a mix/mixture of medicine. (Which ones are grammatical? Is #1 a correct sentence?)
  13. math

    P (in millions) = 250 x 2^( y-1990)/66 What was the approximate population of the United States in 1960? p=250x2^-.4545 How do i figure this out from here 2^(-.4545) = 0.729763045 Put 2^(-.4545)into the Google search window, and the google caculator will
  14. History (this is my daughters)

    Will you please check this, my daughter didn't bring home her history book and I have know idea about this. Thank you in advance. In 1846, ELIAS HOWE patented a sewing machine. In 1847, CYRUS McCORMICK opened a factory in chicago that made mechanical
  15. LA

    Which of the following events from the story has the greatest impact on the development of the plot in the first selection of the novel? A Timothy rescues stew cat from the wreckage of the ss Hato. B Phillip receives a blow to the head as he attempts to
  16. Grammar

    ***I know the identifying is done correctly I just need to know if the paragraph is grammatically correct and makes since. ***Sorry that it was so long I hope this is better. Review the four paragraphs below. There is one paragraph matching each of the
  17. Lititure

    1. In the poems in this collection, who faces life with the most hopefulness and self-confidence? (1 point) the speaker in “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” the speaker in “A Dream Within a Dream” the Oysters in “The Walrus and the Carpenter” the
  18. English

    1. The voice recorder is made in Japan. 2. The voice recorder is made from Japan. 3. The voice recorder is made by Japan. ----------------------------- Which preposition should we use here?
  19. English

    1. They made coins from gold and silver. 2. They made coins of gold and silver. 3. They made coins out of gold and silver. (Which ones are grammatical?)
  20. English

    1. I like clothes made by Italian designers. 2. I like clothes which were made by Italian designers. 3. I like clothes which are made by Italian designers. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Which ones are missing?)
  21. Math HELP ASAP

    simplify: (75x^3 y / 3x^5 y^3) ^3/2 3500 tickets were sold at the carnival. Adult tickers are $35 each and the children's are $20 each. A profit of 10% adult tickets were made and a profit of 5% children tickets. A total profit of $620 was made. Write 2
  22. Economics - (*CPI*)

    In Brazil, the reference base period for the CPI is December 1993. In September 2000, prices had risen by 1,565.93 percent since the base period. The inflation rate in Brazil during the year ending September 2001 was 6.46 percent, and during the year
  23. social studies

    2. Which of the following laws would the Free-Soil Party have supported? (1 point) a) cottonocracy b) slave codes c) Wilmot Proviso d) Fugitive Slave Act 3. In what way did Uncle Tom’s Cabin change the attitude of Northerners about slavery? (1 point) a)
  24. eth 125

    Investigate the official language movement(an important Hispanic American cultural interest) describe on pp. 243-44 of the text by researching bilingualism in education and politics in the United States. Find 4 to 6 credible Web sites or articles that
  25. Language

    1 While television can be entertaining and educational, it also has a dark side, especially for children. On average, children spend nearly 4 hours a day watching television. The harmful effects of television viewing far outweigh any benefits. 2 Doing
  26. LA

    Passage: Most people outside of Farmington, Maine, have never heard of Chester Greenwood—but endless numbers of children have a fun way to play outside in cold winter weather because of his invention.  Chester Greenwood was born in 1858 in Farmington,
  27. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    1. What were three reasons European leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement? A: European leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement for three reasons: First, the memory of World War I made many leaders fearful of another bloody conflict. Second, some
  28. eth 125

    a. What do these statistics reveal about Asian diversity in America? b. What do you believe is the future of Asian diversity in America? Cultural Makeup 13.1 million U.S. residents are Asian or Asian in combination with other races 943,000 estimated number
  29. Grammar Check

    Firstly My teacher has said no "you or yous" in the whole of the essay. So if I put "Keep Your Mind on the Road" as a title.. is it appropriate? Should I put "Keep the Mind on the Road" instead? Moreover, my friend says they are some grammar mistakes in my
  30. Statistics

    A company has two factories in which they manufacture engines. Once a month they randomly select 10 engines from each factory and test if there is a difference in performance in engines made in the two factories. This month the average output of the motors
  31. Science

    Hemlocks are a common type of tree in the northern forests of the United States. In studying one forest, a forester noticed that mature hemlocks were abundant but there were very few young hemlocks. She wondered why there were so few young hemlocks. By
  32. Language Arts

    Write a short essay in which you examine the figurative language in “Concrete Mixers.” Explain what the concrete mixers are compared to, what the parts of the mixers are compared to, and what the drivers of the mixers are compared to. Then, show how
  33. ap history

    the question is Whom does he blame for the alleged conditions to which he refers? this is from benjamin tillman's antiblack tirade 1907. the book is the American spirit ny d. kennedy. it says that he boasted in his speech to the senate "we took the
  34. English

    1. How many islands do you think Dokdo is made up of? 2. Do you think how many islands Dokdo is made up of? (Is #2 incorrect? Why is that?)
  35. English

    1. I found it stupid of Tom to say so. 2. He made it clear that he loved Emily. 3. I found it unknow why Emily loved Tom. 4. Jerry made it clear what he wanted. --------------------- Is the formal object used correctly in each sentence?
  36. Math

    Write the argument below in symbols to determine whether it is valid or invalid. State a reason for your conclusion. Specify the p and q you used. Either the gazebo is made of wood or the vine is growing on the gazebo. The gazebo is not made of wood. The
  37. Algebra 2

    Two woodworkers, Tom and Carlos, bring in $100 for making a table and $80 for making a chair. On average, Tom must work 3 hours and Carlos 2 hours to make a chair. Tom must work 2 hours and Carlos 6 hours to make a table. If neither wishes to work more
  38. English

    1. She has a watch made in Switzerland. 2. She has a watch which is made in Switzerland. 3. She has a watch which was made in Switzerland. 4. She has a watch which has been made in Switzerland. 5. She has a watch having made in Switzerland. (What does #1
  39. testing and selection of dogs

    Please check this for me thanks A dog with strong nerves or good nerve strength is one that A. doesn't show fear reactions to unexpected noises, sights, or events. B. doesn't have a high-strung, nervous disposition. C. is extremely nervous all the time and
  40. Check answers for american government

    My answers below 11. Identify which fact about the amendment process best supports this quotation from the textbook. The formal amendment process emphasizes the federal character of the governmental system. (1 point) Amending the Constitution is a complex
  41. java programming

    You need to provide more than a yes or no answer for this question. Consider both the selection sort and the bubble sort. If these algorithms will work with duplicates explain why they will still work. If they will not work, explain why they will not work.

    eric has a dog walking business. He charges $13per dog he walks and $6 for the water he buys for the dogs. If he made $97 on Monday, write an equation to find the number of dogs he walked on Monday. I got an answer of 7 dogs on Monday. Then, in addition to
  43. World History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)

    1. Explain the goals of European leaders at the Congress of Vienna. A: The European leaders at the Congress of Vienna strived to restore the old order. In other words, their goal was to maintain "the stability of political institutions against the
  44. Math

    Your company determines that the number of students S in thousands in the United States from 1990 to 2003 the participate in high school athletic programs can be modeled by the equation S= .021x^5-.572x^4+3.3x^3+16.173x^2-1.674x+5267. 1. Create a tableof
  45. History

    Essay question: The Equal Protection Clause of the fourteenth amendment prohibits states from denying any persons within its jurisdiction the protection of the laws. How does the language of the equal protection clause show intention to safeguard all
  46. History

    Your answer 8.5 (C) 1. The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans emerged as separate political parties partly as a result of disagreement over — * 5 points how the nation should develop economically whether to enforce the Monroe Doctrine how the
  47. Art Work Defining

    I making a booklet of elements and principles of design and it have to illustrate all the elements and principles, and i have to include the name of element or design, and image that illustrate it, and brief explanation how that element or principle be
  48. Science

    1. An electric space heater draws 15.0 A from a 120 V source. It is operated, on average, for 5.0h (hours) each day. a) How much power does the heater use and b) At $.10 per kWh, what does it cost to operate the heater for 30 days? 2. Suppose each person
  49. math

    Nick has a revolving department store credit card account with an annual percentage rate of 15%.Last month's balance on the account was 423.78.During the current month,he made purchases totaling 123.42 and made a payment of 100.00.The store uses the unpaid
  50. History

    Which options accurately describe key events of Peter the Great’s reign? (Select all that apply.) He successfully created a new Russian Senate and created the table of ranks to classify military members he abolished Russias existence, waged war with
  51. History

    How did the Chinese government react to the fall of Communist Russia? The Chinese government predicted that its own system could collapse, since it had been based on the Soviet Communist model. When Soviet states withdrew from the USSR, Chinese diplomats
  52. maths

    A. If u have 19 wheels then find the number of bicyćles and tricycles that cañ made. B. If u have 23 wheels then find the number of bicycles and tricycles can be made ..
  53. science/mars core

    when it explains the mars core is made of iron, sulfur, and "light elements" what does light elements mean or possibly made of? please help me!!!!!
  54. chemistry

    If a gas is made up of 3 parts hydrogen and 2 parts nitrogen...how much percentage of hydrogen is the gas made up of? The answer says 60%, but I don't understand how the came up with the answer
  55. Calculus

    A manufacturer needs to produce a cylindrical can with a volume (capacity) of 1000cm cubed. The top and the bottom of the container are made of material that costs $0.05 per square cm, while the side of the container is made of material costing $0.03 per
  56. Calculus

    A manufacturer needs to produce a cylindrical can with a volume (capacity) of 1000cm cubed. The top and the bottom of the container are made of material that costs $0.05 per square cm, while the side of the container is made of material costing $0.03 per
  57. English

    1. Energy can be made when we walk or run wearing these shoes. 2. Energy can be made when we walk or run while we wear these shoes. 3. Energy can be made when we walk or run while we are wearing these shoes. (Which is the same as #1? #2 or #3? Or Are the
  58. Language Arts

    In "Life Without Gravity," the author provides many ideas and details about living in microgravity. What do you consider the most important idea in "Life Without Gravity"? In an essay, describe the idea you think is most important and explain its
  59. information literacy

    4. Which of the following statements about human-power search engines is true? A. People code the search engine so that they'll populate lists of trending search terms and phrases. B. Links are selected by users. C. Users send in their search request and
  60. college essay

    Write about your academic interests and the personal or academic experiences that have led to or nurtured those interests. What did you enjoy learning about in high school either through your classes, extra curricular, leisure activities or your
  61. political

    In the United Kingdom, the Queen represents which role? 1. Head of Government 2. Chief of State. which one is right? please help.
  62. financial institutes & markets

    What is the goal of inflation targeting as seen in New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom?
  63. world history

    Who, although they werent French, was crowned emperor of their newly united nation at Versailles?
  64. social studies

    What challenges might the United Kingdom face if the diversity of its population continues to grow?
  65. Civics

    In the case The Senate Of Tennessee V. John Thomas Scopes, high school biology teacher John Scopes was accused of teaching content that violated a Tennessee law that stopped public school teachers from teaching evolution. Scopes voted this law , but felt
  66. social studies

    Can someone please help me with this question?: What is the United States doing to improve Iraq's infrastructure? Trying to pay citizens there to rebuild it as fast as some of the other citizens destroy it. Guess who is paying? So, the US is paying
  67. math

    Joes electric made 19 customer calls last week and 24 calls this week, How many calls must be made next week in order to maintain an average of at least 21 calls per week for the three week period?
  68. chemistry

    Mare is preparing an experiment using 3 cups, one made of paper, one of plastic and one of glass. She plans on pouring 50 ml of hot water from a pitcher into each of the 3 cups and record the temperature in 5 minute intervals. What is the independent
  69. Math

    Hello, Having trouble with this one... Solve the inequality: (2x-3)(4x)+x^2=>(3x+4)^2 I did 2x-3*4x 9x^2-12x on the left side on the right side: 9x^2+24x+16 I substracted everything on the right side over to the left and made it => zero
  70. English

    1. She made herself up in front of the mirror. 2. She made up herself in front of the mirror. 3. She likes making up before the mirror. (Are they grammatical?) 4. She applied cosmetics on her face. 5. She applied makeup on her face. (Are both the same in
  71. Social Studies

    Please check my answers??? 4. Trade and travel among the regions of South America have been affected by a. natural resources and vegetation b. high mountains and dense rain forests (I picked this) c. the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean d. Argentina and
  72. Microbiology

    Which of the following molecules do you think would make good antigens for recognizing a pathogen? You may choose more than one. 1) a cell wall protein 2) a piece of DNA inside a cell 3) a protein that is part of a flagella 4) a uniquely shaped protein
  73. Language Arts

    Underline the correct pronoun in () to complete each sentence. 7. We went outside and played with (them, those) Underline the word them 8. The group decided (us,we) would play a game of kickball. Underline the word we. 9. The captain made (he,him) run for
  74. english

    Please don't just give me the answer, because I won't learn that way. I am home schooled, and my parents are at work during the day. 9. Which sentence corrects the following sentence? The final decision must be made by Ellen and he. (1 point) A. The final
  75. Finance

    Nick has a revolving department store credit card account 15%. Last month balance on the account was $423.78. During the current month, he made purchases totaling $123.42 and made a payment of $100. The store uses the unpaid balance method. According to
  76. English

    1. She had me wash the dishes. 2. I was had to wash the dishes. (X) 3. I was asked to wash the dishes.(O) 4. He bade me come in. 5. I was bidden to come in. (Is #5 correct?) 6. He made me wash the car. 7. I was made to wash the car by him. (In passive
  77. Health

    Please, I just need someone to help me start this and I'll take it from there. I can't seem to come up with any concepts. Thanks. Imagine you are witnessing a senate debate in Washington, D.C., hours before a vote on a comprehensive health care reform
  78. health psychology

    Imagine you are witnessing a senate debate in Washington, D.C., hours before a vote on a comprehensive health care reform proposal. A significant number of senators are open to the idea, but are unconvinced to support full integration of health
  79. Part 1

    Consider the following selection statement where X is an integer test score between 0 and 100. input X if (0 <= X and X < 49) output "you fail" else if (50 <= X and X < 70) output "your grade is" X output "you did OK" else if (70 <= X and X
  80. bilingualism and politics

    Can some one tell me where i can find articles or a web site that well help me with research what politics has to do or how they stand on bilingualism in United States. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=lau+vs&btnG=Google+Search This collection of
  81. paper

    can someone read and give their thoughts on my paer The apartheid was much like the Jim Crow laws found here in the United States, but it was much worst. In South Africa blacks had to deal with a lot of hardships that no one should have to put up with. The
  82. Health Information

    Dr. Bob examines Billy but neglects to make notes about the examination. Six months later, he remembers and makes notes. If there's litigation and the notes are offered into evidence, what admissibilty has Dr. Bob created? A. Entry not made at the time of
  83. MGT 361 Managerial Research Design and Analysis

    I need help with what data tool or test to use in excel for this problem. The county commissioner needs to cut the budget and wants to know if there is any significant feeling among the constituents regarding where the cuts should be made. Two hundred
  84. need some ideas- inventions

    For my Intro. to Business class, I am supposed to come up with a new product or an old product with a new twist. It has to be something that you know for a fact can be made in this time period. Everything I think of, somebody has already invented it. So I
  85. finite math

    The Taylors have purchased a $170,000 house. They made an initial down payment of $30,000 and secured a mortgage with interest charged at the rate of 9%/year on the unpaid balance. Interest computations are made at the end of each month. If the loan is to
  86. math

    nick has a revolving department store credit card account with an annual percentage rate of 15% last month's balance on the account was $423.78 during the current month he made purchases totaling $123.42 and he made a payment of $100.00 the store uses the
  87. English

    Create a Halloween story by filling in the blanks with adjectives. Remember adjectives are words that describe or tell about nouns. The words in () is my adjective answer I used. You Cannot use an adjective more than once The ____(full) moon was shining
  88. English

    1.Select the letter of the sentence in which all capitalization is correct. a. Hughes longed for the moment when African-American theater and art would make a stand. (African-American music and literature were already on the rise.) b. Hughes longed for the
  89. math

    "fashion furniture makes two kinds of chairs; rockers and recliners. two machinges a and b are used. machine a is limited to 20 hours per day. machine b is limited to 15 hours per day. machine a takes two hours to make each rocker and four hours to make
  90. science

    4.which of these statements best describes the relationship difference between minerals and rocks. 1.most minerals are made of rocks. 2.most rocks are made of minerals. 3.rocks are solid but minerals are not. 4.rocks are found on earths surface but
  91. Biology

    28. Natural selection causes a. changes in the environment b. plants and animals to produce more offpsring than can survive c. changes in the frequency of certain favorable characteristics in a population d. all of the above D? 30. When Darwin published
  92. Biology

    28. Natural selection causes a. changes in the environment b. plants and animals to produce more offpsring than can survive c. changes in the frequency of certain favorable characteristics in a population d. all of the above D? 30. When Darwin published
  93. ETH/125

    Hello, I have finished my assignment for my class and I wanted to have someone read it and make sure I do not need any changes, and also if my APA formats are correctly identified. The assignment:Ethnic Groups and Discrimination ·Resources: Racial and
  94. English

    I made up a game for them to play and made a mental note to keep extra activities on hand for when my class finishes earlier than expected. Is this correct? My supervising teacher informed me that I speak well in class. My supervising teacher informed me
  95. ap

    Very small mercury batteries have been made and used in a multitude of applications. Why have they been replaced by other kinds of batteries for most applications? 1. These batteries cannot generate enough current for any modern devices. 2. Mercury is
  96. S.S

    What was significant about the role of the Green Mountain Boys? a. They launched a surprise attack on Fort Ticonderoga and defeated the British. b. They assisted Washington and his troops in launching a surprise attack in Trenton. c. They secured valuable
  97. US Department of Labor

    I asked this question eariler and told it needed to be rephrased...this is how my teacher asked it: Find the top ten violations that most United States industries are guilty of conducting. Pick a couple of other foreign countries and try to determine what
  98. statistics

    Page 1 of 2 4. Despite all efforts by the quality control department, the fabric made at Benton Corporation always contains a few defects. A certain type of fabric made at this corporation contains an average of .5 defects per 500 yards. Using the Poisson
  99. chemistry

    What is th pH of a buffer solution made by dissolving 0.10 mol of formic acid, HCOOH, and 0.10 mol of sodium formate, HCOONa, in 1L of water? What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 3.4g of Ba(OH)2 in enough water to make 450mL of solution?
  100. Social Studies (unkown field)

    A high school student (Age 16) uses his computer to record songs that he plays off the internet. The student recorded the songs off the internet usign a recoring device. He then sells the recording of music at school. He opens up a little shop were he'll