1. History

    Most states grew to prefer an early date(for their primary),so the primary schedule became heavily 'front-loaded' over recent years. In 2008, the scramble for an early date meant that 16 States held their primaries on the same day-'Super Tuesday' and
  2. HCS 310

    ORGANIZATION AL ANALYSIS · Select one public sector not-for-profit health agency within the United States health care system. · Prepare a 1,050-1,400 word paper in APA format describing the type of health organization: government, quasi-government, or
  3. English 3

    What part of this selection from The Woman Warrior best illustrates the complications faced by bicultural families? A. Brave Orchid’s memory of Ellis Island and her own immigration experience B. Brave Orchid’s concerns about her son in Vietnam C. the
  4. English

    I forgot to include the following seven points. Can you please check them too? 1) Portia asks Antonio to give the ring back to Bassanio. When Bassanio sees the ring, he is astonished and can't believe it is the ring he gave to the judge. 2) Graziano and
  5. Identifying controls and Variables

    Smithers thinks that a special juice will increase the productivity of workers. He creates two groups of 50 workers each and assigns each group the same task (in this case, they're supposed to staple a set of papers). Group A is given the special Juice.
  6. socialogy

    can someone help me understand what are the major parts of society.How are they interelated. What are the consequences of these parts.How is society interelated. my teacher made a whole lecture which to me made no sence. I took notes as much possible but i
  7. AED

    What are some examples of typical, quick decisions teachers make on a daily basis? What were the 5 most difficult school-related decisions you made this week? What made them difficult? What was the impact of those decisions on the classroom environment?
  8. English

    How did Ma Liang make a gentle wind? 1. By painting a few lines. 2. By painting a few lines, he made a gentle wind. 3. He made a few lines and a gentle wind began to blow. 4. He made a few lines, so he could make a gentle wind. (Are the answers all
  9. Bio

    im stuck on these questions for my study guide Please help! i don't want links. thanks 1. Which of the follwoing would be an appropriate measure of the phenotypic variation of a trait in a population? a) the mean of the trait in the population b) the
  10. income tax

    Which of the following conditions requires an employer to use the electronic deposit requirement? A. Employer made more than $100,000 in total tax deposits in 2009. B. Employer made more than $100,000 in total tax deposits in 2010. C. All employers are
  11. U.S Histroy please help me

    one year ago 1. The states below were added to the Union during the decade following the War of 1812: Indiana (1816) Mississippi (1817) Illinois (1818) Alabama (1819) Maine (1820) Missouri (1821) Which statement best explains how the War of 1812
  12. English

    1. He made me go there. 2. I was made to go there by him. 3. I was forced to go there by him. 4. He had me go there. 5. I was had to to there by him. 6. I was asked to go there by him. 7. He let me go there. 8. I was let to go there by him. 9. I was
  13. Introduction to computers

    Your boss is considering a BYOD program for your company. He asks you if there are any negatives to such a program. What do you tell him? A. It limits the freedom of the user to access websites and applications. B. It introduces security and control
  14. math

    The telephone bill consists of a fixed monthly rent and a variable part that varies with the number of units of calls made per month. The monthly rents charged for a telephone connection in bangalore and patna are in the ratio 5 : 3. The bill amounts
  15. Math

    Mary has an order to be given Atropine gr. 1/150 sc on call from the O.R. The O.R. has called for Mary, so you need to prepare her injection right away. The label states : Atropine 0.4 mg/ml. How many ml are you to administer?0.35 ml0.5 ml1 ml1.5 ml Maggie
  16. Quantitative, stastics and business

    A company has three machines A, B and C which all produce the same two parts, X and Y. of all the parts produced, machine A produces 60%, machine B produces 30%, and machine C produces the rest. 40% of the parts made by machine A are part X, 50% of the
  17. Friction and Gravity

    Question #1: If the net force on an object is 0 N, the forces are considered unbalanced. a. true b. false I think that the answer is "b" since unbalanced forces causes objects to move and have like 5 N or so on. Question #2: Most people in the United
  18. computer programming

    1. Scanf 5 names of you and your friends 2. Printf hi to all of them. 3. Ask all of them for their ages. 4. Printf the information in tables as shown below. Name age StudName1 19 StudName2 20 StudName3 18 StudName4 34 StudName5 12 5. Use selection
  19. Computer

    Home work:- Write a program to read 5 records consists of first name, last name, id and grade. Assign the grade according to the following specifications: 0<g<= 50 F 50<g<=60 D 60< g<= 70 C 70<g<=90 B 90<g <=100 A Use
  20. Informal Logic

    11{1[2(06)06]}> Reporter: A new campaign finance reform bill being considered by Congress would limit the amount of campaign contributions that political candidates can receive. However, a survey of candidates running for mayor, governor, and senate
  21. government

    Think anyone can help me. I'm having trouple with my social civics pre-exam. Who is responsible for running a city under the council-manager program?(A) mayor and the city council. (B) hired administrator who runs the city's business affairs (C) an elected
  22. Art

    For this question it asks, what types of material changes were made in building Greek temples and what effect this had on the architectural world. In my book, It says how the earliest Greek temples were made of wood or brick, which later changed to marble
  23. History

    Can someone please check my answer? 7) When the Articles of the Confederation were written they showed Americans early distrust of: a. The British b. States having too much power c. Strong national government d. The President My Answer~b 14) Starting in
  24. Government

    The selection of the vice presidential nominee at the national convention is based on: A.the results of the primaries and caucuses: The candidate who places second in these contests is nominated as the running-mate of the candidate who finishes first.
  25. history

    Hi, ummm, can someone please help me with this question? What are some reasons that the victory of the management in the Homestead Strike was positive for American society? And negative? Thank you! I'm not much of a history person, but I think this might
  26. English

    Which sentence is Vague pronouns 24a. When the car hit a tree, it made a terrible noise. 24b. The car made a terrible noise as it crashed into a tree.
  27. Culture Diversity

    I have a paper due soon where I need to interview three Japanese Americans. Could any Japanese American answer the following questions for me? I would greatly appreciate it! If you don't feel comfortable answering some of them just leave them blank,
  28. Legal Studies

    Why are the united nations headquarters in New York City?
  29. Anthropology

    Where, if any, would you find a working kinship system within the United State
  30. English

    I was ask to write an essay about Nigeria a United Country in not less than 400.
  31. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Why are the United Sates and its allies so concerned about terrorism?
  32. english

    I want an essay on United we stand,divided we fall along with some quotes used in it
  33. 5th grade

    how many countries have gained independence from united kingdom?
  34. math

    If A and B are independent events, P(A) = 0.35, and P(B) = 0.55, find the probabilities a) P(A intersected B) b) P(A united B)
  35. U.s. history 2

    How did WW2 influence the United nations? How did this affect its structure?
  36. History

    Compare the Iroquois form of government to that of the United State?
  37. 8gradeHistory

    The United Provinces of Central America was established in what year?
  38. Social Stuides

    What is one way that the United Nations shapes world affairs
  39. Social Studies

    1.How did their dependence on British trade affect the opinions of Americans in the East and North regarding the War of 1812? -more inclined to fund the War of 1812 -less supportive of the War of 1812 -secretively supportive of the War of 1812 -less
  40. Financial Accounting

    1. Post the following transactions of a restaurant to prepare the journal ledger and trial balance. Jan - 2011 Transaction Amount 5 Started the business with cash 2,50,000 10 Deposited in the bank 50,000 15 Purchased tables and chairs 80,000 20
  41. math

    George is making a circle graph of the basketball shots he made during the season. He made 16 foul shots, 29 two-point shots, and 5 three-point shots. What will be the measure of the angle he makes when creating the sector for foul shots?
  42. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of the following buffer solutions: a) a solution made by dissolving 2.733g KH2PO4 and 4.508g K2HPO4 in water to give 250 ml of solution. b)a solution made by mixing 35.00 ml 0.24 M C6H5NH2 with 15.00 ml 0.19 M C6H5NH3CL. The base
  43. History

    What impact did technology have during World War I? a.Guerrilla warfare became more prevalent with advances in surveillance technology. b.The use of iron created the first battleships in the history of warfare. c.Military advancement on the western front
  44. Anthropology

    Marriage patterns vary by culture themselves. In some cultures, such as in Saudi Arabia, the practice of plural marriage is accepted and promoted. This particular practice, known as polygyny, refers to a man taking more than one wife. In the United States,
  45. history

    1. Which of the following best describes the conservation democrats in s.c during reconstruction? a. They favored small land owners and workers b. They were wealthy and formerly confederate leaders** c. they believed in social equality between races d.
  46. American National Government

    Can someone help me with these two questions? What are the Constitutional powers given to the House of Representatives? My answer is: 1. Revenue- raising bills must orginate. 2. Has the sole power of impeachment. 3. Elect president in electoral college
  47. Government

    1. States must honor each other's laws and court decisions according to... A) 1st Amendment B) Privileges and Immunities Clause C) Full Faith and Credit Clause D) Revenue Sharing 2. The National Government can enter a State to restore order in cases of
  48. History

    I'm writing an essay based on the question "to what extent did world war 2 shape the identity of Canada" I wrote the introductory paragraph (down below) but I was just wondering if someone could proofread it and let me know if there was anything else I
  49. english

    Matt hiked the trail yesterday.It made him tired. Which sentence combines the two sentences using a gerund phrase? a. Hiking the trail yesterday made matt tired. b. Matt hiked the trail and it made him tired. c. It made Matt tired to hike the trail
  50. Algebra

    Please Help!!!! thanks :) 1. Suppose U= {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} is the universal set, and P= {2,4,6,8,10}. What is P'? a: {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} b: {3,5,7,9} c: {1,3,5,7,9}*** d: {2,4,8} 2. If D is the set of natural numbers that are whole numbers less than
  51. buisness english

    Mookie4571 Beginner (16) Which of the following sentences uses passive voice appropriately? A. "Your order was shipped yesterday and should arrive by Friday." B. "The shipping clerk sent your order yesterday and it should arrive by friday." C. "The
  52. English

    Posted by John on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 4:11pm. 1. Is "Snow White" on TV an animation program or an animated program? 2. This is a chef. He made a delicious food for his father. On the right side, there are various fruits. On the left side we can see
  53. Math-Probability

    This is another one I need help with. On a TV game show, the contestant is asked to select a door an then is rewarded with the prize behind the door selected. If the doors can be selected with equal probability, what is the expected value of the selection
  54. U.S History - Pls check my answer :)

    Document E – “Have the Northern states any idea of the value of our slaves? At least, sir, six hundred millions of dollars. If we lose them, the value of the lands they cultivate will be diminished in all cases one half, and in many they will become
  55. U.S. History (Ms. Sue)

    1. How did mobilizing the economy help end the Depression? A: Mobilizing the economy helped end the Depression as it created almost 19 million new jobs and nearly doubled the average family's income. 2. What changes did American citizens and industry have
  56. Writing

    Can you grade me out of 12 points? Did I have any voice? Proofread my writing. A Valuable Item A valuable item is something that’s given to you by a special someone that you will have forever to the end. Many people have valuable items that they love,
  57. english

    from my bondage and my freedom, douglass describes the powerful effect learning to read had in shaping his character. write a brief essay to explain how douglass changed as a result of learning to read. draw specific examples form the selection. address
  58. The Giver

    Read the paragraph from the Novel The Giver. With the chant, Jonas Knew, the community was accepting him and his new role, giving him life, the way they had given it to the newchild Caleb. His heart swelled with gratitude and pride. But at the same time,
  59. Algebra

    1.Solve | x-1/5|=3 A.x=-14/5 or x=16/5 ***** B.x=14/5 or x=-16/5 C.x=-14/5 or x=-16/5 D.x=14/5 or x=16/5 2.The table shows the relationship between two variables. Which selection describes the relationship? X=1, 2, 3, 4 Y=2, -3, -8, -13 A.increasing;

    how did the environment (political, social, and physical) affect the religion of the 13 colonies? That's such a broad question, that it's difficult to answer. First, the colonies were in existence for close to 150 years before they became the United
  61. Critical Thinking

    Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11* We present this selection as an example of a fairly well-reasoned argumentative essay. There is more here than arguments—there’s some window dressing and you’ll probably find some slanters here and there as
  62. Social Studies

    The Surpreme Court ruled that slaves were not citizens of the U.S. and had no rights. Answer:Dred Scott decision The number of slave states and free states was kept balanced when Missouri was allowed into the Untion as a slave state and Maine as a free
  63. Literature (revision)

    Could someone please read over these and tell me if I have them anywhere near correct. Thank you 1. Compare Equaino's treatment that he receives during his enslavement with his treatment on the slave ship. Although some aspects of Equiano's treatmen during
  64. History

    Lenin advocated a modified form of Marxism because A.Russia had little in the way of industry B.He had some latent Capitalist inclinations C.Russia had been so financially devastated by WWI that there was no capital to redistribute C? Britain's interest in
  65. History

    Lenin advocated a modified form of Marxism because A.Russia had little in the way of industry B.He had some latent Capitalist inclinations C.Russia had been so financially devastated by WWI that there was no capital to redistribute C? Britain's interest in
  66. Social Studies

    I'm not so sure about the answers to these questions. Could you check my answers please? Thanks. Who led the federal troops that forced the Cherokee west on the trail of tears? -Andrew Jackson -Winfield Scott -William Henry Harrison** -Oliver Hazard Perry
  67. English

    Can you please check these ideas on stress and young people, please? Thank you vey much for helping me finding an excellent site on science!! 1) The two things teenagers are most stressed about are how to make new friends and how to improve their school
  68. chemistry

    Choices: True,False. Select all that are True. The pH at the equivalence point of a weak base with a strong acid is expected to be less than 7 because of the presentce of the conjugated acid in the water. One cannot prepare a buffer from a strong acid and
  69. American Government

    1) which of the following describes the supreme court's role in defining constitutional principles? A) the supreme court plays a minimal role in defining constitutional principles. B) the supreme court uses judicial review as a tool to define
  70. persuasive essay

    Why Americans should not count on Social Security for retirement. Even though Social Security may always have enough funds to support itself, Americans need another form of retirement funding in addition to Social Security. Americans cannot live on Social
  71. persuasive essay

    Why Americans should not count on Social Security for retirement. Even though Social Security may always have enough funds to support itself, Americans need another form of retirement funding in addition to Social Security. Americans cannot live on Social
  72. Managerial ECON

    Suppose that during a given year: (1) the price of TV sets increases by 4% in Japan, (2) the dollar depreciates by 5% with respect to the yen, (3) the consumers’ incomes in the U.S. increase by 3%, (4) the price of elasticity of demand for imported TV
  73. Civics

    An American factory needs to buy special tools which are made only by companies in either Switzerland or Britain. The tools made in Switzerland cost 100 francs apiece; the ones made in Britain cost 100 pounds each. Based on the exchange rates below, what
  74. Stats

    Recall that in the week 2 assignment, a certain company hired three new managers from a pool of seven men and five women. All three hires were women, and the men complained of gender bias. Compute the theoretical probability that a fair selection process
  75. please help

    The following paragraph contains eleven errors. Find each misused word and correct it by adding the proper word. The original United States Declaration of Independence sets in a case at the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom as part of the National
  76. math

    Open boxes are being designed to hold mail for the post office. The boxes will be made to have the greatest possible volume. Each box will be made from a sheet of metal that measures 15 inches by 12 inches. They will be formed by cutting and removing a
  77. English

    Could you please check if everything is OK? Thank you. 1)Where does the world Holocaust originate and what do you associate it with? 2)George Best's parents recognized their son's love for football from an early age. 3) He started playing for the local
  78. accounting

    At December 31, 2004, Enfron Corporation reported the following data (condensed in millions): Stockholders' equity 11470 Total current liabilities 28406 Long-term liabilities 25627 Investments and other assets 23379 Property, plant, equipment, net 11743
  79. Social Studies

    In the text, you read this about states' rights in the Confederacy: The South also had political problems. The Confederate constitution favored states' rights and limited the authority of the central government. As a result, the Confederate government
  80. Math

    Mrs.Lam has made 300 ounces of jam. She has jars that each hold 16 ounces. What is the fewest number of jars needed to hold all the jam made?
  81. math

    randall opened a savings account on June 1st and made the following deposits: $212.19, June 5th $23.03, June 12 $307.15, June 19th $652.00 and June 30, $78.75. Assuming he made no withdrawals, approximately how much did he have in the savings account at
  82. new mexico histoy

    1. Why does New Mexico have a varied climate? (1 point) It stretches along a long coastline. Part of its border lies along Mexico. Its physicalfeatures divide the land into different regions. Its land is mostly flat so weather moves quickly. 2. Which New
  83. english

    Letter to a Citizen of Kentucky, an excerpt Executive Mansion, Washington, April 4, 1864. A. G. Hodges, Esq., Frankfort, Ky. My Dear Sir: You ask me to put in writing the substance of what I verbally stated the other day, in your presence, to Governor
  84. social studies

    When France gave up control of Vietnam in 1954, which group gained control of North Vietnam and which group took charge of South Vietnam? 1 Cambodian forces gained control of North Vietnam and Laotian forces took charge of South Vietnam 2 Communist forces
  85. 7th grade LA help asap!!?

    Hi, can someone check my answers asap!!?? Questions 1-3 correspond to "Should Naturalized Citizens Be President?" 1. Matthew Spalding thinks that the natural-born clause should be kept because (1 point) the Constitution is clear about the importance of the
  86. Political science

    Given the concerns of national Republican leaders, why is immigration reform having such a hard time winning a majority of Republican votes in the House? We were supposed to use data we found - we had to find the population percentage of Latinos in every
  87. Enlish

    We megaphone the subchaser , his response returned to us; out of the darkness the voice was youthful. I could picture a youngster of a skipper out there with his blown hair and his life jacket and binoculars. Rolling to the sea in the Mediterranean dusk.
  88. History

    34. Designed as an attempt to secure the loyalty of the French to their new rulers, this act broke new ground in toleration and statesmanship. Unfortunately for the British, the Americans saw only sinister designs. This act was the a. Treaty of Paris, 1783
  89. Literature

    Need help with this activity: 'Look around your community's sidewalks, streets, transportation system, and public buildings. How easily can a person with a disability get around? Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper expressing your views
  90. Operations Management

    Question 1 : ASSIGNMENT LP A transportation company in Mandeville has five delivery vehicles to deliver products along five delivery routes which have different costs according to the truck used. The estimated costs in United States Dollars for each truck
  91. History 6th Grade Help Please ASAP

    Unit 2 Lesson 9 , The Labor Movement Quiz 1. What negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the West? A. Tent cities near the mines fostered criminals as long-term residents. B. Ghost towns were left behind after the mines stopped producing. ***
  92. science

    How did Lamarck and Darwin differ in their thinking about species? A. Darwin thought that organisms could induce their own changes, while Lamarck thought that change could only be induced by an organism's environment. B. Darwin thought that change could
  93. Math

    Staring from the pit, Helen made three laps around a circular track at 40 seconds per lap. She than made a 30-second pit stop and two and a half laps before running off the track and getting stuck in the mud for the remainder of the race. Graph Helen's
  94. history

    How did mechanization of agriculture affect Texas A. It slowed down the production of important crops B. It made farms unable to grow and produce crops C. It decreased trade and made the industry more local D. It gave Texas the ability to produce more
  95. law...?

    Hi, l'm wondering, what are laws about assisted suicide and euthanasia, and the thing l need the most is: What countries allow euthanasia? Which states allow euthanasia? Which countries allow assisted suicide? Which states allow assisted suicide? Thanks!
  96. math

    License plates are made using 3 letters followed by 3 digits. How many plates can be made if repetition of letters and digits is allowed?
  97. statistics

    . License plates are made using 2 letters followed by 3 digits. How many different plates can be made if repetition of letters and digits is allowed?
  98. Algebra

    I made a mistake. It should read at most instead of at least. General tickets sell for $6 and adult $9. Sell at most 300 general and at most 500 adult. Costs $1 to advertise for adult and $.50 to advertise student. Have at most $400 for advertising. What
  99. Algebra

    I made a mistake. It should read at most instead of at least. General tickets sell for $6 and adult $9. Sell at most 300 general and at most 500 adult. Costs $1 to advertise for adult and $.50 to advertise student. Have at most $400 for advertising. What
  100. Soc. Studies

    What progress was made towards women's equality in the 1800s? A.Women obtained the suffrage, or right to vote, in federal elections. B.Many gains were made in the area of women's education during this period. C.Women were granted full equality with men